tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBijou & Mackenzie Ch. 2

Bijou & Mackenzie Ch. 2


Famous siblings Bijou and Mackenzie Phillips were having dinner together one night at Mackenzie's house while Bijou was taking a break from touring in support of her new album I'd Rather Eat Glass, and Mackenzie was taking a break from filming her new TV show So Weird. Bijou wanted to have a long overdue visit with her big sister. Mackenzie, after having so many lurid fantasies about her younger sister since seeing her in the raw in Playboy magazine, had ulterior motives for wanting her sister over. Those lascivious feelings she was having for Bijou only intensified as she sat across the kitchen table from her watching her eat her food, wishing that her aching pussy was taking the place of her fork Bijou was using. After they finished eating dinner, they sat at the table and started talking like normal sisters do. But soon, very soon, their relationship would become anything but normal!

As they were talking, Bijou started moving her head around in a circular motion as her face was cringing. Mackenzie asked her sister only somewhat innocently, "Beej, what's wrong?"

"Oh, Mack," Bijou started to reply, "it's my neck. It's been killing me. A tour can be hell on a back, you know?"

"Yeah, Beej," Mackenzie said, nodding her head, "I know what you mean. I toured for a while with Dad before he died." Mackenzie paused as she remembered their father for a sad, brief moment, then she had a wonderful idea as she said to her sister, "Hey, Beej, why don't I give you a back massage? It might help a little."

"Sure, sis, why not?" Bijou responded to her sister's idea. "I'll do anything to get rid of this backache."

Mackenzie couldn't help but smile when her sister said that she'd do "anything" to get rid of her ache. They both got up from the table and walked over to the couch in the living room. Mackenzie sat behind Bijou and started rubbing her neck and shoulders. Bijou closed her eyes and moaned softly while her sister was gently rubbing her fingers into her tensed-up muscles. Mackenzie's smile widened as she listened to Bijou's soft moans. She looked at Bijou and asked her, "How does that feel, Beej?"

"Mmmm," Bijou moaned, "that feels great!"

"Yes," Mackenzie muttered, "I'm sure it does."

Mackenzie started rubbing her fingers into Bijou harder and harder, which, in turn, caused her sister to moan out louder and louder. Feeling bolder, Mackenzie slowly scooted closer to Bijou until her crotch was almost touching her backside. Mackenzie deliberately did not put on a pair of panties when she got dressed for her dinner "date" with her sister . . . for obvious reasons! She spread her legs a little farther as Bijou sat between them. Bijou gripped at the cushions on the couch as Mackenzie rubbed her even harder. Mackenzie decided to take a chance as she massaged her hands further and further down her back until she was massaging her sides right next to her sister's breasts.

"Mmmm, sis," Bijou moaned out again, "that feels so good!"

By now, Mackenzie's pantyless pussy was aching so badly that it begged for her sister's touch. She decided that it was now or never, so she quickly wrapped her hands around both of Bijou's breasts. Mackenzie's heart pounded as she didn't know how Bijou would react to her own sister fondling her breasts the way she was doing. But, much to her shock and delight, Bijou responded to her sister's groping by taking her left hand and grabbing her crotch. Mackenzie laid her head on Bijou's shoulder as Bijou leaned back into her horny sister. Bijou squeezed Mackenzie's pussy through her dress while Mackenzie was squeezing her breasts. Then, suddenly, Bijou slipped her hand inside her sister's dress and grabbed her entire pussy in the palm of her sweaty hand. Mackenzie yelped in both surprise and lustful delight as her younger sister was feeling her up . . . and not being gentle or subtle about it either! Mackenzie decided it was time to do the same as she slid her hands down Bijou's chest and stomach past her waist until her hands were resting on the inside of her thighs right below the mini-skirt she was wearing. Mackenzie wasted no time sliding her fingers up Bijou's supple flesh until she made a startling, but delightful, discovery: Bijou, like her big sister, was not wearing panties! The two sisters gazed and smiled mischieviously at each other as Mackenzie remarked to Bijou, "You're not wearing any panties, Beej!"

"Yeah, I know," Bijou replied to her sister's lusty comment. Her grin got bigger as she gripped her sister's wet pussy tighter in her hand and added, "And neither are you!"

"I know," Mackenzie said, nodding. "I did that on purpose."

Bijou squealed with delight herself at what her sister had just told her. "You didn't know you had such a slutty sister, did you, Mack?" Bijou informed her big sister.

Mackenzie paused as she smiled lustfully at her younger sister before saying, "It runs in the family!"

The two horny, lustful sisters drew their heads in closer and kissed. But this was not a sisterly kiss . . . this was a kiss of lovers. Mackenzie and Bijou Phillips kissed each other as they had never kissed before. They wrapped their tongues together and gripped and fingered each other's soaking, engorged pussies as they both moaned out with an incestuous passion neither one had ever known before. Without having to say a word to one another, the Phillips sisters drew away from each other and walked together, hand in hand, to the back bedroom where they both knew what was to happen. Mackenzie sat down on the edge of her bed and gazed up at her younger sister who was standing before her.

Bijou started doing a sexy dance for her sister, a dance similar to the one she had performed for her fans numerous times on stage, yet this particular dance was more passionate and more lascivious than any dance she had performed on stage before for Mackenzie was much more to Bijou than just a mere fan . . . she was Bijou's sister whom she loved very, very dearly and was about to express that love in a way that most sisters never get to experience in their lifetimes. As she danced for her sister, Bijou lifted up her arms to expose her very hairy armpits. Bijou sometimes went for days wiithout shaving her armpits. Mackenzie found herself almost mesmerized by the sight of her sister's unshaven pits, and, when Bijou noticed her sister staring at her furry pits, she lowered herself down further so Mackenzie could have a closer look.

"Do you like what you see, sis?" Bijou asked her big sister in a whispery tone of voice, moving her fingers through the hair.

"Yes," Mackenzie replied, her voice almost whispery itself, as she nodded her head.

"Would you like to have a lick?"

Mackenzie was somewhat taken aback by her sister's question, but she realized that, yes, she did actually wish to lick her sister's hairy armpits and lick them badly, so she moaned out a simple and lustful, "Yes."

Bijou smiled yet again as she lowered her armpits closer to her sister's face so she could stick out her tongue and have a lick, which is just what she did, first one armpit, then the other. Bijou moaned as she felt her sister's tongue slithering through her armpit hair like a snake sliterhing through the grass. She couldn't wait to have that tongue inside her body! But, before she was to do that, Bijou had something else special in mind for her big sister.

She bent over and lifted up her dress just enough to uncover her bare legs. She then straddled Mackenzie's left leg and started humping her leg like a dog just like she did to that other girl in the opening scene of her movie Black & White, which was the very scene that got Mackenzie off so much. Mackenzie leaned forward and grabbed her sister's swinging ass and laid her head on her shoulder as Bijou wrapped her arms tightly around her back and continued to hump the shit out of her leg. Mackenzie was in sheer ecstasy that her sister was now doing to her what she had been fantasizing about for days.

Before Bijou came, she stood back up and moved in closer and closer to Mackenzie until her pussy was almost touching her face. Her pussy was so close to her sister's face, in fact, that Mackenzie could smell the pungent fumes emanating from it. She opened her mouth and was about to suck Bijou's enflamed, puffy labia all the way into her mouth, but then Bijou quickly turned around and shoved that cute little butt of hers right into Mackenzie's face.

Bijou leaned over as she looked back at her sister and laughed like she did when she was a little girl whenever she played a prank on her big sister. Mackenzie laughed along with her little sister as she found herself gazing adoringly at her sister's sexy little ass that was now bearing down on her face. She gently placed a hand on each of her cheeks and squeezed. Mackenzie moaned at the soft feeling of her sister's bare flesh. She licked her lips and then did something she'd never thought she'd do to anyone in her life, much less her very own sister! She leaned her head forward and placed the tip of her tongue on Bijou's pink, puckered anus.

Bijou's head jerked up as she squealed out when she felt her sister's hard, wet tongue probing her anal opening. Mackenzie swirled her tongue slowly around her sister's round, moist asshole several times before grabbing the back of her sister's legs with both hands as she plunged her tongue into her glory hole. Bijou grunted and groaned as she could feel her sister's tongue plunging further and further down inside her rectum until she felt the tip of her sister's exceptionally long appendage pushing past her sphincter. Bijou gripped her knees tightly in her hands as her sister was giving her the rimming of a lifetime. Mackenzie grabbed her thighs as Bijou started bucking her hips back and forth and ass-fucked herself on Mackenzie's tongue. Bijou gritted her teeth and growled like an animal as she was being reamed hard by her sister. Finding that she couldn't take anymore, Bijou quickly stood up, faced her sister and said, "I've got to have your tongue inside my cunt, sis!"

Mackenzie smiled broadly, and lustfully, as she was finally going to do what she had been wishing she could do ever since she first gazed at her sister's beautiful pussy in the pages of Playboy: She was going to get to eat out her own little sister. Bijou moved in closer to Mackenzie as she lifted up her skirt and practically shoved her throbbing twat into her sister's waiting face. Mackenzie, like before on the couch, didn't waste any time as she gleefully opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around her sister's glistening, steamy cunt, her nose buried in her sister's thick pubic mound. Bijou held on to the sides of her sister's face and thrust her pussy deep into her mouth. She moaned, almost screamed, out when she felt her sister's tongue darting all the way in and out of her cooch.

Mackenzie grabbed Bijou's butt cheeks and sank her fingernails into her flesh as she pounded her quim harder with her tongue, only taking her tongue out of her when she sucked on her swollen labes with her insatiable mouth and licked and bit on her clit with her teeth, which sent Bijou into a screaming fit every time. It was when Mackenzie slipped two of her fingers inside her gash that Bijou came, and came hard, all over her sister's face. Bijou screamed like she never screamed before as she covered her sister's face in her hot, tasty girl spunk, which Mackenzie happily lapped up every drop. Spent and out of breath, Bijou finally pulled her pussy away from her sister's face as she gazed down at her sister and smiled when she saw her own come dripping from her mouth and dribbling down her chin. Mackenzie returned her sister's lusty smile as she wiped her drenched face with her hands and licked her younger sister's come from off her fingers.

"That was incredible, Mack!" Bijou managed to say, still gasping for breath. When she caught her second wind, she grinned down at her sister once more as she told her, "Now it's time for your little sis to suck you off!"

Mackenzie grinned more lasciviously than before as she sat back in bed and spread her legs as far as they would go. Bijou sat down on her knees in front of her sister and lifted up Mackenzie's dress over her waist, exposing the pussy mound that Bijou had felt in her hand just moments earlier on the couch. The Phillips sisters grinned at each other as they had been grinning at one another all night before Bijou licked her lips in the same lustful manner as her sister had done previously and buried her face between her sister's parted thighs, her mouth engulfing her sister's entire flaming pussy.

She sucked her cunt lips into her mouth and nibbled on her lips and clit like a bird nibbling at its food. Shivers of passionate lust ran up and down Mackenzie's spine as her sister lapped at her pussy like the expert Mackenzie always suspected she was. (Mackenzie Phillips was well aware of her younger sister's bisexuality as was everybody else who knew her or knew of her. In fact, Bijou claimed in an interview she gave to Penthouse magazine to have once raped a girl with a dildo. Unfortunately, Mackenzie thought, Bijou hadn't posed for Penthouse . . . yet.) Bijou sucked on her sister's twat a few more times then she did something that Mackenzie really wasn't expecting her to do: She lowered her tongue down to her asshole as she proceeded to rim her and fuck her in the ass with her tongue the same way Mackenzie had done with her. Mackenzie watched with a sisterly pride as her younger sister's head bobbed up and down as she continued to ass-fuck her with her long, pink tongue.

Mackenzie could feel Bijou spreading her ass cheeks apart with her fingers so she could get more of her tongue inside of her enflamed asshole. Bijou returned to eating her sister's pussy so she could finish her off, and she did just that as it only took a mere moments for Mackenzie to have the biggest, most powerful orgasm of her life. She came all over Bijou's lovely little face the same way Bijou had done with her as Bijou thrust her tongue in and out of her big sister a few more times while Mackenzie finished coming. Bijou finally, reluctantly, pulled her face away from her sister's steaming twat as she licked her own face of the come that was now dripping from it. Once she had licked her face completely clean of her sister's female ejaculate, Bijou slowly stood up and announced to her big sister, "I have a surprise for you, Mack!"

Mackenzie watched with an intense curiosity as Bijou stepped out of the bedroom and went back to the living room to get her "surprise" from out of the big handbag she had walked into her house with. As she waited for her little sister to come back to the bedroom and give her her surprise, Mackenzie got completely undressed and sat back down on the edge of the bed. Bijou was gone for a few minutes--a few long minutes to Mackenzie--and Mackenzie was beginning to wonder what Bijou was up to this time. Finally Bijou reappeared in the bedroom totally nude like she was . . . except for a black leather harness she was wearing around her waist with a huge plastic dildo attached to the center of it. Mackenzie glared at the huge fake dick Bijou was now holding in her hand and exclaimed, pointing to it, "Beej, what in the world is that thing?"

Bijou grinned mischievously once again as she slapped at the dildo with her other hand and informed her sister, "This is called a strap-on dildo. Haven't you ever seen a strap-on before, sis?"

Mackenzie shook her head as Bijou walked up to her. "No, I haven't," she told her little sister.

Bijou walked up to her sister and nearly shoved her plastic cock right into her face. Mackenzie kept staring at it with uncertainty not knowing exactly what Bijou was planning on doing with her newfound cock . . . though she certainly had a pretty good idea! Bijou put the tip of the plastic dong up to her sister's lips and said to her, "Why don't you give me a little blowjob, Mack?"

Mackenzie glanced up at Bijou like she was crazy, but Bijou, as she had always been, was quite persistent as she shoved her "cock" even further into her sister's face and said more forcefully to her sister, "I said suck it, you bitch!"

Mackenzie was a little surprised that Bijou would use that tone with her, but she knew Bijou was only talking to her like that because it excited her more . . . and that she really wanted her to suck her cock! So Mackenzie sat up in bed as she grabbed Bijou's fake prick in her hand and wrapped her lips around it as if it were a real penis. Bijou moved her dick in and out of her sister's mouth as Mackenzie sucked it more and more, saying, "Yeah, that's right, suck it. Suck my dick. I want you to suck my dick, sis!"

Mackenzie was rather surprised at how much she was enjoying sucking off this hard piece of plastic that was attached to her sister's waist, especially when she took it out of her mouth and started slapping her face with it. Mackenzie stuck out her tongue as Bijou slapped at her face playfully with her plastic penis.

"Ooh, yeah, you like that, don't you?" Bijou said to her sister, gazing down at her, as she kept slapping her with her cock. "You want me to fuck you with my cock, don't you, Mack?"

"Uh-hmmm," Mackenzie moaned in response as she started sucking on the tip again.

"Then that's just what I'm going to do!" Bijou told Mackenzie.

Bijou grabbed Mackenzie by her shoulders and pushed her down on the bed. She climbed on top of her sister and thrust her dildo all the way inside her sister's quim. Bijou fucked Mackenzie with an intensity unmatched by any man Mackenzie had ever had sex with before. Bijou pummeled her sister's twat with her phony cock as they wrapped their arms around each other and held on as if their lives depended on it! Bijou raised her head and placed her hands on either side of Mackenzie as she fucked her sister that much harder, grunting and groaning like a wild beast as she tore her sister's pussy apart with her powerful strap-on. Then, when Mackenzie didn't think she could take anymore of her sister's intense thrusting, Bijou abruptly yanked the dildo out of her sister and shoved it into her ass with one quick jab. Mackenzie screamed out in both pain and pleasure as her younger sister virtually raped her colon with her huge plastic penis. The tough, erect plastic was almost ripping her sphincter to shreds as Bijou was fucking her big sister roughly with savage, unyielding thrusts.

Mackenzie grabbed Bijou's ass and held on tight as she was forced to endure the brutal ravishment her sister was putting her through. Finally, after several more thrusts of her fake prong, both women wailed out with ear-numbing screams as they both came with these indescribable orgasms that sent both of them reeling. Bijou fell down on her older sister, her eyes welled up with tears, as Mackenzie lovingly held her in her arms, her eyes also welling up with tears, despite the brutality and the savagery she had just suffered at the hands of her younger sister. She had just witnessed a side of her sister than she had never been forced to see before. She didn't want to believe some of the stories she had heard about Bijou before (such as the story she gave to Penthouse about raping that girl with a dildo), but now, as she was holding her sister in her arms, she was forced to believe them and believe them all. But she still found that she loved Bijou with all her heart and wanted to pleasure her even more. And she soon found that she would have that chance as Bijou got up off her, looked down at her and said, "Now I want you to do me with the strap-on, Mack."

Mackenzie couldn't believe what Bijou had just suggested to her, but she remained silent and didn't protest as she watched Bijou slip off the harness and hand it to her big sister with the dildo still attached to it. Mackenzie gazed at the strap-on for a moment like she did before then she took it and slipped it around her waist. She stood up and tied it around her waist like a belt then she looked at Bijou to see what she wanted to do next. Bijou pointed at the bed and said to her sister in a bossy way, "Lay down on the bed, Mack, and I'll do the rest." When Mackenzie looked at her a little uneasily, Bijou winked at her big sister and said, "Hey, Mack, trust me!"

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