tagGroup SexBillionaire and the Sisters Ch. 17

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 17


A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 10). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 17 – The Four Sisters Go On The Prowl


I'd lost control of the situation.

Four estrogen-laden members of the human race took over my condominium, my mind, and my sex organ.

From the time I woke up in the morning until I fell asleep, usually in the haze of wonderful sexual exhaustion, I thought about the four of them all day long – Elsa, Sheila, Cindy, and Melanie. Days usually started with a blowjob, sometimes from two of them. All day long I knew that Melanie and Sheila are working near me without panties on, regardless of how else they were dressed. They frequently showed me proof of their adherence to my playful edict about no panties in the office, and I often checked by running a hand up their legs, even penetrating a pussy or two with a couple of fingers. I'd resisted having sex in the office. I felt if I started that, it would be all I'd every do and the rest of my business would go to hell in a hand basket. The thought crossed my mind often, however.

To remind me that I had two lovers who don't work with me, I'd often get sexts from Elsa and Cindy – lewd pictures of their sexy body parts, often taken in a public or office situation. Elsa sent me a selfie of her pussy that I think Cindy took with her camera. She was having lunch on a park bench with her legs spread, and there were dozens of other people in the background. Cindy sent me a photo of her topless, obviously in a public restroom; her nipples were erect and excited. They both made me excited to see them after work.

I had passed a lot of work off to Andy. He was making some of the trips I used to make, and I'd started to focus on corporate structure, personnel assignments, executive development, grooming of successors for executive posts, and things a little further out than the day-to-day operations that could consume me. We talked dozens of times each day, even when one of us was on the road. I also could spend even more of my time on strategic investments and new business development.

Sheila was traveling with both of us. Since we'd started to have sex, it was as though a dam had broken; we couldn't get enough of each other. Our nights on the road were sex-filled with heated lovemaking sessions that often went on for hours. Where I used to host a dinner or spend time with an important customer, I tended to spend my time with Sheila locked in her embraces in our hotel.

Sheila joined the Mile High Club on a flight with me out to visit Tom Power at his new post at Nanotech in Silicon Valley. We stayed over, and Tom joined us that night and we had a threesome that left Sheila a puddle of overused raw sexual energy panting and full of cum in the middle of the bed. We were comfortable enough that he and I slept that night on either side of her.

Sheila also traveled with Andy. Before they went on their first trip together in quite some time, I felt a reticence from her about the trip. I called her on it.

"Sheila, what's up with Andy and you? I thought you wanted in on the Nanotech project."

"Oh, I do. It's just ... the overnight with Andy. He'll expect ..."

I suddenly understood. I came around my desk and hugged her to me. "Honey, I love you. Your having sex with Andy doesn't upset me at all. I even watched you months back at my barbecue; you two were hot together. What, three weeks ago, I watched you and Tom get it on. I still get hard thinking about what you looked like riding him and then having him ride you."

"But that was before you and I ... got really serious, and you were there when Tom and I were fucking; it made it different."

"We are serious, but Andy and Tom aren't threats. Heck, I'll invite Margo to come and join us the two nights you're away. Sometime you might go out to see Tom by yourself. I'm not casting you off or saying anything negative about this. If you would like to get together with Andy and-or Tom again – or both of them, it's really fine with me. I encourage you to enjoy yourself. If you don't, they're gentlemen and will understand. Why don't you make it fun and sensual for each of you. Fuck each other's brains out. Tell me some sexy details when you get home – all of us; get us all hornier than we usually are – if that's possible. Do something unique."

Sheila added in a tentative tone, "And then come home to you ... and tell you about it?"

"Yes. The girls and I will welcome you home with love and passion as always, but we do love the details." I gave a lecherous grin.

"I guess I have carryover feelings from all those societal messages about monogamy and exclusivity."

I laughed, "Sheila, what do you find every night – every night! – at my condo?"

Sheepishly, she said, "You and three other women, and we all have sex together. I love it. I never knew life could be this good."

"Just to correct you slightly, we make love – and we are a lusty bunch and all love sex. We are not exclusive or monogamous. Just before you joined us we had Carter over for a fun weekend, and we might have him back; Melanie likes him. If you wanted to bring Andy and Margo, or Steve, any or all of them, that would be OK too. We'd have our mini-orgy and a lot of fun. Some of us would be making love, and some of us would be having sex with a good friend."

"But don't you worry that one of us will go off with one of the other men?"

"That's called jealousy. I get twinges of it because I was conditioned that way, as you said, by society. You may feel it too when I'm with one of the other women. I can stop thinking that way by replacing it with another thought that is more positive. For instance, instead of being jealous of you going off with Andy, I hope the two of you have a great time together professionally, personally, and sexually. Go have fun."

Sheila grinned and nodded. She said, "If you get angry with me for something I do from here on out, I'll never forgive you. You know I'm a lusty woman. Steve, by the way, is a good fuck buddy, but that's all. Well, here goes Miss Lusty Pussy out your door to fuck her way across the country with your friends and associates." She grinned and waltzed away.

Over the next couple of nights I was well taken care of by Elsa, Cindy, and Melanie. Sheila and Andy returned to the office about midday on Friday fresh off the corporate jet from Phoenix. I gave a wink and asked if she were adhering to the corporate dress code. She blanched and then reached under her skirt and pulled down her legs a pair of very functional panties. I took them and deposited them in the wastebasket.

Friday night, I'd decided was the right time for our little ceremony. The five of us – Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, Sheila, and me – went to the Top of the City restaurant with a view even better than my condo.

After an early dinner, looking out at a beautiful sunset, and in full view of the other diners, I took the rings for Melanie and Sheila from my pocket and palmed them so that no one saw them. I think Elsa caught on right away what I was going to do. She winked at me.

I moved and knelt beside Melanie. I nudged her until she kissed me, and then I took the slightly smaller ring in my fingers. She looked puzzled by what I was doing beside her that way.

I looked at Mel and said in a voice we could all hear, "Melanie, I love you and deeply believe that will always be the case. This ring is a symbol of the love I feel for you – that all of us feel for you. Please wear it with pride, but not out of unwanted obligation. This is not meant to restrict, but to celebrate our togetherness and openness with each other. I love you. We love you. While I give you the ring, it comes from all of us that love you."

I'd barely finished when Melanie threw herself into my arms and kissed me wildly. "Oh, God, Mark, I love you so too. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'll always wear it. I know from Elsa and Cindy what it means. They wear theirs with such pride and love for you. I will too. Oh God, you've made me the happiest woman in the world."

I hugged her, and then moved to the other side of the table next to Sheila. Her eyes got really big as I knelt beside her. She knew what was coming, yet she too started to tear up with her lower lip trembling as she tried to smile.

"Sheila, I love you – we love you – and we are certain this will always be the case. This ring is a symbol of the love we feel for you. Please wear in with pride, but not out of unwanted obligation. This is not meant to restrict, but to celebrate our togetherness and openness with each other. I love you. We love you. While I present the ring, it comes from all of us that love you."

Sheila repeated the fierce hug and kisses similar to what Mel had done. She was uncharacteristically babbling about her love for me and forever and the tie to all of the other women at the table. I slipped the ring on her finger. She was smiling but crying.

Elsa then had the five of us join hands around the table in a circle. She spoke, "This is our nuclear family – so far. We are different from almost every other family because of our size and our composition, but that doesn't change the love we feel on many levels for each other. By saying the words 'I love you' when I end, we pledge our love to each other for forever. We all have rings, and those rings are now interlinked for eternity. Say the words."

All five of us repeated, "I love you." The five voices carried to some of the other tables where other diners had been watching our small ceremony. There were now five of us wearing the love rings: the four women and me. Several times from then on, we put all of our hands together across the table and just celebrated a moment of silence as we touched all of our lovers. This was the greatest family there could be.

I took my seat and the table conversation slowly resumed. Several people at adjacent tables nodded in my direction; they knew something important and ceremonial had happened, but weren't sure what it was other than it resulted in wonderful reactions from the women and me.


We collectively referred to ourselves as the 'Sisterhood,' and sometimes as 'Mark's Harem.' He didn't like either name: the former sounded too much like hard ass, bra burning, rebellious women, and the latter as though he were collecting submissive women, which he insisted he wasn't. He did, however, have our attention and was the focus for our love and lust – when we weren't doting on each other.

Two weekends after Mark gave rings to Melanie and Sheila, we had another 'barbecue' at his condo high above the city center. Besides the five of us – Mark, Cindy, Sheila, Melanie, and me, we also had Andy and Margo, Carter, Steve, and Tom – who was in town for some business meetings with others in the high tech side of the conglomerate Mark ran.

Although the temperatures were pretty chilly, Mark cooked outside. The rest of the party remained inside, especially when we reached that part of the party where clothing became optional and even undesirable. It was a nice orgy, and everyone praised the entire evening.

Cindy and Melanie organized some highly sexual games that resulted in all the cocks getting a turn in all the pussies as the night went on. Despite the laughter and games, we had an erotic time.

Since Mark and Sheila had consummated their long relationship, she'd started to spend at least five or six nights a week sleeping at the condo with the rest of us. Melanie had arranged for Mark to buy a custom made Super King Bed. A regular king-size bed is about eighty inches long and seventy-eight inches wide – almost square. Our new bed would be 200 inches wide. Of course, we needed custom fitted bedding as well.

We were all sleeping in the nude, but had taken to using individual top sheets and blankets, so those of us in the middle could easily slip out without uncovering or bothering the others. Our system worked well, kept us close to each other, and gave us a great platform for our sexual romps, particularly when outsiders joined us.

One evening when Mark was away all week in Europe, the four of us were lying about on the bed being lazy after some amazing sapphic sex. We were each hummed out in every dimension you could think of as far as female-female romance went.

Sheila said with a toss of her head and a laugh, "We need some cock."

Cindy piped up, "I agree. Maybe we should hit the clubs and get picked up."

Melanie looked shocked, "What would Mark say?"

I speculated further, "Yeah, what would Mark say?" I knew but was teasing the others.

Sheila said, "I've got to talk with him tomorrow morning. Why don't I ask him?"

Melanie said, "Don't get us all in trouble."

"I won't, but I think he'd be all right with it. I think he's actually given his permission, we just never followed up on it."

I asked, "Are we sure we'd want to do that? I agree he'd be fine with it, but do WE want to get picked up and have some casual sex?"

Three other heads bobbed up and down, and I got unanimous lecherous grins.

"Talk to me."

"I love Mark," Melanie started, "but I often wish I could get a little more experience sexually ... on the male side of things. You guys more than take care of the female side, plus when Margo comes over she seems to do things to me that are unique. Andy, Tom, and Steve did too. I'd just like to be with other guys once in a while. I guess I'm a slut at heart."

Cindy probed, "And the idea of a one-night stand doesn't bother you?"

"Nope. It'd be great. No commitment. No strings. Just raw sexual energy and fucking."

"You say the sweetest things," I teased.

Sheila said, "She's right. If you start to feel something greater, you can turn it into something greater. That's how I met Steve. We met at a party, but I needed to get laid, and he helped me scratch that itch. By the end of the night I knew I wanted him around as a friend and fuck buddy, so I suggested that role to him. Here we are, I'm in love with Mark, but have a fuck buddy when I need one."

Melanie followed up, "That's me and Carter. We won't ever become anything more than what we are now, but he is a good lover – errr, fuck buddy."

I looked at Cindy and speculated, "Maybe I should call all the guys I fucked in high school and college and interview them for the position."

Cindy chuckled, "You'd have half the male population of the city waiting in line to talk to you, you slut. The position you want is on your back with a long thick cock driving into your hot little vag. I'd have a line like that too. We sure have fucked a lot of guys. For the future, however, I bet we can find some willing cock in some club within a few blocks of this place."

The next night over dinner, Sheila reported, "Well, I talked to Mark this morning about us clubbing ... with concomitant involvement of handsome men and gratuitous sex."

Melanie jumped in with a worried tone, "Was he mad that we even mentioned it?"

Sheila said in a serious tone, "No. I told him it was all Melanie's idea, and that she wanted lots of sex partners before he got home. I told him that you wanted to be full of other men's cum and ..."

"YOU DIDN'T?" screamed Melanie in horror at being singled out with her lover and boss.

Sheila giggled, "No, I didn't." She hugged Melanie, "You should be more relaxed about Mark, what he thinks, sex, and all of that. The whole idea was fine with him. He laughed when I told him, and egged us on. Even if I had told him that, he would still love you. He liked that we wanted to 'get sexy with some other men,' as he put it. He blew off the whole thing, except to ask for details when we see him again. I did remind to him that he had an open pass from all of us."

Melanie said eagerly, "But we'd want the details too."

Sheila said, "So, are we going out tonight? Does anybody want to get laid?"

Cindy started to dance around in a small circle, "Yes, yes, yes. Great idea. I need a new cock in my puss."

I reminded everyone, "We need some rules."

"Rules?" Melanie asked.

I spoke, "Here are some for us to consider, and I think we should agree on them up front. First, we all use condoms. Second, we stick together; no one goes off alone with some dude we don't know. Third, we don't bring anybody back here. We go to the dudes' homes, together hopefully. Fourth, we're up for group sex with multiple guys, and that should be our target; that let's us stay together too. Fifth, wherever we are at two a.m., we come back here alone. Sixth, we don't give out real phone numbers or names without at least another one of us giving the nod. This prevents us creating stalkers. Last on my list, if we're just meeting a bunch of losers and assholes, there is not a requirement for us to hook-up with anyone."

Sheila said, "I like that list. I agree. I'm in. I'm feeling very cougar-ish."

Cindy said, "Me too."

Melanie nodded, "I'd add that one of us needs to be the designated adult that doesn't get pie-eyed. If you want I can do that."

I praised Mel's thinking, "Good idea. Yes, and we should all beware of roofies and such. All of us should not go to the bathroom together, for instance. Somebody is always watching our drinks. If we dance long sets, we get new drinks or get any of the guys we're with to drink ours."

An hour later, four of the hottest babes on the planet walked out the door of Mark's condo. We were dressed to the nines in micro skirts, plunging cleavage, fuck-me shoes, and were all commando and braless. We had the age range from twenty-two to thirty-six covered, but everyone looked mid to late twenties ... and ripe ... and horny. We were inviting trouble, so to speak.

We had three security guys tagging along behind us. I'd talked to them and they'd agreed to keep their distance unless there was trouble.

The club we picked was called Devil's Throne. It had a DJ playing danceable songs at a volume level that just left room for people to talk unless they were directly in front of the mega speakers on the edge of the stage. The four of us got a table in the back and off to the side; according to the bouncer, this was the best place to talk and see all the dancers and other people in the club.

We made sure we had some other seats nearby for any visitors to our table to draw up to talk. Devil's Throne was about two-thirds full, about two-thirds were guys. With those odds I started my own clock running.

Six minutes. That's how long it took for the first foray into our midst to occur. A nice looking late twenties man in jeans, white button-down shirt, and some sockless loafers, stopped by the table. "May I infer that the four of you are alone and might like some male companionship for part of the evening?"

I laughed, "Well, you could infer it, but if you ask, the answer is yes, providing they're the right kind of men. I assume you are one of them." I flashed my flirtiest smile at him.

He smiled and raised his glass in a toast to us and to respond to my assumption. Before he lowered his glass, he said, "My name is Ryan. I'd like to introduce you to ... Mike, James, and Deke." Three other men were coming up being Ryan carrying their drinks.

I glanced up and burst out laughing. "Oh, I know Deke. Hi, Deke."

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