tagErotic CouplingsBig Man on Campus: The Dancer Ch. 01

Big Man on Campus: The Dancer Ch. 01


This is a stroke story. It's ridiculous and unrealistic. No one is worried about STDs, sizes are exaggerated, and people can fuck for hours without chafing. This chapter contains a woman cheating on a long-distance boyfriend, so if that's not your kink, either deal with it or go elsewhere.


I sighed gently as my anthropology professor finished milking my cock into her coffee mug. I was seated behind her desk, leaning back in her chair. Dr. Carrington was on her knees between my spread legs, with her lips pressed against my balls while one hand stroked my shaft into her mug. She carefully set down the nearly-full mug and licked the remainder of my load off the end of my prick, then cleaned her fingers the same way. Then she kissed the end of my cock, which had softened a bit, pushed it back into my pants, and zipped them up. Finally, she smiled up at me. "Is there anything else you want, sir?"

"Not right now. I don't think I'll be in class today but I might come by your place if I don't find someone else to take care of me." I didn't plan to go to her house, but she didn't know that, and when I didn't show it would make her nervous—and that would make her even more eager to please me. Harsh, I know, but ever since I fucked her into submission my professor got off on this sort of mistreatment.

That said, fucking Dr. Carrington was getting boring. Sure, she was gorgeous, inventive, and nasty, and she'd let me do whatever I wanted to her and cum like crazy when I did. But I read somewhere that it was better to conquer than to rule, and damn if that wasn't the truth. I ditched my classes and spent the day wandering the campus, looking for some new pussy, but without much success. There were plenty of impressive ladies out and about, but even I'm not going to fuck someone in broad daylight out in the quad (at least not on a whim), and I just couldn't get a likely target off on her own for long enough to get things moving. And outside of an enclosed space, it was harder for me to make use of my enhanced pheromones. I got a few phone numbers and more than a few flirty conversations, but by the time dinner rolled around I was frustrated and a bit backed up, if you catch my meaning.

I went by the cafeteria, grabbed a quick bite, and decided to work off my frustrations in the gym and then maybe go to my professor's place after all. I was hitting the weights pretty hard--I'm in decent shape, but no one would mistake me for a bodybuilder—when I saw Alyssa walk in. Alyssa and I had a few classes together in the past, and were on friendly terms, but I hadn't seen her since receiving Priapus's gift. She was a dance student, and had been a dancer and gymnast her whole life. She had the traditional dancer's build. She was short, about 5'2", and had a slender, toned body with small, perky breasts. Her hair was long and dark, and she had a lightly freckled face, emerald green eyes, and a truly dazzling smile. Her best features were her legs and ass. Normally, I'm a breast man, but I can appreciate just about any part of a woman. In Alyssa's case, that meant ogling her well-shaped legs and small, firm, well-rounded ass.

She was wearing a blue dancer's leotard over a pair of tights and carrying a pair of ballet slippers. I watched her as she headed past the weights to the group fitness rooms in the back. I decided to follow her and saw her go into the last room. This particular room was nominally used for fitness classes, but it wasn't big enough for a large group and it was also used as a storage place for gymnastic gear, floor mats, and other exercise gear. As a result, the room was mostly unused, and students could reserve it for private workouts. It even had blinds on the big glass doors so no one could see inside, which were currently drawn.

Well, I thought. That's opportunity knocking, right there. I followed Alyssa down the hall and went into the same room she entered. She was currently stretching; one of her legs was up against the wall in a vertical split, and she was caught off-guard by my entrance. I feigned surprise. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize the room was being used."

"It's no problem. I try to reserve the room a few times a week so I can do some dance stuff." Alyssa smiled as she said it.

"I didn't know you danced. I was planning on stretching out a few things, myself; do you mind if I join you? I'll be out of the way by the time to you get started." As I spoke, I took a few steps further into the room, letting the door close behind me. I made sure to crank up my pheromones as well.

"I suppose that's okay," she replied. She pushed herself away from the wall as she spoke and sat on the floor, with her legs extended in a horizontal split. Then she bent at the hips, leaning forward until her body made a 30-degree angle or so with the floor.

"Wow," I said. "That's impressive. How did you get so flexible?" I sat down myself, facing her, and adopted a similar position. Of course, my legs weren't nearly so far apart, and I wasn't leaning down as far.

"Years of practice and good genes. Actually, I can go further with help. Since you're here, why don't I show you? Just push down on my back, gently." I got up and sat down behind her, close enough to feel her body heat, and put one hand between her shoulders and the other on the small of her back. At this range, it wouldn't take long for my pheromones to work their magic. Sure enough, when I looked in the mirrored walls of the room, I could see her start to flush and breathe a bit faster as I gently pushed her down.

When I said I was impressed by Alyssa's flexibility, I wasn't just flattering her. She was able to get her upper body all the way to the ground without any trouble, giving me a great view of her pert ass in the process. I shifted forward a bit, letting my groin graze against her ass. Alyssa looked back at me. "Don't be getting any ideas, David." But she smirked a bit as she said it, and shook her ass a bit, just enough to let me know she was interested.

"You know, rather than having me leave, I could be your partner. I don't know much about dance, but I bet there are other positions you'd have trouble getting into yourself," I said, without pulling away from her.

"Hmmm... that could be nice. But I think I need more help stretching first."

"You just say the word and I'll stretch whatever you want." At that, Alyssa pushed herself up and away from me, closing her legs behind her, so that she wound up holding herself a few inches off the floor. She continued the motion, arching her back sinuously and pushing her torso up and her hips down. She clenched her ass as she went, and I was momentarily mesmerized. When I looked up, she was looking back at me with a knowing, lopsided grin.

"You know, there is another thing you could help me with. It's a hamstring stretch and an ab exercise all at once." She rolled over and laid back. "Come here and stand by my head. I'll swing my legs up, and you catch them and sort of push them back down."

I got up to follow her instructions, but as I did I made a quick adjustment. My cock had responded to her teasing contact and flirty attitude, and it was swelling a bit. I was wearing long gym shorts that hung down to my knees and a pair of boxer briefs—I'd like to go commando, but that would mean giving everyone at the gym a good look at my junk, and I didn't want to be arrested for public indecency. So as I stood up and walked around her, I rearranged things so that my cock was running down my right leg, trapped by the boxer briefs. I positioned myself to give her a good view up the leg of my shorts. Her eyes went right where I expected and I heard her breath catch for a brief moment when she saw my endowment. "Ready when you are," I said.

That seemed to bring her attention back to her workout. She swung her legs up and I caught them, then gently pushed them so she'd have to work a bit to stop before they hit the floor. Then she did it again, and this time when I caught them I took the opportunity to quickly caress her calves through her tights. After a dozen or so repetitions, she stopped and stood up. "There's one more thing I want to try," she said. "Stand right there and catch my legs again."

I remained in place as Alyssa backed away. In one swift motion she went into a handstand, and then kept going. I caught her ankles in midair. "Now move your hands down to my waist." I did so and as I did she spread her legs. Her leotard was tight against her groin and I could just make out the impression of her puffy pussy lips.

I caught her eye in the mirror. "Now this gives me some ideas. What are you stretching in this position?" I asked.

"Nothing yet," she responded. Her voice had grown a bit huskier with need. "But I think that'll change soon." I kept her in place with one hand lightly brushed the fingertips of the other up and down her inner thighs. Then I started squeezing and rubbing her firm ass-cheeks through her leotard. "Set me down, please," she said. I complied, gently lowering her to the ground and descending with her. We wound up laying on the floor mat; I was between her spread legs, in something like a pushup position, supporting my weight with my arms. We locked gazes for a long moment, and then she practically threw herself at me. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and our lips met in a hungry, passionate kiss. Her sudden burst of aggressiveness caught me off guard, and she was able to sit up completely. I wound up sitting with my legs curled beneath me and Alyssa wrapped around me like a vine around a tree as she started kissing my neck and the hollow of my throat.

I offered up my silent thanks to Priapus for his gifts. I had been a bit horny, but Alyssa was like a coiled spring, and now all that built-up tension was going to be released thanks to a bit a light contact, mutual attraction, and a dose of inhibition-erasing pheromones.

Alyssa continued her exploration of my body; her lips made a path from the curve of my neck to my lips and back down the other side, and her hands rubbed and squeezed my back and shoulders. I reciprocated. My hands were firmly locked on her ass, which was firm and well-muscled as I kissed her neck just below her ear. We were both breathing hard by this point, and I could feel her heart beat against my chest. I pulled at the shoulder straps of her leotard as she grabbed at the hem of my t-shirt. Within a few moments we were both stripped to the waist. The pale skin of her chest contrasted nicely with her black hair. Alyssa's breasts were small, but firm, and tipped with erect pink nipples that looked like pencil erasers. She arched her back, presenting her breasts to me, and I started to kiss and lick them, pausing occasionally to nibble gently at her nipples. She moaned and ground her pelvis against mine. I pushed her away, leaving her flat on her back on the gym mats, and hastily shucked off my remaining clothes. She did the same, throwing her leotard and tights to a corner of the room.

Then we were back in each others' arms, kissing and stroking each other, bodies pressed tight against one another. I wound up on my back with her on top of me. My cock was rock-hard by this point and was trapped between us. It seemed to take her a moment to realize what the thick hot length pressed against her toned stomach was, and when she did she pulled back and looked down. "Jesus, David--I knew you were big, but that's ridiculous."

I grinned at her. "You know, it's your fault that I'm like this. What are you going to do about it?"

She grinned back. "Just wait and see." Then she darted down and made a trail of light kisses from my lips down my chest to my groin. When she got down there, she grabbed my cock and licked up and down my shaft. "Where were you hiding this when we were in class together? It's so long and thick." She kept licking and stroking my shaft, keeping eye contact as much as possible. Then she took a deep breath. "Now I'm going to have you help stretch my jaw." She opened her mouth wide and started sucking me off.

Alyssa attacked my dick with all the same energy she used in our earlier make-out session. Her hands were a blur as she choked herself with my thick cock. Lines of drool started running down my length. Every so often, she pulled away to catch her breath. "This is much better than the workout I had planned." Then she dove back down. Each time, her lips went a bit further down my shaft and I sunk a bit deeper in her throat. I couldn't help but compare her to Dr. Carrington. My professor-slut gave great head, but I had to train her. Alyssa was doing everything herself. It was like she wouldn't rest until she had swallowed me up completely. I gathered up her hair in one hand to keep it out of her face as she worked me over.

It didn't take long before I was on the verge of cumming. By this point, Alyssa was taking most of me in her throat, and using her hands to expertly stroke the remaining length of my shaft. I groaned and felt my hips pump up involuntarily. She pulled away, still stroking me, and said "Is my slutty little mouth about to get you off? You wanna feed me a load?"

That did it. She went back down, swallowing me up, just as I erupted. My first shots went right down her throat. I felt the muscles in her neck work as she swallowed around me. Then she pulled back slightly, so I would finish in her mouth. Of course, it takes a while for one of my orgasms to finish, but Alyssa managed to take the whole load without spilling a drop. Her hands were constantly pumping as I throbbed and pulsed, dumping what must have been a pint of semen into her sucking mouth. Her lips formed a seal around my cockhead as she sucked, extracting every last drop from me. When I was done, I dropped back to the mat panting. Alyssa was licking her lips to clean off the last of my essence.

"Holy shit, Alyssa. Where did you learn to do that?"

"My boyfriend back home has a big dick too. Not as big as yours."

"I think he's about to become your ex-boyfriend. If he saw what I was about to do to you he'd probably start crying. Now lay back and let me return the favor."

"No. I need more than a tongue or a finger in me now."

Well, if that wasn't an invitation. I rose up to one knee and moved around behind Alyssa. "Oooh, " she said, "you're gonna fuck me from behind?" She lowered her head to the ground and wiggled her ass back and forth invitingly. I spit on my hand and put it between her legs, running my fingers across her lips. I quickly realized that my spit was completely unnecessary. She was already wet and ready. I dipped my fingers into her a few times anyway and felt her squeeze them tight. Alyssa let out a small whine. "Quit being a pussy tease, bastard. Shove that meat bat up my twat!"

I lined up the head of my cock with her cunt and entered her. My pheromones tend to help women relax a bit and heighten their arousal, which makes it possible for me to get inside them. With Alyssa, I needed all the help I could get. If I didn't know better I'd have guessed that I was the first man to take her. I wanted to claim her entirely, to make her mine, so I didn't stop with my first thrust until I was completely buried in her. But I didn't just drive it home, like I did with my professor Dr. Carrington. The professor was a bitch who needed taming and got off on it; I sensed that Alyssa was more of an equal participant. Instead, I took it slow and steady, and entered her in one long, slow, implacable thrust that took me from tip to base and left her thoroughly impaled on my shaft.

Alyssa let loose a long low moan. "Fuuuuuuuuuck. You're so thick. I bet this is what fisting is like." I planned to give her a few seconds to get used to my size, but she surprised me again. After a moment, she moved forward, pulling herself off my cock, then pushed herself back down until her incredible, firm ass pressed against my groin. "Come on, stud. Fuck me. Show me how you'd make my ex-boyfriend cry."

If she's ready, I figured, then game on. I slapped her ass hard, making her yelp in surprise and pull away from me. I was ready when she came back and met her push with a deep thrust of my own. Our bodies met with a slap only slightly quieter than the one I had just given her. I spanked her again, just as hard, on the other side. This time she didn't yelp. She just started moving faster. I sped up to match, and soon the room echoed with the sounds of our energetic fucking. I kept slapping her ass, leaving it covered in red hand prints. Alyssa kept up an unending litany of dirty talk.

"Come on, you big bastard. Pound me. Split me open like firewood. If I can walk out of here without shaking, then you didn't fuck me hard enough. Take me like a bitch in heat. Make me forget I ever had a boyfriend. Fuck me hard and make your balls slap my clit."

I gathered up her hair in my left hand and pulled it back into a ponytail, hauling her upper body off the gym mats. I pulled back far enough that she had to arch her back and bring her arms off the ground. She brought them behind her back and crossed her wrists by the small of her back. I grabbed them with my right hand and lifted slightly—not enough to cause pain, but enough to give me some leverage. She was small enough that I could comfortably hold both of her wrists in one hand. This let me start driving into her with more force. My hips pumped against her, and I pulled back with my arms on each thrust. The impact made her firm ass shake.

"Look at yourself in the mirror. Tell me what you see," I said, driving myself into her warm, wet hole.

"I see a bitch getting the best fuck of her life from the biggest stud in the world." Then she degenerated into incoherent wails as her cunt exploded into orgasm. I felt her climax; her muscles tensed up in waves starting at the entrance to her pussy and proceeding deep into her core. Her juices dripped from my balls as I drove myself into her.

I gave her a few deep and powerful thrusts as she came down from her climax. She seemed to lose control of her body and went almost completely limp; if it hadn't been for my grip on her hair and arms, she'd have fallen face-first to the mat. Instead, I set her down gently, pushing her hips to the floor so she was lying prone. I thrust into her a few more times in this position, and she let out a small gasp each time.

I put my head close to her ear. "I'm going to see how flexible you are," I whispered. Then I wrapped my arms around her and stood up, taking her with me. My cock was still inside her and supported a good deal of her weight. I duck-walked over to a nearby stack of gym mats, bouncing her on my cock as I went, and set her face-down on them. The mats came up to my waist, so Alyssa's legs were hanging off the edge and didn't quite reach the floor.

I pulled out of her and backed away. Alyssa was still twitching in the aftermath of her climax. I put my hands on her inner thighs and pulled them apart, pushing forward with my hips as I did. She wound up doing the splits again, but this time her holes were positioned just where they needed to be for me to fuck her while she lay there, defenseless and vulnerable.

I took my cock and brushed it against her pussy lips, getting the head good and wet with her juices. Then I moved it up to her ass. A bit of gentle pressure caused it to yield and brought Alyssa back to Earth. "Are you going to fuck my ass, stud? You're finished with my perfect pussy already?"

"Not yet. Just giving you a preview of what's to come," I replied. I kept pushing gently, and Alyssa relaxed enough for me to slide the tip of my dick into her ass. It was almost unimaginably tight—perhaps a side effect of years of dance training. I let it rest there for a moment, then pulled back out and went back to teasing her pussy. In Alyssa's current position, I could slide my dick under her and press it against the underside of her clit, so I did that a few times, bringing shudders from her each time. Eventually, she got needy again.

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