Bimbo Stories: Miss Jameson


I wanted to hit him, but my body felt slower. Like my commands didn't register right away. Plus, how could I hit such an attractive face? I glanced down at his crotch. I wonder if he'd let me see his dick?

A knock came at the door.

"Go get it," Matthew said.

"Okies!" I replied. That seemed wrong. But I was being good and doing what the hot man said, so there must not have been a problem. Maybe I wasn't going fast enough! That was probably it. I giggled and ran to the door, my now giant boobs bouncing wildly under my button-up shirt. I unlocked and opened the door.

"Hi Mom!" Anna looked even more hot than she did yesterday. Her lips were all big and puffy now and everything. I bet a cock would feel so good with those kinda lips on it. Not just that, but her hair was so shiny and blonde and her boobs were so big and sexy!

"Stacey, good job!" Said Matthew. Anna giggled and clapped at these words and brushed past me and ran into Matthew's arms.

"Um, who's Stacey?" I asked. This was really confusing. I didn't even know that Anna knew Matthew. It made me happy though. I love my daughter, and Matt is so hot!

"Your daughter is a bimbo now, Miss Jameson. She needed a good bimbo name."

Of course! How could I be so stupid? I felt so grateful for Matthew for being there to clear that up for me. What a big smart man he was! I closed the door again and locked it behind me.

"That means we'll need a good name for you too, Miss," said Matt.

I put my hands on my hips.

"Hey! You big meanie! I'm no bimbo! I'm a smart teacher!" I said in my most adult voice. There, that'll show him to call me a bimbo! What a rude thing to say.

"But Miss," said Matt as Anna -- I mean Stacey -- giggled and dropped to her knees in front of him, "look at you. Look at how big your boobs are now."

I looked down and grabbed them. They were really big now, it's true. I didn't even wanna call them boobs anymore. More like juggs. Stacey unzipped Matthew's jeans and gasped and giggled at what she saw. Her head was blocking my view. I wanted to see too!

"Just 'cause I got big ol' juggs doesn't mean that I'm a bimbo!"

Matthew took in a sharp breath of air, "take your hair out of that bun, Miss. Feel your lips. You're going to feel pretty stupid when you find out I'm right."

I reached up to do as he said while my daughter's head started bobbing up and down. Wow! She must be sucking his cock right here in my class. First I felt smart for figuring that out, then I felt jealous. Why did she get a dick to suck on? I'm pretty sure my juggs were even bigger than hers.

I struggled with my hair, distracted by how good Stacey seemed to be at sucking cock. I was so proud of her!

Finally my hair came down and I was able to see it. There was so much of it and it was so blonde! Wow! I must look so hot.

"Sworry, Matt! You're right. I do have rewwy blonde hair like a bimbo!"

"And listen to your voice! Your big bimbo lips definitely make you sound like a ditz!" My daughter was now moaning desperately into Matt's dick. It must taste really good!

"You're so smart, Matty!" I giggled. What would I do without him?

Stacey took Matt's dick out of her mouth with a slutty 'pop' and I got my first sorta look at it. Ohmygod, it looked so nice and big! Why did my daughter get all the good stuff? She looked up at the stud.

"Are you gunna let me drink it like I did yesterday? Huh? It's my favourite!"

My face was red with jealousy.

"Why does she get it all? I wanna drink cum too!"

Matt looked at me while pulling Stacey up to her feet.

"Why should I give you such a nice present when you were mean to me all year?" He said.

I pouted. That did make sense. Why did he have to be so smart? I was only mean to him because I wanted his dick so bad, right?

Matthew then undressed my daughter. She had the hottest curves ever. Sexy hips, a tight little bimbo butt and those giant sexy tits. I didn't blame Matthew for being so nice to her, Stacey was so hot!

Then he bent her over right on my desk. Was he going to fuck my daughter in front of me on my desk? Her giant boobs squished against the desk and spread out under her. She moaned like a slut in heat. Something weird was talking in my head. Why didn't it shut up? I just wanted to see the big stud Matthew shove his beautiful cock into this super hot slut.

I got naked and put my fingers on my pussy. THAT made the voice in my head shut up. It felt so good! Matthew was pounding away at my daughter by this point, she screamed without abandon.

"Um, shouldn't we be quiet?" I said, three fingers jack-hammering into my own cunt.

"It's okay," Matt groaned while pounding away at my daughter's tight teen snatch, "I made a deal with the principal. He's the only one who will hear."

"Oh," I said. Principal Raskin was a fat, sweaty, short, old, bald man. I never had anything to do with him before if I could help it. But that was really mean of me! He was so cute and small.

"I was always mean to him, wasn't I?" I said in between moans. Stacey was flailing her arms around my desk now, grabbing onto whatever she could in pleasure.

"Good memory!" said Matthew.

I giggled and clapped, but then pouted when I realized I took my fingers out to do it. I absentmindedly sucked on them. I tasted pretty good!

"I feel bad especially because he's being nice to us now. Letting you give my daughter such a nice gift and everything."

"I thought you might say that," Matt grunted as his pulled his cock out of Stacey. It was really huge! Like, really huge! I wanted a dick in my mouth so bad. "So I'm gunna let you make it up to him. In fact, that was part of the deal."

That sounded really complicated, but I think it had something to do with another knock coming at the door.

"Get that!" Matthew yelled as he blasted jizz all over my daughter's back. He absolutely covered it. I wanted to do what he said, but I was so mesmerized by Matt's perfect cock and cum that I could only stand in awe. Stacey was so lucky! I couldn't help myself. I went over there and started licking it up off her bimbo back.

"Mom!' Stacey giggled, "That tickles!"

My giant juggs dragged across her little butt and teen back as I lapped up all the jizz. It was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted!

I guess Matthew went over to get the door. I felt bad, so I went over right away after I had swallowed up all the cum.

Yup, it was Principal Raskin! I was so smart! I put my arms behind my back and twisted back and forth as his beady little eyes leered at my new body.

"You weren't lying, Mr Scribe. You'll get your passing grade!"

"Ha! And you haven't even had your way with her yet!"

I just giggled as the smart men had their conversation. I didn't really understand it, but I knew that Principal Raskin liked my lips and boobs. He was staring at them so much. It made me so excited. It was so nice of him!

"What's your name now, little bimbo?" The principal asked me.

I got real worried. Matthew never told me! I didn't wanna get an answer wrong.

"Candy. Isn't that right? It's a very special bimbo name," Matt said.

I felt so relieved. Matt was so nice coming to the rescue for me. I hoped to myself that he'd let me give him a titjob as thanks later.

"Yes sir, I'm the busty bimbo, Candy!"

Principal Raskin was really excited by that, I felt really honoured. I must have done a good job! I looked down and saw that he had already taken his pants off. He sat down and leered at me, making my pussy even more wet. He seemed too excited to even say anything. He just looked at my huge juggs and big dick-sucking lips. Even a bimbo like me knew what he wanted.

His dick was so little and cute! I was so lucky that he was gunna let me get all the cum out of it. I hope he lets me swallow! I'll have to work really hard.

I lowered my mouth onto his hard little dick as I heard Matthew and Stacey leave the classroom.

"You did really well! Let's go to the bathroom and I'll give you a mouthful of cum as a reward."

I moaned into the Principal's dick as my daughter gave a delighted squeal at her upcoming present. I was so proud of her.

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