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Bionic Dick


This Story is written by a man who knows, because I am this person.

This story is based on truth with a little literary licence added. Any story is the same as real life. On its own life is plain but when we are retelling from memory about our life we add to the narrative and this makes for greater interest. This story should help men who have had or are going to have prostate surgery or do have small dicks. Life is not as bleak as one may have imagined. In fact it could be a bed of roses with maybe a few prickles, but all in all it is a marvelous experience to have a bionic dick.

We are indebted to VMKC for the editing of our story. Thanks VMKC

The reason for a bionic dick:

At the age of 44 years I had been married to a wife for 22 years and raised two sons to adulthood. Due to personality problems on both sides we were divorcing and going along with lives alone. The main problem was, we couldn't agree. I wanted sex and my wife didn't, but there were also other difficulties.

At the time we separated, I found I had a case of prostatitus. I deteriorated quite quickly and needed an urgent operation to remove the problem which I had done as soon as possible. While my surgeon was doing this procedure I arranged for him to give me the snip. Enough said.

About me. I am now an older man: quite well preserved, not over weight, height 183cm tall, rather bald, still enjoy life and living it to the best I can.

The insertion of the prosthesis and recovery from the op:

About 18 months after my operation I was still totally impotent with my cock being very soft and about 50mm long - about the size of my little finger, (mind you it was still good to pee out of). I returned to my surgeon and asked what could be done about this problem. At my age I had many more years of sex life in front of me and I wanted to enjoy it if possible.

After a long discussion, my surgeon stated that I could have a Penile Prosthesis inserted into my cock and then I would have a Bionic Dick, which would do all the duties that my old natural prick would do and have full feeling in it. I agreed. The surgeon then asked what size I would like. (Guys dream of a situation like this.) This prosthesis had two rods of silicone with a silver wire braid reinforcing in each rod which allows for the prosthesis to be bent to shape for each individual woman's preference and pleasure, either curved or straight.

We talked longer, and decided on a size of 163mm long x 56mm / 7.25 inches x 2.5 inches diameter. My surgeon stated that it was better to have a cock which was rather longer, and not insert it all in, than have one too short, and that most women would prefer this. Size being settled, my surgeon then set up the appointment at our local hospital. It is not a major operation, but it was the first time it had been done in New Zealand and it was very successful. I don't need to go into the details of the operation.

With the operation was done, I became the $25,000.00 man. (This was the cost of the procedure but with NZ having a free public health service the operation did not cost me a bean.)

The first time I tried it out and how well it worked:

I healed up, and an opportunity came to use my new Bionic Dick when I went out to a local bar one Saturday night and met up with a lovely mature blond woman named Molly who I had known for years. She had long blond hair down to her shoulders, a great figure and gorgeous tits. We hadn't seen each other for a long time, but when she found that I was now divorced, she became very interested in me. We had a few drinks and danced a little and about 11pm it was off to her apartment. The moment of truth was upon me. She was randy and I wanted this opportunity to see just how my new cock would work.

When she removed her little black frock, her tits stood out perfectly, with long suckable nipples. On removing her knickers I found her twat very juicy and ready for me. I kissed her mouth and she gave me plenty of tongue, really turning me on, so I moved to her beautiful breasts. I licked Molly's nipples and rolled and kneaded her breasts gaining long breathy moans and I moved down her body and started to draw small circles around her clitoris with my tongue. She was getting really wound up, and this made her juices run down to her arse. I sucked her to her first orgasm of the night.

Molly wanted to suck my cock, but at this stage I was keeping my secret to see if she could tell the difference between a real cock and my bionic one. Molly was a woman who had, had quite a lot of experience with the cocks of all of the sizes that are available to a fine looking woman, and had used many of them.

She pulled me up over her into the missionary position and I lined up my cock with her velvet cunt and started to push in.

She groaned and said, "My God you are a big boy aren't you. I don't think that I have ever taken a cock this big before."

I said, "Come on Molly, be a big girl, you can do it."

Easing forward I pushed more cock into her well lubricated twat. She squealed and orgasmed a second time and as I pushed past her G spot she orgasmed again, a bigger one this time. I waited for her to become accustomed to my size.

She started to rock around and said, "Start moving you bugger. Get fucking me.This is what we are here for."

So I fed her more cock and started moving in and out with a little more cock going in than pulling out with each movement until after about three minutes I was all the way into her.

Molly said, "My God John, I have never had this much cock in me ever. Where did you get it? It feels wonderful."

I could feel myself right hard up against the end of her vagina and I again started moving in and out of her twat with purpose. She orgasmed again with an earth shattering squeal.

I found that I had excellent control over my orgasm and when Molly had her fourth orgasm with vocals and I was starting to tire, I let myself cum and this was also a very powerful experience. Molly had become exhausted.

When Molly recovered a bit, and the time had moved on to 2.00 am she said, "John I usually can go two or three fucks a night, but I am sorry you have fucked me to a standstill. I am sore, stuffed, and satisfied. No more please."

I could see she needed to sleep, so I held her and kissed her, then pulled my clothes on and made my departure.

I was on top of the world. My bionic dick performed way above expectations and Molly hadn't realized that anything was unusual. Great! She was none the wiser.

My summary on my Bionic Dick:

Next day I thought about my encounter with Molly, which I had thoroughly enjoyed. It was the best fuck of my life up until to now.

I will share my observations:

My bionic dick sits nicely in my trousers, with only a slightly larger bulge when it is in the down position along my left leg than I had with my natural dick.

It stays hard as long as I need it to give pleasure to my lady.

I have complete control of my orgasm and can last as long or be as quick as I want to. so I could determine when to orgasm to suit my partner for maximum pleasure. My bionic dick had all the feeling and sensitivity of my old original prick. It looked and felt to my partner totally natural, with the added benefit that I do not pass any semen. The ladies loved this because there was no mess to run into their panties or down their legs if they did not wear panties. Also I do not have the natural build of the urge over time but still turn on when I am with an attractive female so that I can easily pick and choose who I am going to enjoy.

The next encounter:

I was at a friend's house one Saturday night and happened to be introduced to

a lady called Janet, who was a gorgeous redhead. There were two couples, two single ladies, and two single guys including myself.

We were having drinks; the ladies wine and the men beer and as usual we were all bullshiting, each trying to outdo the other. Some guys started telling risqué stories and the women tried to outdo them. We then moved on to food fads and aversions, especially dildos and vibrators. Some of this discussion was quite forthright. The evening progressed on to sex and stories of our past experiences, with embellishments, ensuring that by midnight we were not feeling any pain and had all become quite randy.

Janet had driven over to this evening and was now not fit to drive home. She asked for someone to call a taxi, but as I was feeling bold I suggested, the night being just a pup, she could come over to my place, which was just in the next street, and have a nightcap. With a lot of hummng and hawing Janet agreed, so we walked around the block to my house. I was feeling horny, and once inside my flat I pulled her close and we kissed, the first one a little tentative but the second was fabulous. I had to have this girl.

We chose a bottle of wine from the rack, opened it and I poured two glasses. Giving Janet one and sipping from the other, I suggested that the wine was a perfect flavor but it need something to complement it. Why not have a kiss after each mouthful.

Janet and I started pashing up. My hands were moving over her beautiful body. Did I tell you that Janet's tits were scrumptious; her nipples had hardened up and were sticking out 10 mm/.5 inch. She let me peal her little black dress off her smooth shoulders and I sneakily unclipped her bra while I was kissing her. Janet did not let on that she knew this was happening. When her tits were free I started to kiss them and suck her nipples and she was really turned on. Taking her to my bedroom, I completely stripped off her frock and admired her beautiful body. She was all a man could possibly dream about. I lay her down on the bed. She lifted her bum and I pulled her knickers off leaving her nude.

While I was kissing her she actively reciprocated with plenty of tongue. Janet was a passionate kisser. What an action she had. I gently stroked her tummy and moved my hand to her lady centre. I found her drooling.

She said, "Come on. Don't mess around. Fuck me!"

Scrambling up to a missionary position above her, I moved my cock against her lips and started to enter her.

As I did this I stated, "This will be the first time you are fucked by a bionic dick."

At this she screamed at me and very forcefully yelled, "Take that bloody thing away from me. I do not need or want any artificial things in my body. Not dildos, vibrators or bionic dicks."

She then jumped to her feet as if the devil were chasing her, pulled on her clothes grabbed her purse, snatched out her cell phone and called a taxi as she rushed out the door.

That ended the night!

My next experience:

My next experience was with a charming woman named Delores.

Delores had the most delightful smile one has ever seen. When she smiled her whole face would light up. It was marvelous. We met up for drinks on a few Friday night happy hours and arranged to have a couple of Saturday evening dinners. Purely platonic at this stage as I was apprehensive having had my bum knocked in with my last encounter with Janet.

After our second dinner Delores asked, "John are you gay?"

I said, "No I'm not .Is that your impression of me?"

Delores then said, "Well you have taken me out three or four times for happy hours and two dinners, and you haven't put the hard word on me. You are not doing much for my confidence in myself as a woman."

Assuring Delores that she was indeed very attractive to me, I told her about my last encounter.

She understood where I was coming from and said, "I am not Janet. What about giving me a try? I just may like a bionic dick."

I thought, "I like a woman to be forward."

With that I said, "Your place or mine?"

She said, "Yours!"

I walked Delores out the door of the restaurant to the car park and opened the door for her to get into her seat.

She said, "You're a real gentleman aren't you."

But really I did this so that I could admire her legs as her tight skirt pulled up high above her stockings. Her legs were promising of further delights.

It took us about 10 minutes drive to get back to my house with Delores's skirt still showing her lacy pink knickers. She sure knew how to tantalise a man.

Once through the front door I showed her into the lounge, sat her on the sofa and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses, poured the wine and took it through to the lounge, then sat down next to her on the sofa.

Delores sipped about half of her glass of wine turned her face to me and we kissed in a very erotic way. My hands had a life of their own, (mind you I had trained them well) and started to undo her zip on the back of her dress. Man this woman knew how to kiss, and while she was occupied with kissing I slipped her frock down off her beautiful soft shoulders taking her bra straps down with it. She lifted her bum and I pulled her frock under her and off her legs. Surprise! There were no knickers in sight. She had slipped them off in between the car and the house and now. Delores was nude.

She said, "What about you too? You are still dressed."

I quickly corrected this problem and we were both nude, ready for play.

Delores stopped our passion play and started to examine my bionic dick,

"My God it's more beautiful than an original model and I fancy it now."

How could I refuse a lady.

We hurried along the passage to the main bedroom and scrambled on to my king size bed. Romantically and erotically, I worked Delores over starting at her lips. I licked her sensitive top lip before inserting my tongue into her mouth, then kissed around her neck, sucked her ear lobe and worked my way down to her breasts and then to her areolas and sucked her nipples. The more I could make Delores squirm the better I liked it. Moving my hand down through her bush on her cunt, I found her drooling with anticipation and ready for me. She could not lay still because she was so turned on. I turned her onto her back.

Delores implored me, "Oh John for God's sake poke your cock into me. I can't wait any longer."

Erotically moving over her, I placed my body between her legs and nudged my bionic dick in between her nether lips.

Delores said, "I'm glad you took the hint because I don't want to wait another moment to sample your delicious cock."

With that I lunged into her and bottomed out in one stroke. The feeling in my bionic cock was absolutely gorgeous. Delores started moaning and howling with passion and after a very short time climaxed. Then I continued fucking her. As my cock bumped her cervix she orgasmed again. From there on it was for her one continuous orgasm for the next ten minutes, with a couple of changes of position

Delores begged off, and said, "I can't take any more, I am too sensitive. I have never been fucked as well as this in my life. Your bionic dick is more than any girl could want but although you have not cum I cannot stand any more cock."

Although I had not cum up to now, it's a wonderful feeling when an experienced woman cries 'Uncle.' I was enthralled with the performance of my bionic dick.

She then turned over and fell asleep.

I left her in bed till 2.30 am approximately when I gently woke her, helped her dress, and called a taxi and sent her back to her apartment. Delores and I stayed together as fuck buddies for about a year. She wanted to settle down but I did not presently want or need a wife so we parted as friends and Delores met another guy who almost filled her bill and later she married him.

The best sex I ever had:

Heading on to my 50th birthday. I went out with my mates to a local bar where they had quite a good sized dance floor. I enjoy dancing and in my prime I danced competitively, winning a number of competitions. Also, I knew that being a good partner helped to get the girls. On the average, females love ballroom dancing more than the males, who, in New Zealand, consider dancing sissy. It is a great way of gaining an introduction to the woman of one's choice.

I did not spend a lot of time leaning on the bar with my mates, but instead got out on the dance floor as soon as the crowd thickened up enough to make it interesting.

During the fifth set of songs I spied a lovely lady. She wore an incredibly stunning

iridescent blue frock and filled it with a tantalizing body. Her hair was immaculately groomed and of a deep brownie black colour. Her face carried a cheeky set of smiling eyes above a set of very kissable lips.

I thought to myself "This bird is way above my station, but what the hell, give it a go."

When I cut in on her partner, she seemed relieved and said, "Thanks.That guy is a pain in the arse and has been after me all night."

What a gorgeous partner she was. So light on her feet that we seemed to just float around the floor. She gave me her name "Angela" and I thought that she was a perfect angel.

Angela and I moved off the floor, and found a table away from my mates, whom I now thought were a bit uncouth to meet this delicious woman. We talked and learned about each other, having a few wines while doing so.

As the night was now finished, and not wanting to push on too quickly, I offered her a ride to her flat which she accepted and while she sat very near to me in the car, the trip was rather uneventful.

Opening the passenger door, I helped her out of the car and feasted my eyes on her beautiful long legs when her skirt pulled up high. I walked her over to the door of her flat. She invited me in and mind you, while this excited me and I started to anticipate a sexy end to our evening, I did not want to rush her.

Wasn't to be. Angela offered, and I accepted, a cup of coffee. I did not want be in a hurry but did want her phone number which Angela readily gave to me. We made a date for the following Saturday night.

The following Wednesday came round and I phoned her to touch base and confirm we were still on for Saturday night. We were, and I made the date for dinner and to pick her up at 7.30pm at her flat to save her running her car.

When I picked her up she was wearing a little black frock which barely covered the subject. I thought, "Wow!" The neckline was low enough that I could see the swell of her breasts and the skirt just covered her charms. I could envisage in a big way getting my hands on those charms.

After enjoying dinner and more than a few wines we decided to go over the road to a hotel where they had dancing. I could see other males giving her lascivious looks and wishing they were me. By the way Angela was rubbing her tits, pudenda and thighs against me as we danced I knew that it was all on. Around midnight we decided to finish at the dance hall and go back to her flat.

What a surprise! Where I thought Angela was angelic, she wasn't. She was a down to earth very sexual woman. It was a race to see which of us pulled our clothes off quickest between kisses. By the time we reached her bedroom we were both as naked as the day we were born, then the kissing and the feeling up started in earnest.

I said, "Tiaho (Wait a minute) Before we get into the nitty gritty, I must tell you that I have a bionic dick."

Angela looked at me strangely and said, "What is that and why have you told me?"

I relayed my experience with Janet,

Angela said, "Can I see what you are talking about? Now show me your infernal thing."

So, kicking off my trousers and underwear, I stood in my nude glory.

"Oh my God," Angela squealed, "I have never seen a cock so beautiful. I am ready to try it."

I moved her into the middle of the king sized bed and started making love to her. Then I found out her full sexual abilities. This girl really knew how to fuck; She knew how to give more than she got when it came to fucking.

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