tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBimbo for Hire Pt. 01

Bimbo for Hire Pt. 01


The Diary of Tiffany Anderson - Introductions

Hi there, my name is Tiffany Anderson. Let's get the sober details out of the way shall we? I grew up in a small town in the rural part of California. The sort of dumb town that cityfolk in LA make fun of. My parents died when I was a child, meaning I grew up with my Aunt. Their tragic death did however leave me with a large bank fund that I would gain access to upon reaching the age of 18.

Now that I've reached that age you can call me miss moneybags and I can describe myself. But you know the type of girl I am already, mister! Platinum blonde, big tits, sexy pout, hour-glass figure. Yeah you know you want it, even if I am a teenager.

I always dated the hottest jocks at school. I loved seeing their hunky bodies on top of me as these All-American boys pumped away into my little pussy. If I didn't like a rival girl, I'd sleep with her boyfriend and then tell everyone the details, no-one stands in my way. The nerdy girls I would bully, serves them right for 'showing off' their smarts.

Myself? I didn't have time for studying. Being Queen Bee of a high school is a full time job you know. There was a whole caste system to enforce. Rewarding hot guys with my pussy, punishing the non-conformists with bullying and misery.

But I'm not just a pretty face, I'm cunning. Or at least I thought I was. I came up with a mutually beneficial arrangement with the Dean that would secure my college place. Divorced, overweight and turns out, tiny cock, the Dean was in need of some TLC. Just a couple of blowjobs a week of his horrid little penis and he'd see my GPA and exams were fabricated to what I needed to get into Arizona State: where I'd go from being Queen Bee of a small rural high school to Queen of College party capital! Hell yeah!

With my late parent's wealth now open to me, I spent, spent, spent! New car, entirely new designer wardrobe and a boob job putting me up to a D-cup! How the boys at school loved that! They wolf-whistled me down the corridor in my designer gear. Crop top, miniskirt, high heels, my g-string peeking up at the back. I was the fucking Queen. I knew everyone must be really jealous of me.

Skip forward a year, and I'm not at Arizona State. I'm dancing on a pole in a cheap skimpy thong, tits out, as much older men shout profanities and sexual abuse at me. They're calling me a fucking drag queen just because my makeup is all run from crying in the bathroom earlier. The other strippers are so mean to me. Now I'm scrambling on the floor picking up the crumpled dollars men throw as they laugh at me. Stuffing them into my thong strap, I try hard to count them but it can't be right as there's barely $20 here.

One fat guy slaps my ass hard and I protest "hey no touching!" but he just slaps my big behind even harder with a cruel grin and grabs a five dollar note out of my thong and puts it back into his pocket. The bouncer looks on, uninterested in my protestations. They're meant to pay me for this humiliation!

How did this happen? The Dean shafted me good and proper. He didn't do anything to alter my GPA, and so I finished with the lowest results in the year. Girls I'd bullied now sneered at me in class and called me a thick bitch. My gorgeous tits and fashionable wardrobe seemed to count for nothing now and everyone was sniggering at me.

I decided to confront the Dean and marched into his office. I broke down crying as I told him how he's humiliated me in front of everyone, the whole town was laughing at Tiffany Anderson the thick bitch. He told me he could fix it, but this time on his terms. Still sobbing, I had no choice to agree as the Dean slowly undressed me. He fucked me there on his office floor, constantly berating me to stop crying.

He roughly grabbed my tits and told me how fake they looked but boy they still felt good. His fat gut slapped against me as his little cock thrusted hard into my delicate pussy. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and demanded I act like I was enjoying it. He came inside me and I was thankful that at least I'd been on the pill for years. As I tried to clean myself out with some tissues and started getting dressed he snatched my frilly pink panties away and said he'd keep them as a souvenir. I angrily told him "Hey they cost $80!" but he just chuckled and said I was a dumb little girl.

I spent the rest of the day at school terrified my bare pussy would be exposed by my short skirt. I no longer felt confident when guys leered at me but scared. Since then I always carry around another pair of panties in my handbag.

I patiently waited two weeks and nothing happened. He'd shafted me again! Well I wasn't going to stand for this humiliation, I'd show them all just how smart Tiffany Anderson was. I went to the most expensive lawyer in the town, an attractive young hotshot, and we began legal proceedings against the Dean for taking advantage of me.

This went on for six painful months. The teaching union proved stiffer competition than my young lawyer had anticipated and had marshalled everything they had against me. I wouldn't be humiliated again and so I poured all the money Mom and Dad had left me into this case. It would be heard by a female judge so I knew I would have a good chance when she took pity on me in court.

She didn't. She really didn't like me and the cross examination destroyed me. Proving I had a history of so-called 'manipulation, lying and bullying'. Not only did I lose, it was determined I'd filed this case wrongfully, and had to pay all the Dean and the Union's legal costs.

In less than a year I'd spent a small fortune that should have set me up for life. I didn't even have enough left over to finish paying my own lawyer. So as I lay naked on his desk, fake tits bouncing as he fucked me hard in lieu of payment, I wondered, where the hell do I go from here?

My Aunt was ashamed of me and had financial issues of her own now after helping me throughout the court case, so she threw me out and took most of my designer wardrobe to cover her costs. I was left with one garbage bag of my older clothes that barely fit me.

I'll wait until my next diary entry to tell you what happened next and how I ended up (temporarily) working here, "The Kitten", the cheapest, lowest strip joint in town. But don't you dare feel sad for me. I have a plan, I'm not as dumb as they think. With my looks, I'm going to become a famous model. And then they won't be laughing at me will they? When I'm super rich and famous. Check in with me again soon. Things are bound to get much better for me aren't they?

You can leave comments of support down below. Tiffany Anderson always has the adoration of you sweet guys! I'll need a loyal following to root for me as I work my way up from where I've somehow, through no fault of my own, fallen to. I hope you boys are as excited as I am to witness my sure rise to fame and fortune! You can even send messages to my profile here if you'd like to tell me how great I am. Tiffany never tires of praise from hot men.

So until next time, big hugs and kisses xxx

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by Anonymous

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by Drewau09/30/17

Through no fault of her own...LOL

Yeah karma can be nasty.

Sounds like you/character thoroughly deserved it.

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