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Bigger is Better


I recently joined this new gym, trying to get back into shape. I wasn't overweight or anything, but just not very athletic.

The people at the gym were very friendly. One of the regulars, Ben, offered to help me with my workouts and we sort of became friends or at least good acquaintances. He had been working out for quite some time and was pretty fit. I admired that, although I knew that I was the slim, nerdy type and I would never get anywhere near his level. I was all the more flattered by him helping me out.

One day after training we were changing in the lockers. When I took my underpants off, Ben just suddenly said "Wow, that's a small one! You can't so much damage with that!"

"Hey, what do you mean?" I responded slightly offended.

He apologized but said that he couldn't help notice my small penis. He was just surprised because I was quite tall. I looked down at it. I always thought it was about average. "It gets much bigger!" I assured him.

But Ben didn't let go that easy. "How does your wife Kelly feel about this?" he probed.

"She has never complained," I lied.

"Most women secretly crave a big one, I tell you!" Ben continued.

He continued changing while we were having the conversation. When he took off his underpants, the biggest dick I have seen in my life popped out. It wasn't even hard but was already much thicker than mine would ever get. I looked at it in amazement. I never thought of myself as gay but I was just astonished about the size. At that moment, I really wanted to touch it.

As if he could read my thoughts, Ben said: "You look like you want to touch it. It's for girls only! Sorry, buddy!"

Yet he encouraged me to look at it, by saying: "It's OK. You can look. Most guys can't believe the size of my dick and can't help but stare at it. It's called penis envy."

I guess I was just like them and kept staring.

"You should see how big it gets when I have a hot chick to take care of it!"

In a strange change of topic, Ben said: "You must introduce me to your wife Kelly sometime. I bet she is hot!"

"Oh yes, she is," I responded still staring in amazement at his large penis.

"Why don't we all go out for drinks sometime? How about Friday night? What are you doing on Friday? We could all check out the new bar. I bet you would all enjoy to let go a bit," Ben suggested.

He still had his big cock hanging out while he was talking to me and I was somehow really distracted by that. I just nodded, and said: "Sure, why not ... Yes, that would be nice."

I was so distracted that I accidentally dropped my towel. I bent down to pick it up, but Ben didn't make any effort to move out the way. He stood right in front of the towel. I came so close to his cock that I could actually smell it. He just looked down at me and grinned.

"That's settled then. See you there on Friday!" he said. He gave me his number and we confirmed the time over the phone after I had spoken to Kelly about it.

We met at the bar on Friday as agreed, although I was a bit apprehensive about the way I was talked into it. I kept thinking about Ben's large cock and I couldn't help asking Kelly several times what she thought of my size. She stroked my hair and told me that she was happy with me and with what I could offer her.

"Why do you worry? Did something happen? You know I didn't marry you for that. I love you," she assured me.

That reassured me and I thought how silly it was of me to even make this an issue.

When we arrived at the bar, Ben was there on the counter to greet us. He gave Kelly a casual hug. And he gave me a knowing look that meant: "wow she is hot!"

Ben then ordered some drinks for us. I asked for a beer and he brought me a really large one. He told me it also had some vodka in it, "to get the evening going," as he put it. He said that he wanted us all to have fun. The beer was indeed very strong. But I got used to it and felt really good by the time I was half way through my first glass. Kelly also seemed to be enjoying herself and was happily chatting and sipping cocktails. Ben kept ordering drinks for us and we all had a good time.

We were sitting around the table in the bar chatting. I could certainly feel the effect of the constant flow of drinks. When I was on my third pint of Vodka-spiked beer, I was quite dizzy. At some point the conversation turned to sex and Ben asked Kelly if size was important to her. I wanted to interject with a smart response, but when i tried to speak, only slurred, incomprehensible words came out. I definitely had too much, I thought.

Kelly was in a flirty mood and replied: "the bigger the better! You know we girls like it big, Ben!"

She squeezed my leg while she continued flirting with Ben. "Are you a big Ben then?" she giggled and added: "Huh, huh. Big Ben, just like the tower in London, hi, hi." She was quite tipsy.

Ben went for another round of drinks. He put two more pints in front of me and told me: "Here you go, be a man and drink these. That will keep you busy for a bit. In the mean time, Kelly and I will have a little dance. You don't mind, do you? "

I just gave him a drunken grin, nodded and took the beer that he handed me.

I watched them getting closer and closer on the dance floor, while I continued drinking the beer that Ben filled me up with. I knew I was too drunk already but I felt really comfortable, and in my drunken state, I actually enjoyed watching Ben dance with Kelly. I knew that the beers had far too much vodka in them but I just drank it despite my better judgment. The last thing I remember of our night out is that I could see Kelly laughing on the dance floor while Ben was pushing his hand up her skirt. Her bum and legs were wrapped around his body. Oddly enough, I felt really happy at that moment and finished my fifth beer.

Needless to say, I can't remember how I got home. But Ben was nice enough to take care of that, as I found out later. He took both me and Kelly home. I woke up the next day on our living room sofa wearing Kelly's pink lingerie from last night. Red lipstick was smeared all over my lips.

I had a terrible headache and went straight to the shower. After I got dressed, I came into the kitchen where Kelly greeted me with a joyful 'hello'.

I felt ashamed about last night although I don't know what had actually happened. I asked Kelly how I got home.

"You can't remember, silly?" she responded. "Ben took us, of course. You were in no position to drive. You had too much to drink."

I knew that Ben only had a two-seater sports car and asked: "How did we both fit in the car?"

Kelly explained that she had to sit on his lap and I sat in the passenger seat.

"And did he drive straight home after he dropped us off?" I asked.

"You really can't remember?" Kelly giggled and explained: "You offered him some drinks and asked him to stay a bit longer. We all sat down in the living room and played some truth or dare."

Kelly then continued to tell me what happened last night: "Most of the questions were somehow about sex. You made a real fool of yourself. You were so drunk. You told us about all your sex secrets. You even asked Ben questions about his large dick and you said that you were really jealous. I couldn't stop laughing. You were hilarious!"

I can't believe I had actually talked about Ben's dick last night. I really couldn't handle alcohol.

"But it got even better. When it was your turn and you chose 'dare', Ben dared you to take off my lingerie and to put it on yourself. You were so drunk that you actually did it! I hesitated at first but you insisted until I gave in and let you put on my lingerie. Ben then dared you to complete the picture by putting on some lipstick and to suck on one of our sex toy dildos for us."

"You were hilarious. You put on a real show for us. We were both laughing and slapping your ass while you acted like a slut with my lingerie and the dildo in your mouth. You were really embarrassing but you didn't make any attempts to stop. And Ben kept encouraging you further. He then dared you to push the dildo in your own ass! I thought you would stop at this point but you were so excited you still continued the game. You were moaning like a slut while you were pushing the large rubber penis all the way up your ass!"

"My dare was to finger myself. So I was really turned on throughout your little slutty 'performance'," Kelly giggled.

"Ben then dared you to take out his dick and to guide it into my pussy. You did not hesitate. You looked really eager when you kneeled down and unzipped his trousers, while you still had the dildo buried in your ass."

"Should I have stopped you? I was so turned on, and Ben's dick was huge and rock hard. Yours was only half hard because of all the alcohol you had and you were wearing my panties! When you actually took his dick to guide him into me to fuck me, what should I have said? I asked you many times if you are sure about this. But you were so excited and turned on."

"You mean you had sex with Ben last night?" I still could not quite believe what Kelly was telling me.

"What was I supposed to do? You literally forced him onto me like you really wanted me to fuck him. And he was really the only man in the room at the time. So I just went along with it," Kelly said.

"So what happened then?" I asked.

Kelly continued: "Ben told you to wank while he was fucking me and you were only too happy to oblige. You even managed to come despite all the beers you drank. Then Ben ordered you to catch it in your hand and to eat it. Ben gave me a good seeing to and I was so turned on that I didn't take long to come myself. He is a real man, so strong. I couldn't help being turned on by his manliness and his scent. He surely knows how to control a woman and how to make her feel good."

"And Ben?" I muttered in astonishment.

"He came and shot a huge load into me and all over my stomach," Kelly responded.

"Before he left, he told you that he has one more dare for you. He dared you to clean me out and eat his sperm from my stomach. You immediately went to it and you were so busy licking that you didn't even notice when he left. After you finished cleaning me, I went upstairs to sleep. You must have fallen asleep on the couch in your drunken state. I hope you took the dildo out of your bum before you fell asleep! That's your dildo now. I won't be using it anymore!" Kelly laughed.

I was so ashamed but at the same time, my trousers were forming a little tent around my crotch from Kelly's recapitulation of last night's events. Kelly did not fail to notice my erection and gave me a knowing grin.

"Oh, Ben wants us to go out again next Friday. Are you up for it?"

I had to swallow, and then I said: "OK, why not?"

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Re anon 11/14/24, My best college buddy...

Hi anon
If you told the truth, you were a really lucky fellow to have experienced the frowned-upon pleasure of being cuckolded by a woman you love and a man you trust.
It is obvious you had a probouncedmore...

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