tagLoving WivesBikinis, Wives + Friends = Fun Ch. 01

Bikinis, Wives + Friends = Fun Ch. 01


I have to thank (Hale) for the fine editing skills without which this effort would not be readable.

This Chapter attempts to explain the events that led to a couple of common wives lowering their inhibitions and as a result is a bit slow. The rest of the chapters to come have more sex in them but like the rest of my stories there is no real descriptive sex in it. So if you like a story where the sex is hot and fast then this is not the story for you. I like to leave some facts for the reader to use their imagination. This story is of how events escalated, and eventually led the participants into a new sexual lifestyle. I don't really know what category I should be putting this story under. It could be exhibitionism, group, or even loving wives because there is a lot of all of that in this story. Because it is mainly about two girls that have multiple partners I am putting it under the group category.

The road to fully sharing our two wives with other men was paved with several small occurrences that ultimately lead there. It took a couple of years for our wives to allow themselves to become less inhibited around others, and to be more open and adventurous about what they did with their bodies. There were a few minor events that happened, and then our wives found themselves being lead into other more daring events.

Each passing event opened our eyes to new feelings about our sexual beliefs, and we found ourselves experiencing something that soon leads us to some really hot sex. As a result we all found ourselves with a new attitude about how unrestrained sex fit in our lives.

Before I tell you about the first little event that changed everything for us, I will introduce you to the characters in this first part of the story. I'm Bill and have a wife by the name of April. We have two very close friends, Al and Amy. I describe myself as one of those guys that the girls sort of look at and then dismiss until they get to know me better. I was never that flashy, or a man's man as they say, but after girls got to know me a bit they seemed to think I was good enough to get to know better. I tried to keep myself in shape by playing sports and working hard both on the job and at home.

My wife April is a fairly good looker. Not a classic beauty, but quite eye-catching in her own way. On a scale of one to ten, she was about an eight. Ok she's a nine if anything. She thought of herself as plain, but she is definitely pleasant on the eyes and always turned the heads of guy's when they were around her. Heck whenever we were out I noticed men of all ages giving her those looks that spoke of how much they desired her. I knew she had a terrific body, and her curves were exactly where they were supposed to be. She always had a natural "glow" about her and it wasn't very often she didn't have a big smile on her face.

April and I had been married for five years at the start of things and we had never done any swapping, swinging, or stuff like that with others. Although we did use those fantasies a lot in our bedroom antics. April's big fantasy was about being with more than one guy at a time. We enjoyed playing around with that idea a fair bit in the bedroom, and we both speculated what it would be like to actually explore doing it.

As for myself, I got hot thinking about the same thing April thought about. That thought was her naked with a group of men, and then sexually enjoying them. We came to the understanding that we both wanted to explore this idea but we really didn't know how to get started. So we decided that if anything happened to get us started we would just go with the flow.

I have worked with a guy named Al for four years now and he has become my best friend. Al was a bit shorter than I am but was good looking, or so April and some of the other women I knew said. Being best friends the two of us talked about everything and anything to pass the time and no topic was forbidden.

Al's wife Amy was as different from Al as could be. Where Al was very open about his life, Amy was fairly reserved and in social setting always seemed like she was more comfortable being in the background.

As the four we got to know each other Al also told me that Amy, although she seemed to be so conservative on the outside, had a killer body which she used athletically in bed. He added that once she got warmed up and let her hair down, there was almost no stopping her. In his eyes she was a wonderful bed partner.

These are the four main characters, and so we begin this story.

April and I had a nice home that was built on a heavily wooded acreage in an area about twenty miles from the city. We had been offered this home and acreage by my grandfather the first year of our marriage. We couldn't refuse, because it was at a fire sale price. There was a lot of work that had to be done to the place because grandpa had not been able to properly take care of the place for a few years.

The fairly heavily wooded acreage was in a secluded area with the closest neighbours a mile away. Because of its seclusion we jokingly called it our sanctuary. The first year after we bought the place we worked hard to made the house fit for our life together. Once the house was fit to live in, with other upgrades planned for in the future, we then concentrated on the outside work.

We found that trying to clear some trees, under-brush, dead falls, and get a garden and lawn going around the house was almost a full time job in itself. Because we were still fairly young and short of expendable cash that meant we were doing a lot of the work by hand.

Al and Amy, and April and I exchanged labour back and forth between our two places. We found that that old saying about many hands, making light work really applied to us. Al and Amy's place needed to have their basement and kitchen worked on, and at April's and my place we needed more outside landscaping done. So most of the winters were spent at Al and Amy's place doing the inside work and the stuff at our place was done during the summer.

Over the years that we had known Al and Amy, we were always socializing back and forth and got along very well. The three of us April, Al and I, had made it our mission to get Amy to appreciate that she was a good looking woman that could enjoy life more if she would just loosen up her reserved attitude a bit.

Amy was a bit of a prude but did seem like she wanted to let her hair down around us. She was so nervous about doing that that she seemed to freeze up whenever she started to have some fun. It didn't take much before she would retreat back to her almost prim and proper self.

April and Amy got along like sisters and April especially had made it her personal project to make Amy shed some of her strait-laced beliefs. It took two years before April finally got Amy to take off enough clothes to get a bit of a tan, even if it was with a one-piece swimsuit. Once Amy felt comfortable tanning in front of us guys the two girls enjoyed the sun at every opportunity.

Thinking back it was this insignificant thing that was the one incident that slowly started all the events that led us on our free spirited journey. Who would have thought that a swimsuit on a girl's body could change our lives so much?

After watching the girls for a few weeks in their one-piece suits, Al and I took a gamble, and bought the girls some string bikinis. We figured those bikinis would either be welcomed by the girls, or we would be in the doghouse for a while.

Amy balked at the idea at first, but the next week April put on her bikini and came outside on the deck. It took some lubricating of Amy with a few drinks, and a lot of teasing, with some cajoling thrown in by the three of us, before we persuaded Amy to get her bikini on too.

How did the girls look? Well Al and I thought they looked pretty hot. Al and I made sure that both the girls knew they were good looking and should wear those bikinis whenever they could around the place.

That first day the girls wore those bikinis for us, Amy was noticeably uncomfortable about wearing this revealing outfit. Al's and my complements about how good she looked seemed to fall on deaf ears.

After listening to her complain for an hour to, "I don't have the body to wear something like this, and this looks terrible on me." I got everyone to join me in our bedroom. We had full-length mirrors on our closet doors, and when Amy came in I told her to stand in front of them.

When she stood in front of them I asked her, "Look at your reflection in the mirror and tell us again what is wrong with your body and point out all the faults to us." She didn't have any faults that I could see but we all listened as she told us her faults as she pointed them out to us.

When a red faced Amy finished telling us how unattractive her body looked, I got April to stand beside her and asked Amy what she thought about April's body. She said that April had a wonderful body and she wished she looked as good as April did. Al and I then pointed out to her that if she compared her body with April's that they had almost identical shaped bodies and their measurements were identical. They both had all their desirable bumps and curves right where they were supposed to be.

We then got the two of them to pose in a couple of positions and we kept showing Amy how they compared to each other. It took some doing but when Amy finally realized she looked as good as April she was feeling a lot more confident about herself.

Al and I made sure we gave a lot of complements about Amy's looks and it wasn't long until her reactions went from embarrassment to satisfaction. A few weeks later we noticed that the more Amy wore that bikini the more comfortable and composed she got. After a month dressing in their bikinis to catch the sun, it just became second nature for both of the girls.

Because it was more private on our back deck where they could get all the sun they wanted that was where they could be found most days. For those times when there was inclement weather I had installed a tanning lamp in a spare room and Al had also installed one at his place so the girls kept up their golden looks.

Of course Al and I, agreed that the others wife looked really hot. It was no real surprise we found that we both had erotic thoughts about trying to hook up with the others wife because they were so good looking. Because we both found that thought to be very stimulating we discussed this a lot, and we both thought that getting the girls to swap with us was a great idea. All we had to do was figure out how to get them to agree.

During some of their earlier conversations, April found out that Amy was envious of the way April was so relaxed about her body and her attitude about life. April's attitude of being more open about life made Amy jealous because she felt she was missing out on a lot of fun. But at the same time Amy didn't know how to change herself to be that more open person. She wanted to be a bit more daring but was apprehensive and didn't know how to go about doing that.

Those bikinis were the first big step. Amy was relaxed around us now so that she wasn't always blushing when Al or I would tell her or April how sexy they looked. April took the complements in stride and was soon pushing the boundaries even more by taunting us guys with little things, like sticking out her chest, or accentuating her wiggle, and teasingly asking if we really liked what she had.

Amy noticed the way that April was flirting with us and she tentatively joined in playing the same game, although she was more reserved about how she flaunted her body. What April would do, Amy timidly would try to do. After a while it became a game to see which of them could tease us the most without actually being too risqué. I must admit that April must have spent a lot of time thinking up ways of provoking us guys so that Amy would follow her example.

All the while the girls were doing this teasing and flaunting, Al and I definitely made it known to the girls that we would be proud to have them show off their body's more. They didn't know how to react to that statement because those bikinis showed off quite a bit of skin as it was.

The one hang up the girls had to all of this was that whenever someone else would drive in the yard they would run to cover up. Al and I teased the two of them mercilessly when they did that and we made fun of them by saying things like, "You two shouldn't be so bashful," or, "You should be proud of the bodies you have."

We kept hinting to them that they should show those bodies off more when others were around. We also let them know that if they exposed more of their bodies to others it would be an immense turn on for us.

April and Amy still didn't quite know how to take that, and they both wanted to know just what we meant. We finally made them understand that we were proud of how good they looked and we really liked looking at them and that others would appreciate looking at them too. The girls weren't too sure about that but Al and I could see they were thinking about that idea.

The next big step in the changing of our lives was when April went shopping one day. She found this swimwear shop that had a huge inventory reduction sale on. The owner had ordered a bunch of skimpy suits and he had tried for a whole year to sell them and found that they were slow movers. As a result they were on sale at a giveaway price, and were so cheap he was almost throwing them out the door.

April looked over the merchandise and saw that these new "micro bikinis" were the ideal thing for tanning and picked out a whole mess of bikinis in different colours. The shop owner was so happy to get rid of them he included a second set in each colour for free. April figured that there would be one set for her, and one for Amy.

When Amy saw what those outfits looked like she was shocked, because these suits were a lot teenier and more revealing than the ones they presently wore. The suits were the newest thing from Brazil. All they were was three very small pieces of fabric that were attached by thin strings. On the thong part of the bikini those strings tied up on both sides of the hips and held up the bottom piece of fabric that was just barely wide enough to cover the girls pussies. The checks of their asses were totally bare because the back on those bikinis were just a string that ran up the crack of their shapely asses.

The tops were tied in the back and the two pieces of cloth they held up in the front were just big enough to have a hard time covering their nipples. Those outfits sure didn't leave very much to the imagination and if anything they just highlighted the best parts of a girl's body.

Amy was uneasy and didn't like what she saw but held her tongue, mainly because she didn't want to appear to be a big prude in our eyes. What really convinced Amy to wear those "micro bikinis" was the three of us strongly badgering her.

To look their best in those almost nothing bikini's April and Amy had to do a lot of trimming and shaving of their bushes. The first time when Al and I first saw them in those outfits we thought the two of them looked "UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE." Quote unquote. Heck we didn't even know they made thongs that narrow, there was one hell of a lot of April and Amy showing, and almost nothing was covered with those so called bikinis.

Like the earlier more "conservative bikinis" that the girls had worn, once Amy got over her embarrassment, and once she wore the new "micro bikinis" a few times, it just became second nature for her. The two of them actually even enjoyed it as Al and I gave the two of them admiring looks, and explicit comments about how sexy they looked. Not that they needed it but they even joined a gym so that they would firm up even more.

Al and I spent more time than we liked trying to readjust our cocks in our shorts but we liked how hot our wives looked. The two girls had noticed the effect they were having on us and would laugh at our predicament but then they seemed to intensify their teasing by exhibiting their stuff more blatantly.

Whenever we got together Al and I did the heavy work, and if they weren't needed to help the girls went off to sun themselves. When there was inclement weather they used the tanning bulbs we found in the drug store. They were set them up in a separate room at both houses and Al and I spent a lot of time trying to get as many peeks in at the two of them as we could.

Somewhere along the way the girls took to taking their tops off while tanning while in the tanning rooms so that they wouldn't have any tan lines. When Al and I found that out, we had to try and check them out. Many a time, Al and I caught them readjusting their tops when they heard us coming to sneak a peek. It became a game to see if we could sneak up on them to catch a glimpse. They knew what we were doing, and many a time would just giggle at us as they managed to cover themselves up just before we got to see them. Al and I did manage a couple of times to catch them uncovered but those times were few and far between.

One outcome of their wearing these "micro bikinis" was that all four of us noticed that our sex lives sure picked up and went into overdrive. After all there isn't a guy in his right mind that can in all honesty say that being around two skimpily dressed sexy women all day doesn't get them horny.

The girls felt very stimulated sexually after they wore those "micro bikinis" around us, because of the reaction Al and I gave them for being almost naked in front of us. We found that out when Al overheard them talking when they thought no one was listening one day.

When we confronted the girls about them getting horny when they teased us with their bodies, Amy said as she admitted to us, "April and I like the effect these outfits have on us."

April added, "I admit that teasing you two with our almost naked bodies gets to us on some primeval level, and that we especially liked the more intense action in the bedrooms with you guys afterwards.

One day at work Al had told me, "Since Amy has started to wear those "micro bikinis," she has admitted for the first time in her life that she is enjoying the wickedness of showing lots of skin and appreciates the fact that that she is sexy. Al also said, "With Amy wearing those bikini's she is making strides to correct the stuffy image that she used to project and she is beginning to like her new self.

About a year after April had bought those "micro bikinis" for the two of them, it had just become second nature that they wore them whenever they could. Of course they continued their games of teasing us at every chance, and Al and I had no complaints when they did.

When the girls knew they would be sunning, they always brought along all their bikinis to the other's house so that Al and I could chose which colour we wanted them to wear. More times than not we couldn't make up our minds and the girls would go change every hour or so just to keep us happy.

Where will this lead? In the next chapter I will explain how things really picked up in our sex lives. You will have to read the next few chapters to find out how we go from "normal" to something a lot more "erotic." I don't think the word erotic is a strong enough word to describe what the girls did.

To Be Continued...

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by Anonymous08/28/17

I LOVE to watch my wife being ogled & groped by another man.
I am outright mesmerized when men are hitting on her.
My wife & I did volunteer work for the same Charity. At events no body knew the guy standingmore...

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