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Billy's New Trick


Billy walked through the front door of his house, throwing his duffel bag on the floor outside the laundry room as he made his way to his room. In the bag was his dirty gymnastic clothes and they really needed a good wash. He didn't care about that right now because it was time for his favorite afternoon activity, something he did every day during the week, just like probably every other eighteen-year old boy like him. Entering his room, he closed the door behind him and locked it. The computer on the desk beckoned him over.

He walked over and sat down. Powering on the computer, Billy got ready as the computer booted. He stood back up and removed his clothes, entirely naked. His cock flopped around, not quite hard yet. After the boot process finished, he clicked on the Internet browser and navigated to some of his favorite porn sites. "Mmm, yeah. My favorite part of the day!" he mumbled to himself.

On his list of favorites, he had your basic teenage boy's list of porn. It mostly consisted of normal sex and lots of lesbian sex (of course...). As he pulled up one of his favorite videos, Billy sat back and watched the action on his screen. His cock quickly grew to its full eight inches, throbbing and waiting to be stroked. Billy quickly complied, taking his right hand and stroking up and down. A groan escaped his lips; he had been waiting for this all day. As the video progressed, the two girls on screen 69'd. Billy's stroking got faster and faster but suddenly he stopped. Something felt...off.

With a shake of his head, Billy decided to try looking for something different today, wanting a change of pace. On a whim, he typed 'crazy masturbation videos' into his search engine and clicked on the first video he found. To his surprise, it was a male masturbation video. His mouse hand moved to close the window but he stopped as the man lay down on the bed and began to stretch. The position he was getting into was one that Billy recognized, one he had done himself many times for gymnastics. His curiosity piqued, he sat back again, watching.

The man was flat on his back and started to pull his legs over his head. Slowly, he stretched further and further until his cock was practically slapping himself in the face. Then, he did what every guy dreamed he could do; he took his own cock into his mouth. Billy was awestruck as he watched this man give himself a blowjob, moaning and slobbering on his own cock. His hand drifted to throbbing member and began to stroke yet again. The man on the video suddenly stiffened, his orgasm obviously overcoming him. He never pulled his cock out of his mouth though, opting to swallow all of his own cum instead. This sight pushed Billy over the edge and an amazing orgasm of his own hit him. His eyes closed and he moaned, his cock spurting large jets of sticky cum all over the keyboard and floor. It shot farther than he had ever seen it do before and the orgasm itself was amazing.

After he recovered, he just sat there and thought about what he had seen. It intrigued him greatly and his mind instantly turned to thoughts of him doing it himself. Billy was very flexible, one of the most in his gymnastics group, and wondered if he could do this. Thinking back, he could remember stretches where his crotch had approached his mouth and believed it might be possible. His cock began to stiffen again already, excited by the proposition of this new activity. However, it was not to be. At that moment, Billy's mother got home and shouted at him to come help her with something. Cursing, Billy cleaned up the mess as best he could and tucked his fully erect cock back into his pants. He knew he had to try this but now wasn't the time.

It took a full week before Billy finally got what he needed; a guarantee that his parents wouldn't be home for hours. Coming home from school, he practically sprinted for his room, locking the door as always. His clothes were off in a flash and he climbed up onto his bed. He had stretched the appropriate muscles in gymnastics earlier so he figured he was ready. His cock was already hard, glistening with pre-cum. Billy lied back and took a deep breath, ready to begin.

In his excitement, he went entirely too fast, swinging his legs up over his head so fast that he almost cramped. Relaxing for a few moments, he tried again, slowly this time. After a minute of stretching, he hit a wall, unable to get any closer. His cock was still far from reach of his mouth and he frowned. Billy puzzled over this for a moment and arrived at a solution. He slid further up, allowing his crotch area to move towards his face. Slowly, his cock crept closer and closer to his mouth, but it stopped just out of reach. Sticking out his tongue, he was able to lick his head, moaning quietly at the sensation. He could taste his pre-cum and ached for more.

Billy stopped again, trying to come to a solution. Like a flash, he got an idea. Using his legs, he walked his body down the wall, bending his torso even further. His muscles were stretched to their limits but he had done it. His cock was resting on his cheek, waiting to be sucked. Using his hand, he moved it around to his mouth and took it inside. His body shivered as his warm mouth closed around his cock. Billy had never had any sexual stimulation, except that from his hand of course. He couldn't believe how good a mouth could feel on his cock.

With a smile, he began to bob back and forth on his cock. The sensations were amazing, unlike anything he had felt before. His warm, moist mouth was a great match for his cock, and the sucking sensation was unbelievable. Of course, he was already about to cum. His endurance was crap after all, since he was only a teenage boy. He didn't care; release was the only thing that mattered to him right then. With a final few sucks and a swirl of the tongue, his cock exploded, spurting vast quantities of Billy's own cum down his throat. The liquid hot cum coating his throat heightened his orgasm to a new level and he was moaning like crazy, something he had never done before.

After several spurts, his balls finally emptied and the orgasm ended. Billy untwisted himself and lay on the bed, exhausted and sore. He laid there, a goofy grin on his face. He knew had discovered something special and couldn't wait to do it again, every chance he could!

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