tagLoving WivesBikinis, Wives + Friends = Fun Ch. 02

Bikinis, Wives + Friends = Fun Ch. 02


I have to thank (Hale) for the fine editing skills without which this effort would not be readable.

I hope you read chapter one. Trying to read chapter two will be a lot easier to do if you understand what has transpired earlier. In chapter one I wrote about the preliminaries and in this chapter we find ourselves getting carried away in circumstances that will alter the outlook of our lives and how we live them. The rest of the chapters to come have more sex in them but like the rest of my stories there is no real descriptive sex in it. So if you like a story where the sex is hot and fast then this is not the story for you. I like to leave some facts for the reader to use their imagination. This chapter is of how events escalated, and eventually led the participants into a new sexual lifestyle. I don't really know what category I should be putting this story under. It could be exhibitionism, group, or even loving wives because there is a lot of all of that in this story. Because it is mainly about two girls that have multiple partners I am putting it under the group category.


The day when the girls really transformed all of our lives was one of those days you read about in book. It was a hot day with the sun out in all its glory. It was fairly late in the spring, getting close to summer. We thought it was a perfect day to do some yard work.

Our friends Al and Amy joined April and I working on expanding the lawn some more around our secluded acreage. We had six loads of dirt to spread around and level, and then the grass seed had to be spread etc.

The girls naturally pitched in to assist us guys. As per the usual, Amy had brought all of her bikinis along so Al and I could pick out the colour of the day for the girls to wear. (We chose red).

The girls donned their sexy red "micro bikinis" to top up their tans as they worked. Al and I were in shorts with our shirts off. To Al's and my delight the girls body movements as they exerted themselves caused their boobs to pop out of those very small tops fairly frequently.

The girls were definitely feeling devilish that day, and were giggling like schoolgirls, and treating it as if it was no big thing as they casually rearranged their tops. For some reason they were acting a lot more daring and shameless, about showing their almost naked bodies around Al and I.

For the life of us Al and I couldn't figure out what had gotten into the girls to get them to act this way. To us it looked as if they wanted to torment us with their flashing. After giving each other a few silent looks, Al and I eagerly got into the spirit of the day and weren't about to argue if our wives were going to put themselves on display for our enjoyment.

Over the first couple of hours Al and I didn't get too much work done. It seemed that we spent more time watching our wives to see when the next boob would work its way out of a top. When one did Al and I lost all interest in moving dirt and just gawked at the spectacle.

That fun suddenly came to an end when a couple of guys that Al and I worked with stopped in. They had been killing time by driving around looking at the sights and found themselves at our place. When they pulled into the yard the girls ran to put on some tee shirts and Al and I were sure disappointed about that.

Ray and Joe were soon put to work and the job progressed fairly fast. The girls had meanwhile gone in the house, and changed into their more "conservative bikinis", and to really put a damper on our day they continued to wear those tee shirt cover up. Because of a shortage of tools the girls decided their job for the rest of the day was supplying us with refreshments.

Al and I started our usual teasing of the girls about how they were quick to change their attire. Ray and Joe picked up on the essence of the conversations and jumped right into the fray and added their two cents worth about how the girls were dressed.

As the girls brought us some refreshments we of course had to give them a few crude comments about how good they looked even if they had covered up with tee shirts. April took this in stride but Amy was a bit put off because of her near nudity around the strange guys that were commenting about her body.

At one point Al and I noticed April and Amy as they seemed to be intensely discussing something on the deck. The two of them argued for a while before they seemed to come to some sort of agreement and Al and I noticed that Amy seemed to come out of her funk and even started to smile at us guys more.

After Al and I took the girls aside and did some begging and pleading, the two girls were persuaded to take off their tee shirts. Ray and Joe got their first good look at the girl's sexy bodies that were only covered by those "conservative bikinis". Al and I could see they liked what they saw. They were soon paying the girls so many complements on their looks that they made the girls blush. (Some of those comments were fairly racy). Al and I did notice that these comments put smiles on April and Amy's faces.

We four guys seemed to get real thirsty just then, and the drink orders seemed to pick up at least a hundred percent more than they had been before. Of course we weren't dummies and would take turns when we would ask for a drink so the girls would have to make four trips instead of just one. This gave us more chances to admire the girl's bodies as they took turns bringing us our refreshments. The girls seemed to be refreshing their own drinks at a steady pace too.

April played up the part of the willing hostess to the hilt as she brought us a drink and she exaggerated her body movements while she did it. I don't think I have ever seen April walk so sensually. Short of stripping completely she displayed all her charms with her provocative teasing walk. Amy saw this and as she delivered the next round she surprised the heck out of Al when she wiggled her body provocatively as she brought the drink. As she walked away from us she really put an effort in her strut.

I guess the drinks the girls were drinking for the last while were getting to Amy a lot more than they usually did. Once the two of them had brought out a few drinks each, I could see April and Amy talking energetically on the deck again.

After a while the two of them went into the house and changed back into their more revealing "micro bikinis" This time when they came outside it was without the tee shirt cover-ups they were just wearing those very revealing "micro bikinis". Ray and Joe gasped as these wonderful almost naked bodies came out of the house. Al and I really enjoyed the reaction those sexy bodies got from Ray and Joe.

The girls strutting became even more suggestive after that. More than a few times when the girls were parading their stuff towards us we got an eyeful of their naked boobs as they slipped out of those miniscule tops.

Joe, being a bit of a loud mouth at times, commented that there was more tit showing here than a guy would see in a strip joint. The thongs the girls were wearing were no better at concealing their womanly charms. Those thongs worked up into the crack of their pussy's and gave us a good show of the pussy lips being separated by a thin bit of cloth, and to finish the look when the girls turned to walk away all there was to see of those bikini bottoms was that small string between their shapely butt cheeks.

I took April aside and asked, "Was your exposing yourself done on purpose, or just an accident?"

She said. "The first time it happened was accidental, but after seeing the response from us guys to my bare breasts, I discovered that it gave me a strange mixture of feelings. Among those feelings were excitement, stimulation, fear, embarrassment, pleasure, and the one overpowering thing I felt was "high" when all you guys drooled over my body. It felt like a hot poker had penetrated my pussy awakening something thrilling inside me. I hope you don't mind my behaviour and if you are upset with me, you only have to tell me, and I will stop."

I told her. "I am not jealous or upset. I was just surprised that she was acting this way. I you are having fun then your decadent activities are Ok with me." I added, "The sight of first you, and then Amy, as you two exposed your tits and almost naked bodies for us guys, was a genuine turn on for me too." I added, "If You want to keep exposing yourself to the others that tonight you can expect to have a very horny husband to contend with."

She then told me what Amy and she had been discussing on the deck just before they had changed into their "micro bikinis". April had been trying to convince Amy that today should be the day that Amy converted from a stick in the mud to something a little more fun to be around.

April confessed to me later that she had really pushed Amy about this being the time to give up some more of her modest ways, and she had dared Amy to try to outdo the flirting she was doing with us guys. After that talk Joe had requested a drink and April had brought it out to him. Amy had seen us guys admiring April's body and had huffed and puffed a bit. After a bit of haggling back and forth, Amy had finally agreed with April's point of view, and had taken what April said about learning to let her self go to heart.

Amy half-heartedly agreed to follow April's lead and have some fun. But when she did, to Amy's surprise she had found that she liked the new sensations that flaunting her body gave her. It didn't take Amy long after feeling the excitement it gave her, to get into the swing of things.

Amy had admitted to April after, that she had heard the racy comments we guys had given April and she wanted to see if she could get the same kind of comments. Amy also said that after she had seen the lusty looks on our faces when she had "accidentally" shown her boobs, that she had gotten some trembles in her pelvis that felt so good that she just had to continue flashing us guys.

Of course we four guys naturally saw the positive effect the explicit complements were having on the girls so we kept up a steady stream of them. Being guys, we were enjoying the sight of those two girls as they paraded their stuff for us, and the more commentary we made about how appealing their bodies looked to us, the more they seemed to respond to them.

Both April and Amy continued to rotate bringing the refreshments to us and the flashing of their bodies if anything became more blatant. They deliberately made a performance out of how they rearranged those bikinis after they had given us our drink, and they sure made that simple action look seductive.

I'm sure the other guys were as hard as I was, because of the show the girls were putting on. To top it off they then changed tactics a bit, and whenever one of them did her routine, that girl would go into the house to change into a different coloured "micro bikini".

Al and I were thoroughly enjoying the girl's actions as they pushed the bounds of respectability that day. The comments Joe and Ray made when the girls couldn't hear became more than just risqué. There was a lot of lewd commentary about what they would do if they ever got the chance to do more than just look at the girl's bodies. They unquestionably wanted to sample what the girl's were showing them.

When Al and I asked Ray and Joe why they were so crude with their comments about our wives, they admitted that they had smoked some pot when they had been driving around and apologized if they were getting to offensive with their comments. Al and I looked at each other and found that we were thinking the same thoughts as Ray and Joe were about the girl's antics. We told them to enjoy themselves because we were feeling the same way about the girls.

A short time later April brought out another drink for Ray and when she walked back to the deck Joe commented about her "nice apple shaped ass." April heard that comment and bent over and wiggled her butt a few times in his direction. That got Ray to comment that if she continued to bend over like that, that he would have to slip something hard in between her buns. April just laughed and continued back to the deck.

Amy not to be outdone did the same thing the next time she came with a drink. Al was close enough to reach over and goose her as she bent over. She jumped at that and then trotted back to April chuckling as she did.

Al and I were both amazed at how this day was progressing and how our wives had turned into exhibitionists, and even seemed to enjoy it. They had never behaved like this before, and it was a real turn on for the two of us. Al and I were elated to have our two sexy wives wilfully showing off their bodies and knowing that Joe and Ray wanted to sample those same body's was just icing on the cake. It may be strange that we liked having other guys lust after our wives, but both Al and I thought it was a big thrill.

Al and I had the same fantasy of our wives strutting around nude in front of a bunch of guys and then letting those guys have their way with them.

When we got the chance we slipped away a bit, so the others couldn't over hear us. We both were a bit surprised that our wives in those "micro bikinis" were showing a hell of a lot more skin to strangers and they were acting a lot more risqué' than was normal for them. We both confessed that just watching those two's antics had us pretty horny right then. We also added that this certainly seemed to be the start of that fantasy of ours.

As Al and I discussed this matter Amy and April were parading around on the deck like strippers and all they needed was a pole to complete that picture. We then decided that because April and Amy were now almost naked, we should see if we could influence them to completely remove the bikinis. We figured that once they did that they could be persuaded to lower their inhibitions even more.

So with both of us thinking about our wives maybe being persuaded to fulfill that fantasy of participating in an orgy, we started planning how we could get them to do that.

When we called an end to the work, it was decided that we would have a barbeque for supper. The girls put on tee shirts during supper because it was cooling off and the four of us guys kept protesting to them about them hiding everything. We kept telling them how much we had enjoyed the show that afternoon and that they were killing the mood by covering up.

With all the drinks we had been enjoying that day no one was feeling any pain. That's when Ray brought out some of his home-grown grass to smoke. We retired to the inside of the house, and needless to say after a couple of joints everyone was feeling pretty happy and laid back.

April, at one point went to the washroom and I shortly followed. When she came out of the washroom I stood with her in the hall and started to make out with her. She responded to me and when we broke the kiss she told me, "Because of all the pot I smoked, and drinks I had, not to mention all the comments from us guys about my body in my sexy bikini all afternoon, I am very horny. My nipples are as hard as they can be and all this naughtiness has gotten to me. I am so turned on, You had better be ready to take care of me later."

I admitted to her, "Your wanton behaviour in front of everyone today made you look so sexy and has me hot to trot too."

When she told me those facts I figured I would push the envelope a bit and I said to her, "If you are that horny we will have to make sure you get fucked real good and hard tonight." I added in a conspiring voice, "Today seems like the perfect time for your fantasy about being with others for sex to come about."

She got a funny look on her face, "Are you saying you want me to be with another guy and let him fuck me?"

I told her, "It would make me very happy if you want to fulfill your fantasy of being with someone else, and I will help you make it happen if you want it to happen."

She gave me another funny look and smiled that devilish smile she had, then said. "I have three guys in the front room I wonder which one I should choose."

We were still in the hallway and Joe came by, heading for the washroom. As he passed behind April, he grabbed her ass cheek and squeezed them. Joe was half wasted and seeing April's ass like that, he just couldn't resist. As he groped her ass she jumped and laughingly told him, "Behave yourself." The way she said it made it clear she wasn't angry at him.

As Joe closed the bathroom door I got back on topic, and told her, "You can pick anyone you want to tonight, and as she thought about it some more, Joe came out of the washroom and again grabbed her ass in passing.

Ray was coming to empty his bladder too and saw what had happened and did the same to her. She didn't know what to make of all this groping, but she still had this big smile on her face. When Ray came back she amazed me by turned her back to him, and bent over to give him a better target.

Ray looked at me and when I nodded at him to show him it was Ok, he grabbed both of her buns with both hands. He spent a half a minute enjoying groping her butt as she wiggled her buns in his hands. He stopped after a minute and reluctantly walked away smiling, and as he did she told him, "You had better be careful and not start something you can't finish." She then looked back at me and added, "The only guy that hasn't played grab ass with me today is Al."

I told her, "He probably would if you give him a chance. He has told me on numerous occasions of his desire to get in your panties. I got back on the topic I wanted to be on, and added, "If the devil takes over your body again tonight, I would like you to have as much fun as you want, and I would really like to watch you in action. I then asked her, "Who are you going to choose to help act out your fantasy?

She went back and forth trying to make up her mind and then told me, "I can't decide. I think they all would be fun."

I then boldly said, "If you can't make a decision maybe we should just get all of the guys to do you."

I don't know if it was the booze or the pot, but April thought for a bit and then she got this smile on her face again and said to me, "What you are proposing sounds like a real hot time, and is turning me on. I am concerned about how you will react though." April then told me, "If you haven't noticed I am sure that Amy is just as horny as I am."

I reassured her by saying, "I would love to watch you in action with the other guys, and I admit that I would like to try and get Amy to join in the carousing too. I wonder if she could be influenced to drop more of her inhibitions and do this sort of thing too.

April asked me, "How are we going to get this started? I'm very interested in having multiple partners tonight, but I think Amy might have to be persuaded more before she will do anything like this. So what's the plan?"

I told her, "I will talk to the guys if you are serious about participating in this orgy adventure, and maybe one of them will have an idea of how to get Amy to join in. I'm sure you'll have to listen carefully to what I say and to follow the directions I give when we get things going."

The first chance I had, I talked to Al about having an orgy. He was all for it, but was concerned about how Amy would react. I reminded him that she was feeling no pain now and the way she had been strutting around this afternoon I was sure it wouldn't take much more to get her going again.

The one lesson we had learned about Amy and the "micro bikinis" was when we had compared her stiff attitude to April's laid-back style she had gave in and wore them. Al and I knew that she didn't like to be compared to others as being inferior, and would almost always try to make herself appear to be willing to do what others were doing.

Al and I decided that this was the best approach to accomplish our goals. So we agreed that we should push Amy a bit by showing her that April was willing, and leading the way. When she saw that, it should do most of the work for us. I then said to him, "If we were to succeed in getting Amy to join in, then we would have to do lots of praising her just to make her feel comfortable, and lead her on as we went forward with the evening's plan so that she would not balk at the idea.

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