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Billy's Last "Ride"


*this is my first submission, please be gentle. Oh, and credit for the last line of this story goes to Jon Bon Jovi from the Young Guns II soundtrack. The song..."Billy Get Your Guns".


Looking back on it now, I can see that death was always just a few steps behind me. Yet, through everything, I always seemed to be able to escape its clutches. I knew I was living on borrowed time, but it got to a point where it just didn't seem like I could lose. I was constantly running ahead, leaving it in the dust, only to have it get close to me once again. Oh, but I was a cunning, and cool headed sort that kept the chess game going. I knew the moves of death's henchmen which allowed me to be one step faster. In the back of my mind though, I knew eventually there would come a time when death would catch my pattern and stop me in my tracks.

There had been many long and sleepless nights on the run, looking over my shoulder. I never saw death there, but I saw the ghosts of every good man that I had lost along the way. Men that were close as brothers. Men that had walked up to hell's gate with me and made the journey home under a hail storm of death's bullets. They had put their trust in me that we would always make it out. Somehow, the majority of the time, we did. Yet, those times that some didn't make it, we all felt it. I, myself, took it especially hard. They were counting on me, I didn't come through. It was especially tough to look in the eyes of their loved ones and not think that they didn't hate me for it. Most knew what they were getting into, some were too caught up in the fame aspect to think it through and paid the price.

I knew my time was coming, I knew the hourglass was quickly running out of sand. However, by the time I realized that my time was up, death had all ready caught up to me and was handing out it's punishment. The cruelest twist of it all was the fact that death had used an old friend to hand down its sentence. A friend that saved my rear end a couple times and had given me chance after chance to head to Mexico, yet I never left. I guess I should have not believed what had been written about me, but it had been hard not to after escaping so many times. Now standing over me as I lay here fading away is Pat Garrett. In the background I can hear Paulita's cries and as much as I want to comfort her, I know I am not going anywhere. This is the end of the line. The unstoppable train of Billy the Kid, has been derailed. I lie here on the floor knowing that the plans that Paulita and I secretly made will never come to pass.

The winds of change have been sweeping the southwest over the last year. I had made it to the top of the President's list of people to eliminate. Not too bad for someone that had only been making a ruckus for four short years. It was time to cut losses and rethink my life. I was tired of being on the run, tired of barely escaping, tired of people I cared about dying all around me. A few of the men had gotten married and were trying to start families. Maybe it was finally my time.

Paulita had beautiful olive colored skin, and dark eyes that danced with mischief with a body that would make a man sell his soul. She wasn't the typical "perfect" lady. She could match wits with me. Her long dark hair was my favorite place to bury my face in and get lost. In her arms, the world faded away. I was no longer a wanted outlaw, just a man. In her eyes, time stopped and everyone and everything that was after me faded into oblivion. Her arms were the shelter from the world I could no longer escape from. It's ironic to me now that last night, she had asked me to find a way to end this kind of life. She had warned me that Garrett was about. I was so sure that I could escape like every other time before. I hadn't expected him to come like a thief in the night to steal my soul. I wish I had paid more attention to how Paulita had said it. There had been an urgency in her voice, and I dismissed it. She had been trying to warn me just how close he really was. I knew her brother Pete wasn't thrilled over the fact that his little sister had fallen for me, but I never imagined he would cut ties with me. Yet another lesson I knew all too well, reward money cuts a lot of ties, even ones that used to run deep. I couldn't blame him though. He was trying to save his sister's reputation and possibly her life.

Loving someone is never easy when you're on the run. You're never assured that when you leave them, you'll be back again. So, it had been with great anticipation that I was returning to Fort Sumner. I couldn't wait to see Paulita. It had been almost three months since our last tryst, and I wanted more. I had heard rumors that Garrett was in the area, but I was sure that I could talk him into letting me go and head with Paulita for Mexico.

I would agree to stay out of the country. I wouldn't come back. I underestimated him obviously, he was that rare person who could separate emotion and duty. It's hard for just about anybody to be able to shoot a friend. Even if that friend had done some very serious things. Looking them in the eye and pulling the trigger takes a very rare person. Unfortunately, I had managed to find the one in a million person to make friends with.

Lying here, looking into his eyes, I see pain there, but I also see relief. Relief that the long ride is over. His duty is finished, he can head home to a hero's welcome. He brought down Billy The Kid, the terror is finished. Terror, that could have ended peacefully if he had let me go, but Pat knows me too well. He knows that somewhere down the line, I probably would have made his life hell again. He's probably right.

I can tell that my body is starting to shut down from the loss of blood. I can barely make out the form of Paulita coming towards me. No, this is not how I want her to remember me. I wish someone would take her out of here. Yet, the feel of her lips on mine sends me onward to remember our last time together as my heart sends out its last beat. Last night Paulita had snuck in to see me. I knew what she was doing could very well be the death of me since I knew Pete wasn't happy that I was here and Paulita was still in love with me. I also knew that Paulita was putting herself on the line with her family. Yet, we couldn't stop ourselves. It was as if some force was pulling us together and there was no way we could hold back. Maybe it was the idea that any minute we could get caught, or maybe it was the fact that fate was warning both of us that time was of the essence.

Under the cloak of darkness Paulita had snuck out to the barn. Luckily for us, Pete and everyone else had retired for the night and we had a few hours to ourselves. A few hours of unforgettable heaven. No one in that town existed during this time. It was just the two of us. What I loved the most about Paulita was her innocence when it came to things of a sexual nature. Our first time together had been her first time with anyone. We had made love that night slow, and easy. The fact that she was willing to give herself to me and cared less about what might come about down the road left me shaken later. Sure, I could have my choice of women. Yet, they would all come to me without asking. Not Paulita. I had to work on her. She wouldn't just go anywhere with me. It had to be the proper way or no way. Once I had her though, proper flew out the window.

Due to the fact that it was July, it was especially warm last night. Paulita had left the house with as little on as possible as not to cause an inquiry to her whereabouts. When she walked into the barn, she looked like an angel. A breeze had blown up and wound its way through her long dark hair. It tossed it around like a wild horse's mane as it ran across the desert. I watched her intently as she approached me and held out my hand to her as she knelt before me. I was sitting cross legged on the barn floor on top of a blanket I had spread out for us. It was all I could do sitting there not to attack her and take her at that very moment. I wanted her so badly, it had been too long. Her dark eyes peeked through her long lashes as a small smirk made its way across her lips.

I had to laugh. She reminded me of someone trying to be more sexual than what she was, but I had to admit it was working. We didn't say much at that moment, we just basically tackled each other. Our kisses were frenzied and fierce, there was a hunger in the air that we both instantly recognized and made sure it got fed. I gently laid her down on the blanket and slowly removed what clothing remained at that point. Now, she laid before me completely naked, waiting for my next move.

I was torn, did I just jump in and go for it and then afterwards start over slow, or did we take it slow and hope we both could hold on for the end? It had been a few weeks since I had last had sex with anyone, but Paulita I knew hadn't in months. I decided we would take it slow and easy. I wanted her to remember this night just on the off chance that we never got the chance for another one. If I had known what was coming the following night, we would have headed for Mexico that very moment and never looked back.

I made my way out of what clothing I had on and crawled over to her. Slowly I let my hands caress her face and cradled it before placing a gentle, tender kiss on her on her lips. We stayed that way for a moment, both of us afraid to speak and shatter the trance we were both in. My lips branded kisses on her flesh as I made my way from her lips to her neck and down to her breasts. The gentle breeze that made its way through the barn stroked her nipples as it passed over them and I could hear her inhale sharply. I watched in delight as they stood at attention and brushed my tongue across one. I could feel Paulita's fingers clutch at my back, and below me I could feel her legs spread apart.

I was having a hard time holding it together at this point knowing that I could take her now and she'd be willing. Here I was, the coolest man in the world under stress, and this woman was turning me into someone ready to lose control and any sanity I had left. When she whispered my name as I laid my hand on her slit, I felt as if I was still on my horse running from the posse. Adrenaline pouring, a horse running full speed under me and the wind in my face. It made my heart pound harder.

My lips and tongue made it's way from her breasts back to her mouth where we explored each other like it was the first time all over again. We were rediscovering each other, finding places that had been forgotten, resurrecting feelings we had feared were gone. I let my hands wonder down to her sides and ran them down to her hips. I knew she wanted them back on her breasts as she lifted them towards me like an offering. Aware that all her feelings were still there for me to take, I set about the task to fully brand her as mine.

I hungrily sucked on her nipples and let my fingers wander to her now parted slit. One finger slid along her open slit and I could feel the wetness that was coming from her pussy. A gasp escaped her lips at this time and I couldn't stop the groan that came from mine. The need was rising in me, I could feel it coming like a rushing tidal wave. It was starting to build. I let my finger circle her clit and felt her trying to grind herself into my hand. I had to hold myself in check. Oh my sweet Paulita ... I whispered to myself. The sweet ache in her voice as she whispered my name when I stuck the head of my cock in her was almost more than I could handle. I knew it was time to take her, yet something stopped me.

I wanted to give her something special. Something to think about the next few months while I was gone. I hadn't done it the first time we had sex, but I knew this time I wanted to. I made my way down her body and gently touched her clit with my tongue. She almost came off the floor. I gently spread her legs apart and slowly, lazily, let my tongue taste every inch of her. I ran my tongue up and down her slit, around her clit, and just to confuse her as to where I was going next, I alternated between my tongue and fingers going in and out of her pussy.

This drove her to the edge, her back arched, her head rolled to one side and she was whimpering for me to stop. Begging me to take her all the way over. I had laughed and told her not yet, there was more to come. Somehow, she got the upper hand, I should have remembered never to underestimate the power of a woman in heat. Even the smallest of women suddenly had more strength than most men gave them credit for.

That was a new one for me, not too many had gotten the upper hand on me, but she rolled me over and decided she was going to make me pay. I had many debts to pay, but I knew this one was going to be the sweetest one ever extracted from me. It would be the one I was most willing to pay, no matter what it would cost me. Paulita had turned from my sweet innocent flower, into a woman that could make me forget any whore I had ever been with. She knew things that only most whores would know. Not the prim ladies of the day. What I didn't know at the time was that she had befriended one a while back who was willing to help her learn a few things.

She had straddled me to where her pussy was staring me in the face and her mouth was closed around my cock. I was heady with lust. I didn't care who heard us at that point. I put both my hands on her ass and brought her pussy to my mouth and ate like the dying man I didn't know I was. My tongue worked in and out of her pussy, and flicked slowly across her clit. Her muffled moans vibrated on my cock and it began to drive me to insanity. I could feel her start to spasm and knew her orgasm was coming, so I stopped.

She spun around to face me. I was floored by the storm in her eyes. There was a raging storm in full force of passion. I pushed her onto the floor, kissed her hard and long one last time as my cock pushed its way into her waiting pussy. The cry that escaped her lips made me stop for a second to make sure I hadn't hurt her. I noticed a small tear roll down the side of her face, yet she begged me to keep going.

I started off with a slow, easy rhythm, but it speeded up fairly quickly. I couldn't stop myself from wanting her so badly. She was matching me with each stroke and it wasn't long before we were both crying out each other's name as we clung to each other through our multiple orgasms.

I later asked her what that tear was for. She assured me it wasn't because I had hurt her. It was quite the contrary. She was so in the moment, she didn't want it to end. It was too perfect. Yet, part of it was also the news she had to tell me. She was pregnant. She wasn't sure how I would handle the news, and with what she was feeling during that moment, she was worried about ruining everything with the news. I knew at that moment my life on the run was going to end. We would leave for Mexico tomorrow. What I hadn't expected was that Pete would be totally against it and would lead Garrett right to me to make me pay for getting Paulita in that condition.

So, here I now lay dead. Garrett is now famous, Paulita is carrying my unborn child and I will be a footnote in history. Then again, if what the papers say are true, my legend will live on. My spirit will still ride across the plains of New Mexico, and I will inspire generations that come after me...because every outlaw that's died will live to ride again...

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