tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBikinigirl's First Game

Bikinigirl's First Game


I admit it - I love games. Dirty, sexy games.

Even though I am a sexy woman who could have any man I choose, still I will not chose to indulge all my sexual cravings. But, if I am forced to act by the roll of the dice or flip of the coin, then I submit gladly. I let fate decide for me.

I'm 27 and live in a small city residential neighborhood with my long-time boyfriend. We've been together 3 years now. I'm five foot nine and have long, flowing brown hair and hazel eyes. I have big tits and a tight ass. I look a lot like Elle McPherson used to. My boyfriend even calls me "Elle" sometimes (when I'm acting prissy). My boyfriend never knew about my interest in games; he is kind of a "lights off when we do it" guy. But I love him, so I kept my dirtier desires secret and went online to fantasize.

There are a few games on the internet, but not many. I used to go online sometimes and chat with someone, anyone, who would play sexy games with me and get me to do sexy things to myself. That's how I ended up getting in big trouble and having the best time of my life.

One day, I was chatting with a nasty little slut from England who was big on exhibitionism. We were just comparing things we'd done, talking about where we live, work, things like that. I was very impressed by her sexual imagination. She told me she was always nude at home and left her window shades up so that her neighbors might be able to see her. I told her about my own neighbor, the college kid in the house ten feet away, and how I thought he sometimes spied on me, and how I thought that was kind of sexy (especially because he's a pretty cute guy).

She said I should flip a coin, and if it was tails I should take my clothes off and spend the whole day nude with my shades up. I flipped. It was tails. I'm pretty sure my neighbor, who was home that day, enjoyed my little show, and it made me so hot that, when my boyfriend got home, I jumped him and made him have sex with me on the couch in our living room in broad daylight. What a show we put on! Of course, my boyfriend didn't realize it was a show.

My new English lady friend and I spent many days nude, and I know my neighbor had several great shows. When we bumped into each other outside, he would smile and chat politely. But in his eyes, I knew he had been watching me, seeing everything. Finally, I asked my online friend to dream up a complicated sexy game for me to play, one that might involve my neighbor in some way. And this is the game she wanted me to do:

Get your [male neighbor] to invite up to five male friends over for beers/football or whatever. Once they have drank a few beers, ask "Who wants to play strip poker?" Most guys will agree to such a suggestion from a female, but only ones who agree to play can stay. Play a game were the lowest hand removes an article of clothing. But suggest playing until the first guy is nude, and you can only wear four items of clothing at the start of the game. If you are naked before the first guy you have to play for forfeits, in the following order: 1 Let them all feel your boobs for 30 seconds each. 2 Let them all touch your pussy for one minute each. 3 Play with every guy's dick for one minute 4 Let any guy who wants perform oral sex on you. 5 Perform oral sex on any guy present who wants you to for 1 minute. 6 Perform oral sex on any guy present who wants you to until they come. 7 You've done enough. Send them home and screw your partner senseless, unless you actually want to be gang banged!

This was so wild and so risky, I knew I had to try it. I was obsessed with it. And finally, I went to my neighbor's door and showed him the game (which I printed out) and asked him about doing this (both of us blushing). He was eager to help out.

I went over to his house that night as we had arranged and found my cute neighbor 3 of his friends there (four guys in all). They were all pretty good looking young guys, and I was introduced as merely a single friend in the neighborhood. Based on their smiles, I would guess they knew what was up. That or my attire: my short red skirt with almost visible black lace thong panties, a push-up bra, and a very tight white sweater. I had worn shoes but took them off when I got there, leaving me with four pieces of clothing. These guys were all loaded with clothes - from shoes to sweaters, like nine pieces of clothing each.

We had a couple beers with ESPN on TV, the guys looking right at my tits and thighs mostly, when my neighbor suggested some poker. Well it turned out everyone knew what was up. They had even read the print out of the game. One guy politely asked if I was ready to start. Earlier in the afternoon, I had started looking at some hot photos online and by the time I got to my neighbor's house that evening, I was really hot and ready for almost anything. So was I ready?

"Yes, please, lets play," I said.

The cards came out; I am no poor poker player, but numerically, I was in trouble from the start. Two guys lost their sweaters and one lost a shoe when I lost my first hand. I stood up, as everyone watched, and slowly pulled my panties down and off. One guy said "wow." I sat again with my legs together, but the game now had a hot intensity for everyone.

We played quietly. Another fellow lost both shoes and then I lost again. Sitting, I managed to remove my bra without taking off my sweater. My nipples were rock hard and pointed out against my sweater, and my pussy juices were flowing, I could tell I was really wet. My thong and bra were now sitting on the table. I then won several hands, and had every guy down to his T-shirt and three with no shoes.

But then I lost again. The moment of truth. I stood up and slowly removed my sweater to expose my breasts and hard nipples which were begging for a warm mouth. I was shaking excitedly now. I sat and everyone stared at my breasts. Some comments: "yum!" "those look good enough to eat," etc. I won four more hands before losing again. I had one guy down to his T-shirt, pants and underpants, but the others were doing okay. When I lost, I stood, and slowly removed my skirt. I looked down and could see my pussy was hot and puffy and clearly wet, juices were dripping down my right inner thigh. I sat, but with my legs spread wide, on total display.

"Let's play," I said.

My neighbor reminded everyone I was playing for forfeits now. I immediately lost the next hand. My neighbor read the forfeit, feeling my breast for 30 seconds, and said he would time the action. I walked up to the first guy, and he rubbed my nipples and pinched them really hard, making me even moan slightly at the attention they were finally getting. I was so juicy. The second and third guys also rubbed and pinched, but not as hard, and then my neighbor decided to touch my breasts with his mouth, so he sucked on my nipples and bit them, making me moan loudly. I then sat again.

I won three hands in a row, and had one guy down to his pants and undies, but lost again. I looked up and saw they were all really hard, and walked up to the first guy. He stroked my wet pussy and slipped a finger in all the way, then licked it clean. I was sopping wet and my juices were really running down my thighs. The second rubbed my clit and almost made me cum twice before stopping. The third immediately stuck one finger in my pussy, then two, then asked me to turn around and bend over. I did, and he then put three and then four fingers in my pussy, busily fucking me with his fingers for a full minute. Then my neighbor asked me to lay down and as they all watched he slipped three, then four fingers in my pussy. I begged him not to make me cum yet. Then, as we all watched, he slipped in his thumb and tied to fist me. It felt soooooo good, and he almost made it when his time ran out.

I won another hand, but lost again. The forfeit was read. I went to the first and unzipped his pants and took his cock out. I licked my hand and started rubbing his cock and balls, it felt so hard and hot and was dripping precum. I licked it off. One by one I brought each of them to the verge of cumming and stopped, then put their dicks away in their pants.

I won a couple more games and had one guy in his boxer shorts, then lost again. they all wanted to eat me. I laid back on the couch and spread my legs and sopping wet pussy lips. The first got down, started licking my pussy, probing with his tongue and sucking my clit, and within 30 seconds I was coming loudly, fantastically, in front of all of them. I asked for another beer, had a sip and then the second came to me. He mostly tongued my pussy and ass and brought me back to the edge of cumming. The third got right in and started sucking my clit and fingering my pussy. He had four fingers in my pussy and was licking furiously when I came again.

My neighbor was last and asked what I wanted. I told him I wanted to cum again. He started licking, he had two fingers in my pussy and slid two into my ass and was pumping me and he ate me for almost five minutes until I came again.

I felt like a whore, I was a wet mess and smelled like pussy all over, the guys just standing watching me, rubbing their hard dicks through their pants, wanting more. They wanted to get right on with the game so as I lay there naked with my legs spread in a warm glow they handed me my cards, and after three hands I won, I had the one fellow naked, two in shorts.

I said thats it, I won (I was very horny but kinda exhausted). They didn't like it, "awwww cummon, you gonna leave us high and dry?" So I said anyone who wanted to could jack off on me while I rubbed my clit. And they did, all four of them had their dicks out, rubbing just inches from my face, and one by one they shot their hot gooey cum on my face, tits and tummy. I rubbed it all in and licked my fingers clean.

I said we could play again sometimes and they all agreed. I got dressed, and they thanked me for the great game, like I had played it for their service (instead of for my pleasure, which was the truth), and I gave each a wet kiss and went home.

After a long hot shower, I put on my PJ's, and got in bed. My pussy was still hot as I waited for my boyfriend to get home. I thought back to what had happened. It was a game, and my fate had been decided for me. But I could hardly wait to play again.

Can you think of a game for me to play? Post your suggest game in a comment, and I'll tell you how it goes. Oh, hey Debra? Thanks for your help on this one!

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