tagBDSMBird of Prey Ch. 11

Bird of Prey Ch. 11


No less than three of the board members turned up at the Equestrian Centre open day; as expected, Clyde Wilson was one of them, and his manhood twitched excitedly as he viewed the illustrious redhead; she was indeed a different woman, her full thighs and ass resplendent in her tight jodhpurs. Her equally tight riding jacket was specially made, slightly shorter than standard, to accentuate that beautiful rounded ass; its tightness acting like a corset, displaying her mature breasts to full effect. Her boots were also custom made, reaching the knee, the tops cut at an angle; the heels raised at the back, helping to display her legs as very long and slender as per stilettos. Her outfit was complemented by the black leather plaited crop she carried; her sneering grin and red hair in a bun had every remotely submissive male drooling in fantasy about her. For certain males, this would become more than fantasy.

Clyde had heard rumours about her dominant sexuality, which had spread like wildfire about the excited members of the boardroom after she had cemented her place there with such natural authority the other evening; subtle changes had already occurred, such as flowers appearing at strategic points; her influence was creeping up on the males, and secretly their balls tingled in recognition of this somehow ominous yet sexually thrilling prospect. The two other board members were confirmed submissives and had somehow resigned themselves already, to the fact that her control would become absolute. Elaine had already singled them out, and they were accompanied during their visit by the equally dominant Lana and Penny.

Elaine had selected Clyde as she had need of his expertise with his photographic profession, and she was not sure of the level of excitement he would reveal, where the strong and assertive control of a woman was concerned. She found she already had a strange affection for him; despite his history of womanising, she recognised he was not chauvinistic, he was obviously seeking something he was not fully aware of himself as yet; his assistance in the capture of Fox-Janner later, would reveal something which surprised both Elaine and he equally.

Elaine was happy to pose for him in various situations and had other stern and strutting females pose stiffly on the steeds that they had complete control over; all males attendant watched eagerly as dressage was performed, led by Elaine. Cocks stiffened as they watched the supremely assertive women exact their exquisite control; their absolute discipline and rule over their stallions, merely a side act for their true aim in life; control and domination of all things male. Though this was wishful fantasy on the part of most of those watching, this was indeed reality for Elaine and her ever increasing circle of dominant women; those partaking in the dressage did so with bulging pussies as they looked down on potential male slaves, fresh meat to be trained, broken and enslaved. Clyde clicked away with various cameras as proud feminine bottoms rose and sank to the leather saddles they adorned; exquisitely erotic in their total command.

Elaine tested Clyde's potential weakness by treating him to some 'behind the scenes' situations, as well as to those open to all the guests that day. He was taken to the rear of the stables following the dressage; whilst the other members of the public swarmed in the main stable to look at how the horses were looked after, Elaine took him through a door which he'd seen several of the haughty riding mistresses go through already; within the obviously outwardly dominant women were tended to by males dressed in white tops and bottoms, like peons. He could not help but notice that the women treated them in much the same way as their stallions, swishing crops and clicking fingers to ensure they gave their full attention, he also noted that those males who attended did so eagerly; their servility matching the undoubted assertion and authority of the women. As his cock swelled he held his camera and looked at her for a sign of permission; this might not be a situation she wanted a pictorial record of. Elaine smiled sweetly at him.

"That's ok Clyde, you may take as many pictures as you like; the ladies here will appreciate your interpretation of their status, as you can see, women here enjoy absolute liberation and demand satisfaction from their favourites." Clyde was still not 100% clear on what she meant, but became clearer as he watched males kneel at the feet of their mistresses, not just to remove their tight boots, but to kiss their feet too. These were more than simply stable-hands and they were all male, every rider of course female. Clyde was discrete with his use of the camera, but was ushered over by a couple of the openly superior women, who took great pride in posing in boots and jodhpurs, standing dominantly over their kneeling and willing subordinates. Elaine warmed even more to his attitude, as he too knelt before the women, taking pictures from a submissive's perspective of the situation; Elaine stood by with crop, and he turned and took a picture of her too, whilst he remained kneeling. Elaine's pussy buzzed as she detected his pleasure at being in that position. He sighed, his cock pulsing as he captured feminine dominance in still life.

"I'd love to be allowed to set up some discrete CCTV in here, and capture some pure incognito material." Elaine smiled with satisfaction at his mention of the very task she had sought to obtain from him. She swished her crop menacingly.

"I have a little task for you which requires just that, but elsewhere; I'm sure the ladies here would be more than happy to have their supervision of the servants transformed into an erotic soap opera, should the task I have in mind for you prove successful." She rested her crop on his shoulder as he knelt, making his cock stiffen with pleasure, and then pursed her lips and added a further sweetener.

"Of course, today is an open day, so the women are being a little conservative with their actions despite this room only being open to select guests; you should see what happens after lessons on a 'normal' day here." Elaine then turned and smiled, gazing across the room to a particularly buxom and severely dominant woman, who was oiling the leather plaits of a huge bullwhip, whilst smiling down at a very submissive looking male who knelt before her with hands in a praying position. On noting what the gorgeous redhead was observing, Clyde's balls tingled with excitement; he was ready to perform any task which would allow him to capture these women on moving film.

Elsewhere within the centre, Lana and Penny were taking a more direct and forceful approach with the two board members who had already been foolish enough to allow their submissive tendencies to be recognised. The prim and assertive Penny whose expertise in accountancy and legal matters, was now demonstrating her expertise in a different field; quite literally. In a field hidden by a high wall, away from the eyes of the public, Marlon Baker, who owned his own small textile and clothing distribution business, found himself being owned. He enjoyed an erotic equestrian lesson as he was ridden naked about the field by a commanding Penny, who cropped her steed at every opportunity. Specially saddled and harnessed, a pony-tail plug exciting his anus, Marlon's balls tingled incessantly and his cock was rigid as he contemplated allowing this to happen; like many males before, he was intoxicated by his own submissiveness, and the ruthless assertion of control by the deliciously dominant woman who now rode him, drained his willpower completely. As the tight leather harness strangled his body exquisitely, and Penny's crop bit home as she broke him in, Marlon would succumb to complete and utter submission before the day was out; he and one other would be replaced by two females at the next board meeting.

Lana was busying herself with a bullwhip, assuring the other place on the board was vacated. She sneered with spiteful pleasure as Miles Dunton whinged pitifully for mercy, but was shown none. Though his cries were genuine, the darker side of his persona enjoyed thoroughly the pain and humiliation; his own cries fuelling his shameful lust to be dominated completely by the superior sex. He neared his second disgraceful ejaculation at the whipping post as Lana thrashed him with delight; he was so easy, his real estate business would be very lucrative, her pussy dripped in full arousal as she delivered the lash with unrepentant vigour. Her womanhood tingled with excitement as Miles convulsed and spent at the post in complete submission to her dominance; she would have the defeated male lick her to satisfaction when she considered he was absolutely broken.

Though Gloria was keen to return to her new friend's house and continue with the rubberised ecstasy she had sampled with such excitement and satisfaction the evening before; the two had left Gordon, bound, encased and squirming to await their return, she was equally keen to assist with Fox-Janner's demise. She had listened carefully at the door of hi study, peeping through the keyhole, as he had arranged a meeting with someone who he spoke to as though he owned them; Sunday, here at this house, 'or else' was audible to her. She watched as the nasty male scribbled something down hard on his writing pad. He then placed some paperwork on top of a cabinet, where he thought no-one would see it. Gloria moved swiftly away as he finished the call and picked up his coat; he left the house without as much as a goodbye. Gloria watched the car drive off then entered the Drawing Room.

Gloria looked first at the writing pad, and bending down to look across it could clearly make out the number left as an indentation in the pad; Fox-Janner's own aggression would be key in his downfall, his over exertion as he berated the contact would allow contact with that person. Gloria quickly copied the number down, then stepped on a chair and retrieved the paperwork from the top of the cabinet. She smiled with satisfaction as she noted one of the items was another magazine; the subjects within were of great interest. She picked up her phone and called Elaine.

Elaine smiled down at Clyde, who was now naked and trussed on the bed where Gordon had first succumbed, as she finished her conversation with Gloria and tapped the phone number given her, into her phone's memory.

"I'm afraid you'll have to miss the next board meeting; it's the perfect opportunity for you to set up that little task I have for you. Someone will be out of the way and you will help put them out of the way permanently." She smiled wickedly as she peeled off her jodhpurs and panties, then straddled Clyde's shoulders and squatted on his face as his cock pointed rigid toward the ceiling. Elaine giggled as he lovingly lapped at her pussy and asshole, while she rang the number given her by Gloria. After a couple of rings, a soft effeminate voice responded. Elaine's pussy bulged with excitement as Clyde's tongue went deep into her sweaty asshole and she learned of the person on the other phone. As the frightened person was made aware that they were speaking to an ally, many details were exchanged; Fox-Janner's fate was sealed.

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