tagNonHumanBionic Luna Ch. 03

Bionic Luna Ch. 03


It has been a week since Cameron found his mate. It has also been a week since he last saw her. He couldn't blame her, though. Not after what went on during the Howl Festival.

Everything seemed so perfect. Evelyn had invited Shiloh to have lunch with them at his parents' house, together with his younger siblings and their mates, and while Shiloh refused at first, she finally gave in. Evelyn made sure to have lunch ready by the time the four of them were done with their tour of Wolf's Hill and Cameron made sure that both his younger brother and sister, as well as their mates knew that Shiloh was his mate, but also human, so it was imperative that they kept their comments about him in check.

For the first time in years, Cameron felt bad about his past amorous relationships with other women. At the time, they were just stress relief, but now, he could understand why his mom was so disappointed in him.

During their talk, Evelyn had revealed that her mate wasn't a virgin when they met, and while it wasn't like he slept around with many women, he did have a girlfriend before her. Thankfully, that girl was human and they broke it off on good terms, since her family moved away and they weren't actually so much in love as they loved each other as friends. Nevertheless, it was painful to Evelyn to know that he had been with someone else, while she kept her virginity for her mate intact. They both overcame that, but Evelyn had urged Cameron to think of how his mate might feel when he finally found her.

Thinking back at their conversation, Cameron realized just how true her words were. No matter what, Shiloh won't like the fact that he used to be a player. He knew that humans saw relationships differently than wolves. They didn't have the notion of mates, even if they used the term 'soul mate' frequently. To them, a soul mate was someone who understood and loved you no matter what, but that person could be a simple friend. It was different for wolves, though. Their mate was the person that the Moon Goddess specifically designed for them, the only person that would ever make them truly happy and whole.

Cameron was no fool, and knew that there was a possibility that Shiloh wasn't a virgin anymore. Even if he wasn't her mate, he saw how stunningly beautiful she was. Any red blooded man would want to be with her, he was sure.

Thinking of another male with his mate, made his blood boil, causing him to clench his fists and grit his teeth. However, he had no right to get jealous. While she was oblivious to their world and what mates constitute, he knew full well what he was doing when, yeah, he was doing other females. He never felt more ashamed in his entire life, and could only hope that Shiloh would find it in herself to forgive his transgressions. He wished he could turn back time and stop his younger self from fooling around. Unfortunately, he couldn't. All he could do was hope she'll not reject him.

The lunch at the Johnson house was awkward to say the least. His siblings and their mates bombarded Shiloh with questions, which she tried to answer, but he could tell she was evasive and didn't give up too much.

"So, Shiloh, do you have a boyfriend?" Danielle, Cameron's eighteen-year-old sister asked. Cameron almost choked on his food when he heard that question and wanted to scold his sister, but deep down was glad someone asked it, since he didn't know what he would do if his mate was in a relationship with another man. He couldn't force her to break up with him, but neither could he stand by.

"I am single," came Shiloh's soft voice, as she resumed eating, without elaborating. Well, there wasn't much you could say after that.

Cameron couldn't help the smile that was forming on his face and wanted to ask her what her favorite book or movie was, wanting to make small talk that wasn't as personal as his sister's line of questioning, but just as he mustered the courage to speak up, a beeping noise was heard, and Shiloh excused herself from the table, and went to the bathroom.

"Nigel, what is it?" Cameron eaves dropped, using his advanced werewolf hearing. Nigel? Who the fuck was Nigel? Cameron fumed at the prospect of a man in Shiloh's life. She did say she was single, but then again, she could have easily lied. His sister did have some very intimate questions for his mate, and he could see why the girl would try to keep her private life, private.

"Alright. I'll be there shortly. Make sure everything is ready when I get there. No. Not yet. We'll talk when I get home."

The conversation ended and a moment later Shiloh emerged from the bathroom, excusing herself, saying that she needed to go home. She didn't give any reason nor did she have to. After all, she had just met the Johnsons and she didn't feel obligated to share her life or problems with them.

In all fairness, Shiloh envied them. They were a happy family, mom and dad still alive; three siblings to bicker with each other in jest; nice family meals that brought them all together like it should be. Shiloh didn't want to share her life with them, because there wasn't much to share to begin with. Her life was an endless stream of problems, heartache and futility. Everything she ever did was futile. She just lied to herself that anything she did meant something. It meant nothing. She only helped destroy this world. She didn't save it. How could she save anyone? She was never able to save those she loved.

She couldn't save her parents. She couldn't save her grandfather. She couldn't save her grandmother. She couldn't even save herself. All she could do was wait for her time to run out, and as it seemed, it picked up the pace, racing towards the end. Maybe, just maybe, she will get a second chance, another life, to do things differently. But that was just wishful thinking.

Cameron offered to drive her home or wherever she needed to be, but Shiloh politely refused. She said goodbye once more, thanking Evelyn and Alexander for the lovely meal and their hospitality, and went to the front door. Just as she was about to leave their house, Evelyn ran after her, and using her failsafe charm, she convinced the younger woman to attend the Howl Festival later in the afternoon. Shiloh wanted to refuse, hating gatherings and parties in general, but something in Evelyn's eyes made her reconsider. She would have to postpone her trip for a later time. It wasn't like her problem would go away if she just left to solve it later.

As Shiloh got in her driverless car, she commanded the board computer to drive her home while she contacted Nigel, telling him to prepare for her departure later that evening and to accompany her as she attended the town's annual festival. It wasn't like she needed a body guard or something, but other than the mayor and his family, she didn't know anyone in this town. Besides, she felt uncomfortable openly lying to them. They were nice people, and by withholding information about herself she was deceiving them. Not to mention, she didn't choose Wolf's Hill to make friends, but to have a quiet place where she could work and finish her projects.

Cameron longed to go after his mate, pull her in his arms and tell her that they were destined to be together, but he knew he couldn't do that. If she would have been a she-wolf, she would have felt the mating pull already, but as a human she won't know what it is she is feeling. It was frustrating that while other wolves could be with their mates immediately after finding them, he had to move slow and make her fall in love with him the human way.

Deciding that he needed some advice on how to proceed, he went to his uncle who was the only other wolf in town who was mated to a human. Of course, his Aunt Helen was turned into a werewolf a long time ago, but they were the closest thing to a dating rulebook between a werewolf and a human. If they couldn't help, Cameron didn't know what would.

After explaining his situation to Aaron and Helen, they both remained quiet for a while. Not every human takes the whole lycanthrope idea well. It was lucky for Aaron that Helen was never scared of his beastly nature, but Helen used to know people who would have despised them if they knew werewolves were real.

"I can't tell you what to do," Aaron had started saying, and Cameron nodded, although deep down, he hoped that Aaron would have told him what to do because he sure as hell had no clue. "I can only tell you what I did. It was hard, but worth it in the end," his uncle continued, as he kissed his mate's hand, who smiled lovingly at him.

"Be her friend. Don't make her feel as if you are after her because she is a beautiful girl. I'm sure plenty of douchebags already tried the Prince Charming scheme on her," Helen continued for his uncle. "Show her that you are interested in her as a person, not some sexual stress relief. But make sure she also knows that you don't want to be left in the friend zone. Allow her to set the pace. She needs to know that you are willing to wait for as long as it takes for her to accept you as a romantic partner."

Cameron listened to his aunt and uncle for what seemed like hours. They both made valid points and on some level, he had to agree, despite his wolf urging him to go after their mate and make her theirs.

"Will you shut up?" Cameron growled at him. "Do you want her to reject us? She doesn't know that we are mates. You heard Aaron and Helen. Slow and steady will win her heart. Or what? Do you think barging into her house, throwing her on her bed, forcibly mating her will ensure her accepting us?" Cameron growled and felt bile rise in his throat at the mere idea of him doing something so disgusting and despicable. His mate was like an angel. He could never hurt her.

When his wolf finally calmed down, understanding the situation, Cameron sighed in relief. He hurried back home and showered, cleaning himself up as if his whole existence depended on it. He picked a nice, yet casual outfit, not wanting to look like a buffoon. He left his hair hang open over his shoulders, as he left his house with the widest grin on his face.

His family and he met at the border of the forest, not far from where Shiloh's factory was, hoping that he could walk with her somewhat alone, as he ushered his family to walk ahead, but as he planned the perfect evening in his head, his heart dropped when he saw Shiloh approaching them with another man by her side.

"Stay calm," his dad told him, his voice grave.

Cameron didn't reply. He knew he had to stay calm, but fuck. Another man was with his mate. HIS mate! He barely kept the growl in him, when Shiloh and the man reached the small group. He looked over the man and decided, if he ever became a threat, he could easily destroy him in one move. The mystery man wasn't much taller than Shiloh, which put him at a disadvantage compared to Cameron.

"Who is this?" Evelyn asked politely, trying to help her son. She too didn't like that her son's mate was with another man, but none of them had any right to forbid the girl to have friends.

"This is Nigel, my assistant. I didn't introduce him earlier, because he won't exactly be a resident here," Shiloh informed them, looking between Cameron's parents.

"Oh," came Evelyn's voice, and she turned her head slightly towards her son.

Thankfully, Danielle broke the tension by pulling Shiloh and her assistant towards the festival's venue. She noticed how little patience her brother had at seeing his mate with another male, and thought it better to pretend things weren't as dangerous as they were. She was certain that between her father and brother, Noah, they could keep Cameron calm.

"So, Nigel, where are you from?" Danielle asked in her usual bubbly voice.

"I am from London, in the United Kingdom," came Nigel's voice with his posh English accent.

"How did you guys meet?" Danielle inquired, and Shiloh felt like she was being interrogated, despite the fact that Danielle just seemed genuinely interested.

"During my time at Cambridge University. After I started my company, I called Nigel to be my assistant because he already knew me quite well, and I hate it when I have to teach new people the same old boring stuff about me. Like for instance how I like my coffee," Shiloh took over, giving some information, but making sure not to go into too many details. Nigel was well instructed on what to say or what to do when people asked too many questions. However, he was used to military personnel rather than bubbly teenage girls with too much time on their hand and a tendency to play Sherlock Holmes.

Thankfully, as Danielle prepared for yet another question, Evelyn admonished her, and Shiloh gave the older woman an appreciative smile and nod. Evelyn loved her daughter, but she could understand why other people weren't as chatty as Danielle was. And Shiloh was positively closing herself off. Evelyn didn't know what to think of that, but kept her concerns to herself. Cameron had already enough on his plate with his mate being human to worry about the girl's apparent wish to remain a closed book. In a way, she could understand it. She just arrived in town that day, and everyone already acted as if she was one of the family. Evelyn really considered her a daughter-in-law already, but she could see why Shiloh wouldn't consider them family. She didn't know any of them, let alone the secret they all shared. Perhaps, they all needed to back off a little bit and give the poor girl some air to breathe.

As the group reached the festival venue, Evelyn explained what they were celebrating. Shiloh listened intrigued, never having heard of something like that, but then again, she wasn't the poster girl for social skills. She barely ever went to receptions and those were usually high society or parties to celebrate a scientist. She never went to parties with people her own age, people who would let loose and go with the flow. Going with the flow - Shiloh wondered how that felt like. But she would never know.

Shiloh was grateful when the Johnson family backed off a little. They were all nice, but too much of something ruins it. She couldn't help but notice Cameron hovering. What was his deal? Why would he keep following her around? He tried to seem just to walk around aimlessly, but it was clear after the fifth turn that he was following her. Why would he be interested in her? Surely there were other, more attractive women at the festival happy to throw themselves at him. He certainly looked like the type. Why was it bothering her though? She definitely didn't want to have any kind of relationship with anyone, but the idea of Cameron with another woman made her stomach flip and she suddenly felt a pain in her chest. That was new. What was it? Where did it come from?

She turned around and almost fainted at the sight. Cameron was holding an attractive woman in his arms. She was taller than Shiloh, curvier with long dark curls reaching her barely covered bottom. The woman pressed herself against Cameron as they kissed, and Shiloh felt as if someone stabbed her in the heart.

Turning around abruptly, Shiloh moved through the sea of people, away from the scene. She didn't know why it affected her so much. She had only met Cameron that day and she had no idea if he dated someone or not. For all she knew, that woman was his girlfriend. Why did Shiloh feel the way she felt? It didn't make sense to her.

What did make sense, however, was the skull-splitting headache that hit her hard. It was only because of the constant pain she had to endure for so long that she didn't cry out, alerting the people around her. She hurried towards the path she came from, and called Nigel to meet her there as quickly as possible, and prepare the injection with the sedative. If she didn't make it home in time, Nigel could easily carry her. She just needed to go and find him.

Her escape was stopped, when Cameron suddenly called after her and within seconds reached her, making her turn around to face him. He could see the pain all over her face and he screamed internally. The day he finally found his mate, that slut Roxanne decided to come back to Wolf's Hill and assault him. Never before had he regretted something as much as having had an affair with the pack's whore. He could have kicked his own ass for sleeping with her, but what he regretted most was the fact that his mate saw him with Roxanne. He could feel her pain through their weak bond and it tore him apart knowing that it was him who caused her that pain.

"It's not what it looked like," he tried to explain, but Shiloh seemed unresponsive. He could feel her pain - it was in her heart and her head. Why was it in her head? He knew from other wolves that they felt their mates' pain, but when it came to heartache, it was usually located in the chest area. So, why did he feel it in his head too?

"It's okay. You don't owe me any explanation," she told him and he could hear the strain of her voice as she spoke. He hurt her so deeply that she felt physical pain.

He wanted to cry out, fall to his knees and beg for her forgiveness, when he saw the expression of pure horror on her face. She was looking behind him and as he turned to see what she saw, he couldn't see anything. He turned back to her, her eyes were dilated, her face lost all color, her whole body was violently shaking and he couldn't understand why.

Then, an angry howl was heard, and Cameron understood. Wolves. Rogues to be exact. How could she have seen them before he did? He let go of her just a second as he turned around to look towards the woods, mind linking his warriors to come and protect the people at the festival, while he himself would walk his mate back to his own house. There was no chance in hell he would let her stay at her house alone. Or with Nigel.

But as Cameron turned back around to talk to Shiloh, he saw with dread that she was gone. There was no trace of her. Where did she go? He immediately mind linked his father and brother, as well as his Beta and a few others, but none of them could find her.

If anything would have happened to her, Cameron knew he wouldn't be able to survive it. He didn't want to survive in a world where he didn't have his mate.

In the meantime, Shiloh found Nigel, and together they rushed back to a secret entrance located in the tree trunk of an old, tall tree. Using retinal scan, the hidden door to an elevator opened and the two figures entered it.

"Imminent danger," came a female voice and Shiloh cried out in pain.

"Nigel, the sedative. I can't take it anymore!"

Nigel plunged the needle into Shiloh's neck, injecting the transparent liquid into his boss's bloodstream. They could both only hope it would help her in time or otherwise, Shiloh had to endure more pain.

Thankfully, the sedative was strong, and within seconds Shiloh slumped against Nigel, who caught her. The elevator door opened and Nigel stepped out, picking Shiloh up and carrying her to the med center of the facility. Laying her down in one of the med pods Shiloh designed, he programmed the machine to monitor his boss and keep her comfortable until the episode was over. All he could do was wait for her to wake up. Hopefully, there won't be many more of these episodes because he doubted her fragile human body could take much more of the pain.

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