tagAnalBig Things Cum in Small Packages

Big Things Cum in Small Packages


Dear readers, this story has been transferred over from one of my pre-existing accounts (garthburgandy) in an attempt to consolidate all the chapters into one place under my new account, as my old one is now inactive. I'll be uploading new material shortly, so old fans stay tuned and new readers, tell me what you think!

There have been no edits made to the following story, and it still remains entirely a work of fiction, with minor typos and all.

Chapter One Begins

I heard a familiar knock at my door and knew immediately what my roommate, Tanner, wanted from me. Before he shouted through the entrance to my room, I had already grabbed the small, plastic square from the drawer beside me.

"Jeremy, you in there?" He called through the wooden barricade, knowing full well that I had been locked up in my room for the last two hours, studying furiously. "I need a-"

I opened the door and winced as the creaking hinges sent a shudder across my skin. "I only have one left." I answered him before he could finish his sentence, handing him the condom. "Use it wisely."

"You're an angel." He thanked me excitedly; in a hushed tone so his girl-of-the-week wouldn't hear.

There was a faint memory in my head of her name being Bethany...or Stephanie? Not important.

I slumped back in my office chair and breathed in the stale aroma of my dorm room. Mentally, I made sure to remind myself to buy a can of Lysol from the caf next time I went down for a meal.

All along the walls of my room were posters of various bands I listened to, with a couple of other additions as well. My eyes were trained on a poster advertising "The Story so Far" as I stretched out my spine and felt my joints freeing themselves from their slumber.

I guess I should introduce myself; my name is Jeremy Danmore and I'm in my second year of university, majoring in dramatic arts. I've met some extremely interesting people in my course, but none of them compared to Genevieve.

Yes, I had a girlfriend. And no, it wasn't her. My girlfriend, Allie, was further away so I didn't see her as much.

I'd be lying if I said we were still close, but it's hard to maintain a relationship with somebody who's so far away.

Allie was a red-haired bombshell with a pair of breasts so large I could scarcely get my hands off them, that much had always been true. When we met she used that spark to show me how adventurous life could be. But since we'd moved in to different universities, she had taken her once enjoyable sass and twisted it into a disastrously negative persona that took effort to be around.

I met Allie in our fourth year of high school, and we hit it off instantly. She was a everything I thought I wanted in a girlfriend, but I steadily realized over time that it's hard to keep up a front like that.

For the past four months she had been growing colder and more inconsistent in her behaviour; she wouldn't text me for a few days at a time, saying she was too busy to bother with her phone some days.

It's not like I hadn't made an effort to keep us close; this weekend a bunch of us were heading up to my uncle's to relieve the stress of our workload. At least, that's what I told people.

In reality, I was using our vacation as a way to help me determine whether or not I was making the right choice in staying with Allie.

Ever since I met Genevieve I'd been forcing myself to look for reasons to stay with Allie, and coming up short. Gen was a loving, endearing soul that I loved spending time with. She reminded me of how Allie and I used to be, before we drifted apart.

It's easy to say I should break up with Allie, but throwing away over 2 years of a relationship that I'd poured so much time into was a thought I dreaded.

I threw my headphones on in preparation for Tanner and his sexcapades, knowing there was a good chance somebody in his room was going to get loud.

Tanner and I had known each other since elementary school, and jumped at the chance to room with each other. He was studying neuroscience, but often did what he could to hide his intelligence from those he hung around, usually behind his thick rimmed glasses.

He was coming with me, Allie, and Genevieve to the cottage, along with a couple of our other friends, so I was excited to see him drunk and wild for a weekend.

The sounds of pop-punk soothed me through my headphones as I lost myself in the dual vocal talent of Man Overboard. As I slowly left my consciousness behind and closed my eyes, my thoughts danced to Gen, and how badly I wanted to see her.

Everything about her was captivating to me; from her adorable, short stature (she stood at 5 feet) to how her contagious laughter would cast warm shivers across my heart.

We spent most of our days together, and were already planning to gather a few more of our classmates and get an apartment together for our third year.

As if on cue, my phone buzzed and sucked me from my dazed state. I pulled off my headphones and cringed as I heard Tanner's bed bashing repeatedly against the wall, determined to check my phone to confirm my suspicions.

My phone displayed a message saying that I had received a text from Gen, and I couldn't get my phone unlocked fast enough to read it.

"Hey, you around?" It read. A second one came in before I had time to reply. "I'm just wrapping up a class, wanna go get a smoothie?" My heart fluttered.

"For sure." I replied, afraid to sound too excited. I grabbed my room card and headed outside, nearly bumping into my neighbour, Kelsey, as she left her room.

She smiled when she saw me and moved to one side of the hallway, inviting me to walk beside her and accompany her on her walk. "What's up, stranger?"

"Nothing," I replied, checking my phone for any more updates from Gen. "Just going to get a smoothie with Gen."

"Spending more time with Genevieve? Why am I not surprised?" She retorted, shoving me playfully into the wall. "You gotta tell her how you feel at some point, Jeremy."

No responses came to mind, so I kept myself quiet until I could change the conversation. "Are you packed for tomorrow?"

Kelsey was coming up with us as well, bringing her trademark no-bullshit attitude with her. Her shoulder length hair was tied back in a short ponytail today, in an effort to relieve some of the heat her thick, black locks usually trapped.

Thankfully, she was kind enough to let her question slide without further probing. "I'm a girl, I was packed a week ago." She popped a piece of gum in her mouth and wiggled her eyebrows.

Kelsey and I met earlier this year, but I knew immediately she was going to be a close friend. My positivity and over trusting nature came in clash with her cynicism and realistic view of the world, so we evened each other out with a natural balance.

The two of us didn't keep secrets from each other, mostly because she was impossible to lie to and I'm easy to read.

It had taken a couple months, but eventually Kelsey opened up to me and told me she was a lesbian. At the time, it was a huge secret. Since then, she had grown to be proud of her sexuality and refused to hide it from anybody, giving us the brash and hard-headed friend we all know so well.

She often hung around Genevieve, Tanner and I, so naturally I had invited her to come up north with us.

With finals closing in, we all needed a chance to blow off steam before we locked ourselves in our rooms to study.

We reached the front door and exited our residence and were met with fresh air and a warm breeze that filtered its way through my t-shirt with ease. The two of us parted ways and she wished me good luck with my date, referring to my plans with Genevieve.

"She's not my girlfriend, Kelsey. It's not a date." I insisted, thumbing through my phone aimlessly.

"You sound like you're trying to convince yourself." She scoffed. Kelsey turned to me and stopped walking, grabbing my shoulders and dropping me into reality. "Jeremy, you have to stop fucking around. Use this weekend to make a decision, please."

"Kelsey I'm fine."

"Then prove it." She begged, giving my shoulder a squeeze. "You can't keep doing this to yourself, or to Genevieve."

I returned her endearing gaze with a puzzled expression. "Gen is fine, trust me."

"No, trust ME. She likes you, at least a little bit." When Kelsey was being sincere, nothing was more important. "If you don't make up your mind soon you're gonna hurt someone, and I don't want that."

She brushed her hand against my cheek and a quizzical look. "Okay?"

I nodded in response and managed a smile, barely weak enough to mask the swirling waves of uncertainty in my stomach. "You got it, Kelsey." My phone buzzed again and I instinctively reached for it.

It was Genevieve, telling me to hurry up. "I gotta go." I said to Kelsey, letting some of the warmth sneak back into my grin. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Goddamn right you will; me and a bottle of rum." She said while walking backwards towards the school.

I rushed faster than normal to meet Genevieve, knowing she had another class in less than a half hour. She would kill me if I was late for our smoothie date...er...meeting. Our smoothie meeting.

Genevieve was already in line, deeply embedded in her phone, when I snuck up on her and put my arms around her shoulders. Her short frame brought her head up to my chest, which I pressed against her. "Hey girl, you lookin' for someone?"

"Not you, asshole." She snapped without leaving her phone, but tensing up intensely in protest. Once she turned around, the smile leapt back onto her face in an instant. "Jeremy! I knew it was you!"

"Bullshit!" I replied. "You were freaked out and you know it."

"No way, man. I know those arms anywhere." Gen smirked and squeezed my bicep, leading her to leak a flash of giddy enjoyment onto her face. "Anyway, uh, can you hold my spot in line? I've gotta make a call to my Mom."

The petite girl stepped out of line and brushed her hair behind her ear, making the golden brown waves catch the sunlight in a magnificent fashion. When she caught me staring at her, like I could possibly resist, she sent me a quick air kiss.

Parts of me felt guilty over the flirty connection Genevieve and I shared, but that small part was massively outshone by the glowing happening in my heart every time she smiled at me. We were both aware we had something between us, but we're also both too stupid to make a move on it.

The tension had been building for a few weeks now, ever since a near kiss the two of us shared after a drunken partying night had dispelled any of the uncertainty between us. We wanted each other, but didn't want to risk our friendship over the possibility of not working out.

Not to mention, it would mean throwing my life with Allie away for good. That could mean losing all the mutual friends I had made with her.

She knew the situation between Allie and I; strained at best. Yet she had never pushed me to breaking it off with my girlfriend. If anything, she had even tried to be there for me when we were going through some really rough stuff.

Gen was still off to the side chatting with her Mom when I reached the cashier. She motioned for me to order for her instead of finishing her call, so I picked her smoothie for her; banana coconut pineapple.

I got a lemon-lime drink for myself and moved to the other side of the window to wait for our smoothies.

"You got me banana orange pineapple right?" She piped up from beside me, surprising me with her presence. The drink dropped into her hand and she popped the lid open a crack, wiggling her nose as she tried to determine the flavour by smell alone.

Her silver nose ring wiggled along with her scrunched up, cute button nose.

"No, I got you banana coconut pineapple, because that's your favourite." I gave her a sideways gaze and she blushed.

"Shit, you're right." She squeaked to herself in a shy tone, trying to hide her grin. I knew her better than anybody had bothered to know her before. Each word she spoke I would linger on at night, replaying every moment her voice was on my ears to help me sleep. These nights spend tossing and turning got me to remember everything and anything she loved or hated.

She skipped slightly towards an empty grassy hill with one small tree growing on it. Under the mild shade, we had just enough beams of sunlight tickling our legs to stay warm.

"So, are you packed for tomorrow?" I asked, slurping my smoothie.

"Hell no, I almost forgot we were going. I've got way too much going on." She laughed; sweet little giggle that made my pulse buzz excitedly. "But I'll be ready by tomorrow, don't worry."

"I'm not worried." I lied.

We sat on the knoll for a few minutes in silence, enjoying the feeling of the breeze whirling around us. In the absence of conversation, Genevieve had started to succumb to the swaying effects of the wind.

Her body had shifted closer to me, however unconsciously it'd happened, and her head was tilted against my chest. Every time I inhaled her head would rise, then fall, in time with my breathing.

"Is your cottage on the lake?" Her voice pierced the peaceful serenity. There was a hopefulness in her voice that I was eager to fulfil.

"Yeah, it is. It's got a really great view of the lake, too. The sun cuts through the trees sometimes and makes the water shimmer perfectly. We have a bunch of ducks that come by sometimes and in the mornings you can see them bobbing for food." I realized I was getting off topic. "I'm sorry, I lost my train of thought."

"No, that was nice." Gen lifted her head and held herself up by pushing her hand against my chest. "You're very detail oriented, so you tell stories good."


"Well what?"

"Never mind, Gen." I rolled my eyes and ruffled her hair teasingly.

"You're lucky you're so easy to entertain, or I wouldn't keep you around." She blew a blast of cold air at my face and sat up.

"And cute too, of course."

"Yes," she gave her head a slight tilt. "And cute, too. But cocky nonetheless." She checked her phone and stood up in a hurry.

"Are you gonna be late?" I asked. She nodded sadly in reply and threw her backpack over her shoulder. "One more class, then we can relax for the whole weekend."

I succeeded in cheering her up, as she changed her expression to a happy one again.

Her facial expression took a sincere turn. "Only if I get to ride in your car on the way up. I don't know anybody else that well yet, so I'm gonna be basically clinging to you for the next 3 days."

"And I'm gonna cling right back." I promised.

She kissed her hand and lightly slapped my cheek, holding her hand to my skin a little longer than she needed to, but I didn't argue. The sensation of her small, tender fingers clutching to my face was enough to turn it pink, giving in to the softness of her touch.

Once Gen left I sat on the hill for a while longer, hardly in a rush to expose myself to Tanner's furious love making. Hundreds of thoughts were clogging my brain, all struggling to get through. There was only one thing I could make of my brain blender;

It was overflowing with Genevieve.


"Are you done yet?" Tanner shouted from the passenger seat of my blue Nissan Altima, busy tapping away at his phone rather than helping me pack. I threw his garbage bag of clothing in the trunk and cursed his laziness as I kicked the bumper of my car.

I wasn't particularly mad at him, I was upset with my girlfriend. Allie had called a couple hours ago and told me she was bogged down with school work and wouldn't be able to make it to the cottage until tomorrow.

Yes, I was upset. But it also gave me a chance to be alone with Genevieve. Well, alone-ish.

I heard another car pull up behind us in the parking lot and turned to see Lacey and Carson stepping out of their vehicle. The last two members of our group were enrolled at the same school, but it was quite a distance from the rest of us.

"Good morning, children." Lacey cooed as she quickly walked towards my car, giving me an enormous hug. Her white hair was flowing neatly behind her, held in place by a blue headband. "We haven't seen you guys since-."

"High school, probably." Carson interrupted, dragging Lacey's suitcase behind him with a grunt. He joined in on our hug, tightly squeezing Lacey and me and lifting us off the ground as best he could.

He was right; we hadn't see each other since we left for university due to the horrible time constraints we were all under.

When we were all in high school, we had been a close knit group for four long years. Tanner and I met first, then when he introduced himself to Lacey in biology class, and she got us to meet Carson.

As we were reminiscing, Kelsey and Genevieve showed up and joined our conversation. We'd essentially lost Tanner and Allie to their electronics, but the rest of us were happily chatting and introducing each other.

"Guys, this is Genevieve, and Kelsey." Lacey was hugging them before I could even finish my sentence.

"I've heard so much about you guys, especially you." Lacey smiled warmly at Kelsey and the two locked eyes for a second. "I think we're gonna to have a great time, girls."

"You talk about us, huh?" Kelsey crossed her arms.

"Only good things, I promise." I insisted.

"Great things, actually." Lacey interjected anxiously. She helped Gen and Kelsey pack up their stuff, putting Gen in my car and Kelsey with her and Carson, to which neither of them complained.

Our two cars sped off down the road and after a while, we merged onto the highway. The sun outside was heating the car nicely, giving my skin a shallow warmth, while the rolled down windows were circling gusts of cool air throughout the car.

In the rear view mirror, I could see Genevieve staring aimlessly out window and smiling pleasantly, eyes darting back and forth trying to take in every tree or river we passed.

With the speed we were travelling, every little bump we hit gave my shocks a workout, proving once again that I needed them checked.

Thankfully, they were still a bit rough, making Gen's breasts jiggle effortlessly with every small ditch or bump I intentionally tried to hit. She was distracted looking out the window, so I had the perfect view of her tits wobbling back and forth.

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't noticed them before, but until now they had never seemed so remarkable.

Maybe it was her yellow, low cut tank top. Maybe it was the fact that she seemed to be wearing a bra that did almost nothing to hold her boobs back. Maybe it was because she was trying to get my attention.

To be truthful, I was more of an ass guy. Lucky for me, Genevieve had all the necessities to live up to my fantasies. My girlfriend had a great ass, don't get me wrong, but I had never had heart palpitations from her the way I did from Gen's incredible butt.

With the denim cut offs she was wearing, her butt was barely being contained. The fabric was nearly pulled over her thick, juicy cheeks. The shorts were giving me a thousand ideas on how to best get Gen to bend over without arousing suspicious looks, but I'm not sure she would mind me asking anyway.

All week, I had been looking forward to seeing her in a bikini, which I knew would have trouble containing her chest, and would fail miserably at hiding her magnificent ass.

I felt my cock stirring in anticipation.

We had been driving for close to a half hour when Tanner passed out cold in his seat, followed close behind by Genevieve. I managed to stay awake for another few minutes before feeling like I, too, was inches from passing out.

As if he was reading my mind, Carson drove into the next pit stop and we followed suit. Even as we bounced along the many potholes on the road in to the gas station, my passengers managed to stay asleep.

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