Bird Man


"Oh God!". Her head rolled from side to side, her hair a tangle and she touched her breast.

"Oh, my God!" she moaned, as his finger touched so deep and circled the donut of her cervix. Two fingers went in and she breathed so deep. They moved inside her and she flinched, no pain but a feeling wonderfully full. She wanted him to touch her clit. He started to fuck her with his fingers instead. She brought her knees to her chest, tried to open herself more. He was slow, his fingers slid slowly and she could feel the ridges of his finger prints.

"Oh, my God," She looked at him, She felt so open, so huge and beautiful. She thrust herself forward. She wanted him. His fingers delved, they were thorough as they pushed in to tease. She could feel his breath, the cool of it ruffled her hair and she felt it on her flesh. He pushed her hair away, his eyes searched her cunt. His head was closer. He was looking at everything, her cunt, that too often was hidden away.

She groaned as his fingers searched and fucked her. She closed her eyes, felt the fluids flow and the pool grew on the rug under her. The little dog snuggled into her side, closer and looked up at her.

She murmured with her eyes closed as his fingers held her open and fluttered. Suddenly he touched her clit. She felt it almost avulse with her response as she flinched. His tongue drew over it, another swipe and she thrust her cunt at him, her cunt so strong, and on the third swipe she came, her cunt so open and magnificent, she screamed as the fluids flowed and her body twitched.

She never thought of it as a cunt. That was a rude word but in its rude vigor, its strength, it could only be a cunt, She crossed her arms and hugged herself tight, pleased it could be more than a pussy.

"Oh Fuck," she shouted, over and over as her body shuddered. She tried to push him away. His fingers stayed, hooked inside her to be washed in the flood and he kept fluttering them. As one orgasm folded away another unfurled and her tense body went from one to the next, over and over, the transition between barely discernible and again he licked her clit. With a scream her body wrenched its self into conniptions that rendered her helpless. The little dog sat and watched her gulp in air as aberrant sparks fired and caused twitches through her body. Her pussy, wide open, dribbled its juice and she put her hand protectively over it, felt its heat and the slippery wet.

He lay beside her and touched her face, ran his fingers over it, touched her eyelids so tenderly, went round the furrows of her ear, the angle of her jaw, and he kissed her. She started to laugh, burbling laughs that launched them selves from her diaphragm. He chuckled too.

"You didn't touch my tits," and they both laughed. "You touched so much of me but you didn't touch my tits." She put fingers in her pussy, as deep as they would go and tried to rehearse what he had done. She had a feeling it was only the introduction and her interest in birds would intensify.

"Is it possible for me to get more lessons?" she asked. and then ventured, "It's strange I'm getting the lessons when it's me who does the talking." He smiled at her, put his hand over her pussy and nodded his head to say yes. She reached and with her arms around his neck pulled him to her.

"That was beautiful. Thank you." and she kissed him.

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