tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBirth of a New Sissy Ch. 03

Birth of a New Sissy Ch. 03


Usual disclaimers, though if you are already browsing stories on this site, you must have an idea what you're getting into by now. ;-)

This story contains male to male & male to female sex, Crossdressing and Dominant/Submissive themes, so if this is a problem . . . wave off!

This story is fictional story based on a fantasy of mine. While it is fiction, I did use myself and locations I knew as a basis. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to send your thoughts, dirty as they no doubt are. It's always good to get feedback!


I suppose at some level I knew it would happen. Or at least I should have. After nearly a month of servicing Jeff's cock and fucking myself silly on my dildo lover things took a turn.

I came home from work a little early on a day Laura was off as well. When I got home she was out, but as soon as I walked into the house the phone rang. I grabbed it, not really thinking much about it.

"Hello Erica!" Jeff cooed in my ear. "Your services are required. I expect you to be on your knees sucking your 'lover' in less than 30 minutes. Today you are to clean your cunt as usual, then shave your legs, crotch and ass. Then take a pair of Laura's pantyhose and cut the crotch out of them so your little clitty will swing free. You will wear these under your usual sexy panties." Before I could say anything, he hung up.

I had been well trained to this point so I barely paused at his request. Though I still felt a little embarrassed at my already hardening clitty. I went upstairs and made use of one of the recently purchased single-use enemas to make my cunt nice and fresh. For some reason it felt right to call it my cunt. After all, I was being regularly filled with rubber cock. I then hopped in the shower and shaved my lower body as instructed, leaving the problem of what Laura would say for later. I have to admit that when I got out I couldn't stop caressing my smooth hips and legs. They just felt so deliciously sexy. I felt all tingly inside as I ran my hand over my hip and ass savoring the silky feel of the skin. It felt like stroking someone else's skin as they felt nothing like they usually did. I could really learn to like this!

It only took me a few minutes to find a pair of Laura's pantyhose. I carefully snipped out the padded crotch and began to smooth them up my legs. I had played with her hose a couple of times and it always felt exciting stretching the hose up my legs and feeling it fitting so snugly around my body. Today however, with hairless skin, it was divine! And when I was done my clit was hard and throbbing from the experience. Being open from butt crack to my clit was a strange but exciting experience. I felt more aware of my clit since it was the only part of my lower body not hugged tightly in nylon. I quickly grabbed a pair of hi-cut purple panties and slipped them on. It took a few minutes to get my clit under control and tucked inside.

I looked at the clock and realized I only had 5 minutes left! I quickly yanked on a loose pair of sweat pants and t-shirt then ran across the street to Jeff's place. The door, as expected was unlocked. Jeff, unexpectedly, was not there. Instead I saw my 'lover' mounted on the top edge of the coffee table with a note next to it.

Almost without thinking, I dropped to my knees in front of the realistic dong, closed my eyes and reveled in the feel of it sliding into my mouth. As I began to suck on it I opened my eyes and read the note. I let the shaft slide deep into my mouth and heard myself let out a moan. A little voice in the back of my mind cried out at what I had become.

The note read: "I hope you're sucking your favorite pacifier as you read this." I am! I thought as I took the shaft into my throat. God, I so loved that feeling! "Take the remote and click play on the VCR. Enjoy the show and be sure to watch it all, my little cum-slut!" I felt my clit throb at the word 'slut'. I reached out and flicked the control that brought the TV to life.

The image that appeared was of the room I was in now, Jeff's family room. After a few moments I heard the door open and close then voices approaching. Jeff came into frame.

"Make yourself at home. I just gotta check my email first." He called over his shoulder. He was dressed for a workout, in shorts and t-shirt. From the look of things he just got back from running.

Then a second person entered. First thing I noticed was her full hips and nice ass, well framed by skin tight bike shorts and t-shirt. The second thing was that it was Laura! She was also sweating from a workout. "You too? Eric can't live without email either." She said as she walked over towards Jeff, as he leaned over his computer engrossed in something. "What's so fascinating?"

He grinned and chuckled at what he was looking at before looking up. "Well, not exactly fascinating. But definitely attention grabbing!" He said standing up and looking at Laura with a smirk. "Feel free to take a look. I just hope you're not easily offended."

"I wouldn't worry about that." She said as she leaned over and looked. After a pause I heard her soft gasp. "That's . . . rather . . . intense." She finally got out. He watched her closely, eyes roaming her voluptuous figure.

Jeff chuckled. "Yeah, he's really giving it to the poor girl." He paused. "Though she seems pretty content with his approach."

"Content? She's drooling, for God's sake!"

"I think most women would be with that much meat stuffed inside them!" Jeff said, lightly placing his hand on Laura's lower back. "Can I get you a drink?"

She didn't say anything about his hand. "Sure. Something cold, please."

"Be right back. Make yourself at home." As he turned he allowed his hand to slide down across her hip and one cheek. I saw her tense slightly, but she didn't protest. "The rest of that photo series is in a folder on the desktop." He chuckled as he walked to the kitchen. "If you can handle it."

I wasn't sure how to feel. It was obvious that Jeff was making a move on my wife. I felt twinges of jealousy . . . but also lust. All those comments Jeff had made to me about Laura were coming back to mind. And the images they had brought up then, came back now with a vengeance. I was still absently nursing on the rubber cock as I watched Laura turn and stare at Jeff's retreating form. I saw her raise an eyebrow and half smile before sitting down and beginning to go through the entire directory of pictures. She was attracted to him!!

After a few minutes I saw Jeff silently walk back in and watch from a few feet away as Laura flipped through a number of his lurid pictures. She seemed almost entranced. He watched for several more minutes, a satisfied smile on his face. Finally he slipped up behind her and placed a glass of soda on the desk near her.

"That," he said pausing for effect, "is one of my favorites!" His hand again gently rose to her lower back. Again, she didn't seem to react to the touch.

"She definitely looks . . . full." She said shaking her head, but unable to stop looking. "And look at the size of . . . well . . . those three are obscenely well hung!" She said, blushing.

Jeff lightly stroked her lower back. "I take it you've never had a guy with that much cock?" He added just a hint of emphasis on the last word.

"I . . . uh, well no." She fidgeted a little, obviously a little uncomfortable talking about it. Then looked back at the picture. "Nothing even close. I don't even know if I could take something that big." I couldn't believe she was actually discussing this with someone she hardly knew. She wasn't a prude, but had never seemed very adventurous either.

"Well she is certainly managing quite well to take all three of those cocks inside her, and she's a pretty small woman." His hand was now actually resting on the swell of her full ass.

Laura was looking at the picture again, then straightened up and looked at Jeff. "She is that! Every inch of 'em too."

Jeff looked her directly in the eye as he spoke. "Can you imagine how she must feel as she takes each thick inch deeper and deeper inside her?" Laura just stared into his eyes, her face flushed. Jeff brought a hand to each of her hips. "Absolutely . . . stuffed . . . full of cock." Laura absently licked her lips as his hands caressed her spandex covered hips. "To be completely filled with hard meat." Using her hips he turned her back around to face the screen. "What do you think it would feel like to be taken like that." He leaned in close to her ear. "Your body owned by their cocks. Just a sexual vessel for their pleasure." As he said this he lightly kissed her neck. Instead of pulling back, I could see her shudder slightly. Jeff smiled and began whispering into her ear.

It was too soft for the mic to pick up, but after a few moments I could see Laura's hands flex absently and her eyes close. I saw her shake her head. Then he whispered something else and she bit her lip and paused before giving another shake of her head.

Jeff pulled back, smiling. Slowly he turned her back to face him and leaned in to kiss her. She seemed to resist for a few moments, her hands out away from her body, fingers flexing. I could see his tongue now, slipping into her mouth as his kisses became more aggressive. He raked his fingernails over her ass cheeks and ground her crotch against his.

I could see her beginning to give in as my heart pounded. Her arms rose up around him and she began to return his kisses with increasing passion. Jeff put a hand behind her head and pulled her mouth to his roughly. His other slid down inside her shorts and between her ass cheeks. He held her to him, practically fucking her mouth with his tongue and lifting her up on her toes. Laura seemed to be lost to it all. She made no move to pull away, letting him have his way. Her hips and ass flexed against his crotch as his hand worked beneath her shorts, helping to hold her against him and no doubt fingering her wet slit. In a single moment I saw her finally surrender herself to him. I knew at that instant that she was no longer mine. I watched my wife's seduction, as I knelt with my mouth full of latex cock and my little clitty throbbing in my panties.

I watched in awe as he took control of my wife. He would occasionally break the almost brutal assault on her mouth to bite her neck and whisper in her ear. At first I couldn't hear anything I could make out, just Laura's heavy breathing, but he soon began to talk louder and she began to respond.

"You loved those pictures, didn't you?" No answer. "Your fat little cunt is so wet I've already got half my hand inside you. See?" He pulled his hand out of her sorts and brought three obviously wet fingers up and wiped them across her lips. She licked reflexively at the pussy juice and Jeff immediately slid his fingers into her mouth. She closed her eyes and sucked on his fingers as they thrust in and out of her mouth. "So you see, I know you liked it. Tell me!" She nodded without stopping her sucking and he chuckled. "You found yourself wishing it was you on your knees, eh?" Again a sharp nod. "I know why, but I want to hear you say it. Tell me why you wished you were the slut on her knees being taken by three hard cocks!"

She actually whimpered as he removed his fingers and she thrust her hips against him. "I . . . I've always fantasized about being taken like that. To be . . . used." She buried her face against his chest in shame at saying it out loud. I was in shock. My wife of many years had dreamt all this time of being dominated by a man. As I knelt on Jeff's floor, shaved, dressed in women's lingerie and nursing on a fake cock it was painfully obvious I could never give her that fantasy.

"You know I can give you this fantasy." Jeff said pulling her head up to face him. "Are you willing to give yourself to me completely?"

She hesitated, then nodded.

"Speak, slut!" He almost shouted at her.

"Yes!" She replied with a sob. I could see tears in her eyes.

"What about Eric?"

Laura hesitated. "I love him very much, but he could never take control the way I need." Jeff pushed her away and put his hands on his hips. "Show me your body, slut! I want to see what you are offering me."

She only paused a moment before she reached down and yanked the tight sports bra over her head to reveal her pale, full breasts. A moment later her shorts and shoes followed. She stood, almost shyly in all her voluptuous glory. Her nipples were stiff and her chest was flushed pink with lust.

Jeff's eyes roamed hungrily over her form. "Nice plump tits. Thick nipples. Full, womanly hips. Truly a vision of Reubenesque beauty." She seemed pleased by his words. "But," he said sharply, "sluts should be hairless, except for their head! You will remedy this if you wish to serve me."

Laura's hand went automatically to the furry triangle above her sex. "I understand." She seemed almost ashamed.

"So, what is a slut's most basic duty to her master?"

She seemed confused at first, then looked down at the bulge in Jeff's shorts. With a deep breath she dropped to her knees and scooted over till her face was inches from his crotch. "A . . . slut," she began, voice shaking, "offers her mouth for her master's pleasure." With that she leaned in and began kissing and mouthed his concealed shaft.

He had an evil grin on his face as he answered. "Does my shiny-new, little slut want something?"

"Let me . . . suck it. I want to taste your . . . cock." She still seemed unsure of how to proceed.

"Stop thinking and let the real Laura out! You and I both know, at heart, you are nothing but a cock hungry slut! I have no use for Eric's sweet wife." He quickly stripped off his shorts, freeing his rampant erection to bob directly in front of her face.

My wife stared, wide eyed at the meaty shaft, throbbing in time to his heartbeat. Several inches longer and notably thicker than my little clitty. She couldn't help licking her lips as she sat so close that I'm sure she could smell the sweaty musk of it.

"So who and what are you? Eric's sexually satisfied wife should just go home and wait for her husband." He sneered down at her. "But that isn't who you really are is it? You hide behind this proper exterior. You let Eric have his way with you using his pathetic little dick and eager tongue and pretend that you are sexually fulfilled. But you and I know the truth. When I first saw you, I saw the slut within. The little, horny bitch that wants to be used as a fuck toy."

I saw Laura shake and let out a little gasp. Her eyes never moving from his cock. She sobbed a bit. "I love Eric, but his tongue is all that's ever gotten me off. It's been sooo long since I've had my mouth or cunt stretched around a real cock."

She looked up and into his eyes. "Please, use me. I want to feel that beautiful cock inside me. My mouth, my cunt or my ass, I don't care. Just fuck me. Please."

He just stared at her for a moment, but when she opened her mouth to beg again he grabbed her head and thrust his cock into her mouth. With only the slightest pause, adjusted his angle and completed his thrust by shafting, balls-deep in her throat.

Her eyes were wide and at first I thought she was resisting, but then I realized she wasn't struggling. She was grinding her hips as she fingered herself furiously while Jeff violated her throat with long smooth thrusts. As one hand fingered her pussy, the other tweaked her hard nipples. After only a few thrusts I could hear an almost rhythmic moan, barely audible over the wet slurping sounds.

"Don't worry, I don't want your heart." He patted her almost like someone would a beloved pet. "But I will happily take ownership of your stacked little body and especially your mouth, cunt and ass." He placed his hands on either side of her head and leaned his head back. "First though, it's time to stake my claim to your mouth."

Jeff picked up his pace and began to really fuck Laura's throat. As he pulled out and slid back in, his cock left a thick, stringy coating of saliva and pre-cum dripping in long strands from her chin down onto her swaying tits. Leaving them damp and glistening. I watched as he pulled completely out and left a long, ropey strand connecting her lips to his cock. She gasped as her mouth was emptied but as he thrust back in I could see the way she eagerly stretched open her mouth to accept his shaft back inside her.

She had her legs spread almost into a split now. She had her hand underneath her with fingers pointed up as she rocked her hips in quick thrusts, fucking herself on her own fingers. Her moans had turned into abrupt, shuddering whimpers as she approached orgasm.

Jeff sensed it too. "Stop!" He commanded as he pulled out of her mouth. "Sluts cannot cum until they please their masters!" Her eyes were wide and pleading. "Remove your hand from your soupy cunt and slowly lick it clean of your sticky cunt-juice."

She actually whimpered a little as her fingers slid from her pussy. She pulled her fingers out and raised them to her mouth. They were almost dripping with her juices! She started to lick at her slimy digits slowly. Her eyes closed and soon she was avidly sucking each finger clean.

Jeff chuckled. "From the way you're going at your own juice, I bet you'd love to have a real pussy to service?"

"Mmm-hmmm." She mumbled as she slurped the last bit from her hand. She looked him in the eyes. "I never realized how good pussy juice tasted. But I'd rather have your cock!" She said leaning towards his rod.

He laughed again and pulled away. As she leaned forward on her hands and knees he told her to stay there. "You look like a hot little slut like that. You should spend most of your time in that position."

"If I do will you fuck me?" She said staring at his cock. "Please fuck my mouth, my cunt, my ass! I want to feel your cock pounding me hard. Just use me, please!"

I'd never heard her like this! It was eye opening that someone could hide this side of themselves. But then again, I didn't exactly advertise my new sissy persona either.

"Lets just say that from now on you will get very used to this position. I plan to fuck your sloppy cunt till you can't stand up." He moved behind her and let his engorged cock rest in the cleft of her ass and began sawing it back and forth. "From now on you are my loyal fuck-puppy." He slipped his shaft down to her pussy, but didn't enter yet, despite her attempts to spear herself on it. "Do you want to be my personal bitch? Just a hot doggy-cunt?"

Her eyes closed and she reached up with one hand and began pinching her nipples. "Oh, yessssss. Use me. Take me like a bitch in heat!"

"Then shut up, bitch! I don't want to hear anything from you except barks, moans and whimpers!" With that he slid his whole dick up her cunt in one smooth stroke.

"Woo----uhf!! Ohhoooooooo" Was all she could manage as her eyes clamped shut and her mouth hung open in a series of whimpers and moans. Her body was shaking as he pulled completely out then slammed in again.

"Who's your master, bitch?"

"Yo-hoo . . . arrrrre." She gasped out as he began to fuck her with jackhammer strokes.


"Youuuu . . . ma-masterrr."

"You're my slut now, right!"


"You will do anything I ask, whenever I ask!" He was no longer asking, he was giving commands.

"Oh, yess-sss. Mass-terrr."

"If I call you over you will stop whatever you are doing and come service me!"

"Oh, oh! YES, Masterrr . . . I - GOD, I'm gonna cummmmm."

I was torn between lust and jealousy. I couldn't believe what she was saying as she let another man fuck her like a street corner whore. At the same time I couldn't deny how sexy she looked. Her body covered in a sheen of sweat, hair damp and tousled, face contorted in obvious pleasure, breasts flushed and swaying with each thrust. His hands clenched on her wide hips as he impaled her. After the first minute or so he began to give her occasional sharp, spanks on her luscious ass leaving each cheek glowing pink. She was the embodiment of sex at that moment. Her mind was locked away as her primal urges took over. She was rutting like an animal. No pride, no hesitation, no thought to anything but the shaft filling her and the leading edge of her approaching orgasm.

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