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Binding Contracts


copyright 2006,2007

All rights are reserved! This story is not to be copied or circulated except by madengineer or by means of the Literotica website, and under Literotica's rules.

No similarity to persons living or dead is implied. This is a work of fiction, isn't it?


My name is Mike Murphy. I am a lawyer and businessman. I use the law and do business on my terms. I've always enjoyed using the law to give me what I want. Only the honor and character of a lawyer prevent him, or her, from using the legal tools to enrich himself at other people's expense. Now, I'm sure that you probably think all lawyers are self serving vicious beasts but that is not true. There are the soft headed do gooders out there who actually care about justice, honor, and fairness. They can have it. I like money, power, and security; and I know how to get them. At forty years old my personal worth is about fifteen million dollars or so. I have obtained much of it because people don't read or understand the "fine print" in contracts.

It is amazing how much a person is willing to do for you, even illegal things, if you have them over a barrel. I 'd branched out, over time, and became the hidden owner of a local pawn shop/check cashing/loan house. The simple forms that people have to sign to do business with me look like standard "boilerplate" forms, but they aren't. My interest rates are just within the legal boundaries for my state. I leave myself a good three percent leeway between what I charge and the amount that would be illegal. Where I get hold of these people is in the default clauses. I only use these special forms with people who have been through bankruptcy within the last couple of years. I know that they can't file again for a long time, and they don't seem to remember that. My normal approach is to lend them just a bit more than they are likely to be able to pay back in the time allowed.

When they go into default I offer to let them re-finance what they owe on a new loan but using a punitive default interest rate. I don't do this with just anyone, if they don't have good collateral or some form of political or business "pull" they don't get the loan . On the side I also own several "adult entertainment" web-sites that offer "original content". My sites cater to the entire range of fetishes and interests. Some of those who have gotten into real hock to me are finally persuaded to be models for still pictures and/or actors in real XXX productions. Some managers in the "adult entertainment" industry hook people on drugs, I hook them with the threat of financial ruin. Similarly I hook into those who are small business owners who have promising businesses and bad habits by demanding a "behind the scenes" 51% ownership of their company or the loss of everything. They keep their important sounding jobs and do all the work and I take a good share of the profits.

It is, however, the "adult entertainment" businesses that are the most profitable. I spend under twenty grand on producing a film and a large series of still pictures and then charge people $15 a month to "belong" to that web site and two others that are also owned by me. Currently I have about 3500 "subscribers" which provides a gross income of over fifty grand a month. If I susbract out the income taxes and Internet access costs I still clear over forty-five grand a month for doing nothing. When I factor in the "store" that sells "used" panties and bras to the fringe people I end up clearing about fifty grand a month. That's not a bad income. You may wonder why I worry about taxes. The Feds are all too willing to use the tax code to "get" people they want behind bars. The state tax people are at least as eager to go after tax cheats. I'm paying my taxes so that they cannot use that trick to get me behind bars.

I have one young gal, in particular, on the hook right now. She is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my life. Her name is Grace. Grace's one remaining asset is the deed to her grandmother's house. Apparently her grandma still resides in the house. The family had always thought that grandma was a bit strange, and had taken legal steps to have Grace listed as the owner of the property. My fine print on the loan papers was worded so that even this family property was covered. Grace is going to be a hit on the new porn video that we're going to shoot. Since one of the flicks that I'm going to make is a XXX horror film I needed a location that would fit the bill. Grace suggested that I might want to consider her grandmother's house. She thought that by using the house the debt could be paid off more quickly. I said it could be, but didn't put it in writing. The house was located about twenty miles outside of a small town that is about an hour away from the city where I do business. I have seen some pictures of the house, and it looks promising . I'm going to go and look it over this weekend. If I can use the house, and if Grace will act in the film, I've told her that I will release her from her agreement with me. After all, once she's been "broken in" in the "adult entertainment" films, she may well decide to continue working for me for some pretty good money. As I said, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

* * * *

The house is perfect. It is set back in a large grove of trees about a hundred yards off a narrow unpaved road. The house is miles from the nearest neighbor. It is not exactly like the "House of Usher", but it does have a sort of old, creepy, decayed feel to it. It all but oozes a certain "strangeness" that will be picked up by the viewers of the film we're making. To add to our good luck Grace's grandmother, Isadora Samael, looks a little like what most people think an old witch might look like. She doesn't have a crooked nose but she has a haunting and slightly unnerving quality to her. I can see why the house was deeded over to Grace. Isadora really does seem to be following a "different drummer". Grace really seems to adore and greatly respect Isadora. I think it's sort of sappy.

* * * *

Isadora had to be brought up to speed on what we were going to do, that is what type of film we would be making. She seemed to take it in stride relatively well. When she heard that the witchcraft to be done would be mostly in the nude and would involve sex she reacted in a very strange way. With a bit of a smile on her face she said something like "Of course, that type of ritual requires that the celebrants be 'sky clad' " whatever that means.

* * * *

Grace has tossed a strange wrinkle into the shooting schedule. She has asked me to bring along the papers she signed and a release form to free her from the loan. She indicated that I might decide to give her the release after I had seen her abilities in front of the camera. I'll humor her, I want her to be at her best for this film. Maybe I can get her to do some other things for me, personally, in the future.

* * * *

The filming is about to begin. Grace has asked if she and her grandmother can improvise the first witch scene. We're shooting digital so I can afford to play along, it won't cost me much more than a couple of labor hours and might make things look more natural.

* * * *

In the back yard of the old house there is an area that is devoid of foliage. It looks like a circle of beaten down earth about thirty feet in diameter. Isadora and Grace have drawn a ten foot in diameter, circular line in the middle of this large bare patch of ground. At even intervals there are five black stones placed around the edge of the circle. At the moment they are scratching a five pointed star into the dirt with each of the star's points at one of the rocks. The two of them went as far as asking me for a couple of strands of hair to use in this fake mumbo-jumbo they are going to do to "make it look authentic", whatever that means. I humored them and gave them two hairs.

* * * *

They have built a fire in the center of the star and have a large black knife and a silver looking chalice and are saying all sorts of strange things while facing each of the stones in turn. They made a big deal about putting my two strands of hair in the silver chalice. With that done they cut themselves and allowed a few drops of their blood to fall into the chalice with the hair. This is good stuff!! My script writer is impressed. He says that he could never have come up with what they have improvised. Seeing the two women doing this while wearing nothing is Hot! Even Isadora has a relatively good figure. She's impressive for an old woman. This will look good on film! Their acting skills are very good.

* * * *

Something is happening. It feels like it has gotten colder. It must be due to the fact that we are shooting this scene in the evening. I'm beginning to feel a bit uneasy. .......

The nice orange red fire just changed to a dark blue flame traced with light blue streaks. A heavy mist has risen making it hard to see them. My director is yelling at them to stop that because it is impossible to film what is going on through what looks like fog.

At this point, my discomfort has just turned to real fear. I noticed that the fog is only inside the circle. It is clear where I am at the moment but densely foggy inside where they are. The fog has changed in color and now is slightly greenish. I can see them better now, but .......... There is something very large in there with them. The two women are talking with a large thing inside the star inside the circle. Man, I want to get out of here, but I literally cannot move from where I am standing.

Whatever that thing, in the circle, is it looks taller than a professional basketball player and heavier than a football pro line backer. It is obviously male because it is sporting a large erection which Grace is sucking off. I can hear the large thing's breathing now. It is coming in raspy gasps. They have been calling this thing a djin, or jin, or something like that. They have called it by a weird name like Aziel or Ariel, or something much like that. My film crew has moved far away from the circle, but I seem to be rooted to this spot. I need to get out of here. Now, I'm not easily frightened. This thing has me almost paralyzed with fear.

Suddenly there is a bellow like an angry elephant, and the big black thing has opened its eyes. I can see red fire where the eyes should be. I am now alone watching this event. The rest of the filming crew has fled. I have heard the sounds of their vehicles leaving the property. I'd give anything to run away and hide, but I cannot make my feet move. The mist has now dissipated and the thing looks like it is a good nine feet tall and maybe five hundred pounds of lean muscle. The beast appears to be flat black, you know, like the inside color in a camera that shoots real film. He is hard to see, with the exception of the flaming eyes. He's headed toward me. I try to scream and find that no sound can get out of my mouth. .

The thing is now standing directly next to me. I am standing and its dick is about at my head level. It has lifted me off the ground with two fingers of one hand and has brought me into the circle. I want to scream in fear, but none of my muscles are obeying me.

Isadora started to speak: "Mr. Murphy I want you to meet a friend of ours. Say hello to Aziel."

The gigantic thing that was holding me opened its mouth and smiled a wicked smile. I could see fire inside its mouth like I was looking into a furnace. My voice has now returned but I only produce a barely audible whisper when I said "hello Aziel". I hadn't planned to speak! Isadora's words seem to be more of a command than a request.

Isadora continued: "Mr. Murphy, I know what type of man you are. I know how you trick people with fancy legal terms and snares that should be illegal, but aren't. I want you to know that Grace and I are sort of lawyers as well. We have just had you enter into a contract with Aziel. Before you try to disagree I will remind you that you voluntarily gave us two strands of your hair. Those strands were as good as your signature according to the "Old Laws" that we work with. You are about to be given the equivalent of a seal on an official court document. Hold out your left hand."

I have to reply! I use all my remaining courage and say "No, I won't. I haven't agreed to anything, you can't hold me to a contract I didn't even know existed."

"But, Mr. Murphy, isn't that what you do with your fine print? Of course it is. You have , entered into a binding contract, just like your victims did. Mr. Murphy, either you will hold out your left hand or Aziel will hold it out for you, won't you Aziel?"

The thing that was holding me slowly shook its head yes and gave me a brief squeeze that almost broke my ribs. I held out my left hand. As soon as it was held out a small five pointed star appeared in the center of my palm. It glowed like the fire in Aziel's mouth and eyes but didn't hurt.

"Mr. Murphy, that mark is an ownership mark. You have given your life to me and my granddaughter Grace. Aziel, you can put him down now. He can't run."

As my feet hit the ground I tried to move but found myself unable to. I noticed that my left hand now felt a strong burning sensation. I looked at the flaming star and it slowly dimmed and went out leaving a very finely etched star on my palm.

"Now, Mr. Murphy, you will go get your case and fill out the release for my granddaughter and hand me the papers."

They've got to be kidding! "What makes you think I would be willing to do that?" I asked.

Isadora smiled at me and said, "watch". She held out her hand at about the height of my nuts and made a squeezing motion. As she squeezed I found myself in agony. It was like someone had put my balls in a red hot vise. I let out a long scream of agony.

"O.K, O.K. I get the point. How did you do that?"

"Remember those hairs that you gave us? They allowed us to make a linkage between Aziel and you. He normally exists in a sort of parallel world. When I give him the mental command and show the action I want done he will do it, you see he owes me many favors at this time."

"If you aren't around, how do you know I won't use your granddaughter to make you undo this stuff?"

At that point the two naked women looked at each other and laughed. "Because, Mr. Murphy, she is the one who taught me how to do this magic. She's the witch, I am the apprentice."

Why do you think that she came to your loan establishment for a loan? We knew who and what you are. She came to you for the express purpose of getting you here tonight!

At that point I was done. I agreed and filled out the paper work. I handed the original loan documents to Grace and she handed them to Aziel!

Grace now spoke: " Aziel, you will take these papers with you. If you see any paperwork being written or used by Mr. Murphy, or his agents, that does what these papers do I give you permission to punish him. Aziel, show Mr. Murphy what punishment is like."

I found myself on the ground in agony. My balls were squeezed and on fire. I was blinded by intense pain in my eyes and head and I couldn't move. It hurt so badly I couldn't even make a sound. Then it stopped.

I lay there on the ground, panting and moaning in pain.

"Mr. Murphy, if you ever again use the law to hurt or cheat another person; if you do not set right the damage you have done to the best of your ability Aziel will hurt you. After you have been hurt thirteen times he will take ownership of you so that he can take you back to where he is from. You see, we have told him that he's to dislike people like you. Where he lives there aren't any laws that keep him from playing with you for the rest of eternity. Oh, by the way, that little demonstration just now was one of the thirteen times, you really only have twelve left."

* * * *

I am trying to be good. I am doing public defender work and working with the poor. I no longer have a lot of money or power, but I don't have to face the possibility of being a deamon's play thing. This has been a hard lesson to learn. I'm in a really strange bind. The laws that I know can't do a thing about the Laws that led to the five pointed star on my left hand. Even if I tried to explain to others what had happened they wouldn't believe me. As a case in point, you don't believe me either, do you?

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