Big Things Cum in Small Packages


Kelsey came running inside and made eye contact with me, scanning my hollow eyes for a pre-emptive answer to the question she was about to ask. "Jeremy, what the fuck?"

"Allie." I choked out, nearly stuttering as I forced her name past my lips.

Confused and concerned, Kelsey came up next to me and grabbed the phone. It had Allie's contact info on it, indicating that the message came from her, accompanied by undeniable groans, grunts, and slapping noises like skin on skin.

"Oh, Jesus." Kelsey whispered, closing a hand over her mouth and hugging me tightly. "I'm so sorry."

"She pocket dialled me." I was aimlessly talking to myself, hardly aware that Kelsey was even listening. I was trapped in my own mind and my thoughts were torturing me. "She pocket dialed me while she was fucking someone else."


I was slumped over on the couch in the TV room, drained of any energy that would permit me to stand up on my own. Genevieve was sitting next to me with her hand wedged in between my shaking hands.

She'd been repeating "it's okay" for fifteen minutes, but her words were losing their enthusiasm as she slowly stopped believing them.

For a while we had been silent. After her words of comfort failed to bring me out of my tortured mind, she gave up and took to quietly massaging my palms with her thumb. Her head was resting against my shoulder, rising and falling with my deep, concentrated breaths.

Her other hand was sandwiched between my knees, rubbing my legs reassuringly. "You don't need her." She whispered, turning her head to face me and nuzzling her nose into my neck. Her eyelashes were fluttering against my skin and I could feel my nerves tingling at the sensation, praying for more attention.

Every word she spoke let her lips brush against my neck, sending shivers like lightning through my veins and sending my heartbeat into overdrive. I felt my shaking subside, allowing Genevieve's calming methods to subdue me.

"It's not your fault, Jeremy." I felt her kiss my neck and sit up, still unwilling to relinquish her grip on my hand. The impact of her kiss on my flesh was enough to give me palpitations in my pulse.

Maybe I was imagining it, or maybe it was wishful thinking, but as her lips pulled away from me I felt her tongue momentarily flick against my neck. Either way, my stomach started stirring like she'd awoke a fire in me that had been smoldering for far too long. "She gave you up because she didn't know what she had."

I knew she was right, but what concerned me the most was how instantaneously my affection dropped from Allie. Part of it was due to the breach in trust; I had never been anything but faithful to Allie, but I knew under that layer of hurt was relief.

Relief from the prison Allie had held me in for two years, and relief from the guilt I had been feeling over my feelings for Genevieve.

We lost track of how long we were sitting there, but eventually Kelsey timidly approached us. "You okay?" She asked. Surprisingly, Genevieve didn't move away from me when Kelsey showed up. In fact, I would've sworn she held me even closer.

"I'm okay." I don't think anyone in the room believed my casual lying. Kelsey sat in the chair opposite to the couch. "Just pissed off."

"Not depressed?" There was both surprise and uncertainty in her question, and she was hiding a smile from me. "But we're waiting to drink away the sadness with you."

I wasn't feeling the depression I thought I would. The distance had put enough of a wedge between us that her finally slamming the door on our relationship didn't come as a shock, it was more of an untimely backstab.

"I saw this coming." I muttered low enough that Kelsey had to lean in to hear me. "Just didn't think it'd be so soon."

Genevieve wrapped both of her arms around mine, stroking the inside of my elbow with her fingers. She was doing more speaking with her silent actions than she was with her words. Every small contact made between our bodies was pulling me further and further away from the dent Allie had put in my soul.

"Come on, we should get up." Gen pulled me to my feet and stood up beside me. "Sitting here won't make your girlfriend less of a slut."

I smiled briefly enough that Genevieve caught it and grinned back. "Ex-girlfriend." I corrected her. "The 'ex' part is important."

Our arrival back on the patio was met with soft cheers. Gen and I took a seat, hand in hand, at the table. Since we'd left, the rest of our friends had covered the rest of the table with empty bottles and plastic cups filled partway with amber or clear liquor.

"Welcome back, bud." Carson handed me a beer with a solemn look on his face. "You know we're here-"

"Here for me. I know, guys." I interrupted. "Let's get it out there right now; I want to get fucked up this weekend, and no shitty break up is going to stop that."

"You're a visionary." Kelsey patted my back as she walked past me and took the last empty seat by the table.

"A visionary with good friends." I raised my glass in appreciation. "Nay, great friends."

"Here, here!" Tanner and I knocked glasses and the rest of the group joined in.

As it stood, nobody was taking note of the behavior change between Gen and I. Either that, or none of them had a problem with it.

It only took another hour for us to decide to turn it in. But considering how exhausted all of us were, I didn't think we would've made it as long as we did.

Once Lacey started drifting to sleep in her chair, snoring on and off, we called it a night and headed inside. The one bathroom we had to share was crowded to say the least, so I stood at the kitchen sink to brush my teeth.

I spat into the running water and switched the faucet off. With the window in front of me, I could see Kelsey was waiting behind me, her all-knowing smirk proudly displayed.

"Shit." I mumbled to myself, preparing for the confrontation to come.

"So," She said while brushing tediously. "You're single now."

Truthfully, any normal person would've taken that statement as brash. I, on the other hand, took it as Kelsey being her straight shooting self. Most of her words were carefully chosen, with little room for bullshit in-between.

"Thanks for the reminder." I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. "Any other observations you wanna make, detective?"

"Relax, spaz, I'm on your team, remember?" She pushed me aside and spat her mouthful of toothpaste into the sink. "You saw the way she was attached to you, right? That girl is crazy for you."

My heart jumped.

"You don't know what you're talking about." I responded, with more snappiness than intended. "She was just comforting me. You would've done the same thing."

Even though I didn't believe that myself, I was doing everything I could to keep my protective front strong.

"If I did, I wouldn't do it with such a dumb smile." Kelsey said. When I gave her the most confused look I could muster, she continued explaining. "On the couch, I mean. While she was 'comforting you' she had this obnoxiously happy little grin on her faces, and her eyes were closed the whole time. Dear girl was in heaven."

"So? That doesn't mean anything."

"True, true." Kelsey started walking backwards to her room. "But, it does mean something when they light up like stars every time she looks up at you."

She tapped her skull with her finger. "Think about it." And with that, Kelsey disappeared into her room.


My bed had an odd chill to it that rang like loneliness. The ceiling fan was swinging ritually and blowing my hair softly. Above my bed, the curtains were still open and swaying in the breeze.

The view outside the window here had always been a favorite of mine. There was a tree, a pine tree, towering over the right window. The branches were sparse enough that I could look through them and see the stars behind, continuing over to the left window where clouds passed overhead.

All of the cottage was silent, the floorboards hadn't made a peep since we turned in for the night. I was finally beginning to pass out when I heard one of those same floorboards creak with the weight of tiny footsteps over them.

Even in the darkness I could see my door open a crack, and a familiar head of golden brown hair poke its way in. "You awake?"

I didn't want to seem too eager, so I took my time with my response. With the moon light casting it's brilliantly vibrant beans into the room, I could see the hopefulness reflecting in Genevieve's eyes, waiting for an answer.

"Yeah, I'm up." I grumbled, making it sound like I had been asleep.

Without asking for permission, she entered my room and shut the door behind her. "My room is kind of cold, could I stay in here tonight?"

"Uh, sure. I guess." I stammered like a fool.

"Sorry, I know it's last minute. I have a sweater somewhere, I think I left it in the car." Like a shadow, Genevieve floated over the hardwood floor and sat on the edge of my bed. I pulled back the covers and she slid in beside me.

Dressed in nothing but a tank top and tightly fitted cotton boy shorts, there was very little keeping Genevieve apart from me. I took note of the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra, giving her breasts free range to swing and bounce around when she jumped into bed with me.

"That's better." She cooed, curling her knees up to her chest and shuffling as close to me as she could. I had one arm under her around her neck, and the other resting on the small of her back.

Her forehead was planted perfectly under my chin and I could feel the breath escaping her nose every time she released a gulp of air. She didn't seem to want to sleep; her hands were restlessly running up and down my chest.

"Everyone seems to like you." I said.

"Good, I seem to like them too." She chuckled. We were enjoying laying peacefully in the stillness of time, until Gen's restless hands spread to the rest of her.

Her hands ventured from my chest to my face, where she had started gently brushing her thumb over my cheek and caressing the back of my neck. Her little fingers were surprisingly nimble as they explored my skin, like she wanted every inch of me memorized.

"They better like you, I need them to like you as much as I do." I was starting to carry the conversation as a formality, devoting most of my thinking power to how lucky I was to have this girl so close to me.

"And how much is that, exactly?" She asked.

"A whole fucking lot." I whispered excitedly, kissing her forehead.

The tension between us was oozing, demanding to be fed with lust. I felt every passing second tearing down my will to downplay my affection, noticing every little detail in helping me make my move.

Every detail, like how I had now pulled Gen close enough to me that our chests were touching, and the stiffness of her nipples poking into me matched the hardness of my cock slowly inching up Genevieve's leg.

Every detail, like how she had warmed up when I rested my hand on her thigh, soaking in the softness of her smooth, tanned skin.

Every detail, like how she'd wiggled her way up so her face was level with mine. Our noses were so close they were bumping together occasionally.

Her breathing quickened, becoming deeper and more deliberate. "A whole fucking lot, like how much?" She asked again, daring me to push our boundaries a bit further. Seeing that my words weren't cutting it for her, I took another route to convince her.

My hand on her thigh came to life, sliding slowly up her leg until my fingertips made contact with her shorts. Her gasp told me to proceed, so I pressed my hand flush against her skin and shimmied it upwards until I felt the tender, juicy globes of flesh being barely hidden by the thin fabric shorts.

"Like this much." I whispered, giving Gen's butt a firm squeeze at the same time I leaned my head towards her and pushed our lips together. She was whimpering happily, muted by our kiss.

With her hesitation now completely disregarded, she was having no trouble tightening her grip on my shoulders and digging her nails into me. My knee was wedged between her legs and I felt the unmistakeable waves of heat emitting from between her thighs.

I had pulled her underwear tightly between her ass cheeks, making it look like dental floss trapped two thick, hungry melons. This was also pulling it tightly against her pussy, making it easier to leak the warmth she was giving off.

"Wait." She begged, forcing her head away from the kiss with just barely enough effort to make it convincing. "We can't ruin our friendship on a rebound."

I let one hand wander away from Gen's ass, while the other stayed put, to brush hair away from her eyes. Our gaze locked together and I tapped our foreheads against one another. "It doesn't count as a rebound if I've been craving it for nearly 8 months."

"Just 8 months? That's cute, I guess that means I have you beat by at least 3 months, doesn't it." She gloated.

There was only one acceptable answer for her, and I knew it was a kiss. She agreed with me, rolling me onto my back with our second kiss still unbroken so she could straddle me.

"I've always wanted to do this." She leaned down and bit playfully at my neck, flicking her tongue like a whip at my earlobe.

"You haven't before?" For a moment I thought maybe she would take offence to my tone of surprise.

"No, not with the man I want to." She kissed me again with a giggle. "But I'm working on changing that."

Our kissing became more aggressive, beginning with her dipping between my lips and begging for me to dance. I accepted her invitation and we began tangling our tongues together like a well-rehearsed waltz.

After so much time spent wondering what this moment would be like, actually being in it was overpowering. Genevieve was pouring her affection into me and I was returning it tenfold.

My hands wouldn't release their position on her ass, and I knew neither of us would mind. I was giving her bum deep, solid squeezes, and rocking her back and forth steadily until we fell into a natural rhythm. The mounds of jiggling ass meat was like a pile of warm jelly, forming around my fingers like beige foam as I sunk my digits into her skin.

Every time I spread her cheeks open, she sucked in a breath of air in reaction to the cool, night air nipping at her exposed asshole. I knew Genevieve had never taken anyone there before, but something told me that this weekend would be full of 'firsts'.

"What happens if we do this?" Her nerves were getting the best of her, so I knew I had to talk her down.

"Do what?" I asked coyly, trying to bring Gen back down to Earth long enough for her to get traction.

"If we...fuck." The last word fell from her mouth like she wasn't ready for it.

"Nobody ever remembers the night they caved to their 'ifs', Gen." I had my hands now moving towards the bottom of her shirt, already preparing to take it off.

I kissed her again before finishing my thought. "Besides, I don't think either one of us have the willpower to say no to you right now; you've already made up your mind, babygirl."

The use of the pet name took Genevieve by surprise, flooding her cheeks with blood. "What do you mean?"

Amongst a constant stream of sloppy, hungry kisses, I let one of my fingers wander from Gen's shirt down under her stomach, in-between the two of us. Despite the look of uncertainty on her face, I pushed forward and dove under the barrier of her shorts.

Right away I could tell she was cleanly waxed as my fingers grazed over the bare bump of remarkably soft skin. I easily slipped a finger through the soaking wet folds of her slit, opening her up to spread her honey around.

Her clit nudged against my finger and her body tensed up accordingly. "Oh fuck, Jeremy." She gasped, arching her back. Past that, I circled my finger around the sticky opening to Gen's soaking wet hole.

One small push popped my finger inside, and immediately exposed me to the incredible tightness I was working with. Her groans were being dumped directly into my mouth as she struggled to find the balance between making out and grinding down on my palm, trying to get my finger into her deeper.

"Still wanna stop?" I knew I was being a tease, but when else would I have a chance like this? Gen mumbled something in response, but it was too low for me to hear it. "Come again?"

She raised herself to I could make eye contact with her, and grabbed both sides of my head to demand my attention. "I said fuck me, please? I begged you to fuck me." The juices flowing from Gen's peach were making it even easier for me to work another finger inside of her to accommodate her request.

I could feel her loosening a little, but contrary the vice-like grip she had on my fingers, the juices she was secreting were making it possible to work a third into her. Every passing second was showing me a different side to Genevieve; a side that I'd been fantasizing about for a long time.

Having her bear down on my palm, with both of my fingers fighting against the slippery walls constricting them, was doing nothing to quell the hardness in my pants. I was aching for her, and she knew it.

I knew she could feel how desperately hard I was, and she knew how desperately I wanted to fix it.

A little hand, with surprising strength, wrapped its fingers around my shaft and tugged at it. I was sure she could feel my heartbeat through my dick; my pulse was pounding like a jackhammer.

She was moving her wrist in time with our slow back and forth rocking, stroking my cock with a tight fist. After bringing me to my full hardness, she let go for a second to lift her hand to her mouth and dribble a dollop of spit into her palm.

Reaching back down between her legs, Genevieve applied the creamy concoction to my cock. The makeshift lube was warm and gooey, spreading plentifully over all the way down to my balls.

The new wetness had made it easier for Gen to pump her fist up and down my thick, straining cock. Her grip moulded to every ridge of my cock, passing over every vein and milking the cum from my balls.

The edge was fast approaching, and I was about to be thrown over it. "Is that good, baby?" She was starting to fall deeper into her role.

I groaned in approval and she breathed a heavy sigh into my neck. "I'm gonna cum soon, Gen." I spurted out.

With one last long, deep squeeze, Genevieve her grip on me and let my cock slap across my stomach. "In that case, we need to take a break." She kissed me playfully, leaving dozens of random little pecks over my lips and cheeks. "So you can recover, you know?"

Very slowly, the air was refilling my lungs and elongating my short, spastic breaths. "Fuck you, tease." I whined. "I was getting really close."

"I just figured you'd rather be somewhere else when you finish." Genevieve was slowing her kisses as she moved up to my forehead, and down over my nose. "Besides, I've been dying to show you what else I can do with my mouth besides kiss." She punctuated her sentence with just that: a kiss.

Cue the involuntary stomach flip. "Well, if you're gonna be pushy about it." I choked out.

Nothing was holding Genevieve back as and slithered her way down my stomach, placing gentle kisses every couple of inches on her way.

Further and further down she went, until she reached my boxers and hooked her thumbs in the waistband, yanking them down in one pull.

My dick sprang to life when given its freedom, and was met with a cheerful gasp and eyes as wide as saucer plates.

"J-Jesus Christ." Genevieve muttered under her breath. She was on her knees between my legs, hunched over so her face was level with my waist. "You're lucky I like em' big."

Her hands were busy exploring me; one hand with its knuckles tightly clutching the base of my cock, while the other was rolling my balls around in its fingers like two precious, meaty stones.

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