***** by Prejudice for Literotica 03.10.2010 *****

As plans go, this was a brilliant one. She'd planned it for days and was sure of success; a birthday present to remember. They had decided on a quiet celebration with some episodes of an old vampire series combined with food and booze; she had changed it at the last second without telling him.

He'd given her the keys so she could swing by with the booze and stuff before he was done at work, but she'd gone over to his place to set everything up the way she'd planned it and when he got home he'd get the surprise of a lifetime! She just hoped he'd be able to overcome the shock and enjoy himself.

The apartment was empty and she got about her business like it was nothing special. But all the while her heart was racing. She only had an hour to set everything up properly.

She changed the sheets on the bed in the master bedroom; everything had to be ready. The shower and bath tub seemed clean and was merely fitted up to match her fantasies.

After a quick survey she opened her bag and retrieved some toys; a bull whip, a paddle, some vibrators of varying size and some butt plugs. After having arranged them neatly next to the bed she took some hygienic items into the bathroom and undressed. He'd be home any minute and she still had loads to do! Her panic was elevated when she thought she heard keys in the lock, but it was just her imagination going wild. She ran around leaving tiny bits of paper with "24 hours" written on them in all places imaginable hoping he'd understand that he didn't have to finish early.

A quick glance in the mirror told her she'd done every preparation possible; she was smoothly shaved, her skin was soft and appealing, and her hair was tied back into a pony tail for practicality. All she was wearing was a pair of five inch black heels with silver-studded leather across the toes.

It was time for the last job; she needed to restrain herself. This was going to be difficult, but she had faith that her practise wouldn't be ruined by her nerves. Ankle binders and wrist shackles were fastened to every corner of the bed, and she tied a black silk shawl around her eyes, effectively blindfolding her. She inched her way into a double set of latex arm restraints that locked her arms together behind her back. Sitting down in the middle of the bed she had nothing left to do but wait.

The flow of thoughts went to every tiny bit of her plan; she checked and rechecked every part and couldn't find any flaws. She smiled as she heard him enter the apartment and head straight for the shower; "good boy," she thought. "You make it so easy for me."

His shower lasted for what seemed like hours. The restraints had already gotten her moist, and she was unsure if she'd stained the sheets. At long last she heard him get out of the shower; any minute now and he'd find her. Her heart was beating so loud she was sure he'd hear it and come bounding into the room to see what was going on, but he didn't. She could hear him move stuff around in the bathroom.

"Oh, come on! I'm exploding!" She muttered quietly. She could feel herself getting wetter by the second and that was supposed to be HIS job!

"What the..." He was standing in to doorway to the bedroom but she couldn't turn her head to look at him due to her blindfold;

"Welcome, Sir. I've been waiting for you." It was difficult hiding her smile. "Happy birthday, I hope you like your present..." This was perhaps the dumbest idea ever; he didn't like it. He was merely standing by the door in shock and terror.

"You are my present, then?" He sounded unsure, but there was something in his voice that told her they were about to have a really good time.

"Yes, Sir, if it pleases you. I sure hope it does."

Muffled footsteps told her he was walking around her to inspect every aspect of his slave;

"It's a very nice present. I wonder if I'm allowed to play as I chose." He let his hand run across her ass carefully, caressing one cheek, then the other, before running his hand around to the front to pinch her nipples.

"I took the liberty of bringing toys for you to use, Sir. I was unsure of your own collection and I realise I was wrong to make such an assumption but I hope you will forgive me and enjoy playing with me regardless."

"Let me just put some pants on. I can't do this completely naked or I'll just fuck you and spoil all your wonderful preparations."

The smile on her face gave her such a sweet look that he just stood still to watch her for a moment before sitting down on the bed; she was ethereally beautiful with those restraints, and he shook his head to clear it of the thoughts of permanent ownership. He was too fond of submitting to a Mistress to take a pet of his own. He would be too random to keep one.

The sudden sensation of his warm tongue on her nipple made her moan; she was so wet and so ready for any kind of touch that she only just avoided an orgasm.

"Careful, Sir, I'm already very turned on. Your touch is a blessing and a curse now..." She bowed her head further, looking slightly ashamed of herself.

"Why's that, do you think?" He stroked her pert breasts calmly, enjoying the smoothness and firm feel of them against the palm of his hand.

"It's the restraints... And the thought of what you will do to me. I'm sorry, Sir, I've let my mind run away with me while I was alone... And my shoes. I chose them specifically for today."

With a soft touch he lifted her face;

"Don't be ashamed. I'm very happy you offer me your body like this. And for that you deserve a treat."

He got off the bed and carefully helped her down on the floor. Her legs were instantly filled with needles and pins and she yelped with pain. With a firm grip around her waist he held her steady until her own legs supported her.

"Go stand in the middle of the room, my sweet. I'm sure you know your way around even when you wear that sexy blindfold."

She obeyed directly, finding a spot a few feet from the bed, hoping he'd be pleased with the position. A shiver ran down her spine as she sensed him coming up somewhere behind her to the left; a moment later the bull whip made contact with her ass and she screamed out in pain and shock. She knew it would hurt, but not this bad. Another lash made tears press their way out of her eyes but she bit her lip to silence herself and focus on relaxing.

A moment later she could feel his hand on her ass tracing the redness and slapping it gently;"that's a very nice ass, if I may say so. Perfect for this type of whip. Are you enjoying yourself, pet?"

"Uhm... y... yes... Your hand on my ass feels lovely. I'm yours to do with as you please, Sir." Her breath was coming in sharp gasps and she knew her fear was obvious. She dreaded his next move, yet she longed for it too. It was a strange sensation. He kissed her ass lovingly before striking again, this time aiming just below the butt cheeks, striking the upper part of her thighs.

"Ouch! Thank you, Sir!"

His arm came down to strike her ass time after time until she could no longer hold back;

"Please, Sir. Please let me come!" Her cry was shrill and her voice was unsteady. If he didn't show mercy on her she'd collapse. Her legs felt like gel and the heels were tormenting her.

"You need to come badly? Come here then, pet." He grabbed her arm and led her to the bed and sat down. He helped her down on her knees and placed her across his lap. While pressing two fingers into her pussy he started massaging her clit; "come for your Master. Come on my fingers like a proper slut."

With his fingers inside her and his thumb on her clit she let go with a loud howl. The convulsions broke her pride down and she sobbed against his thigh as the orgasm slowly abated.

"That's a good girl," he cooed and stroked her hair before grabbing her pony tail and pulling her head back by it, messing it up. "Clean my fingers, and when you're done I want you on your knees in front on me.

The taste of her own juices on his fingers tasted strange at first, but once she let go of her prejudice she found that she was actually savouring the sweet taste. An involuntary moan escaped her lips and made him push her back. Unsteady as she was when back bound like this she couldn't even get up.

"You're really enjoying yourself, aren't you, slut? You're the dirtiest little whore I've seen in quite a while." He got up and grabbed her arms tightly, throwing her onto the bed and unzipping his trousers. With his hands on her hips he thrust his cock into her; "slight change of plans. Your pussy is too appealing for me to ignore it any longer."

She yelped as he entered her; she had no balance and no arms to lean on, so she felt him grinding her face into the sheets. There was moisture on the sheets where her mouth and chin was, and she licked at it to find out what she tasted like before her orgasm.

"Fuck! Your pussy is so tight right now I could fuck it all night!" With that he slapped her ass hard with his hand over and over again, thrusting into her so hard she felt as if he'd split her in two if he didn't slow down soon.

She was so tender from her orgasm that every fibre of her body was still in high alert and every sensation was heightened beyond reason. Her screams of pain and pleasure were so loud she was sure the neighbours would be calling the police any minute. Yet she couldn't make herself care about it. Infact, the idea of being surprised by uniformed police officers while she was being fucked like an animal made her come again, more violently than the first time. She felt him release his sperm into her with a growl.

He slumped on top of her, slowly pulling her sideways into his embrace. A small kiss on her neck told her he was pleased with her efforts, and a moment later she felt blood return to her arms as he removed the arm binders, slowly massaging her and still kissing and licking at her neck.

"I take it you're my slave for 24 hours?" Playfully, he nudged her shoulder with his nose.

"If you want to, yes." Her senses were slightly off now after the mind numbing sex and the blindfold relentlessly not allowing her to see where she was.

Well, i guess I'm in for a very nice birthday, because you fuck like a goddess." With that he bit her neck and left her on the bed. She felt his sperm trickle slowly onto the sheets and she wondered what he was about to do.

Suddenly he picked her up and carried her out of the bedroom. He inched open a new door and brought her down onto a cold surface that made her squeal. He laughed as he turned on the water, slowly filling the bath tub with warmth. She relaxed as she felt his hands gently clean her sex, careful fingers tracing every bit of it with a precision that could only come from experience.

She leaned back into his left arm still wrapped around her shoulders, sighing contently. He was probing his fingers at her now, toying with her, pinching her pussy lips and gently bringing her towards another climax. Before she could stop herself she felt the now familiar sensation of every muscle in her body humming with delight and she moaned deeply. Barely audible were her Master's encouraging words;

"That's a good girl. Come for me again. You're doing well. Such a good pet you are. I need you this way."

His fingers left her abruptly as soon as her orgasm abated;

"Get up and dry yourself off. I came home expecting dinner and yet there is no such thing as a birthday cake here. You need to go to the shops. When you've dried off, return to the bedroom for further instructions." He got up and left without looking at her.

A quick glance in the mirror told her she looked horny. How could he send her to the shops like this? She blushed at the thought and wrapped herself in the towel. She'd have a word with him.

"Sir? I was wondering..." Her sentence was cut short by him grabbing her from behind.

"Wondering what? You're going to the shops, and that's final. I'm hungry, and I need energy for the next 22 and a half hour I have you at my disposal. I've made a list for you, and also found something for you to wear." He pointed at a pair of his trainers and a large college sweater.

"What about..." He silenced her by tearing off her towel, exposing her to the cold air. He clearly enjoyed seeing her nipples turn into tiny pink buds, knowing her piercings would ache a bit like that.

"Also, you will need a little something to remember me by, so you'll also be wearing this;" he pulled out a butterfly vibrator and started attaching the straps around her thighs and waist. A small, hook-like aperture slid inside her to press against her g-spot, and when he told her to wiggle her bum she found that it wouldn't budge. She was trapped in this little device for the whole of her shopping trip. She started panicking again as he helped her into her oversized clothes.

"Let's get the show started then." His grin was wolfish as he pulled forth a remote control. She felt her heart sink; he'd put it on full, she knew it.

"Shall we start off nice and easy with button number one? I think so. Ease you into the feeling. Now, off you go!"

The vibrator sprang into life and it was centred so precisely on her clit that she cringed with pain. She stumbled towards the door, feeling slightly ridiculous in her horrid outfit and beautiful shoes. Getting down the stairs was a challenge she'd not believe possible, but luckily she didn't encounter anyone and was able to crawl down the final steps.

"Very well, pet. So far so good." He was standing up on his balcony grinning down at her; "I think that's enough practise. Time to really let you enjoy yourself," and before she had time to protest she felt the vibrator go crazy on her clit and g-spot and she sank to her knees in desperation.

"Get up, slut. And do remember to smile. I don't want you to come off as rude to anyone! See you in a bit."

The walk to the shop was torture, her legs ached, and she kept being interrupted by orgasms. Her only comfort was that it was well past ten o'clock on a Saturday, and that most people were inside pubs or at home with their families.

With a deep breath she pushed the door open and stepped across the threshold. The shop seemed deserted, save for a bubble-gum chewing cashier and a few teenagers lurking around the sweets.

"Dear God, please make them leave before I get to the till." She grabbed a trolley and started lobbing cans and bags into it according to her list. Every so often she had to pause to steady her breathing, or calm down after a small orgasm. She knew she was building a major one, and prayed that she'd get outside before it hit. She felt like a time bomb.

"Bananas? Cucumber? Squash? He has got to be shitting me!" She groaned through gritted teeth. Fruit and vegetables were difficult enough to purchase right now. She didn't need to have to handle every phallus shaped item in the whole shop!

She reached out to grab a cucumber when her hand collided with someone else's reaching for the same vegetable; she looked up and met a pair of amber eyes that locked onto her blue ones. She yelped as she came violently, not able to contain herself in front of this handsome stranger. He grabbed hold of her and held her up while the convulsions ravaged her body, and she moaned into his shirt, desperately trying to shorten her climax. It didn't help and she felt her nails dig into his arms and her legs turn to gel once again. His arms wrapped themselves around her, holding her securely in place.

When the worst of the orgasm passed she tried to push herself away from him only to find that he was still holding her firmly in place, stroking her hair and cooing softly at her. He released her just enough to be able to see her face; she felt her cheeks turn a deep shade of red and had to lower her gaze. She was so ashamed and felt that only death could release her from this torment.

He lifted her face with one finger;

"Your Master or Mistress is an incredibly lucky person. Be sure to tell him or her that I said so."

She felt her tongue curl up into a ball and all she could do was stare at him as he walked off towards the tills. She shook her head and tried focusing on her list once more.

Paying for her wares went fairly smooth, though she must have looked exhausted by then. In her quiet mind she had counted 7 smaller orgasms and one major one since she entered the shop. She grabbed her bag and started the long walk back to the apartment.

A small sigh to her right made her jump; it was him again. She recognised his eyes in the dusk. He was leaning against a wall eyeing her like a hungry predator. She swallowed and tried speaking when he bounded towards her and demanded her mouth hungrily.

"Where is your Master now?" he asked before kissing her again. She tried feebly to push him away but the kiss was so intense she found herself returning it wildly. She had longed to be kissed like that for ages and she would never have let her friend kiss her. That was her one unbreakable rule.

"I..." she panted as he let her go, "I don't have a Master. I'm just serving a friend for his birthday." She blushed and thought she must sound like a whore doing all this for a friend.

He groaned in pleasure and pushed her up against the wall. His hands found her bare breasts and he leaned down to suck on her right nipple, biting it hard and teasing it with his tongue.. She moaned and ran her hands through his dark hair;

"Please fuck me, Sir." She blushed at the sound of her own voice. Begging a complete stranger to fuck her was so beyond her wildest imagination.

With a quick movement he had her pants down around her ankles, and she felt his cock press itself into her pussy roughly. The concrete wall scraped against her ass as she wrapped her legs around his hips to take him deeper. He was big, and brought her to two thundering climaxes before spending himself inside her.

With a loving nibble at her ear he whispered;

"Breast pocket."

She fumbled with the fabric and pulled out a card. It had an address, several phone numbers and a name but she was in too much of a haze to read it properly. He pulled out of her and leaned down to kiss her sex gently.

"I'll be expecting your call, pet." He then adjusted her vibrator, smiled as she flinched, turned around and walked on with his shopping bags.

She watched him go with a smile of lust covering her face, but she was so exhausted now that she had to return to the apartment or suffer a night outside in the cold. With a whimper she picked up her bag and began the slow trek to safety.

"Had a nice time, pet?" Her friend took her shopping from her and walked towards the kitchen. "You may remove the vibrator now, if you want. And you look like crap so I might suggest a shower as well."

She moaned thankfully and tore off the straps around her thighs and threw the toy into a corner. She didn't want to ever see it again! A moment later she picked it up; without it she'd never have met that guy. She brought it with her into the bathroom.

The shower felt like a slice of heaven as the warm water soothed her muscles. She got out and quickly dried herself off and entered the living room to find it set for dinner already. He was waiting for her;

"I don't want you wearing clothes around me, pet. I sure do enjoy the way you look when you're naked. How was your trip to the shop?" His gaze travelled across her breasts; she knew it was still red from the strangers love bites.

"It was horrible. I came so many times that I wasn't sure I'd make it all the way back..." she looked nervous. He had not allowed her to be fucked by anyone, nor had he stated that she couldn't. In fact; he had told her to smile and be polite. Surely rejecting someone could be considered rude? "I had an orgasm in the arms of a stranger at the fruit and vegetables, and he told me to convey his regards to you; that you are a lucky man. Then he left but I met him in an alley and... I... we... I mean... he fucked me up against a wall. I couldn't help myself. The vibrator had made me come so many times I had no control. I'm sorry if I displeased you, Sir." She bowed her head in shame.

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