Big Island


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Standard warnings apply. If you are not 18, if this is not legal where you live or if reading material of a sexual nature offends you, please go away.

This is my first effort and absolutely experimental. Please forgive any glaring stupidities and submit constructive criticism.

* * * * *

The drive down saddle road was dry and dusty. The road behind stretched up between Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea and disappeared into the clouds. Ahead, the narrow asphalt ribbon ended at the dark angry sea. Dry yellow petals blew into small drifts along the roadside and a small white cloud scudded west trailing its shadow over lava fields, scrub grass and kiawe.

Hadley's plane was due in at Kona at 1:15. As always I was running late. Our relationship had been strained lately and this weekend visit had the unstated purpose of patching things up. I skidded the old jeep around an unbanked curve and downshifted to maintain my speed.

I arrived at the airport at 1:25. The OK Air Cessna had already unloaded and she stood at the baggage pickup with arms crossed. Shit. I passed a flower cart and purchased a pale yellow plumeria lei. The old woman attendant dug into the pocket of her hideous pink muumuu for change but I waved her off.

Hadley was of course beautiful. Even her anger couldn’t hide the beauty. Not the pop ideal of beauty. She was more like a ‘50s calendar model. Womanly hips. Lush breasts. The breezy white cotton dress emphasized her tan.


“It couldn’t be helped. I had to get the reports in before I could leave.”


I reached out with the lei and dropped it around her neck, crushed her to me and waited for the anger to break. The aroma of the plumeria, the spice of her white ginger perfume and her own delicate musk were intoxicating. The tension broke and she pulled me into her with a sudden strength.

“You are still an asshole.”

The drive south was quiet. Conversation had never been needed as filler. We were usually comfortable with each other, but our work had kept us apart. She worked in Honolulu. I worked on the Big Island. It was a fact of life.

She placed her hand on top of mine on the gearshift and traced a lazy figure eight on the back of my hand. I glanced at her.

She dug into her bag, extracted a black maillot and teasingly began to draw the hem of her dress up to her thighs. The asphalt had turned to red clay and crushed lava. The road ahead was empty and a glance in the mirror verified that we were the only vehicle in sight. A wisp of white cotton appeared in my lap. I threw the panties into the air. The backwash of the jeep captured them and they disappeared.

Hadley glanced at me. Not coy. Knowing. I looked down and saw the black wispy hair of her cunt. Her right hand went to her sex. She pulled her hand away. Her finger was wet. She reached across the cab and smeared my lips with the musky essence.


I slammed the brake and the old jeep went into a sideways skid. Billows of red dust enveloped the vehicle and we rocked to a stop. By the time I released the seat belt, bolted out, and reached the her side, she was against the hood, dress around her waist, legs spread, glaring at me, daring me to fuck her.

“Come on you bastard!”

I unzipped my shorts and slammed into her. God she was hot. Her cunt was wet, demanding, volcanic.



I drove my cock into her over and over again, angry, taking out my frustration by savagely, repetitiously pounding her cunt. She hammered her ass back against me, driving me to the edge. Her lubrication flooded down her thighs. My pants absorbed the excess. I had never been so aroused.

“Come on you bastard! Come on and fuck me!”

I reached between her legs, penetrated matted pubic hair and forced my hand against her. She rocked her hips forward riding her clitoris against the ridge of my thumb. I felt her start to spasm. Her muscles grabbed me and it was suddenly more than I could take. I rammed into her further than before and pumped my cum and all my frustration into her.

We collapsed against the side of the jeep and slowly sank down onto the roadway.

She looked beautiful in the black maillot. Sex had released whatever had been between us. As I shifted gears, she leaned over and nuzzled my neck.

“Nick, you son-of-a-bitch, I love you.”

“Yeah, baby, me too.”

I looked to the ocean. It was lighter, bluer, and clearer now. We’d be home soon.

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