Big Red Bow


Releasing her ass, Elizabeth resumed her rhythmic sucking of Karen's clit. Karen began to whimper in time to the faint motions of Elizabeth's lips and cheeks. I felt Elizabeth's hand brush mine as she found Karen's sex, and then slap repeatedly against my knuckles as her fingers hammered into Karen.


Karen squirmed, and then thrashed against Elizabeth's mouth. Elizabeth withdrew her fingers and grasped Karen's hips with both hands, pulling her hard against her mouth.

Karen writhed, and then grew dead still. A whimper like a taught string began in her throat and grew louder. She thrashed frantically before arching her back and swinging her leg over Elizabeth's head and away from her torturous mouth, winding up face down against my chest.

"Holy FUCK!"

Karen looked up at me, grinning and panting hard. She kissed my chest, and then bit my chin before sliding down my body. Her tongue trailed over my throat and chest, biting and sucking my skin as she went. I felt her hands fumbling at my belt. I lifted my hips, and my hard cock sprang free from my khakis. She planted a series of gentle, wet kisses over my thighs, working her way over my balls and to the base of my cock. Her tongue ran up the length of the shaft and around the head. With a low, muffled moan, she sucked me into her mouth.

Her full lips slid up and down the slick shaft, obscene slurping noises escaping as the seal broke between her lips and my cock. She rolled onto her knees and took my full length into her throat. I felt her saliva running down my balls.

Elizabeth lay across my thigh watching Karen work. Karen released my cock and looked at her. Elizabeth smiled back at her -as though I wasn't there, as though it was just the two of them and my cock- and then took my cock from Karen's hand. She wrapped her lips around me, swirling her tongue around the head and then taking it deeply into her mouth, sucking and milking it with her lips and tongue. Karen murmured something and Elizabeth sighed her reply, descending fully on me. I felt her back teeth against my glans as she tried to force me down her throat. Karen nudged her off of me. She quietly said something to Elizabeth and took me back into her own mouth, smoothly bobbing her head as she took me again and again into her throat, pausing to flicker her tongue over my balls. Elizabeth watched, entranced, her eyes never leaving Karen's mouth. Karen offered me to Elizabeth, who tried again to take me into her throat and gagged audibly. The two laughed to each other, a quiet, intimate laugh that excluded me. Elizabeth finally looked at me, her eyes sparkling, and flickered her tongue up the underside of my cock. Still watching my eyes, she began to work her lips up and down my length, her hand working in perfect concert with her mouth.

Karen worked her way down Elizabeth's back in small kisses, tracing her path with her tongue and rolling Elizabeth onto her side. My cock still in her mouth, Elizabeth raised her knee to allow Karen between her legs. I could hear the wet squishing sounds as Karen licked and sucked. Elizabeth began to moan and let my cock fall from her mouth, her head dropping to rest on my belly. The combination of sensations - her thick hair falling like silk over my thighs, the saliva rolling down between my legs, the sounds of Karen's attentions and Elizabeth's moans, the smell of their sex- was intoxicating.

Panting hard, Elizabeth rolled away from me. Karen slid up my body, straddling my hips, and kissed me. Her face was wet and I could smell the scent of Elizabeth's sex. Karen raised her hips and reached between us to grasp my cock, guiding me slowly into her.

Elizabeth propped herself up on one elbow and watched Karen fuck me, her hand playing over Karen's ass and my balls. She leaned close to murmur something in Karen's ear. Karen whimpered and leaned forward against my chest, nipples hard against me. Elizabeth sucked on her finger and reached down behind Karen.

Karen groaned. "Oh, fuck, baby, I love that. I love your fingers. Fuck my ass!" Karen panted against my shoulder. Her hips started to buck against me, churning against my cock in her pussy and Elizabeth's finger in her ass.

Elizabeth sat up and kissed Karen on the shoulder and then on the neck, murmuring something unintelligible. Karen chuckled quietly. "Happy birthday to me!" she purred.

She lifted her hips off me, and I felt Elizabeth's mouth again, warm on my cock. Her mouth was followed by her hand, cool with lubricant, working up and down the length of my shaft. Karen lowered herself onto me as Elizabeth guided my cock, the head meeting hard resistance against the bud of Karen's ass. She rubbed my cock gently and persistently against the tight opening and it slowly relented, the hard muscle of Karen's anus softening and opening to swallow my cock as she lowered herself onto me with a long, protracted hiss. She stopped, her eyes screwed tightly shut and her bottom lip trapped between her teeth, and then began to rock slowly on my cock. I felt her ass relaxing around me, allowing me deeper with each thrust into her most intimate sanctuary. The wrinkles around her eyes and mouth faded and she slid fully onto me.

Karen sat, fully impaled on my cock, for an eternity, not moving. Her breathing slowed and her shoulders sagged. Her eyes finally opened and she looked at me, her mouth hanging slightly open, her breasts rising and falling as she panted. The muscles of her ass relaxed further, and she started to grind her hips. The wrinkle between her eyebrows reappeared and she began to whimper in time with her movements. Her ass alternately clutched and sucked and gripped at my cock as she performed her dance.

She leaned forward and clutched my shoulders, trying unsuccessfully to keep my cock in her ass as she rolled me on top of her. She draped her legs over my shoulders and I slipped my cock back into her ass, this time without resistance. She cried out loudly as I fucked her.

Elizabeth manoeuvered herself over Karen's face and Karen clutched wildly at her, pulling Elizabeth down onto her voracious mouth. We shared her, Elizabeth riding her mouth while I fucked her ass. They both moaned and grunted loudly, and I realized I was doing the same.

Elizabeth watched me, her eyes almost feral. Her fair skin was beet red in the stifling heat. Tiny beads of sweat stood out on her forehead and nose. She grabbed the hair at the back of my head and pulled me into a vicious kiss. She sucked my tongue into her mouth, and began to whimper. Still pulling me hard against her, she dropped her head to my shoulder and began to sob with pleasure.

"Oh, baby! Oh, fuck!"

She shuddered violently and gave a long, guttural groan before pulling me again to her mouth, sucking my tongue so hard it hurt.

I felt the familiar aching lightness in my belly, building in intensity and enveloping my entire core. I grabbed Karen's legs behind the knees and forced them to her breasts, driving the full length of my cock deep into her ass as wave after guttural, grunting wave of my orgasm racked my body.

Elizabeth and I leaned against each other, a sweaty, panting tent above Karen's limp body. We slowly collapsed onto the bed on either side of Karen, Elizabeth facing the foot of the bed and vacantly kissing Karen's feet. She leaned up on one elbow and smiled at us, and then crawled up the bed to embrace Karen.

"Baby," Karen whispered, kissing Elizabeth's neck, "that was wonderful." Elizabeth returned her kiss, and mumbled something into her hair. I hesitated, and then pressed my length against Karen's back. She wriggled her hips into me and reached back to lazily drape one hand over my hip.

We lay there, semi-dozing, for what may have been minutes and what may have been eternity. I opened my eyes to see Elizabeth watching me with one eye over Karen's head. We lay that way for a long time, watching each other while Karen dozed.

Elizabeth sat up and leaned over Karen to kiss me. She pushed gently against my shoulder, rolling me onto my back. Her lips brushed my chin, and then my neck.

Her mouth became my entire world. I was intensely aware of the softness of her lips, the rasping strength of her tongue, the wetness of her mouth as she lightly sucked the skin of my neck and my chest. She ran the point of her tongue down the centre of my belly, pausing to kiss my navel before taking me into her mouth.

Although I was still soft, the feel of her mouth on my cock was magnificent. The rhythmic, gentle milking of her lips and tongue was relaxing, and strangely comforting.

And then, incredibly... I began to harden.

Elizabeth chuckled quietly and looked up at me with a mischievous glint in her eyes. She propped herself up on her knees and increased her pace. She sucked and tugged with an awkward urgency I remembered from my high school girlfriend's explorations.

She gave my cock a final lick and then sat up, straddling my hips. Watching me with the same careful, appraising gaze as when she fondled Karen's breasts for my benefit, she reached between her legs and grasped my now rock hard cock and slid it between her slick, welcoming lips. Putting her weight on my chest, she began to undulate slowly. Her breathing shifted and her eyes grew heavy. She adjusted her position, letting me slip deeper into her belly, and she began to rock her hips.

And then, finally... she lost her inhibition... and began to fuck me in earnest.

She leaned forward against my chest, as Karen had, using her legs to bounce while I pulled her hips against me.

Elizabeth's whimpers increased in pitch. Having just come, I was nowhere close to orgasm and poured all of my attention into finding her needs, finding a rhythm, an angle, a weight... anything to feed her whimpers.

"Oh, my good... oh, FUCK!" she moaned. Her nails dug into the skin on my chest. Every muscle in her body tensed like iron. I felt her gripping and pulsing around my cock.

Karen ran her hand through Elizabeth's hair while she watched us fuck. Elizabeth leaned over to kiss her and Karen's hand tightened, pulling Elizabeth into her by her hair. Elizabeth twisted off of me, embracing Karen fully.

"Oh, baby," Karen crooned in her hair, "that was so hot!" She kissed Elizabeth hard one last time and then leaned over me and took my still hard cock in her mouth.

And so it went. They took turns fucking me and then sucking each other's juices off my cock. Elizabeth knelt to lick Karen while I fucked her from behind. They embraced in a passionate 69, carefully positioned so I could watch Elizabeth's tongue exploring Karen's full, wet folds. They knelt side by side at the edge of the bed, teasingly encouraging me to fuck whoever I wanted, wherever I wanted. Karen took control of my cock, cycling it repeatedly between Elizabeth's cunt and ass and then to her own mouth.

I was buried in Elizabeth, with Karen's finger probing my ass, when I felt my balls and core tensing with a building orgasm. Karen turned me to face her, her tiny hand working me furiously as the tension spread and then released through my belly and hips. She took the spray on her breasts, using one hand to finish me while the other slowly smeared my semen into her skin. She slowed her motions as I came down, tugging the length of my cock and watching the droplets ooze from the tip, before sucking me into her mouth and milking the last slow drops out of me.

She looked up at me with a mischievous smile before looking down to survey her handiwork. She swabbed the semen up with her fingers and sucked her fingers clean again and again. And then, with a smile, she put her gooey fingers to Elizabeth's mouth.

"You earned this too, baby."

Elizabeth sucked my juices from Karen's fingers and then bent to lick the remainder from her breasts, lingering at her nipples. She kissed Karen and the two of them lay back on the bed in each other's arms.

"That was amazing," Karen sighed.

"Happy birthday, baby. I love you," Elizabeth replied softly.

We lay together, Karen's ass spooned into me and her head on Elizabeth's breast.

Their breathing became even, and then deep. As the window turned from black to violet, their stillness contrasted my spinning mind.

Karen stirred slightly, but Elizabeth kept snoring softly as I gathered my clothes.


Elizabeth slid into the booth across from me, paper coffee cup in her hand.

"I didn't see you come in. How the hell do you do that?"

She laughed, reaching across to squeeze my hand. "How are you, Dave?"

"Pretty good. Sorry I haven't been returning your calls. My busy season is almost over, but that leaves me with a pile of schoolwork to catch up on."

Her smile remained, but her eyes were serious as she stroked my hand with her thumb. "Are you okay?"

I smiled. "Yeah. I'm okay. I never did thank you. That was out of this world."

"I'm just worried it was too far out of your world."

"It was fantastic. I have never experienced anything like that." I grinned. "You have to give me the recipe for that pesto."

She laughed and slapped my hand.

"But that kind of brings me to the reason I called you. Are you free Saturday?"

I inhaled deeply.

"I don't think so, Elizabeth. I can't do that again. It was great... nothing will ever compete with what you did to me... but... I guess that's it. Nothing can ever compete." I shrugged, hoping I wasn't being too dramatic. "I want to find what you have, but for me."

"No, Dave, that's... actually, I know exactly what you mean. And it can't happen again. It just can't. But that's not what I'm asking.

"You heard Karen talking about her sister. Karen is fiercely protective of her. And Karen really, really likes you. To the point that she asked me if we could set you up with Stephanie. Trust me on this one. She's a great girl. And she's just as pretty as Karen says she is.

"So... are you free Saturday? We're having a few people over for Stephanie's birthday."

"So, let me get this straight..." I grinned. "Karen is giving her kid sister the present you gave her for her birthday? Doesn't that offend you?"

"Don't laugh," she said. "I'm pretty much screwed from this point on. There's no way I'm ever going to top this birthday."


The bedroom was dark, and shadows from the TV danced across Stephanie's face. I marvelled in the perfection of her features and took her hand in mine. She snuggled into my bare chest and let her fingers play across my belly.

She had met me at the door with a beer she had on ice in the kitchen sink and shooed me into the shower to wash away the grime and exhaustion of forming a heavy brick retaining wall. A clean set of sweat pants and a t-shirt that she had apparently stolen from my apartment were laid out with thick towels, a razor and shaving cream over the lip of the tub. I finished my beer just as she set a perfectly seared steak and peppers on the table.

Her attention was now on the movie she had rented. A beautiful photographer told a pair of models dressed as a Greek god and goddess to take a break as she changed lenses. When she turned back, the models were theatrically winding tongues while their hands searched under the togas. With a smile, the photographer shrugged out of her bib overalls as the soundtrack turned cheesy.

"Thanks," I said, kissing her head. "I really needed this."

"I could tell," she replied, looking up to return the kiss. Her fingers trailed down my chest, pausing to play with the fine line of hair above my navel that seemed to fascinate her so much.

Her gaze returned to the trio on the screen. The photographer was between the models, who were now naked except for sandals and gold bracelets fashioned to look like serpents. She buried her face between the blonde goddess's legs while the muscular male fucked her from behind.

Stephanie looked up and gently bit my chin. "Like what you see?"

"What's not to like?" I replied. "Do you like what you see?"

Her teeth raked my chin again. "What's not to like?" Her hand slipped beneath the covers and gently cupped my balls.

"Wouldn't you love being in his place?" she whispered. "Just you and two beautiful girls?" She kissed me on the chest and straddled my legs. She was wearing a thin tank top, but she was naked from the waist down and I could feel the coarse, wet hair against my legs.

"Wouldn't you love to watch them licking each other?" she asked, her eyes locked on mine. She gently bit my nipple, and then licked it for an eternity.

"Wouldn't you love to watch her lick my ass, getting it nice and wet for you, so you can ass-fuck me while I eat her?" I realized she was describing the action on the screen, even while her eyes were locked on mine. She had watched the movie earlier, enough to memorize and recount it for my benefit.

She gently kissed the head of my cock, a hint of mischief in her eyes.

"Do you remember my sister's friend Amy?" she asked, running the tip of her tongue around the pulsing head of my cock. "The cute little blonde who was flirting with you at their party?" She sucked the head and let it pop wetly out of her mouth. "Elizabeth kept calling her Indiana Jones and joking about how adventurous she was.

"I hope you don't mind," she said, running the flat of her tongue up my full length. "I invited her over for dinner on Saturday." Her eyes wrinkled in amusement as she took the full length of my cock in her mouth.

I lay back against the headboard, the trio on the TV forgotten as I savoured her mouth and her promise.

And fought the temptation to pretend the silky hair spilling over my thighs was fiery red.

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