tagErotic CouplingsBiology in the Library

Biology in the Library


I was in the library studying for an exam I had the next day. I knew I was gonna be up all night and was in dire need of coffee. I texted my boyfriend and asked if he would get one for me and help me study.

He found the private study room I was in, gave me my coffee and started going over the material. Question after question, my brain got more and more numb. I was getting to the point where I couldn't focus on anything anymore. I kept reaching for my phone to get on social media and take a break. He grabbed it and stuck it in his pocket so I wouldn't be tempted. I knew if I didn't get a break soon, I wouldn't retain any of the information I was studying but he kept pushing me to answer one more question. I was about to give up trying to convince him when it hit me.

I took my shoe off and slowly started sliding my foot up his leg. He tried to ignore me, but I saw him blushing. As I moved my foot higher and higher I heard his voice tense and shake a bit as he kept asking me questions. I reached his knee...then his thigh...then I stopped just short of his crotch. I saw him tense his fist as my toes barely grazed the tip through his pants. He let a long breath out and lowered the index cards to look me win the eyes.

"Babe, you need to study," he said through a chuckle as he pushed my foot down.

I groaned and rolled my eyes as he continued to ask me questions. But I still wasn't going to give up, especially since my efforts of teasing him got to me as well. I started sliding down in my chair and "accidentally" knocked one of my notebooks onto the floor. I slid under the table to "pick it up". As soon as he couldn't see me I crawled under the table and slid my hands up his thighs. He jumped in his seat as I startled him. I quickly unzipped his pants and wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock before he could push me off and convince me to continue studying.

I looked up at him as I started flicking my tongue back and forth across the tip. He looked up at the door to be sure no one was able to visibly see us through the window. I stroked his cock with my hand as I took him further into my mouth. He slid down in his chair and spread his legs wider to give me more access to take him all the way down my throat. He threw his head back and started moaning as he ran his fingers through my hair guiding my mouth around his cock. Happy I had finally gotten my way, I gladly slurped up the drool dripping from my greedy lips.

He pushed his chair back and pulled me up and sat me on the table. We kissed as he ran his hands all over my body. I continued jerking him off as he kissed down my neck and chest. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and pulled him in closer. I could feel his hard cock pushing up against my pussy through my jeans as he started dry humping me. I ran my hands down his back and in his pants to cup his ass. I pulled him into me making sure his cock was pressed against me. With my other hand, I slid into his pocket and grabbed my phone. As soon as I was in the clear, I pulled away and jumped off the table and sat back in my chair to play a game. He froze with his mouth gaped open and his hard cock hanging in the dead air.

"You did not just do that..." he said in disbelief.

I sassily replied, "I think I did," without even looking up. He slowly walked around the table, his cock still out and swaying, and lowered his head level with mine. He brushed my hair behind my ear.

"I don't think you know what you just did," he whispered softly into my ear. Then he licked my earlobe before lightly nibbling on it. While I was deciphering what he meant by his words, he took my phone from me again and threw it across the table and onto the floor. I was about to protest, but he grabbed my face and kissed me before I had the chance.

He roughly pulled my shirt up to expose my braless tits and started groping them as he kissed my neck. I ran my fingers through his hair as I started moaning softly. He covered my mouth with one hand and slid the other down my body and into my panties. He started licking and flicking his tongue over my panties as I groaned into his hand. I grabbed at his arms as I began squirming under his grip. My pussy was creating a noticeable pool of juices in my panties.

He pulled me up out of the chair, stripped me of my pants and placed me on the table again. He squatted down and licked my pussy through my panties. At first, he scooped up the juices dripping from the puddle inside. Then he started sucking over my clit as he flicked his tongue over it. Then he ripped my panties off me with one swift yank not caring that he ruined one of my good pairs. He pushed my legs farther apart and shoved his tongue in my pussy as he circled his thumb over my clit.

I realized my tits were still out when saw my reflection in the door window. I saw a boy walk by and I quickly pulled my shirt back down to avoid being caught. He obviously didn't like that because he stood up and ripped it off as well and threw the t-shirt scraps to the side. Then he got back down and devoured my pussy. I grabbed his hair and wrapped my legs around his neck pulling him in closer. He kissed up my stomach to suck and nibble on my pointy nipples and started fingering me roughly. As I felt my orgasm begin to build, I threw my head back and closed my eyes. I tried my hardest to hold back my moans as he roughly thrusted his fingers in and out of my wet pussy.

My jaw dropped and I looked down at his fingers as they pushed me over the edge. My entire body started to shake, pushing a loud moan past my lips as I came on his hand. Having forgotten where we were, he had to cover my mouth to shut me up. As soon as I realized what I'd done, I opened my eyes and saw a guy looking right at me through the window.

After the shock had passed, I smiled and winked at him and pulled my boyfriend up and kissed his juice-drenched lips, not breaking eye contact with the other guy. Our eye contact was broken when my boyfriend pushed me down onto the table and rubbed his rock hard cock over my clit just before plunging it deep inside of me slowly. I arched my back as he picked up the pace. I grabbed the edge of the table over my head to brace myself as he started plowing deep into my pussy as he was driven with mad lust from all of my teasing.

After a few minutes of this, he rolled me over onto my stomach without pulling out even the slightest. He smacked my ass as he continued fucking me harder. The table started shifting across the floor as he pounded my pussy. All of a sudden, we heard a knock on the door.

We both froze and turned to see who was at the door...it was just another mentally exhausted college student looking very irritated. My boyfriend threw me my ripped shirt to cover up, put his cock back in his pants, and opened the door.

As if nothing was going on inside the study room he said, "What's up, man?"

The college student responded in a hushed yell, "For fucks sake you're in a library! I'm trying to study. Could you keep it down!?"

My boyfriend looked kind of shocked that he was more bothered by the noise than the fact that we were fucking, "Oh, ya! Sorry, man; we didn't notice. We'll be quiet." Then the guy nodded in gratitude as he turned around and walked away to go back to his studying.

He shut the door and whipped around to grab me by the neck causing me to drop the shirt. He pulled me to the ground and pulled his cock back out. His cock had softened a bit as the incident slightly ruined the mood. He moved his hand to the back of my head as he started to face fuck me. Drool began dripping down my chin and onto my tits. After drool was everywhere and he was rock hard again, he pulled me back up and bent me over the table. He held my arms behind my back as he licked my pussy to make sure it was still wet. Of course, it was. I love it a little too much when he manhandles me like that.

He stood back up and thrusted his whole length inside of me. I let out a semi-loud groan accidentally and he quickly covered my mouth which made me gush a little more making me moan even louder. He let go of my arms, and yanked me up right by my hair before covering my mouth with both hands. As he plowed my pussy, he pulled back on my mouth forcing me back farther and harder onto his cock. He started fucking me faster, hitting my g-spot over and over with each thrust until I squirted my juices down my legs onto the study room carpet.He bent down and started sucking on my clit prolonging my orgasm until my legs started shaking and had to prop myself on the table to stay upright.

He kissed up my back as I began to regain myself. Then he stood up and climbed on top of the table. He laid on his back with his massive cock laying on his stomach. I just stood there staring at it for a second as it glistened with my juices. He tugged at my arm for me to get on but I thought I'd take the opportunity to take charge.

I walked behind his head and picked up my ripped shirt. I tied his wrists together around the frame of the table so he couldn't move them. Then I slowly walked back in front of him as I lightly ran my fingertips over his body slowly towards his cock. I barely touched the tip before sitting in a chair in his eye-line. I lifted one of my legs and placed it up on the table as I started to play with my clit slowly. I started moaning and threw my head back as I pleasured myself. Then I started fingering myself, slowly at first. As my fingers got more soaked, I moved them faster. I bit my lip as I heard my hands repeatedly hitting my clit as my fingers slid against my pussy walls.

I groped my tits and played with my nipples as I looked at his muscular body tied to the table. I felt myself getting closer to the edge as I thought about licking his entire body. I glanced at his cock and saw it twitching. Then I looked at his face to see his eyes glued to my pussy as I pumped my fingers in and out.

He looked up into my eyes and said through gritted teeth, "Get your sexy ass over here and ride my cock." I slowly shook my head no with a smirk on my face.

Instead, I looked him in the eyes and brought my juice covered fingers to my mouth. I slowly licked them then put them into my mouth as I sucked them clean. Then I got up and climbed up onto the table. I swung a leg over his body as I was facing away from him. I braced myself on his hips and shook my ass in his face. I looked down and saw his cock twitch again knowing he was just dying to fuck me.

I decided to tease him just a little more. I slid backwards, leaving a trail of my juices up his chest until I was sitting on his face. He refused to do anything hoping I would give in and fuck him but I wasn't giving up that easily.

I shook my ass again so as to rub my own clit with his lips. I knew he wouldn't be able to resist eating me out once he got a taste. I felt his tongue slip inside of me as he slurped up my juices. He flicked my clit back and forth with his tongue as I slammed my hands down on his chest and gasped. I started breathing heavily as he brought me closer and closer to orgasm. I leaned forward and started slowly stroking his cock. Relieved to finally get some action, he started eating me more roughly. His body started squirming under me. I thought he was just really trying to hold back his own orgasm until I felt him smack my ass hard.

He had freed his own hands and started groping my ass and shoving them inside of my pussy. I tried to keep myself composed enough to continue sucking his cock but I couldn't. I gently squeezed his balls as I moaned on the head of his cock. He sucked my clit and fucked me with his fingers until my body started shaking. I slammed my hands on the table as I tried to keep from screaming from the pleasure.

As soon as my orgasm subsided, he pushed my body down so my pussy was hovering over his cock. I propped myself up as I rubbed my pussy over his cock to coat it in my pussy juices. Then I slowly slid the tip between my pussy lips and started bouncing in shallow thrusts.

He smacked my ass again, hard enough to leave a handprint. Then he grabbed my hips and yanked my body down forcing his cock to penetrate deep into my pussy hard. I accidentally let out a loud scream. I quickly covered my mouth so we wouldn't be caught but he didn't care. He kept thrusting his hips up into my pelvis hard and fast as my screams seeped out through my fingers. My tits were bouncing and my ass was jiggling as he thrusted up deep in my pussy hitting my g-spot over and over.

He sat up and pushed me forward onto my stomach and pulled my ass up in the air as he got up onto his knees. He grabbed my hips and re-entered my pussy to fuck me doggy-style. I gripped the edge of the table as my body was being pushed towards the edge. He was impaling my pussy like an animal. I probably should have regretted getting him all riled up but I was loving every second of it.

My swollen pussy was being stretched as he repeatedly thrusted his throbbing cock inside me over and over again. I had to grab onto the back of one of the chairs to keep myself from falling off the table. With one more thrust, he pushed my body far enough to send the chair I was leaning on crashing to the ground. Ignoring the loud bang, I caught myself so I was upside down with my hands on the ground and my feet around his waist as he kept his pace, not slowing for a second.

He moved his hands to the base of my hips as he pulled them back into his body as he thrusted. I could tell he was about to cum as he wasn't slowing down no matter how tired he got.

"Cum...in my...pussy," I said between thrusts. Just as soon as I finished my command, I felt ropes of cum shoot deep into my pussy. He groaned as he slowly continued to thrust into me as his cock throbbed, spraying every drop of cum inside me.

He unwrapped my legs and pulled me up onto the table by my hips and flipped me onto my back. Once I was safely on the table, he spread my legs apart. Nothing was coming out since he came so deep inside of me. He started rubbing my clit in fast, rough circles until he pushed me into another orgasm. I groaned as my pussy spasmed, squeezing a stream of his cum out of my pussy, down my ass, and onto the table. He held my legs apart to watch it all. Then he scooped some of our mixed juices up on his finger and fed it to me.

After we had both calmed down, we got up and got dressed. He gave me his sweatshirt, as my shirt was ripped in half. Then we sat back down and went back to studying as if nothing had happened. The next day, I aced the test before finding out that the college kid from earlier got pissed that we weren't keeping it down so he decided to film us and put it up on the internet for the entire school to see. We became the number one video on the site and that room became the number one hook up spot on campus!

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