tagFetishBigger Down There Ch. 04

Bigger Down There Ch. 04


And so to Friday, of what had been an enlightening and sexually charged ten days. I had learned a lot about myself, and I had also learned a lot about my best friend Sam's Mum which in itself had been something of a revelation. Up until a very short time ago, I had not considered myself as an out and out lesbian although it would be both fair and accurate to say that I had been attracted to girls and especially their genitalia) for longer than I would probably like to admit. After all, I loved to peek at other girls' crotches in changing rooms and showers, I had been perfectly happy to expose myself to Sam, and moreover, had been seriously turned on by letting Sam blatantly exhibit herself in front of me.

On top of all that, I had been tremendously thrilled that Sam could get herself so worked up by the sight of my unusually large bits, and by bits, I mean my complete genital package – my lips and not just my cunt hole, but the size of it. I knew I was bigger than usual down there and it was a real turn on for me knowing that the pleasurable hours I had put into stretching myself to my current state were having a positive effect on somebody else in addition to me.

There were times when we had been displaying ourselves to each other in Sam's room that Sam had once or twice muttered something like "you should see my Mum's" which had certainly piqued my interest (on lots of levels), and despite never having thought of Helen as a potential sexual partner, I cannot deny that she had a certain appeal. Helen will not mind me saying that she is not what you might call a classically beautiful lady, but she certainly has an allure and that, coupled with the perpetual twinkle in her eyes, gave her a charm, attractiveness and sex appeal that often made me think there was more to her than I was seeing.

I wasn't wrong on that score! Having spent a tortuous few weeks and months scheming up ways to get a glimpse of Helen's cunt, when I got it, I think it would be fair to say that it was life changing, perhaps for both of us.

We found a kindred spirit in each other, and my urges became overwhelming. As a result, here I was, approaching my twenties in a full-on sexual, almost depraved relationship with a wonderfully fascinating and passionate lady who was not only old enough to be my mother, but the Mum of my longest standing friend.

But now I was getting nervous. Sam was coming home for the weekend, and although we had continued Skyping without me giving too much away, and Helen had repeatedly told me not to worry, I was uncertain as to how this was going to pan out. "Just be yourself," Helen had said, and so I was trying to be, but not quite sure how to be.

I deliberately went to some length to make sure that Helen would get home before me. I was on edge. Would Sam realise that my bed hadn't been slept in (but then again, why would she even go into my room)? These questions and others just wouldn't go away, but I trusted Helen and tried to put them to the back of my mind.

When I eventually arrived home, Sam was there and hugged me so tightly I almost thought she would break me. She was in a tee shirt and shorts, and as she let go of me, Helen came downstairs and into the kitchen in what looked like just a tee shirt and kissed me on the lips, with a simple "Hello Pet."

If there was any surprise at this show of affection from Helen, Sam didn't show it. A bottle of wine appeared and, sat at the kitchen table, we must have nattered on for at least an hour, if not longer. We all pitched in to make some dinner, and I was looking furtively to ascertain if Helen had anything on under that tee.

As we were eating, Sam asked how we were getting on, and I nearly choked. Helen seemed to cover the question with consummate ease, and with a suitably vague, "very well, and we've been busy finding out lots of things about each other, haven't we Andrea? We're a good match!"

"Great," replied Sam. "I was certain you would get along like a house on fire. You can tell me all about it later."

I felt my face redden, and I am sure I must have blushed, but both things went seemingly unnoticed. We finished, cleared up and made our way into the lounge. I went to sit on the armchair, but Helen waved me towards her with a "sit here with me where you normally sit."

It was neither a question nor a statement. It was just one of those throwaway lines, so I drifted back to the settee and made myself comfortable.

The television was on in the background, but none of us was taking very much notice of it. There was lots of chat and banter, and I was a bit fidgety. Helen wanted to know if Sam had hooked up with anybody yet (an interesting choice of words I thought – not 'have you found a boyfriend yet,' but 'have you hooked up with anybody?'). Perhaps I was just reading too much into things.

Helen had shifted around on the settee a little bit, and had one leg on the seat itself, more or less straight and just behind my bottom, and the other bent with a foot on the seat, and her knee up in front of her, and as I suspected, she was naked under that tee shirt.

Sam couldn't possibly see what was going on from where she was sat, but Helen was tormenting me and she knew it. As hard as I tried not to look and instead, join in with the conversation, I could not tear my eyes away. I was probably spending 50% of my time listening to Sam and her Mum, and the other 50% getting wetter and wetter as I gazed at Helen's voluptuous cunt. She would occasionally move her bent leg to show me more, and if she didn't stop it soon, I was going to have to go upstairs and do something to ease my frustration.

It must have been around 10:30 when Sam said she was going to bed. Helen moved a bit so she wasn't quite so exposed as Sam kissed her goodnight, and surprisingly, Sam gave me a peck as well.

As soon as it was clear Sam had gone upstairs, Helen manoeuvred herself to display her magnificent gash to me as unashamedly as possible. Part of me wanted to move so that I could get my hands on her, but a little bit of me was starting to enjoy the denial. I did however, reach down and lift my bottom up to remove my panties which were wet through.

I decided that two could play at this game, but the difference was, I was using my hands to prise my cunt open and show Helen the effect she was having on me, whereas Helen was just teasing me by not touching her cunt, but letting it gape open. Her lips were coated with a delicious looking film of clear juice, and I wasn't going to be able to resist it for long.

By now, my left leg was also on the seat, on top of, and in full contact with Helens. I had an idea!

I lifted my other leg up, placing my foot more or less in line with Helens oiled up cunt, and started to tease her with my toes. After a good five or ten minutes, I couldn't hold back, and eased my big toe between her lips.

Helen moved around to give me slightly better access, which had the effect of allowing more of my toes to dip into her. I'd never done this before, and it was as erotic as hell. I could sense where this was going, and spent the next ten minutes very slowly getting to a point where the tips of all my toes were encased by Helen's huge and very creamy cunt.

I was tweaking my nipples and had my eyes closed and Helen, whilst not exactly moaning with ecstasy, was certainly making the sort of sounds you would associate with serious sexual pleasure.

I was suddenly conscious that we were not on our own. It was only a very slight thump on the floor which alerted me to open my eyes and I froze. At the same time Helen stiffened, but only very slightly.

Sam was sitting on the floor, nude, and openly bringing herself off. I was like a rabbit in the headlights, but Sam looked as turned on as I had ever seen her.

"Don't stop for fucks sake," she grunted. "Keep going – that's the horniest fucking thing I've ever seen."

Helen took my ankle in an effort to get me to pick up where I had left off. Sam was really going for it, and her hand was working her cunt and her clit furiously.

"I told you my Mum was big didn't I," she gasped. "Fuck, that's so sexy," she carried on. It felt like she was encouraging us, and I was actually past caring. I needed to bring Helen off so that I could get an orgasm of my own which I was in dire need of.

I'd seen Sam masturbate several times, and I'd had many close-ups of her cunt (as she had had of mine), but this was different. The whole spectacle of foot fucking her Mum's cunt while Sam was doing herself was overwhelming. Helen speeded up the process by working her clit while the toes of my foot moved in and out of her gaping hole and she came noisily.

I gently removed my foot, and brushed my toes over Helens engorged lips, moved my leg so that I could sit properly with my back against the back of the settee, and opened my thighs as wide as I could get them.

Helen was very aware of what I needed, and kneeled in front of me, working the sides of her hand between my labia to get them lubricated, before commencing to fuck me with all four fingers initially, until I was loose enough to take her thumb as well.

Sam had moved around to get a better view, and had moved her attention away from her cunt which was looking rather raw, and on to her tits. She was squeezing her nipples as her eyes were fixated on what Helen was doing to me.

"She's big, isn't she Mum?" I heard Sam say.

"Yes, and we're going to make her bigger because that's what she wants, isn't it Andrea darling."

I nodded, completely ensconced up in the heat of the moment. "Oooh yes," I groaned, "like your Mum's."

I wasn't going to last long, and I didn't. The situation had lowered my threshold considerably, and I came quickly and copiously.

I very nearly fell off the settee as a result of being so completely spent. However, I managed to recover and got myself to a half respectable sitting position.

"How long have you two been at it?" Sam asked when we were all sat down. Sam's Mum had found a part bottle of wine, and poured us a glass each, and the room smelled of sex.

"Not as long as you might imagine," Helen said. We sort of 'discovered' each other a couple of weeks ago, and neither of us was able to resist.

"I think it's cool," Sam said, and seemed genuinely happy. "I had a feeling something was going on."

"How?" I asked. I didn't think I had given anything away, but obviously I had not been party to any calls or conversations that Sam and her Mum had had.

"Nothing I could put my finger on, well, up until tonight when you got home," she replied. "I could see there was something of a connection with the way my Mum greeted you, but you know, you just pick up a sense of a few things during the odd conversation here and there."

"I told you not to worry," Helen said, taking my hand in hers. "It's not as if Sam hasn't seen me naked before. We spent a lot of the time naked before you were here. Sam is quite the exhibitionist, and I am not averse to being watched. We've always been very comfortable with each other and our sexuality."

"Actually, I like watching, and being watched," said Sam, "but you already know that."

I guess that I was already well aware of this, but I wanted to know more. "So have you watched each other before?" Both Helen and Sam nodded.

I had to ask. "Anything else."

"Well, Sam has helped me on occasion," Helen admitted, adding "but we can talk about that a bit more over the weekend. For now, let's just say that we don't have any inhibitions, and let's enjoy what's left of the evening, now we don't have to hide anything or be shy with each other."

We eventually went upstairs together (not before I noticed Sam's tee shirt, shorts and panties dumped in the hallway just outside the lounge door, so she had clearly been either listening in or peeking on us), and when we got to the top of the stairs Sam gave us both a quick kiss and said "I love you guys" as a parting shot. Strangely enough I did not feel remotely odd or uncomfortable about going straight into Helen's room.

When we were in bed, even though we were tired, it was difficult to get to sleep, and it was the same for both of us. There came a point where Helen rolled over and her hands were immediately all over me. "Are you still as horny as I am?" she asked. I was more than horny – I was ravenous for it. Helen was whispering something about being so turned on that Sam had watched us, and I knew exactly what she meant.

We ended up sixty-nining and giving each other's cunts a good tongue lashing. This time I was definitely sated and I got to sleep without too many more problems.

Sam was up before us and brought tea up to her Mum and I, and perched herself on the side of the bed while we drank it. I can't fully recall the nature of the conversation, but I do remember Sam reiterating that she was 'super cool' about our relationship. It was a relief that it all seemed pretty comfortable, and with the tea finally drunk, we did the usual wash basin and tooth brushing stuff and went down to get some breakfast.

Helen put some clothes on and went off to do some food shopping, and Sam and I carried on talking. I say talking, but in reality, it was more like a question and answer session. Sam was very upbeat as she worked her way through all the things she wanted to ask, and some of them were statements rather than questions.

"What did I think when I first saw her? She knew I would love how big she is. What have I used on her? What has she done to me?"

Sam took me by the arm and led me up to her room. She sat me on the bed, stood before me naked and it was just like old times, except she had become much more vocal. "Could I get both my hands in her Mum? How many fingers could her Mum get in me?" When I said her whole hand, Sam's almost buckled at the knees – I thought she was going to fall over.

I decided to provoke her more, and used the fingers of both hands to pull my lips open and to widen the entrance to my hole. "See how much bigger I am already since your Mum's been working on me?"

Sam was lapping it up and was dripping. It was all I could do not to reach out and give her a licking. I looked around for something to put into myself. There was a large candle on Sam's table and I picked it up, hefted it in my hand to get some of my juices onto it and started to push it base first into my welcoming cunt. It slipped in without too much effort.

"I always knew you were as filthy as me," she said as her orgasm approached. She panted so heavily as she climaxed it sounded like she'd been punched in the stomach.

"Fuck, you made me cum big there my dirty little friend," she said leaning back onto her bed. "We haven't done that for ages, but it was so much better than before, knowing what I know now," she pronounced.

We decided that we ought to get back downstairs as Helen wasn't likely to be too long, and while we thought she wouldn't be too perturbed about what we had been doing, it was probably better not to get caught.

We made a coffee and carried on talking, more about Sam than me and her Mum, which was a little bit of a relief. We heard Helen's car pull up on the drive and went out to help with the shopping.

Most of it was the usual ingredients, but there was one of those multi-use environmentally friendly bags which appeared to be full of vegetables, some of which we did not routinely eat. I pulled out a large butternut squash, rolled it around in my hands and asked Helen what she was going to do with it.

"I haven't decided yet, but there are quite a few things we could do with it." Helen had evidently picked up on my double entendre, and there was a wonderful moment or two as I lifted a larger than average aubergine out with one hand, and a useful looking cucumber out with the other. A lecherous look passed across Helen's eyes, and it was abundantly clear what we were both thinking.

"You two really are a pair," Sam giggled. "Has my Mum introduced you to Louisa yet?" Sam asked.

"Urm, no," I replied. Helen came to the rescue.

"I haven't seen her for a while, but I bumped into her at the hospital last week," Helen said.

It clicked. "Is this the 50 year old you were talking about the other night," I asked.

"Yes, it is," Helen responded.

"She'll redefine your idea of a big girl," Sam continued.

My mind was swimming with the images this was conjuring up, but yet again, this conversation was posing more questions than answers. How did Sam even know 'Louisa', and more to the point, how did she know what 'Louisa' was like.

Helen adeptly changed the subject, and we got onto what we were going to eat, and our programme for the remainder of the weekend.

We chilled out for a bit. Sam and I did some early prepping for dinner while her Mum rustled up a light lunch, but over lunch, Sam seemed pretty sparky about something.

"What is up with you?" Helen asked. The question wasn't asked in a hostile way, but clearly Sam was energised by something.

"It's just you two. It's such a buzz knowing that you two are getting it on. I knew when I started to really see how well developed Andrea's hole is that you would manna from heaven for each other. I just couldn't quite figure out a way for you to get to see each other's bits, but I was sure that if and when you did, sparks would fly."

"Perhaps it was better that I let you find out for yourselves, but Mum, isn't Andrea perfect? And Andrea, isn't Mum a bit special? You've put the spark back in her. I'm loving seeing her so happy."

I had a question of my own, but I couldn't quite find the words to phrase it right. Sam and Helen could see that there was something I wanted to say, and in the end, I think Helen said something along the lines of "come on, out with it – we can see you're dying to ask."

"OK," I eventually said. "How did Sam know what you looked like, when did she find out, and umm, anything else you think I'd like to know."

"Well we've never been shy around each other, especially as there has only been the two of us for quite a long time. I've never hidden my body or my sexuality from Sam, and I discovered several years ago that she liked to look, so I sort of got a bit more open around her. One thing led to another, and I found that it really turned me on when Sam was in the room and I wanted to pleasure myself. So I stopped hiding it, and over time, I started to use more than just my fingers when she was in the room.

"I actually asked her once to show me what she was doing," Sam said, "like show me properly. I loved some of the huge things she rammed into her hole, and I reached the point where I couldn't resist, and started jilling myself off in front of her while she was stretching herself. I've had some of my biggest ever cums watching Mum stretch herself out."

Sam looked directly at me. "And I knew when I started to see you close up, I knew you were doing the same. You don't get a c . . . . , a cun . . . . , a cunt like that without really wanting to get it that way."

I sensed it was the first time that Sam had used the 'C' word in front of her Mum.

"Yeah, we definitely have cunts, and not pussies don't we Andrea," Helen said with a lustful look in her eyes. "It's OK dear, you can use that word in front of us – we use it a lot. I don't think you are going to surprise us."

There was a tension building in the room.

"I'm soaking," Sam said.

"Well don't let us stop you doing something about it," Helen responded.

"Are you sure?" Sam asked.

"Of course we're sure, aren't we My Cunty Little Pet."

"Is that your pet name for Andrea? Oh fuck, I love that. What an absolutely gorgeous and perfect name for my best friend".

With that Sam started peeling off her shorts, but she was sans panties, and she was indeed soaking. There were delightful strings of sticky, gooey girl juice between her slit and the crotch of the shorts.

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