tagRomanceBill and Melanie Find Each Other

Bill and Melanie Find Each Other


As he exited his car in the super market parking lot and walked toward the entrance someone shouted out his name.

"Bill!" An obvious female voice yelled out.

He looked up, trying to find the source of the woman shouting his name. He almost didn't recognize her. She'd be what, twenty four by now? A young blond woman in worn jeans and an oxford shirt was standing just a few feet ahead of him. It was Melanie. He had first met her ten years earlier when he and his former wife had moved into a small subdivision only a couple of miles away.

She had been their first baby sitter in the new house; she had lived directly across the street. A neighborhood of young couples with children, it had been ripe with available sitters. Melanie had been the best--that perfect combination. She was responsible and mature for her age and both kids adored her.

He had treated her as a responsible young lady--not as a child. She had come to him with typical adolescent problems but their conversations had never strayed to sexual matters. He had become not a replacement for her own father, who could be a bit distant, but not like an older brother, either. He had never had the slightest sexual feelings toward her. He had been a mentor and they had shared mature but never flirtatious conversations.

At fourteen she had been tall, gangly and rail skinny. As a young teen she had been cute but certainly not pretty. She played with the kids--she entertained them. She was firm and loving and as perfect a sitter as there was in the neighborhood. The kids enjoyed their time with Melanie so much that they were always asking when mommy and daddy were going out again so that Melanie could come over.

He had lost track of Melanie in her senior year of high school. She wasn't around much; he hardly recalled seeing her come and go across the street. The kids had gotten older and didn't need a sitter for short outings. As Melanie got into senior year activities and boys she was often not available to sit.

He remembered seeing her once; on that occasion he hardly recognized her. He was down at the dock preparing to take a Catamaran out for a couple of hours. There were often young girls in skimpy bathing suits hanging around looking for a boat to go out on. Most could sail and would help crew. Most were also underage so he avoided them.

He heard another man who was working on his boat say something to one of the girls--calling her Mel. The young lady in question was a stunning example of late teen womanhood. Blond, tall and well formed with, as they used to say, an impressive rack--easily the most attractive young woman in sight. She recognized him before he recognized her.

"Hi Mr. Davis!" She exclaimed, smiling broadly. What a smile, he thought.

"Melanie? I almost didn't recognize you. How have you been?" He had replied incredulously.

"It's Mel, Mr. Davis, only my parents call me Melanie anymore." She had replied, moving toward his boat.

Oddly, he knew her birthday. She had been like family and her birthday had always been marked on the calendar on the refrigerator. She would just have celebrated her nineteenth birthday in the last few months. She was certainly not the Melanie he remembered.

She'd gained a smidgen of height--easily five eight or better--but there was nothing gangly or awkward about her. She was a stunning young woman; when she smiled she was absolutely enticing. He realized she would be graduating from high school in a few weeks.

"It's Bill, Mel, call me Bill." Bill replied.

Melanie asked immediately about the children; she had loved sitting for them and had missed it. Bill asked her about college; she would be attending a school in the Northern part of the state some four hours away. She got serious for a moment, expressing sorrow at the demise of his marriage.

His first wife had hit the ten year mark and decided she needed to find herself. She had initially demanded custody of the kids--primarily for the child support she would receive. Their daughter had asked to leave and live with dad. A school counselor, an independent shrink and a court appointed advocate had agreed.

His ex thought she should still receive the same amount of child support; she obviously lost on that count. Within a year she had remarried a guy with some coin--the first of three marriages over the next ten years, including one to a drug dealer. Husband number two in her string of four didn't want a little boy around, so both children now lived with their dad. She no longer needed the child support--therefore, she no longer needed the children.

Years later, when the kids were in their middle to late twenties and his ex was on husband number four, they all reconciled. Husband number four was a fine man and the ex had mellowed. At the time he met Melanie at the dock, the children didn't even want to go visit mom a hundred miles away. Finally it was agreed without lawyers and judges that they didn't have to.

Bill quickly brought Mel up to speed on the sordid details. He could tell that she felt genuine sorrow at what his children had endured. She asked how he was doing. He said he was fine and had moved soon after the divorce to a new house a couple of miles away--another reason, he realized, why he had lost touch with Melanie. She asked him if he was dating anyone special; he asked her the same question. Neither had anyone special in their lives.

He was going to sail for a couple of hours while the kids were in school. Raising two kids with a full time--seldom nine to five--job was difficult. He had passed on a promotion, choosing to stay in sales where his hours were more flexible. He made good money--over two hundred thousand the previous year. He had done the job long enough and knew his customers well enough that the job had become easier as the years had passed. His customers liked him and knew of his situation; if he had to cut an appointment short--or even cancel--to pick up a sick child at school, they understood.

"Mel, I'm only going out for a couple of hours. Do you want to come along?" He asked.

Melanie thought for a moment, then answered. "Sure, I'd love to. That's a great Cat. I wondered who it belonged to."

The Catamaran was not the typical Hobie variety; it was considerably bigger and faster. Like all small Catamarans it wasn't terribly comfortable, having a stretched canvas surface on which to sit, lie or precariously stand on. It was easier to sail with two. Melanie quickly demonstrated that she knew her way around a boat of this type.

They beached off of a little island at the entrance to open water. They walked the short distance to the ocean side and briefly swam in the light surf. He swam closer to her than he would normally have in this situation; she made no effort to increase the separation. He felt familiar stirrings as they frolicked in the water.

Her bathing suit, already tiny, became almost transparent in the warm salt water. Her nipples were clearly visible and quite obviously erect--as was his cock. Her breasts were magnificent--full, firm and in perfect proportion to the rest of her body. As she dived under the water, the thin fabric clung to her butt crack alluringly. If you looked up the definition of the perfect female behind in the dictionary--hers would be pictured with no other explanation. As he exited the water, he could clearly see the outline of her closely shaved slit. It was unlikely that she could miss the boner he was sprouting in spite of his efforts to hide it.

Christ. He thought. She's like family--almost one of your own kids. Her parents were a little strange, not particularly warm and affectionate--but not bad parents. Melanie had become like a third child. Making a move on this nubile nineteen year old girl would feel incestuous.

They completed their voyage and said their goodbyes at dockside. She had to get home as did he. They neither kissed nor embraced; it just didn't seem appropriate. Not having any close female companionship on the horizon, he went home to shower and jerk off with the vision of the beautiful young Melanie providing all the stimulation required. Melanie was nineteen; Bill was thirty-four. The fifteen year age difference was insurmountable to him. In Arkansas and a number of other states, he could be old enough to be her father.

He had not seen Melanie in five years; he was now thirty-nine and Melanie was twenty-four. He had completely lost track of her while she was away in college. Evidently, he was to discover, she went to school year round to graduate early. She loved her parents, but they were not terribly close. They still treated her like a child. She'd worked to get her degree quickly, get a job and move out of her parents' house as soon as possible.

As they entered the store, they both got shopping carts and ended up roaming the aisles together, catching up on the past five years. She had not a hint of makeup nor any jewelry. Her hair was tied back in a simple pony tail. Her face had matured. Her supple breasts were evident under the oxford button down shirt. It was obvious that she neither wore--nor needed-- a bra. It was astounding to realize that he had known this young lady for ten years, albeit with many and prolonged gaps in their relationship.

She asked immediately about the children--now sixteen and twelve. Both were mature for their age. They didn't need baby sitters anymore. His sixteen year old daughter was very responsible. The two children were very close. The four year age difference between his son and daughter precluded much sibling rivalry. He occasionally would hire a sitter if work demanded that he be gone overnight--normally an older woman who lived a couple of houses down and was widowed.

Their conversation turned to their respective love lives. She had had a serious boyfriend through college; the relationship had ended when they graduated. She didn't seem terribly broken up over it. She was not seeing anyone seriously at the present time. He dated--less often than he would have liked to with the responsibilities of a demanding job and two children to raise. He had no serious love interest--and none on the horizon.

Their conversation was friendly and relaxed. She smiled easily. She was very bright with a sharp wit that he shared. She had taken a job with a local advertising firm with a nationally recognized name. She had received better offers upon graduation but loved the ocean and the warm climate in which she had grown up.

As their respective groceries were rung up, he desperately wanted to find some way to have future contact with Melanie. She was fifteen years his junior. He couldn't just ask her out. As he looked at her, he sensed that she too wanted to see him again in some context.

She spoke first as they wheeled their carts to their respective cars. "I don't suppose the kids need baby sitting anymore now that Caitlin is sixteen, do they?"

He had his opening. "It's funny that you should mention that. Most times, Caitlin can handle it--unless I've got to go out of town overnight. Don't tell me you are supplementing your corporate income with a little baby sitting on the side?"

She laughed. God she was pretty when she laughed. "No, but I'd love to see them."

His pulse quickened as he replied. "Well I don't know if it would fit with your schedule, but Friday night--I know it's date night--I have to go to a trade show a couple of hours away. I may get back, but it will be very late. If I have anything to drink, I'll get a room and stay over, returning early the next morning."

"I'd absolutely love to! Tell me where you live and what time. I'll be there and plan to sleep over. And by the way, you don't need to even think of paying me. Not only were you always very good to me when I used to sit for you, but it will be a real treat for me to see the kids again." She replied.

He told her where he lived and she started to laugh. "It's a small world. I bought a condo not a quarter of a mile from your house. I know your house--I've jogged by it on many a morning."

He gave her a key. He would leave before the kids got home from school, around 2:00 PM. The kids would be fine for the few hours between the time they got home from school and Melanie arrived.

Before they turned to get into their respective cars, they embraced. He would not out of a sense of propriety have held the hug as long as Melanie did. She lightly kissed his forehead; he brushed her cheek with his lips. He hoped she would break away before she felt the stiffening in his shorts. He was pretty sure she couldn't miss it and was a little embarrassed.

She whispered in his ear as she released him. "It's been too long. I'm glad we found each other again."

"Same here, Mel." He replied, somewhat taken aback by the tenderness of her tone and phrasing.

When the kids got home he told them of the arrangement. They liked the older woman who would sit for them when he was away overnight but they both adored Melanie. It would be like a party with a special and dear buddy from their past. Mel called early Friday morning just to confirm the plans. He had missed her angelic voice and it had only been two days.

He thought of Melanie and nothing else on the two hour drive to the trade show. Did he want to fuck her? Hell yes, who wouldn't? Would he make a move on her? Hell no. He had no sense that he and Melanie would ever hop in the sack. He had always had a youthful appearance and didn't remotely look his thirty-nine years. He was healthy and in peak physical condition. He worked out almost daily; it was his way to unwind.

If he even took her to dinner there would be snickers about cradle robbing--not that he really gave a shit. He had long since stopped worrying about what others gossiped about. What about her parents? Melanie's mom had died suddenly before they had moved across the street. She and her step mother had a strained relationship. Hell what was he worrying about--he wasn't going to ask her out on anything remotely resembling a date. He still couldn't stop thinking about her; his thought were loving and tender--but at the same time increasingly erotic.

He did not drink at the trade show. He did not want to spend the night alone in a motel. He did his job and exited as early as possible; there were lots of others there from his company who actually enjoyed schmoozing with customers after hours. He got out before ten. He would be home by midnight. He wondered if the party would still be going on.

The house was dark. He tiptoed in, surprised that everyone seemed to be asleep. His kids had left him a note which explained why they had gone to bed. Caitlin had a school trip the next morning; her girl friend's folks were picking her up at 6:30 AM--PLEASE DON'T LET ME OVER SLEEP!!!

His son, Ben was going fishing with one of his best friend's parents. They were picking him up at the same time—the same plea to be sure he was awakened was included.

The house was relatively small. Each of the kids had a bedroom. He had modified what would have been the third bedroom as a playroom, and later as a study room. The fourth bedroom was a full office. The company did not provide office space, so this room was literally all office. The kids' doors were closed. He checked on both of them; they were sound asleep. The master bedroom door was closed; he assumed that Mel was sleeping in his bed; the thought brought back the familiar stirrings. He decided against checking on her, deeming it inappropriate. Her purse was evident on the kitchen counter; she had evidently walked since her late model Honda was not in the driveway.

Each of his kids had their own bathroom and there was a master bath with sunken tub and walk-in shower. There was a bathroom off the office. He had added substantially to the house over the years, including expanding the master suite, adding a large walk in closet and an over sized master bath. It was a one story ranch type--block, stucco and brick. His office was an add-on and was virtually sound proof since it was separated from the rest of the house by what had been an outside wall. He had gone to pains to make it more sound proof so that he could talk to the office staff or customers and not hear any racket from the kids' side of the house. He went to the bathroom off the office to shower, confident that he would not disturb anyone.

He slept naked, but had some loose sleeping shorts that he kept by his bed if had to go out into the main part of the house at night. Wearing only a towel he crept into the laundry room off the kitchen, remembering that he had done a load of laundry and hoping that his son had done his chores--which included checking the washer as soon as he got home from school and putting the load in the dryer. Ben had done so. Someone, he assumed Melanie, had folded the dried clothing. There was a pair of shorts on top; he donned them, tossing the wet towel into the dryer.

There wasn't a spare bed. He'd love to go crawl into his own bed and snuggle up next to Melanie's warm--and hopefully naked--young body, bringing her out of her sleep with his mouth on her young pussy, hoping she would return the oral favor. The thought got him rock hard.

He knew he would do no such thing. He would sleep on the couch in the family room. It did pull out into a hide a bed. It was also wide and long enough for his six feet with room to spare. He elected not to pull it out and make noise. He grabbed a blanket out of the hall closet, found a couple of extra pillows and settled in on the couch.

His cock was painfully erect. He wished he'd jerked off in the shower. He examined his boner in the dim light. He had equipped the house with those little blue-green nightlights in virtually every outlet. It had been for safety when the kids were younger. They'd all gotten used to them. He had then in the bedroom in case one of the kids came in during a storm. They didn't bother him and wouldn't impede his sleep.

Back to his cock. His boner was preventing sleep. He had a nice cock--he had been told by more than one woman who had shared his bed over the years. It was probably a little longer than average--maybe a hair over eight inches. He knew because all men measure their cock from time to time. He was circumcised. The surgeon had done a nice job, leaving him a prominent ridge at the base of the head. It was fat enough to have pleased most of the women who had decided to test it out for size. It was decidedly harder and stood more erect than many men of his age could boast; he only knew that because he had read it in a men's health magazine while waiting to get his hair cut. He had never had any ED issues. He had good control and could restrain his ejaculation until his partner was ready. With no pharmaceutical aid he could easily get hard again quickly following an orgasm and certainly fuck any woman as often as she desired on a regular hourly basis following his second cumming. His cock just hadn't been getting the workout it deserved recently--except in the morning shower.

He desperately wanted to jerk off. He could find a hand towel and some lubricant in the kitchen. He was seconds from doing so when he heard the master bedroom door open and Mel's soft voice calling his name. "Over here." He had replied softly.

She came over and sat on the sofa next to him. She was wearing a long, modest cotton nightgown which went to her ankles. It was certainly not flannel. He could clearly see the smooth swell of her breasts. Her nipples projecting through the thin fabric. She wore no panties. The bright moonlight from the window clearly outlined her young pussy and the soft hint of public hair. She smelled freshly showered; she smelled like every young woman of her age should smell. It was an aroma that no man could resist. Her firm young hip was tightly plastered against his own.

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