tagLesbian SexBikinis Are Dangerous Ch. 02

Bikinis Are Dangerous Ch. 02


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"No frigging way! You are NOT getting me to wear THAT in a MILLION YEARS!" I nearly shouted in her face as I backed up into a display in the store we were shopping in.

"Come on, it's beautiful, it will look gorgeous on you" her eyes twinkled endearingly and I couldn't tell whether she was laughing at my reaction or teasing me.

"There is no way in hell I would be caught dead in that thing!" I repeated adamantly.

"You could pull this off" she encouraged holding out the garment encouragingly.

Shaking my head I was horrified. The models that wore these things were practically naked, why wear a suit at all? You certainly could not go in public with these. Even in Brazil they weren't as tiny as these little wisps of material. Besides, I didn't want dental floss for my ass! A bikini should be made to entice, this was not enticing. This was bold nakedness with pasties for the nipples. A micro-bikini yet! They couldn't see that this was exposure, public indecency? "I'd be arrested in a heartbeat" I answered.

"Why do you have to be so difficult?" she asked with a grin.

"Less is not more in this case" I answered sarcastically.

She grinned to show she had been teasing all along as she shook her head. The store we were in was ultra modern, ultra expensive, and way over the top. The micro-bikini (I was shaking my head) were two pasties and a scrap over the labia lips with strings connecting the three spots of interest and dental floss up the ass. No way!

"What's wrong with this one" I held up a one piece that was bringing back the 1920's look with a little ruffle around the waist. It was perfect for someone of my age and disposition but we both knew I wouldn't be caught dead in it. It was perfect if I were matronly in the least, which I was a far cry from. I had worked this body too hard for too long to get it into the shape it was so I could wear a bikini.

She rolled her eyes hoping I was kidding. I grinned. I was fairly conservative but I had worked hard to get this body and anyone who knew what happened the last time I had worn a bikini on the beach would know how that had ended, I deserved to wear one with the body I had achieved. Now we were going to another state for some 'fun' on the beach and this shopping expedition was to pick out a new suit.

"Why do I need another suit?" I asked. "My other one is just fine and barely used."

"You might want several to change into, who knows what parties we will attend. You don't want to wear the same one over and over" she said reasonably.

I personally think the only reason we were in this store was so that she could watch me change into suit after suit after suit. This one needed a tuck there, this one didn't cup these right there, and this one didn't fit my ass quite right here was what I was told in various forms as her hands roamed, prodded, and poked around on my body to make sure of the 'right' fit. I have to admit it was a bit erotic the way her eyes smoldered as she 'helped' me pick out a few suits and I modeled them for her. The saleswoman wasn't any help, I think she knew what my girl was up to and just let us 'play.'

"Finally" I breathed as we left the store with a shopping bag with half a dozen nearly indecent bikinis inside but absolutely, positively, no micro-bikinis despite my girls disappointment on that issue.

"Come on, that was fun" her eyes twinkled at me conspiratorially.

I knew then that she had done a lot of unnecessary adjusting to my new wardrobe to just cop a feel but I grinned in response.

I have to admit the little red satin looking number made of man-made but god-like materials was a hot little thing as I looked at my reflection in the mirror of our condo that we had rented for this trip. Thank goodness my breasts didn't sag too much since there was no strap holding these babies up. Just gravity pulling them down and firm muscles holding them up. My broad shoulders showed no tan lines and my brown chest looked good above the line of the bikini top. Below was a tummy which looked to have a hint of a six pack with a beautiful cherry belly button ring dangling. Below that were brief briefs with high French cut sides giving the sexy bikini a hint of naughty elegance.

"Mmmm, you look good enough to eat" she said as her hands wrapped around my midriff to come together and give me a hug from behind and gaze into the mirror at my reflection.

I smiled at her statement thinking that cherry dangling was a bit much but anything for my baby. I turned in her arms to return the hug and look at the outfit she was wearing. It was much more daring than my bikini. "Your going to stop traffic with that" I admired the brilliant blue suit, what there was of it. The material held up her large breasts but the style was such that it looked like they were about to bust out at any moment, it tied around her neck and made me want to touch my lips to every inch of that neck and follow it down to those nipples I could see poking at the material. The matching bottom had a small patch for her shaved crotch and no embarrassing hair peeking out with a bit of material up the back crack barely covering her ass. She looked HOT, she knew it though with her olive colored skin and beautiful little body. I couldn't help but think we didn't need to go to the beach for a party with people when we could have a private party here at the condo. At my suggestion though she smiled a mysterious smile that made me think she had something in mind.

"Baby, we traveled across the country to meet these friends of yours, they would be upset if we didn't show up at the party they were throwing for you" she reminded me.

I smiled resigned, we were here to party, we were expected, we were the guests of honor, we were both horny, this was not a good combination and I knew we would BOTH be tormented in the hours to come. I grabbed a short sarong that wrapped around my middle and started enticingly below my cherry adorned navel and ended just above my well toned legs with whisps of material floating on my legs. The feel was like feathers on my skin and I loved it.

My girl slipped on a pair of shorts that matched her beautiful suit and we both grabbed a beach bag and slipping on sandals headed out to the beach and towards the spot my friends had asked us to meet at.

Grover Beach and Pismo Beach, California are known for driving your cars on the beach, atv's, and sand buggies. People camped here, climbed the dunes, and many brought families. It was a good place to party too though since we could have a bonfire and drink. It was a good time to be there and there were tons of people, all having a great time. We approached the group I had agreed to meet and I began to introduce my girl. No one here had met her before since I had moved to Florida to be with her. They admired her Latina good looks, her dark hair, her bounteous breasts, and her fine figure. I was so proud to introduce her to everyone and them to her. A few of the guys immediately made fools of themselves over her but then that was to be expected, a pretty girl and they had to show off or do something stupid, I laugh as I remember them doing the same thing to me when I was first introduced to this group before they found out I liked girls more than guys.

Someone had brought a couple of atv's and we each took a turn on them, sometimes with our arms wrapped around another person as we went speeding down the beach, laughing uproariously as we kicked up wet sand and played just inside the waves. Sometimes we drove them up the dunes at an angle so we wouldn't flip them and then sped down them just as fast as we could go. Someone set up a volleyball net and we took turns hitting it over the net as hard as we could with a 'no rules' rule in effect to everyone's delight. One of the girls lost her top when she dove for the ball and we all had a hilarious time over that one. Frisbee tag was dangerous with the guys versus the girls. I think they deliberately aimed for women's boobs to see the Frisbee bounce or something. It was a fun and eventful day, we all burned darker in the hot California sun.

I watched my girl interact with my old friends all afternoon and was pleased with how well she got along with those nuts. They seemed to like her as well. The guys flirted harmlessly with her, a couple of the girls as well, and I couldn't help but think we should have stayed at the condo and finished what we had started. She looked so good in her bikini I could only imagine peeling it off her delightful little body.

I caught her looking at me a couple of times and I know I made her pause in the middle of a conversation when I deliberately bent over with my breasts hanging just so and adjusted my sarong. Her eyes glittered dangerously when I glanced back up with a little grin on my face with eyes wide in a 'not so innocent' look.

It was beautiful as we watched the late day sun slowly sink into the ocean to the west. It cleared a lot of the families out unless they were camping on the beach. We all settled down around our campfire and roasted hot-dogs, marshmallows, and drank beer or California coolers, cheap wine that somehow tasted better around a campfire.

Talking old times, a few embarrassing stories came up and we tried to top one another with our outrageous and sometimes true stories as the evening wore on. A few of the couples walked off into the sunset and I took my girl with me as we walked hand in hand down the beautiful beach.

"I like your friends" she smiled.

"That's good, I think they like you too" I returned that smile as I turned to take her in my arms. The moment wasn't lost on me with the sun setting behind us, the waves gently washing on shore, and the sounds of people not too far away. "I'm glad we came" I said softly as I leaned down to kiss her. Immediately her mouth opened and I licked along her lips before plunging my tongue inside and caressing her tongue, enticing it into mine to suck on it. It was so romantic we both didn't want it to stop. When I finally came up for air we were both breathing deeply.

She leaned her forehead against mine and said with a gasp "that was nice."

My hands wanted to desperately to caress those curves I could see reflected in the twilight, it was so romantic there on the beach.

I walked her back to the fire to be safe. We sat for a couple more hours with my friends, drinking and munching on treats. Someone made a few smores and we laughed as they tried to dip them in beer, not quite the flavor they were hoping for but the mother of invention spurred them on.

As it got late and couples drifted off and returned I realized with the four hour time difference that we would have to be going. It was so much later for us and we were tired from the trip. We would meet all of our friends back here tomorrow for another full day of sun and fun. Wishing everyone good night we walked hand in hand and headed for the condo.

I don't know what happened but on the way back I got lost. It wasn't deliberate, I swear.

"Do you know where your going?" she finally asked after what seemed a long time.

I was miserable, I knew we were both tired from the trip, tired from the sun and the fun, and we both wanted to get back to the condo to shower and have wild sex. This was frustrating being lost in the dunes but I had thought my sense of direction was such that we couldn't possibly have gotten lost, we were following the path but apparently in the dark there must have been more than one path. "I'm sorry babe, somewhere we took a wrong turn" I told her in a resigned voice.

"Can we go back the way we came?" she asked looking around into the dark that surrounded us and realizing the futility of it.

We were far enough away now, we had walked quite a way, that no lights from the beach or the town reached us. The dunes blocked our view and no clear path led the way. It would have been frightening if we weren't together, if we were totally sober, if we let it bother us. We were both game gals though and I made a suggestion "let's climb a dune and see if we can find a way..."

"Great idea" she enthused, encouraging me although I had been an idiot to lead her into the dunes.

We chose the tallest dune we could see and began to climb it. It wasn't easy as the sand was extremely soft and fine and for every two steps we slid back at least a half of one or more. Finally, clawing and helping each other we managed to make it to the top of the dune. Breathing hard from the exertion we looked at each other, what we could see of each other, and caught our breath. Looking around though we realized we had come a lot further than we realized. We couldn't see anything but sand dunes in any direction we looked and what we could see wasn't much as full darkness was upon us. The moon wasn't up and it was dark beyond dark.

"Gawd damn, I am sorry babe" I said in resignation.

"Hey, it's not YOUR fault, we both got into this" she smiled or I hoped that was a smile and not a grimace.

I looked around and tried to make out something in the darkness, some sign of which way we should go. I could tell the shadows of the dunes and the darker shadows between them but the glow I could detect that might be the town of Pismo or Grover Beach I wasn't sure we could head that way. With dunes between town and us we would be doing a lot of climbing and human nature being what it was we would want to go the easiest route around them and could become hopelessly lost. "Did you bring your cell?" I asked and when I saw her shake her head I began to dig in my beach bag to see if I had packed mine. I found it!

"Thank God" I breathed as I pushed the button to turn it on. The bar was all in red though which meant re-charge it or else. I dialed one of my friend's numbers who had been at the beach.

"Hello?" he answered curious.

"Hey, it's me, we got lost in the dunes, my phone is about to die" and in that moment it did. The delightful little ditty it played as it shut itself off was annoying at that particular second.

"Do you think he heard you?" she asked as I swore under my breath.

"I hope so, let's just sit here for a moment" I said in resignation. It might be a long night and we weren't really dressed to stay out all night. A cool breeze had already sprung up before we left the fire and now with just a bikini on and a sarong I was feeling the cold. My girl wasn't dressed any better and was that a shiver?

I pulled out our unused beach towels and wrapped her in one. "I'm okay" she assured me.

"I know" I said back as I looked around. Although I couldn't see far in the dark, there were shadows within shadows from the dunes and mysterious valley's between them. I thought we were sitting facing west, that meant the ocean was somewhere before us and town was north and east of us, but I couldn't be sure and I certainly didn't want to walk anymore, especially in circles.

"What are we going to do" she asked. I was amazed to hear no fear, just a curious question to her voice.

Turning to her, I had a wonderful idea, a great way to stay warm and to pass the time...

Slowly I lowered my mouth to hers.

"Wha..." she started but the touch of my lips to hers cut it off. I have to say she is a quick learner and caught on to my idea as my lips captured hers and began to kiss along hers. My tongue licked enticingly along them before slipping inside to her welcome warmth before playing with her tongue. Fencing and prodding it, teasing it back into mine so I could suck on it.

"Groannnn" I heard from her and this only encouraged me. My hands had ached to touch every inch of that exposed skin as I watched her sweat in the sunlight over the volleyball game, her large breasts bouncing in the bikini top, barely contained. I conjured up every thought of the day that had aroused me, enticed me, and used it at this moment to forget our situation.

Slowly, I slipped the beach towel from around her shoulders and laid her slowly back on it and the sand, some semblance of warmth left from the hot Central California sun. It was cooling rapidly though and I knew the only way to keep us warm was to combine body heat, I would do my best to combine it. The feel of her hot little body under mine with almost no clothing on and those annoying little bits of clothing keeping my fingers from the most pertinent parts was arousing me rapidly.

I thought about how she had looked on the atv laughing uproariously at some stupid joke one the guys had told as she bobbed along it in her tight little bikini and I couldn't help but respond to it. My little Latina was hot, she was mine, and I was going to make her forget our predicament. I was going to enjoy it too!

My body was gently laying against hers as her hands caressed down my tangled wind blown hair and down my back.

As her bare hands came in contact with the skin on my back I felt their warmth and welcomed it. She leaned down to squeeze my ass cheeks and grind against the front enticingly under me. "Damn baby" I breathed into her ear and then tongued it for good measure, taking note at the intake of her breath from the contact.

I sucked on the skin in little whorls along her neck and could hear her breathing deeper as I aroused her. My fingers released the tie of her bikini bottom with no effort at all as my lips captured the tie around her neck and gave it a yank with my teeth. Soon her entire body was exposed to my fingers, my lips, and my body against her.

Effortlessly she stripped my teeny little bikini from my body as well to feel naked skin against naked skin. Not that the bikini was really in the way, those scraps hid very little.

I began to rub my lower half against her and she spread her legs to settle me more comfortably between them. I gasped at the pleasurable feeling of our two pussies grinding together. Since I couldn't see anything in the dark I used Braille to feel her body, her breasts, her smooth and supple skin. I don't think she minded.

As our clits seemed to peek out and come together, my knowledge of her body allowed me slide my body in such a way that our clits were rubbing against the other. The sensation is almost indescribable but the sharp indrawn breath I heard come from her let me know without seeing I was doing something right as I started to thrust back and forth against her using my hips. I dipped my head to capture a nipple. I couldn't see it so I had to tongue my way around the large orb until I found it. Capturing it between my lips and sucking gently I used the tips of my sharp little teeth to tease and manipulate it into submission. I don't think her body wanted to submit though as it arched up into my mouth thrusting as much of the orb as I could take into my mouth, the erect little nipple making it's way deep.

Her fingers were gripping my ass tightly, encouraging me as I thrust against her clit, and rubbed it enticingly with my own. She spread my cheeks and I could tell I was wet as she squeezed them back together and I could feel and hear my own wetness.

I don't know how long we kept these moments up as I played, squeezed, rubbed, and enjoyed her body beneath mine. "Oh baby" she cried as she arched against me, I thrust harder against her, sucked deeper, and squeezed tighter as her first orgasm hit. She bucked and writhed beneath me as hoarse little cries escaped her lips. As she began to come down from the orgasm I thrust inside of her with my fingers and found her to be gushing. Damn, she felt hot as I felt little spurts of fluid coat my fingers. Thrusting up and in I didn't let her first orgasm subside completely before I had her riding my fingers to a second and then a weak little third before she said "enough!" and I smiled as I rolled over, holding her body tightly to mine to prevent the loss of 'heat.'

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