tagTransgender & CrossdressersBiggest Fan Futa Ch. 02

Biggest Fan Futa Ch. 02


Summary: Gwen and Ellie return to help Hera with her big problem again. Gwen once again gets pushed beyond his comfort zone by the woman with a penis, and Ellie enjoys watching, and participating.


Gwen had nearly succeeded in suppressing the event with Hera Auger. After a few days he had gone back to his usual ways of listening to her music and talking about how great she was, and how great the concert was. Whenever Ellie asked about the event where they met her he always avoided the gruesome details. Only that he'd helped her with a big problem. Then he'd change the subject.

Ellie on the other hand couldn't think of anything else. Before, she saw Gwen's fascination as a strange, but harmless quirk. They loved each other and he was a nice and capable guy. She always felt fulfilled when caring for someone, and he needed a lot of care sometimes. When they slept together she'd always enjoyed rubbing herself all over him or giving him a good show. She didn't really even enjoy sex very much. She just really liked seeing him get off. She used to think she liked seeing him get off to her. But he had never gotten off harder than when he was with Hera, and Ellie had never been more turned on than when she witnessed that.

She closed her eyes and saw his ecstatic face, his uncontrollable pleasure, and the simplicity of Hera pounding away. She opened her eyes and saw that Gwen was interested in another blowjob from her, or a handjob, or something boring like that. He would always cum quickly, quietly, and they'd both always feel okay afterward and it was nice. But it was nothing compared to that one time. That one time was the first time she'd really felt her own juices flowing. Ever since, every ejaculation had been a let down.

She knew he had his pride to think about, but she suddenly, for the first time in her life, felt that she had needs as well. She'd never reached orgasm before, she'd heard some women just can't, but the closest she'd ever come to it was at that concert. She tried convincing him to go to another one,

"Another one? So soon?" Gwen asked. "Well, um, I don't think I can get off of work."

"Oh." Ellie looked down and away, "Well, um, remember, Hera said she could get us free seats."

That seems to trigger something with him. "Right. Well, um, maybe next month?" he nervously asked.

"Right." He didn't want to. She knew that, and she didn't want to force it. She stayed up late that night wondering if there was some way to convince him. She wondered if there was any friend she could ask for advice. Suddenly, she realized she did.

She sent a message to Hera Auger.

"Hello Hera. This is Ellie, Gwen's girlfriend. I really enjoyed the show you put on last time, and I was trying to convince Gwen to go to the one next month! But he doesn't seem to be as enthusiastic as I am. I was wondering if you had any advice?"

Ellie didn't know what her relationship with Hera really was. She didn't know how she was supposed to feel. Ellie knew she wasn't supposed to like it when Hera made Gwen feel things she couldn't make him feel. She knew that women were supposed to feel jealous, or envious, or hateful. But perhaps it was that she loved Gwen so much that she cared far more about him than her own pride. Or maybe she wanted to learn how to be more like Hera. Or maybe she got off on some other girl doing what she couldn't. Regardless, she wasn't sure how Hera felt about it.

Hera gave a response. Ellie was surprised and scared at the suggestion, but decided to give it a try.

"W-What?" Gwen was flabbergasted.

"She said she'd let you have sex with her, you know, the normal way." Ellie explained with some disappointment. Now she we beginning to feel the surge of envy again. She knew Gwen wanted this more than Ellie's own pussy, and that stung. "But only on one condition."

"What condition?" he asked with paranoia. Good question.

"I'm not sure. She said you'd have to come first to see. But if you don't agree, you can still see the show free of charge." Gwen thought about it.

Gwen groaned, "Why do I feel like you really want the same thing to happen to me again?"

"What?" Ellie tried to fake surprise. His eyes were skeptical. "I just," Ellie blushed madly. "I really like it when you feel good Gwen." Gwen blushed as well. "And I know she can do things I can't. And I know, no matter how," She felt a little sad saying it, "You have more fun with her than me."

"I don't actually want that!" Gwen specified. Ellie knew better. He had never come so much from her before. He'd never whined and moaned like that for her. And when a boy has so many pictures of a girl in his room, it has to mean something. "I'll prove it to you. We will go over there, and just watch the concert. No strings attached."

"But that's not what I want." Ellie pouted. "Even if," She looked deep inside herself. "Even if it's with her, as a woman, I want to see you with her." She admitted. "I want to see you happy. This isn't just for the concert. I want to see you with her again."

Gwen was silent. "We'll see what happens I guess." He sighed. Ellie sighed as well, in relief. It worked.

Now it was just a matter of time.


"Gwen!" She saw Hera hug him as soon as the hotel door opened. "Come on in! Both of you!" Hera was dressed in PJs in the penthouse suite. There was no one else. Gwen gulped. There was a large bed, bottles of wine, stone floors, and all sorts of extravagant oddities. He'd never have seen the inside of one of these places if it weren't for being invited. "What do you think?" She asked and bounced. She wasn't wearing a bra. Gwen's eyes followed the sway. Ellie noticed too, but said nothing.

"Amazing." Ellie nodded.

"It's so good to see you again." Gwen was understandably nervous. "Um, so, about the agreement-"

"Strait to the point. I like boys like that." Gwen gulped. "Well," Even Ellie hadn't heard this part. She'd just done as she was told. Now it was time to figure out what Hera had in mind. "I really like you Gwen. You're a cutie." Gwen blushed. "But I think you are a bit confused."

"What do you mean?" Gwen asked.

"Well, I have had a long time to sort out my issues. But lots of boys don't know how to feel about me. And that's okay. So, I want to help you figure it out."

"Okay." Gwen dawdled his thumbs. "What does that mean?"

"It means," Hera looked up and away, trying to think of an explanation, "I'm open to everything. I've tried it all, and I know what I like best. I don't think you have tried a lot of things. But I'm willing to make some sacrifices if it makes you feel better."

He liked the sound of that. "Like what?"

"Like," Hera thought hard again, a finger on her chin, "I know that I like boys. Like, pretty boys. Especially the ones with cute faces like you." She said. She walked forward and bopped his nose with a dainty finger. He blushed and smiled. Ellie's throat was tight. Seeing another woman flirt so openly with Gwen was so surreal. "But what I really like," she admitted with a pause, "is their butts." Gwen's fingers clenched. Hera took a step around him and looked down at his rear with desire. "I've been with girls before, and their butts are great too. But there's just something about boys. Maybe it's because they squirm more. Maybe it's because it's because their supposed to be so big and strong and tough and they just turn into little bitches in my hands. Or maybe it's just the big explosion at the end. I don't know. It's just so much more fun. But only if they are having fun too. So here is my test, If you can prove to me that you don't like," she looked down at her groin and back, "What I have." She insinuated. "I'll let you take me like you want to."

"What do you mean prove?" Gwen asked.

"Sword fight."

"Sword fight?"

"Sword fight." He didn't understand. She giggled, "Basically," She acted a lot more shy than he knew she was, "We rub ourselves together. And we see who enjoys it more." She shrugged. "Whoever fires off first looses, and then the winner takes what they want."

Gwen gulped. "So, touching mine against yours?"


"Until one of us blows."

"You got it."

"And the looser-" He stopped as he saw a tent her trousers begin to form. He had forgotten how big it was. It was growing fast, and already was beginning to peak out beyond her waistband.

"Whoops!" She covered herself and looked quite embarrassed, "Wow, sorry, I thought I had more self control than that." She chuckled. It continued to grow. "Well, what do you think?" he was in thought. Ellie was crossing her fingers. Even if Gwen won, it would be worth watching. "Look," Ellie saw Hera turn and slightly lower her bottoms. Ellie felt powerless as another woman showed her beautiful ass to her boyfriend. Hera showed the globes of her bare rear end, and then down lower. She lowered her drawers until her shaved clean pussy was showing. Ellie was upset. No one was allowed to have a cock and an ass that was that good looking. Hera was too perfect. "You don't even have to look at my other part if you win." She twerked once, and her backside shook. "And, well, I think you can see," Hera shrugged and peeled back flesh from her wet womanhood, "I don't really mind who wins. I have a preference, but I'll compromise too."

"Gwen." He turned to Ellie when she said his name. Ellie was feeling hotter than a furnace. She imagined both possibilities vividly. She too had a preference, the same as Hera, but realized she was fine with either. "I think you can do it."

"Ellie, I know what you are trying to do-"

"Just think of the pussy Gwen. I know you can do it."

"Ellie, you did this last time. I know that's not what you really want."

"Every girl likes a guy who can sword fight."

"You are being very manipulative right now, and I don't appreciate it."

Ellie squirmed. "I can do whatever you want me to do for a week. Please?"

"You already do that!" He was right. Ellie whimpered.

"It there a problem here?" Hera asked the couple. Her cock was pressing halfway down her thigh.

"I'm not feeling confidant about this Ellie." Gwen said with a high pitched voice.

"Do you really think she can make you cum with just her cock?"

"Well, no, but-"

"Then it's a sure win."

"Ellie, you aren't normally like this."

"Gwen, I'm really horny right now. And I really want to see this."

They stared into each others eyes. Gwen sighed. "Fine." Ellie was ecstatic. "Okay, uh, what are the rules?"

"No clothes." Hera said with a smile, "No retreating. If either of us turns their back, the butt is fair game."

Gwen gulped again. "U-Understood." Ellie stood behind her man as he slowly undressed. Hera removed her top in one fluid motion, and then her bottoms. She was buck naked in under two seconds. Where her clit should have been her saber curved up and towards the sky. It was nearly three times the size of Gwen's. Not that Ellie cared, she didn't like penetrative sex anyways. But Gwen seemed to care a lot, and that made Ellie feel tingly all over. Gwen's cock was erect and as strong as it was going to be by the time he removed his boxers. From behind, Gwen could easily have been mistaken for a woman. Even his face was androgynous. Ellie wondered how her own sexuality worked. Why was seeing this kind of thing especially so sexy? She didn't know. But seeing Hera walk up to her boyfriend, hold his hands in hers, and push her cock against his drove her crazy. Hera tilted her head down aggressively looked up and into his eyes with a wild smile.

"Eh!" Gwen shivered.

"Come on, fight back!" Hera teased. Both were dry, smooth, and hard. She humped hers against the length of his. He was technically taller than her, but the tip of her cock went higher. On her toes she could rub her pussy on his balls. Fuck that was hot. Ellie found herself fighting to keep herself from masturbating then and there. Gwen's legs went shaky and he bent his legs more. Now he was shorter than Hera. She pushed even more forcefully now that she was barely on top.

"Ah! Ah!" He tried thrusting back. Ellie saw both were wet with precum, slowly oozing from the tips of their dicks. She wasn't sure who was going to win. Gwen seemed more determined, but Hera was confidant. Perhaps because she didn't care. Her breasts swayed with the rhythm, bumping Gwen's chest every once in a while.

Ellie couldn't take it any more. She'd never felt the urge before now, but she forced her hands down her pants and touched herself, "Mph!" She covered her mouth as she rubbed past her panties. She saw Gwen turn to her in surprise. She begged for his forgiveness with her eyes. She couldn't take it. It was too hot.

She tore off her pants like they were on fire, struggling with the zipper and stumbling out of them, nearly tripping. She wasn't even sure how to touch herself. She'd never done it much. She had her eyes glued to her boyfriend and his idol and explored her hot womanhood through her black panties as she watched her man and another woman stare into each others eyes. Her long legs spread for better access, her other hand toyed with her chest, neck, face, and settled on her lips. Her lips felt more sensitive than anything. She wanted so badly to kiss Gwen right now.

"Pussy." Hera smiled and called out as she drove into her opponent. She threw her weight into each thrust and moved him back and forth. Her personality was changing again. Her demure face was melting into her lusty, dominant persona. The sounds of them clashing became more wet and perverse. "You can't handle it can you?" her grip was tight on his wrists as she thrust, pulling him down and twisting him open. Her tits pushed against him lightly as she leaned forward, bouncing in time with her hips. Both cocks were slippery with precum now. "Going to cum little boy?" Gwen's face was contorted. He wasn't thrusting as much as he used to. He kept looking at Hera, then his pants less girlfriend shlicking beside them, then Hera again, "She wants you to lose you know. She told me as much. She wants to see you fucked in the ass again."

"Ah!" Ellie moaned. She lifted her shirt for better access and dug under her panties. She was torn. At one moment she'd imagine of Gwen conquering Hera, bending her over and fucking her, making her howl like an animal. On the other hand she would imagine him prematurely ejaculating, and then being forced to cum again, and again, and- "Ah!" She moaned again. There was an unfamiliar, divine feeling all across her body. Was this was an orgasm felt like? She was getting close.

"W-Wait! Slow down!" Gwen suddenly tried to fight back. His cock was brushing against not just Hera's cock, but her hips, her midriff, and she was sandwiching his cock, keeping pressure on both sides with her member and her abs.

"Tiny dick going to cum?" She sped up, "Huh? Huh? Show your little pricks cummies for me, Show me faggot! Show me you like cocks!" He whined as his cock twitched and he tried to hold it back. She yanked his hands apart and away. She pushed her chest forward and pulled him closer. His face was between her bouncing tits now.

He tried to back away. His butt hit Ellie behind him. She held his hips steady as she humped his ass, "I'm here Gwen!" They were both so close. This was so much better than regular sex. "Let's cum together! Ready?" She was so close. She could feel it like waves on the ocean. There was a tsunami about to arrive. She didn't even need to touch herself anymore, she just had to look at Gwen's face and feel him try to escape. She felt his ass against her pleasure. She held his hips with both hands. She saw his face in Hera's sweaty breasts. She humped his backside forward into Hera's cock. "One," She started.

"No! No!" His face was so strained, so filled with pleasure. He was trying to hold back the tide. It was going to spill over soon, just like her's would.

"Two!" She wasn't sure if she'd have the mind to finish counting. She felt her mind warp reality. There were cocks, there was Gwen, there was Hera and her lust filled face. Ellie humped Gwen like she was fucking him, she almost felt like she had a cock of her own that was spurting inside him.

"Th-Three! Oh! Oh! Oh Gwen!" She felt everything fall apart and squeezed her boyfriends taught ass. As she came she saw him whine and scream and she saw him cream. It sputtered up between him and the other woman. She licked her boyfriend's neck and ear as he came and shuddered and Hera kept humping him. His and hers wove and slithered together like oiled snakes. His cum slicked himself and Hera and made their skin shine

"What a slut!" Hera chuckled. "I guess I win."

Ellie held onto Gwen and shook, still in her own orgasmic haze. "I love you Gwen. I love you. I love you." She humped his backside without restraint. She had never felt anything like that before and was completely addicted. She felt her own juices flow down the inside of her shaking legs. She almost couldn't stand.

"Hold him for me." Hera commanded. She grabbed and passed Gwen's knees, sweeping them up with a swift squat and lift. Ellie grabbed her boyfriend's legs obediently and held them up to his chest. She held him tightly in a ball, kissing the back of his neck and trying her best to remain standing.

"Wha-?" Gwen was still spurting small drops of cum in the air. His half limp cock hung below his legs.

"Now don't pretend this isn't what you wanted." Hera aimed and pressed. Ellie lowered her boyfriend on the cock, thankful for the relief.

"Ahh!" Gwen's eyes widened again. "Oh!" Hera relieved Ellie and flipped Gwen's legs over her shoulders. Ellie was supporting his back with her chest. She reached around to his limp, twitching cock. She played with it and stroked it.

"It's okay Gwen. I love you sweety." She whispered into her boyfriends ear as another woman fucked his ass, "You are so sexy Gwen." She felt his cock rise up again, "Oh wow you really like this. You really like her." Gwen had never been ready for another go this fast. Ellie felt like she was close again, but there was no stimulus. She humped the air in desperation. "Oh baby, oh Gwen!"

"I'm going to cum in your boypussy faggot!" Hera growled, "Again!" She humped in even deeper. The full girth was inside now, lubed by her's and his juices. "I bet that turns you on! It turns your girlfriend on! Come on! Let's do it!" She slapped Ellie's hands away from her boyfriends cock, "Mine!" She warned, like an animal over prey. Ellie let her have it. "Yea, here we go, you just hold him up by the ass and I'll fuck him." She did. Ellie touched herself with a free hand, using the other to help prop up Gwen. Her support hand felt the wet piston gliding in and out of her boyfriend. "I'm going to jack him off into his own face." She grabbed his cock and aimed.

"No!" Gwen protested, "W-Wait!"

"You going to cum again before me you little bitch?" Ellie knew she was about too. her legs were shaking. She couldn't stop touching herself. She couldn't keep her eyes off of Gwen's cock and Hera's hips from over Gwen's shoulder. "Do it you cunt! Do it fag!"

"Ahhhh!" Gwen shot another load high and into his own face.

Hera aimed the next shot at Ellie right next to it. It hit her eyes and blinded her. Then another shot hit, and another, and Hera and kept pumping until the idol finally blew it, "So tight fuck!" She pounded Gwen too hard, holding the cock like a handle, Ellie lost her balance, her face covered in cum, her eyes and spirit stinging and her body close to another mind shattering orgasm. She fell and caught Gwen and Hera as she continued thrusting her seed into him.

Ellie came, her mind feeling every forceful fuck Hera put into Gwen. She squealed and shook under Gwen and realized how little she touched herself. All she needed to do was watch and feel Hera's force through Gwen. She humped the air and panted as all three began to slowly recover.

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