tagNonHumanBionic Luna Ch. 02

Bionic Luna Ch. 02


Like every Friday morning, Cameron visited his father in the Mayor's office. They would usually discuss problems about the pack interacting with the neighboring human community, but today they only had one topic on the agenda. That also explained why, Evelyn, Cameron's mother, was also in his father's office.

While both Cameron and his father were similar in height, well above six feet, with Cameron slightly towering at 6'7'', both men were muscled and strong, with broad shoulders and piercing blue eyes. Alexander had black hair, while Cameron inherited his mother's light brown hair that he didn't cut but wore shoulder-length. Anyone who looked at them wouldn't have guessed that they were father and son, maybe brothers, but definitely worthy of any modeling job thrown at them.

Evelyn was the epitome of femininity. At 5'9'' she was tall for human and even werewolf standards, but still dwarfed by her 6'5'' tall husband and even taller son. Her light brown curls were usually hanging over her shoulders reaching to the small of her back giving her an angelic appearance no matter time of day. Her hazel eyes and fair skin accentuated her natural charm. Her delicate features with high cheekbones and full lips made her look much younger than she actually was earning her countless compliments from men and spiteful looks from women. Obviously, none of those came ever from her pack, but from those who didn't really know her. It didn't even matter to her what those people had to say. The only opinion that ever mattered to her was her mate's.

Alexander was very much in love with her today as the day he first laid eyes on her. Even if they wouldn't have been destined to be together or werewolves to facilitate their relationship, Alexander knew that this woman would have captured his attention and once he got to know her better, he was absolutely certain that he would have fallen irrevocably in love with her.

"Is everything ready?" Alexander asked his wife, smiling lovingly at her as she sat across from his desk next to their son.

"Yes, dear. Our guests have arrived and they are all anxious for the festival later this afternoon," Evelyn informed them. Alexander nodded in approval, before turning his attention to his son. Cameron just rolled his eyes. He knew where this was going.

"Maybe this year, son," Alexander said, his eyes soft, almost pitiful.

Every werewolf, usually, starts looking for their mate the moment they first shift. For Cameron that was ten years prior, when he was twelve. Obviously, at that age he wasn't very anxious to find a mate, not that he would have been ready for it. Most wolves shift at the age of sixteen, but those with alpha blood shift sooner. However, after his seventeenth birthday, when most of his friends had found their mate, Cameron started getting anxious. It got so bad, that he convinced his parents to let him travel to other packs, under the pretext to introduce himself as the next Alpha of the Wolf's Hill Pack, while at the same time secretly searching for his one true love. But after he went to almost every pack in the United States, Cameron started losing hope. At some point, he was convinced that he didn't have a mate or that, perhaps, she was dead or maybe the Moon Goddess just didn't make one for him.

He got so depressed that he didn't care with whom he slept with, earning him the title of player. It was only after his mom sat him down one afternoon, after a fight he had with his dad, that she told him that she was disappointed. Hearing her say those words about him crushed his heart. He loved his mom very much and he never once wanted to disappoint her. Sure, he often had arguments with his dad, but that's because they were both so stubborn. His mom, however, was like his guardian angel and he swore when he was a little boy that he would always protect her and make her proud of him. When he failed to do so, he knew he needed to change.

A knock on the door pulled Cameron out of his daydream. His dad's assistant came in announcing that Shiloh Andrews, the owner of the new factory just arrived and asked if the mayor was available.

"Tell Mr. Andrews to come in," Alexander said smiling. Nicole, his assistant, shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other, making her boss look at her curiously.

"Um, it's actually Ms. Andrews," Nicole informed. Alexander's eyes widened for a moment, surprised that a woman was in charge, but shook it off, remembering that he had married a very capable woman himself. Being a male wasn't always a guarantee of being successful in life. Many women, wolves and human alike, could be respected experts in their fields. He really needed to get this macho crap out of his system. Then again, it was in his nature to be protective over females, especially his mate.

"Send her in, please," he finally told Nicole, who just nodded, and turned towards the person waiting to be allowed in.

"Mayor Johnson is ready for you now, Ms. Andrews."

Cameron watched with rapt attention as Nicole explained that both he and his mother were also in the office. The mystery woman only gave Nicole a polite "thank you" before being allowed to actually enter the office.

The first thing that hit Cameron was her scent. It was something sweet, vanilla with something he couldn't quite identify. What was it? It was fruity. Strawberry? No. Peaches? No. It smelled exotic. Papaya, maybe. Yes. Definitely, papaya. Damn! His mouth was watering.

What seemed like forever to Cameron was merely a second or two, as the new arrival in Wolf's Hill entered the office, and smiled politely towards the three Johnsons.

The woman, very young, looked like a princess from a fairy tale dressed up in a black pencil skirt, a white blouse with short sleeves and a pair of black high-heeled sandals. She looked like the typical business woman entering a business meeting, yet she was so much more. Cameron noticed that other than a beaded bracelet on her left wrist and a watch on her right, the young woman didn't wear any jewelry.

Her short, bob-styled strawberry-blonde hair encased her delicate oval face, with big, expressive, green eyes, a cute button nose and full red lips that beckoned Cameron to capture them in a passionate kiss. He was completely stunned by her beauty and noticed that she barely wore any make-up, just some mascara and a lip-gloss, making her lips seem juicier. Oh, how he would love to taste all of her juices. The woman had yet to acknowledge him, since she was currently engaged in greeting his parents, with his mother graciously welcoming her into their town.

"May I introduce my son," Evelyn said, and turned her head towards Cameron. The young woman turned towards him as well, and when their eyes locked, Cameron thought he would do somersaults.

"Mate!" his wolf chanted. Cameron could hardly believe it. This heavenly creature was his mate? The one he had been looking for so long?

"Hello, I am Shiloh. Nice meeting you," she said with a sweet, innocent smile. Cameron was still awestruck when his wolf growled at him to greet their mate properly.

"Hello, I'm Cameron. Nice to meet you, too," he replied, extending his hand. Shiloh smiled anew, and put her small, delicate hand into his large, calloused one, only to be met by sparks. Her eyes momentarily widened, and her mouth fell open as she stared at their joined hands.

Shiloh couldn't explain what the feeling was she experienced but she was sure, she would find the answer to the mystery. She always did. She shook her head slightly, wanting to move on, despite something keeping her rooted to the spot. She looked up to look into Cameron's beautiful blue orbs, trying to figure him out.

"Kiss her," Cameron's wolf demanded.

"I can't," Cameron argued in his head.

"She's our mate," came his wolf's angry reply.

"She is human, if you haven't noticed. She doesn't know about lycanthropes and what mates are. We need to go about this the human way," Cameron explained and his wolf growled angrily. They were both frustrated with that approach, but it was still better than scaring her off and having her reject them.

"Please, Ms. Andrews, take a seat," Alexander offered, forcing his son to let go of the girl's hand.

Shiloh turned her head towards the mayor and smiled. Pulling her hand from the grasp of the tall, handsome man before her, she took the seat next to the mayor's wife, who insisted Shiloh called her by her name, skipping unnecessary formalities. Unbeknownst to the young woman, Evelyn had already figured out why her son was so focused on the new arrival, having seen the same reaction in her husband when they first discovered they were mates and countless times afterwards.

Evelyn engaged Shiloh in a little chit-chat, while she knew her husband was calming their son down. It was important for Cameron, as hard as it may seem, to take things slow with the girl, since she wasn't like them; she was human.

"Cameron, you need to keep your wolf calm," Alexander warned through his mind link.

"I'm trying, dad. But she's my mate," Cameron sent back, excitement clear in his eyes.

"I figured. The girl is human, though. You don't want to scare her. Perhaps, talk to your Uncle Aaron. His mate was human too when they met, and before they mated, he turned her," Alexander offered.

"So, Ms. Andrews," Mayor Johnson started, but Shiloh interrupted him with a kind smile.

"Please, just Shiloh. I get enough of these formalities as it is," she said with a nervous chuckle. Why was she nervous? She met all kinds of people on a daily basis, most of them military. This was just the mayor of a small town, not the president of the United States.

However, Shiloh noticed from her research on this town that the people were very close to each other, like a big family. Although, they were around five thousand people, so maybe she was just seeing things. Lately, that wasn't so far from the truth. She saw danger were there was none; mysterious figures lurking in the dark that turned out to be awkward shadows cast by furniture; she felt cold when it was hot or hot when it was freezing. She knew that it was all in her head, but when it happened, she couldn't tell anymore.

"Alright, Shiloh. What brings you to our little town?" Alexander asked politely, trying to gather as much information about his future daughter-in-law as he could, without seeming too intrusive.

"I needed a quiet place for my factory. This is honestly the best place I could find in the continental United States without having to travel to Hawaii. I mean, living and working in paradise doesn't sound so bad," Shiloh joked, "but I prefer the solitude of the forest."

"Forgive me that I ask," Evelyn started, and Shiloh turned her body slightly towards the mayor's wife. "It is rather unusual to see a young woman such as yourself starting a company."

"Oh, I guess. I have actually started my company when I was seventeen. I had just gotten my PhD and was recruited by the government. I figured, it would be better for me to work with them as a private contractor rather than their employee," Shiloh explained with a proud smile. The three Johnsons stared at her in awe, still trying to process what she had said.

"Excuse me. Did you just say, you got your PhD at seventeen?" Alexander asked flabbergasted.

"Yes," Shiloh replied, matter-of-factly.

"I'm confused," Alexander admitted.

"Well, I was a very fast learner when I was young, and my parents took me to a psychologist, after a friend of theirs suggested I might be gifted. It turned out that I indeed was, which made it possible for me to skip a couple of grades and move on to college by the time I was twelve," Shiloh explained the unusual situation.

"Wow, that's impressive," came Cameron's admiring voice.

Shiloh noticed that the young man, Cameron, was very handsome, but what drew her in were his mesmerizing blue eyes and his deep, husky voice. Every time he spoke, she felt a shudder run through her being and something deep inside her, something primal, kept telling her to touch him, taste him and press herself against his hard, firm body. As soon as those thoughts came, Shiloh shook them off, remembering that she chose Wolf's Hill not just for the peaceful and secluded scenery, but mostly because of the reduced number of inhabitants compared to the other locations that would have kept her factory away from prying eyes. She couldn't afford any kind of attachment with these people whatsoever. It wasn't like she felt they were beneath her, on the contrary. They all seemed very nice and welcoming, but her job and other factors would have made it impossible for her to forge relationships of any kind. No, better stick to polite chit-chat and not give away too much.

Cameron was entranced by the petite beauty sitting next to his mother. Alright, maybe she wasn't that petite, even without the heels, but she was certainly shorter than he was. He already started to daydream about how it would have felt holding her in his arms, kissing her luscious lips, making sweet, yet passionate love to her.

He was abruptly pulled out of his thoughts when the other three stood up and headed to the door. Cameron quickly mind linked his dad, asking what was going on. The older man chuckled at his son, and told him that his mom suggested to give Shiloh a tour of their town.

"I could have done that," Cameron protested in his mind, at which his dad told him to chill. They were all just as excited to get to know the girl better. "I doubt that," Cameron muttered.

As they walked towards the exit, Cameron mind linked his pack, informing them that he and his parents were showing the newest resident around and that she was human. He knew that the pack was "well behaved" when it came to handling humans, but this wasn't just any human. This was his mate, albeit she didn't know that yet.

He walked next to his father, behind Shiloh and his mother, as Evelyn explained what the buildings were they passed and charmed her with little folk tales of the place. Every now and then, Shiloh would ask questions, mostly about the surrounding area and its population, but also asked about the forest and if there were any dangerous animals living there.

"Well, there are wolves, but don't worry, they won't harm you," Evelyn tried to sound reassuring.

Shiloh gave her a curious look, trying to assess if the older woman was joking or if she was suffering from some sort of delusion. How could wolves not be dangerous? However, she didn't comment on that, and just nodded.

It felt nice to just walk around a small town, having casual small talk with new people, not trying to be overly polite or technical. Don't get Shiloh wrong, she loved her job, even if it meant talking to boring government people. But it felt unusually satisfying to not try to live up to someone's expectations. These people had no idea what exactly she was doing for the government, and until the question was asked, she wouldn't bring it up.

She enjoyed listening to Evelyn. The woman was sophisticated and charming. Shiloh could easily see her at high society events, charming everyone there, luring them into conversations they wouldn't normally have, but couldn't deny having while in her presence.

Shiloh tried to follow Evelyn and remember all the things the older woman told her about her new home, but her thoughts were drawn to the man who was walking behind her. She could practically feel his gaze on the back of her head and it made her uncomfortable. It felt as if he tried to read her mind, which she was sure, he couldn't. If he could, he would have been running away screaming. No, Shiloh was not to engage in any romantic liaison. Only God knew how much heartache that would have brought with it. Better stay focused on her work and finishing up her projects. After all, she had a deadline. Her focus had to stay on her work and not playing 'house' with a strange, yet freakishly attractive man. Like, seriously, is he a model?

Cameron looked like the type of man that could have any woman he so desired. Why would he turn his attention on her? A nerd? She knew she wasn't an ugly duckling, but still. Someone like him was probably a player, a macho who would rather remember the amount of times he had intercourse with some bimbo than have an honest conversation with another human being. He was most likely a playboy, which was fine, Shiloh guessed. It didn't even matter. Shiloh swore that she would never get attached to another human being for as long as she lived, which she already knew, was doable.

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