tagIncest/TabooBilly Can't Get Enough Pt. 01

Billy Can't Get Enough Pt. 01


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of gay male sexual content.



I guess it all blew up when Mom returned home early and caught me going down on Neil. She had attended a church function that afternoon, mentioning she would return late. After school, Neil dropped by to score some weed, one thing led to another, and down came his trousers. He writhed, bare-assed, on my navy blue bedspread while I blew him like the hungry guy I was.

For such a self-righteous prude, Mom spouted a lot of language I'd never heard her use before. That's what shocked me more than anything else as Neil and I ran to his car and fled. For days, we waited for her wrath to come down upon us. I stayed at my older sister Sally's place while Neil shivered in his apartment, waiting for the police to arrive. Although I was past the age of consent, the ensuing drama could have trashed Neil's final year of college. If Mom had her vengeful way, I have no doubt she could've convinced the authorities to put him in jail. Instead of graduating Magna Cum Laude, he could have been confined to a cell with Big Roy, a 300-pound gang-banger who would insist on playing Daddy. Big Roy would be the one graduating Magna Cum Loudly.

But for now, enough conjecture.

At first impression, Neil presented to the world a low-key demeanor. It effectively masked his raging bisexuality to all but a close circle of confidantes. At 21, the college senior had fucked his way through several girlfriends and other lovers. His present squeeze, Janine, had recently started her freshman year. Barely 18 and extremely naive, Janine managed to satiate Neil's lust for a while with her supple, young, accommodating body. At least he taught her a few skills that came in handy with future boyfriends.

But then Neil ran into me.

It all began with Neil's fondness for grass. The toking kind, that is. During my junior year of high school, Neil filled in as a substitute for Mr. Potter, our math teacher. Old man Potter suffered from some unknown malady and we all wondered whether he would return. He did, eventually, but until then, we had Neil for several weeks.

Neil looked like a boy, and still does, but as a math major, he instructed our class better than Potter ever dreamed. He also liked my sense of humor, my fondness for Kerouac, and the fact that I always had a decent supply of herb, courtesy of my sister Sally.

One day, Neil decided to join his students for a game of soccer and, after the game, we all showered in the field house. Off came his clothes, and I tried not to stare at his smooth, wet body as he lathered up. As I showered, only a few feet away from Neil, I couldn't resist stealing glances of his almost hairless torso, thighs and ass. He would never be mistaken for a body builder, but Neil's body had a solidness that made me want to touch it, kiss it, lick it, suck it. Surrounded by my naked, showering classmates, I turned away to hide my erection.

Afterward, I, of course, beat my cock mercilessly as I fantasized about seducing him. In my feverishly aroused mind, plans formed.


"He really has you fired up, huh?"

Sister Sally had five years on me. Just out of college with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, she'd just broken up with her boyfriend and had taken up with a girl she was mentoring at the newspaper. Sally loved to fuck, as I discovered while she still lived at home. Plus, she played for both teams, a proclivity I soon came to share with her. Her big, double-D breasts capped with hot pink areole and hard, sensitive nipples sprouted early, and I couldn't get enough of them. She made it easy.

"Fuck," I exhaled, exasperated by my body's need to comingle with Neil's. The whistling teakettle in Sis's kitchen echoed my sexual frustration. "Nothing gives me relief these days." I rubbed the urgent bulge in my jeans as Sally made a pot of tea.

"You need to jerk off more," she replied, her full, red lips glistening as she poured boiling water into the pot of Darjeeling and swirled it around. The wonderful aroma reached my nostrils. "You should know how." Her lips stretched into a smile. "I taught you."

What a tease. I gazed at her sweet cleavage as she poured tea into matching mugs. She brought them into the living room, the mugs and the big tits, managing to bend over enough for me to see everything.

"Hey," she whispered, her face inches from mine as I grasped the warm mug. "My eyes are up here." With that, she planted a full, deep kiss on my mouth. It had been awhile, so I hesitated a split-second before returning the kiss. She pulled back.

"Oh, come on, little brother." Her smile made a lump form in my throat, since my cock was already painfully engorged. "Are we too old to play anymore?" With that, she placed her mug on the table next to us and dropped her hand to my bulge. "Or are you totally into boys, now?"

"Fuck you, Sis," I whispered, placing my mug down as well. I met her gaze, our faces inches apart. The scent of her bleach-blonde hair and pale, freckled skin made me tremble with need. Her breath wafted over my face.

"Sometimes I get so horny, I can't stand it. You know how I am."

Such was the intensity of the moment, old feelings and needs rising to the surface, I wasn't sure which one of us spoke those words. In that regard, we were identical siblings.

My hands slipped under her flowered, yellow-and-white blouse as I grasped her hips. She gasped slightly, goosebumps forming on her warm, smooth skin.

"I miss our together time," she said, still gazing into my eyes. "You know, when Mom was at church." Sally cupped my face with her hands and kissed me again.

"Or asleep," I replied. Another kiss. My mouth luxuriated against her full, wet lips.

"Or passed out," she brushed her lips against my face before another kiss. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, and I returned the favor. Our tongues lashed together for what seemed an eternity. Lip-smacking noises filled the air as our mouths glistened with saliva.

Sitting on her heels, she paused. With a mischievous smirk, she unbuttoned her blouse. Rarely did she bother with a bra. My hands found familiar territory as I reached forward to cup her heavy breasts. She closed her eyes, shuddering with pleasure, pushing out her chest as I rubbed my palms over her hard tips.

"Ahhh..." she exhaled. "Yes, baby, just like that." Her ass began to writhe, a sure sign her pussy was warming up, wet and ready. "You know what to do," she said. "Play with my tits like when we were kids."

I obeyed. Taking her thick, meaty nubs between my thumb and forefinger, I tugged, letting the weight of her breasts pull at them. She hissed as electricity sparked through her nipples, right down to her pussy. Arousal became Sally, her skin glowing with desire, face red with lust. Thinking back through the years, I remembered everything we did in the seclusion of her bedroom at home, or on the family sofa, or in the basement laundry room, or...

Her eyes opened, lazed by pleasure.

"Here," she whispered, lifting a breast to my face. "Let mama nurse her baby."

"Mmmmph..." I moaned, taking in a mouthful of breast. She nuzzled my hair as I suckled greedily.

"Oh, yesss..." she hissed. "You're such a hungry boy." Like days passed, I continued tugging on her other nipple, rolling the hard bud between my thumb and forefinger. She bucked slightly, as if impatient to move forward with our encounter.

Sally reached down and, unzipping my jeans, pulled my cock free. "Let's get a look at this." I pulled back as she turned her attention to my aching pole, wrapping her hand around it and pulling it taut. Her brow furrowed. "Oh, honey, it's so red." I watched her delicate fingers dance around my shaft, examining it. "Jesus, baby. You should use Vaseline or something."

The purple head strained, and when she placed her lips on it with a big, wet kiss, the slit dribbled a few drops of pre-come.

"Damn," she gazed at the tip. "It's about to burst." She removed her top and began tugging at my jeans. "Let's take care of this before you blow your wad all over me and the carpet."

Clothes were tossed asunder, the rustling of fabric punctuated by a few hungry kisses and caresses, as we became naked. My cock bobbed urgently as she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.

"I feel like we're back at home," she giggled as we leaped upon the big, queen-sized bed. "We'll have to be quiet, so Mom won't catch us," she joked. The years had added some extra pounds to her frame, making her plush, sexy body even more appealing.

"Oh, that would be a shocker," I replied.

In the dim light of her bedroom, I marveled at her thick, brown Delta of Venus peeking out between full thighs. Our mouths locked together, hands exploring. She fell back, legs apart, as I rested between them. The sensation of cool air caressing my bare skin brought back more memories of home. Sally's skin smelled of soap as I kissed her neck and shoulders, travelling back in time.

"Get inside me, little brother." She panted with desire. Her hand reached between us, grasping my leaking cock and placing the tip against her sopping wet slit. Pushing into my sister's body, feeling the walls of her pussy again after way too long, I fought to keep from orgasming too soon.

"Ahhh..." I moaned. "Fuck, you feel so good."

"Goddamn," she whimpered, hands grasping my buttocks. "You've grown some, haven't you?" She lifted her ass to accommodate me as I pushed all the way in.

"Fuck me, baby," she kept repeating. "I want you to come inside me."

Slapping noises filled the room as we tried to quench our incestuous fire. Mouth agape, I gazed into her eyes as sensations built.

Although we were in the privacy and security of my sister's bedroom, miles away from Mom's house, part of me expected her to come through the bedroom door and discover her two little darlings fucking each other senseless. It was something we always had to consider when Sally still lived at home. I envisioned her standing at the door, slack jawed with surprise, her baby blue bathrobe open at the front, exposing her matronly body. Mom's eyes fixated on my tensing buttocks as I took my sister.

To my surprise, that's what sent me over the edge.

Panting against my sister's breasts, I let out a yelp. "I'm coming...coming." My face pressed against her damp, scented flesh as a fresh load of raw semen blasted from my cock, deep into her body.

"Arrrggghhh!" I clenched my teeth, bucking hard against Sally's pussy.

"Yes, honey," her voice quivered as our bodies collided. "That's it, my love. Fill me with your seed." She gripped my waist with renewed vigor. "Don't stop just yet. I'm coming, too. Let me come with you."

She didn't have to worry about that. My orgasm, and the first time I fucked my sister for ages, lasted much longer than my manual manipulations. It seemed like the come wouldn't stop. The delicious sensation raged in my loins until she yelped her own orgasm, writhing beneath the weight of my body, then another.

"Oh, yes, yes," she sobbed, her pussy gripping my cock, milking it with each spasm. "I've missed you, baby brother." She opened her eyes to gaze into mine. "I've needed this so much." Tears started streaming down her cheeks. "I've missed you, my love."


After wiping the sex from our bodies, we slipped under the soft, warm blankets of my sister's bed. We held each other, engaging in sibling pillow talk, she resting her head on my chest. Crickets chirped outside, their syncopated noise drifting through the room with the blue haze of moonlight.

"Why did we stop this?" Sally asked. "I can't remember."

"Well," I responded, lost in her soft hair, "many reasons I can recall. For one, you packed up and left home after having that crazy fight with Mom."

"Those were different times," she said. "I also started liking the drugs too much."

"And you took up with that bull dyke Lesbian."

"Theresa," she grunted. "The sex was great, but what a raging cunt she turned out to be."

"Good riddance to her. She didn't help you much." My finger traced across a scar on the small of Sis's back, one only a few years old, recalling a rougher time in Sally's life.

"Well, she did teach me how to pleasure a woman. I'll have to give her credit where it's due."

"Yeah, and Mom wasn't too happy about that," I snorted.

Sally didn't reply. Silence filled the room, except for our breathing. After several minutes, I let out a sigh.

"I wonder what's in store for me, and for Neil? I'm surprised Mom hasn't called out the gendarmes."

After a pause, Sally confessed. "She called me earlier, when you were at school."

"Oh, really?" I lifted my head in surprise. "And you waited until now to tell me?"

"I wanted you to relax a little, and talking about Mom these days, no matter what, gets you all worked up." She lifted herself onto one elbow, looking at my face. "And we needed to have this reunion of sorts."

"Okay, then. How did it go?"

"She took some talking down, but I think I have her past that church-crazy she spouts all the time now."

"What, no hetero indoctrination camp for me?" I said, only half-kidding. "No life sentence for Neil for luring me to taste Satan's love pole?"

My sister laughed. "Fuck, baby," her hand touched my cheek. "You don't know Mom as well as you think."

"Oh, I think I do."

Again, Sally didn't respond, but continued to touch my cheek and shoulder.

"Promise me this." In the dim light, she gazed into my eyes. "When you get the urge to jerk off, you come to me." Her hand trailed down to my nest of brown pubes, her fingertips gently touching my irritated pole. In turn, it began to stir yet again. "If Neil's not around to take care of it, then I will." My semi-erect cock now rested in her hand. "You need to take care of this and not wear it out."

By now, I was again fully erect, aching and needful. Sally knew how to handle the merchandise, getting me from flaccid to ready in less than a minute.

"Let's spoon." She turned away from me and our bodies melded together, my hips pressing against her soft, round ass. Of course, my cock nestled itself between her upper thighs.

"Next time you talk to Neil," she whispered, "tell him to relax."

I could tell she needed some more, and I was more than willing to provide.

"And you're welcome to stay here for a while," she continued. "I think we have some catching up to do." She reached back and grasped my cock, directing it once again to her pussy.

There was hardly any need to push. She was still so wet from our previous encounter, my cock slid right in until our bodies pressed tightly together. Immediately, I grasped her hips as she spurred me on.

"Oh, yes, honey." Her voice always had a certain light, airy quality when I was inside her. "God, I need some more fucking from you."

I began moving more urgently against my sister's ass, my cock slick with sex. She gripped the edge of the bed as my right hand slipped up her ribcage to squeeze her breast.

"Thanks for being here for me, Sis," I said as gentle panting overtook all speech or reason.


One month before the blowup.

Soon after that epic soccer match and field house shower aftermath, I became obsessed with Neil and getting some of that lean beef. To my surprise, I managed to get myself invited to Neil's apartment. A dope drop made it easy. Although terrified, I wanted to explore Neil's sexuality and see how he felt about young men, namely me. I also had no fucking idea how to go about it. The playing field had changed. Aside from gay dalliances with other boys my age, I'd never approached someone older than me about sex.

Early on, I knew nothing of Neil's libido and that he would be a bisexual dam waiting to burst. I trembled, with both fear and arousal, as Neil picked me up after school. His short tenure as math sub had ended the previous week, and now he dressed much more casually.

"Hey, kid," Neil smiled as I climbed into his Mustang.

"Hey, yourself," I replied, looking at him with a slight smirk, trying to act cool.

A dark green mesh tank-top with bold yellow numerals on the front loosely covered Neil's smooth torso. He also wore some old, ragged cut-offs, quite a change from the button-down shirts and ties from his math tenure. Inhaling, I immediately sensed the gentle perfume of a freshly-washed body. Mmmm, he had bathed, and that meat was fresh. The mental image of Neil, slick and wet in the field house shower room, forced me to breathe deeply and slowly so as not to shudder in arousal.

Looking over to him, I caught sight of his right nipple, exposed through the large arm hole of his tank-top. Involuntarily, I focused on the meaty nipple, thinking of how I would love to press my mouth against his firm chest and suck it thoroughly.

"You okay?" Neil asked, making me jump.

He must have seen me staring at his nipple. I flushed bright red as I fought the bulge in my crotch. I tried to speak through the lump in my throat.

"I'm fine," I croaked matter-of-factly, adjusting my jeans. I couldn't wait until this would all be over, come triumph or tragedy. We spoke very little until we arrived at Neil's apartment and the door closed behind me. I tossed my book satchel, containing a healthy stash, on his coffee table.

"Wanna see it?" I asked Neil, referring to my stash.

"Sure," he replied. Neil seemed surprised that I wanted to make a drug deal at that moment.

While I dug the plastic bag out of the recesses of my book satchel, he slid his tank-top off, murmuring something about the apartment being stuffy. Slowly, I approached him, holding the small bag, staring at his sexy body. Stepping as far to the edge as I dared, I complimented Neil on his physique. Would he shout "queer" and make my life a living hell? Instead, he asked me if I liked cock. Looking into my eyes, Neil read the answer, and reached out to touch my face.

We wrangled each other onto the sofa like long-lost lovers, discarding my shirt, jeans, socks and sneakers in the process, leaving me only in my tighty whities, sprouting a tentpole that would do any young man proud.

And I had to leave something to his imagination. I'm not always a total fuck slut, y'know. Since my sister groomed me as a boy, air caressing my newly-exposed skin always made me horny as hell.

Our hands groped and fondled whatever flesh they touched. My nipples burned as Neil's body brushed against my chest. At last, I shuddered, unafraid, as his mouth pressed firmly against mine, his body on top. His strong arms held me tightly as I fought to keep my mouth pressed against his probing oral onslaught. My trembling fingertips brushed across the small of his back, reaching up to embrace his broad shoulders.

Gradually, the rage of our kisses slowed to a steady flame. Rolling him over on his back, I climbed on top, straddling his hips. Holding his head in my hands, my lips covered his face, neck and shoulders. I kissed my way down to his chest with glee, breathing in the scent of his body. Grasping his biceps, I found the next object of my desire.

Neil groaned as my hungry mouth pressed against his nipple, sucking it aggressively. His hands rested on the back of my head as he kissed my hair. Our moans of pleasure comingled as I unbuckled his slim, brown belt and pulled it away, quickly unzipping his cut-offs.

"Damn," Neil whispered hoarsely, "you're a horny kid."

Ha. Little did he know. My hands had worked their way into his cut-offs, squeezing his ass, pulling his hips against mine, rubbing our swollen cocks together through multiple layers of fabric. I wanted more.

"Let me see your cock," I hissed, tugging at his cut-offs. My mouth wanted to suck something more substantial, namely that lovely hunk of meat I saw dangling in the field house that day.

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