tagBDSMBigger Trouble Pt. 02

Bigger Trouble Pt. 02


As I hear the shower turn on I begin cleaning up our play room. Sterilizing the toys and wiping everything down. I grab your clothes and the buttons, shut off the lights and lock the door.

Tossing your clothes in the trash, I go to the bedroom. I throw on some shorts and a t-shirt and lay out your white Daddy T-shirt, your "Yes Daddy" panties, tutu and knee-high socks. Before I walk out of the bedroom, I peak into our bathroom and see you standing under the hot water. You are pulling all the wax off your body and placing it on the ledge and humming a song that I can't make out. I stand there transfixed. Watching the water go down your body, dripping down your tits and off your perfect little nipples.

I feel myself start to get hard again and am extremely tempted to hop in with you and take you again. Fighting the urge off, I knock on the door and startle you.

"I'm sorry for scaring you Little."

"It's ok Daddy. Want to come in with me?" you ask with a bright smile. Your punishment was exactly what you needed and that makes me smile too.

"I do Little, but I am going to go get our dinner real quick."

"Awe, don't you want to wash me Daddy?"

"Yes, Little I do. That will have to wait for later maybe. Before you get out, make sure everything is shaved silky smooth. Then I have your outfit out on the bed. Put it on and go pick a movie to watch and wait for Daddy."

"Ok Daddy! Hurry back!"

I blow you a kiss and off I go.

When I return I find you sitting in the living room in the outfit I picked out and smoking a fat joint.


Sitting next to you I give you a deep kiss and ask if you are hungry.

"Starving Daddy. I got your beer out and put lime in it just like you like. I'm going to have a lemonade though, I drank a lot of water today."

"Thank you sweetie. Daddy brought tacos for dinner."

"Tacos!!" You scream and bounce up and down before giving me a huge hug and a kiss on the lips.

"What movie are we watching?"

"Monsters, Inc. of course Daddy. You should have known that already."

"Yes Little, I should have guessed."

We eat our dinner and watch the movie before you lay your head on my lap. We laugh at the funny parts and tear up at the sad parts as I play with your hair and let my hand wander down your arm and back up.

I'm surprised that you are still awake when the movie is over. Getting off the couch I take your hand.

"Come with me Little. Without saying a word, you do as you are told. I guide you back to our bedroom, dim the lights and turn on some music. Pulling you close I kiss you deeply as you wrap your arms around my neck. Making out slowly, our hands going all over each other, losing ourselves in each other for what seems like forever before I gently raise your hands over your head. I slowly take off your shirt, followed by your tutu and panties, leaving you in nothing but your stockings.

"Lay down on the bed Little."

I strip out of my clothes, grab some massage oil and climb up on the bed.

"Lay on your tummy sweetie"

"Yes Daddy!"

I begin by massaging your feet. You instantly start to sigh. Your feet take such a beating at school while you chase those little monsters around. Your toes pop as I pull on each of them one at a time. Stretching your ankle and loosening you up so the muscles relax. Moving up your calves one at a time, feeling the tension release. Making my way up your thighs to just under your ass.

You begin to wiggle your ass a little as my thumbs rub under your cheeks from between your legs to your hips. You giggle a little and I know you are warming up. Not wanting to play just yet I straddle your legs.

"Little, put your hair in a pony please.

"Yes Daddy."

You quickly put your hair up and drape it to the side. I drizzle massage oil down your back. You jump and squeal that it's cold.

"I'm sorry Little." I say as I begin to rub your neck and shoulders. Letting out sighs here and there as I you loosen up and move my way down your shoulder blades. As I move down your back I scoot myself down and my hard cock falls right in between your ass cheeks.

"Mmmmmmm Dadddy! Will you massage me with that?" as you lift your perfect ass and slide my cock between your cheeks. As you bounce your ass I begin rubbing it. You know how much I love your ass and love having it in my hands.

I stop massaging long enough to lean forward, kiss your neck and whisper for you to rub your little pussy.

"Mmmmm Yes Daddy! Thank you!"

I continue rubbing your ass as you wiggle more. You begin to moan softly as you get your fingers wet with your juices and rub your hardening clit. My cock throbbing between your cheeks it is all I can do not to take you right now.

You continue to play w/your pussy as my hands go up and down your back from your neck to your ass again and again. Your moans get louder and your breathing gets heavier.

"Daddy I'm getting close to cumming."

"Good girl Little. Not yet though"

"Yes, Daddy" you whine as you say it.

From the back of your neck I kiss my way slowly down your back hitting each one of your vertebrae. When my lips find the small of your back, you lift your ass. You are dying for me to be inside you. To fuck you. To eat you. To make you cum.

Kissing down the small of your back, down your ass you instinctively get on your knees and just before my tongue slides inside your pussy you hear what you've been waiting for.

"Little, cum for your Daddy"

My tongue slides deep inside you as you explode. Your pussy contracting on my tongue. Your legs shaking uncontrollably as wave after wave goes through your body. It's as if for every time I denied your orgasm they are coming through while I devour you from behind.

You stop rubbing your clit and that's when I pause after taking one last long slow lick from your clit to your asshole.

As you come down I grab your rainbow tail, lube it up and gently slide it inside your tight little hole. You let out another whimper of pure pleasure as you feel it stretch your asshole.

"MMMMMMM yes Daddy!" You wiggle and bounce your ass knowing how much that turns me on.

Handing you your unicorn headband you instantly put it on.

"I'm your unicorn Daddy."

"Daddy, lift my tail and fuck me. Please? I need your hard cock inside me again."

Flipping your tail up over your ass, I position my cock, grab your hair and as I pull hard I shove my hard cock inside you.

Pulling out so slow and then slamming it in hard. My balls hitting your clit with each thrust.

"Little grab your wand."

Reaching into the nightstand you grab your black wand.

"Yes, Daddy. May I use it?"

"Yes Little put it on your clit while I fuck my unicorn."

The instant it touches your clit, I feel the vibrations inside you. If I hadn't fucked you earlier, it probably would have make me cum right then.

Picking up my pace I fuck you faster and faster. Deeper and deeper with each thrust. Your tail falls between us, but I don't care. I'm in heaven. Your pussy is a hot wet vice and you are screaming and moaning.

"Daddy let me cum please?! Please let me cum!"

With that I spank your already red and bruised ass from earlier. "Cum for your Daddy"

Your body explodes again but this time something is different. Lifting your tail to watch my cock slide in and out of you, you squirt and your pussy pushes me out. Not thinking I lay down and devour your pussy, drinking every drop of your cum before flipping you over.

Crawling up your body, we kiss passionately. You eagerly tasting your pussy on my lips and kissing and licking my chin.

"Mmmmm Daddy, I taste so good!"

"Little, you taste fucking amazing!"

Kissing more, I spread your legs and slide inside your soaked pussy. Fucking you fast and hard. Your tail tickling my balls with each thrust.

I raise up and spread your legs wide while pounding away. Your tits bouncing in rhythm with my cock slamming into you. I'm in total awe of you. Your eyes are closed as you hold your legs apart enjoying me having my way with you.

"Daddy?" You look me dead in the eyes. Something that you only do when you are dead serious.

"Yes, Little?"

"Choke me and cum inside your pussy please"

Without saying a word my hands are around your throat. Your eyes roll back in your head as I fuck you harder and deeper.

"Yes Daddy! Fuck me hard! I need your cum again!"

My pace quickens. My breathing is out of control and sweat is dripping off my face.

I'm getting close and you can tell. Your pussy is squeezing my cock and I can tell you are getting close again too.

As I feel my balls tighten up, "Little, I'm getting close. Cum with your Daddy."

Just then you raise your head to look at me.

"Daddy cum in my mouth, I want to suck you dry."

I immediately pull out, straddle your chest so you can wrap your sweet mouth around my cock. Before I could blink I fill your mouth. Emptying my balls inside you. You eagerly take every drop.

You slowly slide your mouth off of my cock and show Daddy his cum before quickly swallowing it. Then you lick and suck me some more making sure every last drop of our cum is cleaned off my cock.

Once you are satisfied that I'm cleaned, you get on your knees and kiss me.

"Thank you, Daddy, for a wonderful evening!"

You excuse yourself to the bathroom, remove your tail and freshen yourself up before coming to bed. You climb into bed laying your head on my chest after giving me a kiss.

"Good Night Daddy. I love you"

"I love you too Little"

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Can't wait for the next part.

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