tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBillion Dollar Slaves 04 Ch. 03

Billion Dollar Slaves 04 Ch. 03


Dear Readers,

Several of you have commented on the realism of my stories and I wish to thank you for noticing that. I write to entertain, to educate and if I have done my job correctly, to make people think in ways they might not have before reading my stories. Mostly, I just hope you enjoy my little tales of darkness.

Dom Woolf

Chapter 3 Parties and Politics

Lisa and Rick were relaxing on the beach front porch after the first dinner attended by the entire extended family, talking about recent events, catching up on their various adventures and discussing the future. Lisa's slave Christy knelt on her pillow beside her Mistress, naked as always serving her bites of snacks and keeping her wine glass full as needed. Donna, Rick's slave/wife knelt on his side of the couch doing much the same with the exception being she knelt directly on the hard wood deck and a tray containing Rick's snacks was attached to the rings through her nipples, its weigh held suspended by her tits.

Looking out from the vantage point of the couch Rick and Lisa could see their newest acquisition the Sea Ray 60 Sundancer yacht named My Mistress and her Captain, Mistress Frieda working her new crew of willing slaves, the twins Ruby and Emma and her personnel slave Mia as she had them polish and clean every inch of Frieda's pride and joy.

Noises from the open lanai windows told the tale of what Rick's other slave Ruth was up too. Julio and the grounds keeper, Obatak, were introducing the newest house slave to the joys of island sex. Ruth had never been had by two men at the same time nor had she ever been with a man not of her own race. Currently she had one black cock driving into her pink pussy while another was doing his best to force his rather long cock into her stomach via her mouth and throat. Adding to her experience was the simple fact that she didn't know either man, she was tied nude and suspended in the main living room of the house. This meant that others that she had just met like the maid staff were wandering in, watching for a few minutes, and then leaving only to be replaced by others, guards or the British maintenance man who sat in an easy chair watching every thing being done to her. That he was enjoying it was obvious by the size and hardness of the cock he was stroking as he watched.

Ruth, until a few months ago, had led a very sheltered life. She had been a typical mom and housewife who had dreamed of having adventures. Then her world had fallen apart when she discovered her husband was a pedophile preying on her daughters. Divorce was too much for her husband, he lost his mind, kidnapped and raped one of her daughters and attempted to torture her before being killed by the police.

Rick and Lisa had saved Ruth and her daughters; they had also introduced them to the world of bondage and submission. Now Ruth was living the adventures she had only fantasized.

Her fantasies had been remarkably vanilla compared to the reality she was living. Here she was the sex slave of a billionaire and his dominate daughter, living on a tropical island paradise, and being fucked by huge, strong, and muscular black men as others watched her shameless exhibitionism. Ruth could only wonder what would happen to her next.

Lisa and Rick stopped their conversation and listened for a moment as Ruth's cries of orgasm and the accompanying sounds of the men's grunts of satisfaction as they came grew quite noisy. They smiled at each other and resumed their talk.

Lisa told Rick about Maria, now known as slave 57 and how she had been broken by Jake until she was a just a unthinking sex toy for use in his bar/bondage nightclub.

Rick detailed the trip to San Francisco and the adventures he and Donna and Ruth had enjoyed at the Folsom street fair. They discussed the staff additions and the purchase of the yacht. They had just finished when Julio brought Ruth crawling in collar and chains to the porch and returned her to Rick. Cum still dripped from her chin and pussy, the rope marks still stood out on her wrists and ankles where she had been suspended. Her breasts showed the redness of much manhandling, her ass the imprints of strong swats from the men hands.

Rick inquired. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yes Master. Very much! I have never been fucked so completely or so deeply."

Both Christy and Donna giggled, remembering their first gang bangs and how Ruth hadn't seen anything yet.

Lisa got an evil grin on her pretty face, "Christy darling use your pretty tongue and clean up your mother. Donna you can help, too," Christy helped remove Donna's serving tray before the two turned towards Ruth, grinning, and making lewd licking motions with their tongues.

Ruth pretended to be horrified as both women crawled over to Ruth and began kissing and licking her all over. Not restrained by specific orders the three simply enjoyed each other as their Masters watched.

Lisa watched the three pretty submissive's at play, enjoying the contrasts of size and skin and hair color. She noted the various bruises that decorated the women's skin with spots of color and the scars that her mother bore from repeated whippings. She marveled at the fact that all three women could be happy and fulfilled in a life of service and sexual slavery. She enjoyed serving Master Rick, but other then him, she would never submit to another again. She enjoyed being the one in charge of her own life and in charge of the lives of her slaves.

Lisa looked back over her life, seeing where she had come from and where she was now. She wondered about the future, not believing that marriage or kids were something she was interested in. She would be twenty seven next year, most of her high school and college friends were already married and pumping out kids and enjoying a typical family life.

She looked out over the home she shared with Rick, the extended family they both had and the life they lead. She was content.

"Earth to Lisa." Rick's voice seemed to come from a long ways off.

"Sorry I was spacing a bit thinking about our life here."

"That's ok love. I was just asking what you thought of throwing a Halloween party."

Lisa's face lit up in a big smile. "That would be fun. We could do the whole costume and decorations around a dungeon theme and use the play room for the party."

Rick cracked up. "The purloined letter trick! Hiding our lifestyle right out in the open. I love it."

Lisa jumped up from her chair. "Oh my God, Halloween is in two weeks. Christy, get Frieda and meet me in the office." Lisa ran off, a bemused and slightly confused Christy untangled herself from the pile of playing women and ran down to the beach.

Ruth and Donna lay back propped up on their elbows and looked at Master Rick. "Master, you sure know how to ruin a good session." Both women grinned at Rick's startled expression.

"What did I do?"

The next week was a flurry of activity as Lisa and Frieda made the million and one decisions about the party. Rick watched bemused but refused to get involved, as far as he was concerned this was the girl's idea and they could handle all the arraignments. He was amazed however at the enthusiasm of the staff and guards as well as the rest of the family.

The original dungeon party idea had expanded until it was now a pirates and dungeons party with the costumes to center around a colonial 1700's motif. The amusement factor ceased to be, approximately the third time he almost got run over by a maid carrying a batch of costumes or decorations hurriedly from one place to another in the villa. Rick surrendered and retreated to Jakes bar for the afternoon leaving the noise and chaos behind.

Jake as usual was surrounded by his bevy of beauties and a quiet jazz entomb was playing in the background as Rick dropped into a seat and ordered a rum and cola.

"Party prep drove you out I take it?"

"How'd you guess?" Rick gulped his drink and signaled for another.

"I think I have gotten fifteen calls from guests asking about costumes or to borrow equipment and more calls from Frieda about servants and security. Let me venture to guess; you're staying out of the planning and prep?"

"Yep. Their big girls now, I think they can plan an adult party without my input."

"Rightly so. Now that your here. I was wondering, have you heard of my little money making opportunity?

Rick glanced at his old friend. "I haven't been in the loop, since I got back. What's it about?"

Jake chased away his toys, leaving the two men alone. "Well you know what local politics around here are like. Seems someone heard about how we handled our little drug problem last year and they know what type of thing goes on here. So they put two and two together and came up with an idea to quietly place some of their more recalculate guests in an environment where they might be gently persuaded to part with information the higher ups would like to discover without having to explain why the police are holding and torturing prisoners."

"Plausible deniability."

"Exactly. I get to keep and expand my business, the bills for new equipment get paid from else where, and I get to do what I love best with no restraints."

"And certain portions of the government get an experienced interrogator 'off the books.' You're playing a dangerous game my friend." Rick observed.

"Price you pay for living in a country whose constitution is just so much toilet paper and gets rewritten by each despot that grabs power."

"So how's this supposed to work?"

Jake smiled a worried smile. "I get a great deal on the building behind the club, so I expand the ground floor of the club into the next building, the second floor becomes barracks and offices for security types with an outside entrance and a secret staircase to the basement but no access from the club, the basement gets cells built in and a tunnel leading to my basement which gets the new equipment and soundproofing and 'presto chango' instant black ops gitmo."

Rick sat back thinking about the changes and the possibilities. Government sanctions with no restraints and an endless supply of nameless victims; a sociopathic sadist's dreams come true. Rick always knew Jake was bent but society's morals, laws and consequences had restrained his actions to an acceptable level, without those constraints he wondered just how far Jake would take things.

'I wonder just how far I would allow myself to go?' Rick thought to himself.

All Hallows Eve the villa was awash with lights and decorations and music. Guests poured in, most, but not all in period piece costumes as pirates or gentry, colonial militia or sweeping bells of the old south. Some came with slave costumes complete with cuffs and ball and chains. Somehow the private party had become a very public and very posh affair attracting the rich and idle from the entire island and several surrounding areas.

Lisa had her staff in authentic servant outfits and the guards dressed as British military red coats. The twins were chained in the dungeon, naked from the waist up with slave collars and authentic cuffs; their pussy's wrapped in an easily removed loin cloth. Christy, Mia, Ruth, and Donna all wore "Victorian" corsetry tightly lacing their waists and exposing the ample swells of their breasts above the lace and finery of their hooped skirts and low cut blouses.

Lisa, Rick and Frieda wore pirate Captain's outfits with frock coats, vests, twill knicker pants, frilly shirts, three corner hats, baldrics, gloves and yes even the wig.

Jake showed up with two of his slaves, one dressed as a ravaged lady with torn skirt and petticoats, the other a small black girl in a servants outfit the back torn away to show off her whipped back. Jake wore The Slashed Dandy a classic example of a mid 17th century chevalier with the high waisted doublet and baggy pantaloons which were highly fashionable in this period. His outfit included the Slashed doublet, Pantaloons, Lacy Dutch boy shirt, and caplet. All in all, an outfit that suited his style and ego.

Jake had also hooked Lisa up with a few friends that had lent her some period pieces for the dungeon, an iron maiden, a rack and several versions of stocks now decorated the dungeon and back patio.

Music was playing in several portions of the house and grounds; a string quartette was doing waltzes in the living room. The back porch and beach had a more contemporary band and the dungeon had a mad electronic harpsichordist doing weird and dramatic mood music.

One of Jakes bouncers was doubling as the dungeon master for the night in an executioners costume complete with hooded mask.

Everyone should had been vetted or vouched for by people known to the family or Jake. Everyone attending knew what to expect and was there to enjoy themselves. The party was in full swing before 10 pm, with most of the equipment in full use.

Lisa had stopped in to the dungeon in time to watch fascinated, as one of the Dom's racked a girl. Her wrists were bound to the large drum at the head of the rack while her dainty feet had been locked in the stocks at the far end. Slowly the Dom turned the big wheel, wrapping the rope binding her wrists and stretching the girl across the frame. He stopped, locking the wheel, to tear away the front of her blouse exposing her puffie tipped breasts. His rough hands squeezed and stretched her breasts, eliciting painful moans from his subject.

He returned to the wheel turning it once more to the next point on the ratchet, stretching her muscles and elongating her frame. He returned to tear her dress down the front exposing her taut belly. Lisa wanted to run her hands over the bound form and feel the stretched tight muscles. The Dom ratcheted the rack another notch, Lisa could see the skin begin to stretch and sweat as the girl groaned from her painful position.

The rest of her clothes were torn from her body revealing just how much her body had already taken. Her rib cage was pulled up, concaving the skin of her stomach, tilting her pelvis up, her cunt rising above her belly. Her Master took advantage of her exposed and vulnerable position to tease her clit with a heavy massage unit. He played the unit over and around her pussy constantly moving, teasing, and stimulating her. At the same time he played, pulled, and stretched her tits. Her body tried to react but the only part that could move was her neck and head thrashing from side to side as she screamed as quickly as she could draw breathe.

Lisa couldn't believe the girl's body could actually shudder through an orgasm, even as she watched it do it. She knew the muscles must be tearing from the stress and her Dom knew it too. He hit the release and gathered his shuddering submissive to his chest. Lisa walked away breathing deeply from her own charge of emotion.

Rick and Jake had come up with a variation of the old party game bobbing for apples. It still involved a tub of ice cold water and a bunch of apples but instead of just letting people try to grab an apple, the new version used bound and suspended slaves being dunked at the end of a rope.

So far the party goers were taking to the new game with a lot of enthusiasm, subbies, wives and girlfriends had been tied and lifted and dunked into the giant tub full of apples. The tub was actually a clear glass 4 ft deep dunk tank and filled with over a thousand apples. It was also kept ice cold by the floating chunks of dry ice that also gave off a cold mist. Dry ice could also burn the skin if it came into contact for more than a few seconds so there was the element of danger as well. However with a prize of one thousand dollars and a new custom made corset there were plenty of husbands, Dom's, and boyfriends willing to strip and dunk their companions.

Each contestant was listed on the big chalk board behind the dunk tank and the winner of the one minute try was a trophy wife of a local politician who had no problem stripping off her top to expose her large silicon boobs and had managed to snag six apples in just under the one minute mark. He husband seemed to delight in watching her antics but had the rope which was used to lift and dunk her pulled by one of his security people. He had also left her suspended upside down while her count was tallied and written on the big board all the while he was playing with her cold hardened nipples, much to the delight of the crowd.

Some women went in topless and some completely nude, including one woman whose boyfriend lost his grip and dropped her into the tank. Ricks security people fished out the semi frozen woman and helped her to the warming and drying area.

Frieda had set up a contest of her own to help a local women's shelter. It tickled her weird sense of humor to set up an old fashioned ships flogging and make people pay per stroke to flog a person from a group of slaves and volunteers. The flogger was deer hide lots of sound and fury, red marks and stinging stripes but way to soft to do any lasting damage.

The chosen victim would be pulled from the cage kicking and screaming and dragged over to the cross, there to be secured and their shirts torn away as the buyer proceeded to wail away at the naked flesh.

The flogging booth was making a ton of money and at first Frieda was worried about running short of bodies to flog, to her amazement she had more and more volunteers as the night progressed. Women who had never shown interest in bdsm were pushing their husbands to flog them for charity and proudly showing off the stripes to their friends.

"Boss!" Julio ran up to Rick a strange look on his face. "We gots too many peoples. Way more than Mistress Lisa say. Everybody shows invite and brings friends, but way too many invites. Boss I got four hundred cards at the gate. Four hundred, Boss!"

"Relax Julio. This party went out of control a long time ago. Just have the guards keep an eye on the crowd, toss out anyone that starts trouble and let me know if anything comes up you need help with."

Rick signaled Donna as Julio ran back to issue orders to his guards. Donna had been serving drinks and brought Rick a large pewter tankard of island ale. Jake joined him pinching Donna's nipple as she went past and swatting her tail as she moved around him.

"Great Lass ya got there matey." Jakes pirate imitation sucked, but Rick laughed. "And a great ass to boot."

"Good thing you clued me in about the party becoming the social event of the season. Julio is having kittens because the invites outnumber the guest list four to one."

Jake grinned. "Yeah it wouldn't due for one of these islands great benefactors to run short of food and grog."

"Not much chance of that. I quadrupled the order for everything once you told me about the counterfeit invites making the rounds to all the money folk and politicos."

Jake swigged from his rum bottle. "Well, it was selfish on my part, ya know. I hate running out of rum before I run out of bums to pinch and tits to spank or verse visa."

"Speaking of same. I wonder where Ruth, Mia, and Christy are."

"I saw Miss Christy in the pool of floggerette's earlier. Haven't seen the other two." Jake nodded towards the charity booth.

"I'll catch up with you later." Rick started searching the crowd. Jake laughed and spotting two unescorted women swept them up in his big arms. "Ladies, have you ever bobbed for bananas?

It took Rick a few minutes of searching to discover that Lisa had the mother daughter team running a game in the covered pool area. Another take off of a traditional Halloween party game, in the original scones were hung by strings and the contest was to eat the scone without using your hands. In Lisa's version couples had to try to eat a scone together. The first couple of the ten couples playing to finish their scone got to penalize one of the other couples by removing a piece of their clothing. As each couple was made nude they were eliminated, last couple with any clothes won the prize.

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