tagMind ControlBimbo-fying Superchick

Bimbo-fying Superchick


Note 1: This story is dedicated to college coed Jenny who requested the kinky Superhero tale of submission.

Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991 for his usual editing expertise and Wayne and goamz86 for a second look.

Bimbo-fying Superchick


A big cock slid in and out of her tight pussy, while her moans were muffled by the big stiff rod in her mouth.

"That's it Superchick," a voice teased, "You are such a good little slut."

Superchick moaned in agreement as she bobbed up and down on the cock in her mouth craving his hot seed, which coated her throat seconds later. Once she had swallowed all the unknown man's seed, she allowed it to slide out of her mouth. Her moans increased and she screamed, "Oh yes, fuck my pussy, fuck my tight cunt, oh God yes, yeeeeeees, I'm coming, Master."

Superchick was jolted awake at the word 'Master', her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. She quickly stopped playing with herself and looked at the clock, 8:30. She must have fallen asleep while watching the evening news. It had been a long day and trying to calm herself down, and put these dreams which were getting more frequent of late out of her head, she went to have a bubble bath.

While in the sudsy water, she tried to figure out who was the man who had been infiltrating her dreams. She never saw his face, only saw his big cock and heard his powerful voice. The eighteen-year-old virgin was tormented by these dreams as she strongly believed in the purity of the superhero. She must remain unstained...she must remain pure. Any such corruption could weaken her senses and make her vulnerable. As she finally calmed her vagina down, she sensed someone in crisis.

Frantic she hopped out of the tub, quickly got into her patent pink leotard, black skirt, pink belt, black heeled boots, mocha pantyhose and trademark pink cape. She cursed, well cursed for Superchick, "Darn it, I forgot my panties." She began to remove her leotard when she felt the urgency of a girl in crisis.

She flew quickly to the rescue and arrived in an abandoned building; 'why is it always an abandoned building?' she thought to herself. Once inside, she saw a damsel in distress and flew towards her. Suddenly, she felt darts hit her in the leg and back. Instantly, she felt weak, off balance and began to quickly descend. As she helplessly fell, she felt weak and dizzy and....


"Superchick," an attractive blonde villain purred to the tied-up superhero.

Suddenly awake, Superchick tried to break free and was shocked when she was unable to free herself. She also had some sort of gag in her mouth so she couldn't speak.

"You can't break free this time," the evil blonde smugly announced with a devious laugh.

Superchick desperately tried to hide her frustration by being cocky, looking at the two villains, neither of whom she recognized, although from the look of their outfits they were definitely members of The Plague, the most despicable crime organization in America.

"You see," the female villain began, "You have thwarted us for the last time. We have implanted a mind chemical contraption chip in your head. Your powers are gone...forever."

The male villain, an attractive man no more than twenty-three, finally spoke, "Unless, I turn it off with this remote control."

Superchick desperately attempted to fight back, refusing to believe her powers were gone, desperately trying to break the restraints she had broken so many times in the past, and trying to figure out a way to get that remote control.

The pretty blonde villain explained, "You see, we have glorious plans for you."

The well-built male chuckled, as he unbuckled his pants, "That is a pleasant way to put it."

Superchick's eyes went wide as she suddenly realized what he had planned. As his cock came into view, Superchick gasped into the gag. It was the same cock that had been pleasuring her night after night in her dreams. Uncontrollably, her vagina tingled. Superchick was mortified at her indecent reaction during her perilous situation.

"Scarlet, come and get me ready."

The blonde sauntered over and smiled at the helpless Superhero, dropping to her knees, "Don't worry, Superchick, you will have plenty of opportunities to slobber over this 'Super' cock."

Superchick watched the voyeuristic show as the blonde bobbed back and forth on the big cock. As much as Superchick wanted to be repulsed by the scene, she could feel a growing wetness down below. She closed her eyes to avoid watching anymore.

Suddenly, Superchick felt hands pawing at her leotard as it was cut open with scissors. She opened her eyes and demanded, "Stop that right now."

The villains laughed as they ignored Superchick's protests. Instead Scarlet ripped the helpless superhero's pantyhose at the crotch. "The superhero slut isn't even wearing panties," Scarlet laughed.

"Excellent," the now completely naked male villain said, "I knew she would be hot to trot."

"And she is dripping wet," Scarlet added, her finger sliding easily between Superchick's glistening pussy lips.

Superchick moaned into the gag against her will.

"She is fucking revved up and ready to go, Billy" Scarlet announced, as the big-cocked villain moved between Superchick's legs.

Superchick adamantly shook her head no as Billy asked, "Does Superchick want to say something?"

Scarlet took the gag out of Superchick's mouth and Superchick instantly pleaded, "Please don't do this, I am a virgin."

"Fuck-off," Scarlet gasped. "I didn't know anyone was still a virgin at eighteen."

"Sweet, I get to pop Superchick's cherry," Billy announced, his cock slowly rubbing up and down her pussy lips.

Superchick continued begging, "Please, don't do this."

Ignoring the young girl's desperate plea, Billy buried his cock in her pussy.

Superchick let out a loud, "Noooooooooooo," which was a mixture of refusal and yet a clear indication of pleasure she couldn't deny. In her mind, she fought the urge to enjoy the pleasure her vagina was feeling. Each thrust by the violator had her vagina betraying her more and more. She desperately tried to fight the urge to enjoy the building feeling inside her. But the harder he pumped his cock in her wet cunt, the weaker Superchick's resistance became. Eventually she could no longer fight the pleasure and soft moans escaped her lips.

Scarlet laughed, "The slut is enjoying being fucked."

Billy grunted, "Her cunt is so fucking tight."

Superchick, although unable to resist the pleasurable sensation flowing through her body, still tried to beg for him to stop. "Please stop raping me."

Scarlet laughed spitefully, "You seem to be enjoying it to me."

Billy ordered, "Shut her up. Why don't you straddle her and give her the privilege of her first pussy-pleasing experience?"

"That is a great idea," Scarlet concurred. "Have you ever eaten cunt before?"

"God, no," Superchick gasped as she realized this horrific situation was actually going to get worse. She watched helplessly as the pretty girl undressed, climbed onto the bed, straddled the bound superhero's face and lowered her pussy. The cock thrusting in and out of her now very wet vagina was a great distraction that was giving her pleasure she had never felt before. She tried to resist it, but felt helpless against the sweet pleasure.

Scarlet ordered, "If you know what is good for you, you'll lick my pussy, or you will suffocate as I fuck myself on your face."

Superchick stared at the hairy vagina directly in front of her, the intoxicating scent swarming her senses. She hesitated briefly and just as Scarlet began to lower her vagina onto her face, she began licking. It was awkward in her restrained position, but she licked the hairy vagina. It took a bit but she made a path through the pubic hair and began licking the evil girl's wet vaginal lips. The taste while not amazing, was also not repulsive. Superchick simply closed her eyes and attempted to get the criminal off as quickly as she could. As she licked, there was an undeniable building of her own orgasm which she was unable to control. With each deep thrust into her wet vagina, her moans increased until finally her body betrayed her completely and she orgasmed, screaming into Scarlet's vagina.

"Fuck, the slut is flooding out like a dam just broke," Billy laughed.

Scarlet added, "Well you just broke her dam I imagine."

Humiliated, Superchick just wanted to get it over with and began frantically licking the villain's pussy.

Scarlet's moans began to increase too as she purred, "I think we got ourselves a very good little cunt- licker."

"A super cunt-licker," Billy added, his cock still pumping in and out of the no longer virgin.

"Super indeeeeeeeed," Scarlet moaned, as her orgasm exploded out of her and her juice coated the humiliated superhero's face.

Billy began huffing and puffing too as he asked, "Should I cum in her cunt?"

"Yes, fill the slave with your seed. Maybe you can knock her up and we can have some super villain babies," Scarlet replied, laughing.

Superchick bucked as best she could, demanding, "Don't you dare cum in me, don't you dare."

But her adamant demand was ignored as Billy coated her pussy walls with his seed. "Aaaaaaah, take my cum, slut, it is the first of many times you will take my cum."

"Nooooooooooo," Superchick screamed, mortified and suddenly petrified that she could get pregnant.

Pulling out of the superhero, Billy tapped his cock on her clit and Superchick twitched on contact. Billy laughed, "The so-called virgin slut is still horny."

"She's not a virgin anymore," Scarlet pointed out as she crawled off the bound hero's face.

"I just took Superchick's virginity. Imagine that. Wait till I tell the gang," Billy beamed.

"And I was her first pussy she pleased," Scarlet smiled, moving between Superchick's legs. Leaning in close, she said, "Hmmm, Superchick do you need to come again?"

"Noooooo," Superchick replied, still very horny, but not wanting to even remotely give the criminal pair any sort of satisfaction.

Scarlet licked Superchick's pussy, the taste a mixture of pussy juice and cum. "Hmmmm."

Superchick let out a small yelp, unable to control the pleasure.

"She likes it, she really likes it," Scarlet mocked, sucking Superchick's clit into her mouth.

"Aaaaaah," Superchick screamed, the intense pleasure more than she could handle.

Scarlet swirled her tongue around the superhero's swollen clit and slid two fingers inside the superhero's sticky pussy.

No matter how much Superchick tried to ignore the growing pleasure, she could not and eventually she just gave in to the sin, allowing the experienced girl to pleasure her pussy. Slight pulsations tremored through her body, and her second orgasm was inevitable. As soon as the girl hooked her fingers inside Superchick's vagina and found her g-spot, Superchick screamed, "Oh myyyyyyyy God," as she passed out.


When Superchick awoke, she was in a different, windowless room and no longer restrained. She was also dressed again completely in her Superchick costume; she tried to use her superpowers, but they were still not working. She cursed to herself, unable to see an obvious way out of this current predicament.

She felt weak and slightly dishevelled as she replayed the events of yesterday in her mind. Tears began to stream down her face as she remembered being raped and sadly coming from it. She was brought back to the present when a TV came on and she saw her arch nemesis The Producer. His dark voice sent chills down her spine; of course, he would be responsible for her capture.

"Superchick, or should I say Sara Zord? I have waited a long time for this, a long, long, time."

Superchick panicked at her secret identity being discovered. How could he know? Hiding her inner panic, she responded, "Let me go."

The Producer laughed hard. "Oh Sara, don't you see you are no longer Superchick. I took your super abilities away, oh sure, I could give them back, but that isn't going to happen, at least not until you're properly trained to be my bimbo-slut super-villain. No, no, you are just a pretty, 18-year-old girl now. Nothing more, nothing less."

"If I am no longer a threat, let me go," Sara demanded, her frustration building.

The Producer apologized, "Sorry about last night. Those two were not supposed to do that to you. They have been punished for their disobedience."

The TV cut to Billy, the bastard who stole her virginity, getting fucked in the ass by the robot Matrix-Prime. Sara gasped in shock and yet a slight smile crossed her face at seeing justice served. Just as quickly her smile disappeared as she felt guilty for her negative thought. It then switched to Scarlet. She was in a dog kennel, with a leash, outside, naked.

The screen returning to the hooded Director, he explained, "You see, Sara, my organization runs on structure, on discipline, on unquestionable loyalty, on obedience. You too will soon learn these things."

"What, I will never," Superchick began.

"Never say never, Sara. I have learned everything eventually happens. Plus, I was told I could never stop you, yet here I am and here you are."

"I will get out of here," Sara confidently predicted.

"Oh you silly girl. You have a chemical contraception in your head I concocted just for you; you have no powers anymore. You are my captive and your training starts now."

"Training?" Sara questioned as the TV screen went black briefly and then came back on and Sara was suddenly watching her rape.

The video played on a constant loop for hours, with full sound, driving Sara nuts. She went through a variety of emotions. At first she was mortified having to relive the horrifying ordeal again, followed by anger at having her precious virginity stolen from her so harshly, followed by tears as the black and white reality of her helpless situation became crystal clear and lastly by frustration that her vagina was somehow begging for attention. This led back to being mortified at the reality that she was horny at all. The hours ticked by and Sara continued to refuse the growing temptation to relieve her building desire to touch herself.

She closed her eyes.

She used the thin pillow to cover her ears.

She screamed to silence her moans from the video.

She cried until no more tears remained.

She moved her hand away from her vagina just before she touched herself.

Suddenly, The Producer's voice returned. Once you bring yourself to orgasm, I will shut off the video. Give in to your desires, Sara. Resistance is futile...we have released the sleeping sin that was inside you and there is no turning back. You crave the pleasure you felt yesterday; your mind is denying it...fighting it with all your might...yet your cunt...your sweet tight cunt...is begging for attention, pleading for release...."

Sara was a nervous wreck. The continuous video was driving her crazy, The Producer was right her vagina was twitching, begging for attention and yet there was no way she could give in. Giving in would show weakness. Another hour passed by, then another, as Sara continued to focus on fighting her wanton desires. She reminisced to her many heroic moments and convinced herself that this was just another heroic moment.

She was startled when a tray slid through a slot in the bottom of the door. Sara went over to it. It was a sandwich, soup, milk and a vibrator.

The Producer's voice again echoed through her small prison. "You must be famished by now, both your belly and your cunt. So here is something to satisfy both."

Superchick roared, "How do I know these aren't poisoned?"

The Producer laughed, "If I wanted you dead, my pretty, you would be dead already. Oh no, no, I have much bigger plans for you. Grand plans. The promise remains. Once you have fucked yourself to an orgasm, I will shut off this video...unless you want it to stay on."

"Damn you," Superchick roared, "Why are you doing this?"

"Why? Partly because I can; partly because you have cost me a lot of money with your morally right heroism; partly because you are fucking hot and I look forward to turning you into a eager bimbo slut who obeys my every command; and, partly because you will make a great ally in my quest for world domination."

"That will never happen," Superchick confidently retorted.

"We will see, my pretty, we will see," he ominously replied. "Now back to our regularly scheduled program."

The video of Superchick's rape returned and she collapsed on the bed. Famished, she eventually grabbed the sandwich and ate it. She drank the milk and slowly sampled the soup. She ignored the slick pink vibrator even though the tingling down below was screaming for attention.

The videotape looped three more times before Sara began to show signs of weakening again. She thought to herself: if I just quickly cum I will be thinking straight again and this damn video will be shut off. Just as quickly her conscious argued: don't you dare weaken now. This debate in her mind continued through another loop, her left hand slowly slithering towards her wanton flesh just inches away from touching herself.

The video suddenly changed to a hardcore porno of a girl getting fucked hard. The girl's screams were loud, ecstatic screams of unbridled pleasure and Sara's vagina began to leak without being touched. The 18-year-old was unable to take her eyes off the screen and without even mentally knowing it, her fingers reached her vagina and she mindlessly began to finger herself. Her eyes glued to the couple fucking as she furiously pumped one, then two fingers inside her burning vagina. Her moans echoed in the small room as she let herself go. After hours of simmering near the surface, it took less than a minute for her vagina to boil over and she screamed as her orgasm quaked her entire being. As she collapsed onto the bed, the screen went blank and silence finally filled the room.

Once the orgasm faded, Sara cursed herself and her weakness.

The Producer in the room next door smiled, it had taken longer than expected, but she broke down. He edited the video briefly and then sent it to a free porn site that would upload it ASAP and by tomorrow the whole world would see Superchick on a bed, in her uniform masturbating to a porn film.

The Producer gloated to himself as he updated his master plan. His elaborate plan for Superchick was under way:

1. Capture Superchick. (Check)

2. Implant chemical contraption in her. (check)

3. Implant experimental drug in her blood stream that weakens her moral fibre mental capacity with each orgasm until she is an insipid bimbo. (check)

4. Make her masturbate and tape it. (Check)

5. Discredit Superchick. (In process)

6. Begin bimbo slut training. (Tomorrow)

7. Make her my eager submissive slut (in early process).

8. Make her a Super-villain (in early process).

The video now off, Superchick sighed relieved to have silence. The rest of the evening she was alone in the room with lots of time to consider her predicament and pray that Superdude was looking for her.


Unknown to Superchick, by the next morning, the video had gone viral and the top headlines around the world were about the fallen eighteen-year-old hero.

Superchick was awakened to find herself again bound and helpless, but this time in a much more humiliating position. As she looked down she saw she was completely naked, her legs were spread wide open and a strange contraption with a dildo was just touching her vagina.

Suddenly, The Producer's voice started her. "Good morning, Superslut."

Instantly the blonde superhero was angry. "Let me go, the others must be looking for me by now."

"Oh trust me, you are the talk of the town," The Producer chuckled.

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