tagIncest/TabooBigger Than Dad?!? Ch. 02

Bigger Than Dad?!? Ch. 02


For the first week after the incident with May, Mom and I sort of tiptoed around one another in the household.

We never mentioned what had happened to one another and our awkward family dinners with Dad only got more, well, awkward. Luckily, Dad was more interested in a new business opportunity in Bermuda than with what was going on in our household so we knew it was pretty much between us to resolve.

It was true Mom had been acting very weird, almost as if she knew something she didn't want me to know. Whenever I tried to approach her she was abrupt and gave me short answers to any question I asked her.

Whenever I broached the topic of 'the incident', she simply pretended that she didn't know what I was talking about and left the room.

The following Wednesday morning, I was eating breakfast cereal at the table with Mom. Dad had left for work at 7 and I had about thirty minutes left before I had to catch the bus to school. Mom was in her robe, reading the newspaper.

She had tied her silk robe a little loose and I could see about half of each of her concentric breasts.

I looked up at her from my cereal as she studied the entertainment section.

"Did it taste good Mom?"

She looked up at me "What's that dear?".

"Did it taste good?"

She gave me a queer look. "Did what taste good?"

I smiled. "My cum."

Her jaw dropped, but she tried to play it off. "What do you mean, honey?" She asked innocently.

"I saw May spit my cum into your mouth."

"Are you sure?" She asked suspiciously. "I mean, her back was to you and you were quite far from the doorway."

I didn't know what to say. "May said you did."

"I wouldn't believe everything May says." My Mom replied, folding the paper lengthwise.

"So... So you didn't?"

"Oh course not!" She said. "That's weird, don't you think? A mother swallowing her own son's cum? I mean, just because I helped you get laid doesn't mean I'm going to take on a mouthful of your sperm."

I didn't know what to think. My eyes dropped with disappointment. I thought for sure May had swapped my cum with Mom.

"Look at you!" Mom said. "All upset because your Mommy didn't swallow your load are you?"

I didn't respond. Instead, I went back to eating my cereal.

"Oh honey," Mom said eventually, "Of course I swallowed your cum and it was very nice."

My cock started to grow in my pants. "Really Mom?"

"Yes, and remember on a few nights ago, when I fell asleep on the couch in my robe and my boob slid out?"

I turned red. I had tried not to look.

"Well, I wasn't sleeping," she giggled. "How you grew up to be such a good boy with your pervert father in the house, I'll never know."

"Well, Mom... I, I really wanted too, but.."

"You're scared." She said, reaching out and touching my forearm where it rested on the table. "Well, I understand that honey, but I want you to know that any time you'd like to see my boobs or touch my pussy or play with it, or do anything at all, I'm here for you all the time, ok?"

"Really Mom?" I asked excitedly. "I can really touch your pussy and see you nude whenever I want?"

Mom's luscious lips curled into a smile and she nodded. "Of course. I mean, your dad isn't using it, so why shouldn't you? Besides, I do enough around here and I'm sick of being stuck with only the second biggest dick in the house!"

Mom was certainly not short of surprises. "Are you serious Mom?"

"Of course, but now you've got to get to school, you're almost late." She said, ushering me from the table. "Now go brush your teeth, I might be your future penis holder, but I'm still your Mother, at least until you go to university next year."

I jumped up to get going. "Oh, one more thing Mom..."

"What is it son?" She asked.

"Am I really bigger than dad?"

"Well," she said thoughtfully, "You're about the same width, but I think yours is longer by at least three inches. But don't tell him I told you though. While he's Mr. Cocky Businessman at work, at home he's very of sensitive about it." She started collecting the dishes off the table as I scrambled upstairs to brush my teeth.

"Now don't miss the bus, because I am not driving you today." She called after me. "I've got a waxing at 9:30 and I don't want to be late!"

At school I was completely preoccupied with the conversation my Mom and I had at breakfast. Was she really serious about letting me strip and fondle her whenever I wanted? I had to stay at my desk all day so that my hard cock didn't show in my pants.

When the bell rang I hurried home as fast as I could. When I entered the house, I saw Mom in the kitchen preparing chicken batter for dinner. "Your dad called and said he had to travel to North Carolina this evening for an emergency meeting with a client tomorrow, so it looks like it's just you and me kid." She smiled, wiping some excess batter from her fingers onto the flowery apron that hung around her neck.

I put down my school bag.

"Mom," I said, nervously, "About our conversation this morning..."

"Yes son?" She asked, getting the chicken out of the freezer and putting it in the microwave.

"I think I want to strip you and fuck you right now."

She smiled. "Well, that's nice of you John, but I'm in the middle of making dinner, can't you wait till after we eat?"

Something in my cock told me this couldn't wait. "No Mom. I want you now."

"Good boy for being assertive." She said, taking off her apron. She took my hand and led us to my bedroom. "You don't mind using your bed do you?" She asked, pulling back my Chewbacca comforter.

"Not at all Mom." I said, helping her get her t-shirt and denim jeans off. Her tits were even bigger than I imagined when I finally unclipped her wonderbra. They were probably the biggest boobs I had ever seen in my life and they hung from her chest like two over-sized balloons tied off with big red nipples.

She played with her tits and offered my mouth her left one. I sucked it between my lips. Gripping the breast in one hand I let my tongue swirl around the nipple's pink ring.

I could feel Mom undoing my pants and soon my cock spring out in the open. My Mom gently began stroking it while she looked into my eyes and kissed me.

I was shaking from the electricity pulsing through her fingers; the stimulation made my penis light up with pleasure.

"Fuck, that is amazing, Mom."

She whispered in my ear: "I'm glad you're enjoying it. Now get ready for my second trick." She ducked her mouth down to my penis and swallowed it up.

Mom totally knew how to deep throat and it was amazing feeling her lips on my balls as my entire cock was gripped by her throat. It was even more amazing that she could bob the entire length of my shaft while ramming her mouth down on it again and again without gagging once.

I held her hair back, watching my cock disappear into her mouth. She noticed me watching her so intently and made eye contact, but when it interfered with the rhythm, she closed her eyes and concentrated solely on my penis. I noticed my Mom's hand between her legs as her mouth sucked me. Soon she pulled it out of that hole and offered me her pussy. Of course I couldn't refuse.

"See what the nice Vietnamese woman did for Mommy at the beauty parlor?" She asked, showing me her absolutely bare pussy.

"Does the attendant really see your snatch?" I said, having always been curious.

"Yes." Mom giggled. "Once some of the wax got on Mommy's anus and the woman blew it cool."

The things women did to look good for men, I thought to myself.

Before letting me dive right into her pussy, Mom gave me a little tour. Getting on all fours, she brought her pussy close to my face.

"See? That's the little hole you came out of." She said, stretching the lips wide for me. Her channel was cute and pink and when I put my finger into it, tight and moist.

I stuck my tongue out and tasted her pussy. It was sweet and salty at the same time. Although it was really wet, it wasn't gross at all. I kept licking the gooey wetness until I felt it coat my lips. Mom's hands went back to rubbing the top of her pussy as I added another finger to her gash.

"Put your penis in there and see how it feels." Mom advised. I put my cockhead up against her pussy's entrance, but I was so excited I just shot my whole load over her mound. She could feel it splash her down there and looked back over her shoulder.

"Honey!" She complained," Why didn't you warn me? You didn't cum this quick with May!"

"But you're so...s...so good Mommy." I said, a little ashamed that I had sprayed so early, but also overcome with my orgasm. Mom turned and like the caregiver she was, licked my cum off my cock. It wasn't too long before it had gotten hard again.

Mom got on her back and told me to lie over her missionary style. With her left hand she guiding my re-hardened penis back to the moist opening, she looked me in the eyes and kissed my lips as I found the sweet spot and slipped into her.

I started fucking her pussy and she groaned. I couldn't believe I was fucking my own mother. What was happening here?

Beads of sweat rolled from my brow and plopped onto her heaving tits. She arched her back towards me and the breasts seemed to augment as she ground her pussy onto my thick cock. I sucked her breasts like I wanted to swallow them whole.

"Fuck... M...M...Mom!!!" I groaned.

"You can come inside me honey." She said. "I'm on the pill."

My cock swelled as sperm traveled up into my urinary tract. Mixing with ejaculate from my seminal vesicle, I could feel my semen ready itself for immediate launch into my mother's womb.

"I can feel you coming!" Mom groaned as I released my fluid into her. She put her hands over her face and moaned loudly as her pussy got even tighter around my cock. "Keep...Keep fucking me!!!" She yelped wildly. Although my dick was shrinking, I did my best to tense up and keep the motion going. It seemed to be working, because as I pumped in and out of her, my cock grew slightly and her quivering pussy seemed to have more and more orgasms until she finally pushed me out altogether saying that she couldn't take it anymore.

Now completely out of her, I watched my mother's body spasm. She shook all over, stopping only when she put my Starr Wars pillow in her mouth and bit down.

I pulled her legs apart, and fully knowing how sensitive she was, went directly to her snatch with my eager mouth.

"GET AWAY!" She squealed, kicking her legs together and laughing. "I think you've given your dear Mom enough orgasms for one day."

I lied down next to her on the bed, my cock still slick with her juices. Her smell was everywhere on my blankets. I stuck my head under them and drew a deep sniff. Mom thought that was a bit strange and laughed, but I loved the smell of her pussy so much I couldn't help it.

Once Mom relaxed, she curled her warm, naked body into mine. "That was very good sweetheart." She said proudly. "You sure know how to take care of a woman. I can even feel the sensation of your penis still inside me."

"Really Mom?" I asked, surprised.

"Yes baby." She answered. "It'll probably feel like that for the rest of the night and maybe even tomorrow too." She leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips. We feel asleep, awakening again in the middle of the night to fuck once more.

True to her promise, Mom has let me play with her whenever I want. This has led to some near disasters at the grocery store and when we go to the movies. In fact, I can barely make it through a feature without putting my fingers down her pants and coaxing her clitty to climax. Although she never protests, I know she worries we might get caught one day, but I'm careful to make sure no one's looking whenever I go for one of my patented 'Mommy Panty Raids" or MPRs as she calls them.

For instance, we'll be walking along a stretch of beach and I'll say "MPR' and just put my hand right down her g-string bikini bottom and slip a finger in her. No big deal.

It was good to know that while my other friends were chasing girls down I could get a blowjob or a good bareback fuck anytime I wanted.

Still, I worry what's going to happen when I have to find a real girlfriend. I just hope Mom doesn't get jealous. Maybe, she'd even let me continue taking her when I have a wife of my own....


(Author's Note: *Star Wars and Chewbacca are the Intellectual Property of George Lucas Ltd.*)

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