tagIncest/TabooBig Sis Gets What... Ch. 03

Big Sis Gets What... Ch. 03


Big Sis Gets What She Needs Ch. 03

I woke up the next morning feeling very refreshed but also very sore. My poor asshole was so sore from getting a long fucking from my brother Hunter when he and Jeff were double penetrating me. Then I took my entire brother Jeff’s 10 inches in my ass earlier this morning. I knew that anal sex was out of the question for the next few days. I saw the puddle of cum and lube all over my sheets and quickly tore apart my bedding and took it to the washing machine to clean them. After I got them going in the washing machine I went into my bathroom and decided to take a shower.

As I walked into my bathroom I noticed a note taped to the mirror above my shower. It said:

“Sis, I have practice this morning, but I was wondering if I could have another go-around with you after I get home and take a shower? If it’s cool, I’ll come down to your room at about 1 and see if you’re into it.”


I knew I’d be into it, but I was hoping he wouldn’t want any anal sex since my poor asshole was so abused the night before. I quickly showered all of the remaining lube off my body from earlier this morning and dried off quickly and threw on my robe. I went upstairs to get at least some cereal to eat since I hadn’t eaten anything in almost a day. I finished my cereal and looked up at the clock and noticed it was almost noon! I rushed back downstairs so I could get ready for my afternoon with Hunter. I did my hair and then applied my makeup. I put it on extra slutty so I knew he’d know I wanted him badly. I put lotion on my whole body and applied perfume all over my body for Hunter. I looked in the mirror and I knew I looked really hot and slutty. But something was missing: I needed a “fuck me now” outfit. I went into my room and put on some big hoop earrings, a necklace and some bracelets and finally my belly chain.

I looked in my dresser and closet and found the perfect outfit that would make Hunter rock hard and fuck me good. I found some black thigh highs that stayed up without the need of a garter belt. I decided against panties, because I knew they would just get in the way. I found my smallest black leather skirt and slid it up my legs and over my hips and zipped it up in the back. I then put on a black leather bra I got for one Halloween and finished my outfit off with a pair of 5” stiletto fuck me heels. Just as I put my last shoe on, I heard some commotion upstairs and knew Hunter was home. I quickly stood up and sauntered out of my room and into the family room.

As I got to the family room, down rushed Hunter. He got to the bottom step and jumped out into the family room. When he turned to face me and saw me, a huge grin came upon his face. I could see his crotch start to get tight.

“So, I take it you want some more of me?” he said.

“Your god damn right I do!” I replied as I started walking towards him.

I sank to my knees and started undoing his pants. They quickly came undone and I slid them down. I slid his boxers down as well and grabbed his already rock hard 8 inch cock. I jerked it slowly with my right hand as I engulfed the rest of it in my mouth. I was salivating all over his cock and moaning and noticed myself grinding my hips. I could feel my pussy juice start to leak out of my pussy and down my thighs. I decided to get his cock as wet as my pussy and I started to really suck his cock with all my might. I was getting his cock really wet with my saliva and was now jerking his thick cock with ease as I kept bobbing on the rest of his cock. I took my left hand and started to tickle his balls with my French manicured nails. Hunter moaned loudly and I could feel his body jerk each time my nails slightly grazed his super sensitive balls. Hunter grabbed the back of my head and started to push my head deeper onto his cock. I removed my right hand from his cock and decided I’d deep throat him. I started to gag a little as his whole 8 inches started working its way all the way down my throat. I knew he was all the way in when I could feel his pubic hair tickling my nose. Hunter grabbed my blonde hair and started to face fuck me. I was moaning louder now and grinding my pussy in the air even more. I took my right hand and inserted a finger into my sopping pussy as Hunter continued to fuck my face. I shoved another finger into my super wet pussy and moaned louder, sending vibrations all over my brother’s cock. I took my left hand and started to rub my clit and in less than a minute, I came hard, making sure I didn’t bite down on Hunter’s cock. I removed my super wet fingers from my pussy and placed them at Hunter’s ass. I pushed a super wet finger into his ass and he moaned loudly. I started to fuck his asshole as he kept slamming all 8 inches deep down my throat. I shoved another finger in his tight ass and I heard Hunter scream, slam his cock down my throat and start to shoot spurt after spurt of his cum directly down my throat. I didn’t even get a chance to swallow since his cock was that deep in my throat.

I removed my fingers from his ass and took his cock and removed it from my throat as I cleaned every drop of his yummy cum from every inch of his cock. I stood up and kissed Hunter for the first time in a deep passionate kiss, letting my freshly cummed on tongue dance with his tongue. I found myself grinding against his crotch as I kissed him. Hunter grabbed my ass cheeks and started to massage them with his strong hands. He lifted up my skirt and started massaging the raw flesh. I moaned louder and kept kissing him.

I stopped kissing him and grabbed his hand and took him to my bedroom. I threw him on the bed and pounced on him. I took his still hard cock into my mouth and started sucking again. I took my mouth off of his cock and started licking his balls. Hunter was moaning louder with each gentle lick I applied to his balls. I then did something I hardly ever do to a guy: I lifted Hunters legs and started to lick his asshole. Hunter went wild yelling “Oh Fuck Yeah Sis!”

My tongue started to dart in and out of his ass as I jerked on his thick hard cock. I was so turned on hearing Hunter go wild as I tongue fucked his ass and jerked him off. I couldn’t stand it anymore and stood up. I pulled my skirt up and bared my dripping pussy. I hovered over Hunter and lowered my body onto his cock while I was facing his feet. I know guys love this position and so do I because I can really grind on their cock and cum hard. His hard thick 8 inches started to slide into my wet pussy with ease. I moaned loud as I felt his pubic hair tickle my pussy lips. I then felt a sting as Hunter spanked my ass hard. I moaned and started to fuck his cock with all my might. Hunter kept spanking me as I kept grinding away on his thick cock. I felt that familiar feeling deep in my pussy as another orgasm hit me hard. My whole body went into convulsions and my pussy clamped down hard onto Hunters cock. I was cumming so hard and I couldn’t move. Hunter slapped my ass again and then raised my hips off of his cock. He walked in front of me and had me suck off all of my cum and pussy juice off of his thick hard cock.

After his cock was clean, Hunter turned me around and slid my ass back to him and he rammed all 8 inches deep in my pussy and I came again. He didn’t stop though and kept pounding his cock deep in my pussy. He grabbed my hips and started to pound the hell out of me.

“Fuck Me Hunter”, I started to scream. “Fuck your big sister! Make me cum on your cock again baby! God I love my brothers cock pounding my pussy. Fuck me Hunter, Fuck Me!” I begged.

With my begging Hunter started slamming me so hard I fell on my face and my ass was the only thing still in the air. Hunter was slapping my ass and slamming my wet pussy. I reached under me and started to rub my clit. It didn’t take long and a huge orgasm hit me and my pussy became a vice grip on Hunters thick hard cock. Hunter moaned loudly and released another torrent of milky white warm cum deep into my pussy. My pussy kept contracting around his cock, virtually milking every drop of cum out of his big balls.

Hunter leaned against me and I fell flat on my stomach, and Hunter laid on my back with his cock still lodged in my pussy. I moaned with delight as we cuddled together. We both sort of dozed off until I felt Hunter’s cock finally go limp and slide out of my over fucked pussy. I knew I had been fucked more in the past 24 hours than I had in my whole life, but somehow I knew, if Hunter or Jeff wanted more, I’d willingly take another good fucking from them.

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