tagIncest/TabooBirthday Cakes and Creampies Ch. 02

Birthday Cakes and Creampies Ch. 02


What the heck's a cream pie?

I've never had that kind of pie before, but my insides sensed something delicious. My tummy was aflutter. My pussy lips puckered. The way Mommy and Daddy said "cream pie" made me quiver with anticipation!

But before I could question that cream pie any further, Mommy leapt to her feet and whirled all around and swept up the bakery box from the nearby coffee table. As she held the pale pink box in front of her, memories of snickerdoodles, pink tutus, and frosted cupcakes surged towards me.

You see, back when I was just a little girl, Mommy and Daddy would take me to that pink-box bakery after every dance recital. I used to love sharing those crumbly cookies and buttercream cupcakes with Mommy and Daddy after dancing—they always said I looked so beautiful in my little ballerina costume, no matter how much frosting I had gotten on my face!

But now that I'm all grown up, I feel even more beautiful. Kneeling before them. Naked. With some of Daddy's frosting still on my face.

"Happy birthday!" Mommy and Daddy cheer in unison, breaking my recollection while revealing a vanilla meringue cake topped with eighteen perfectly placed candles. I squeal like a little girl and clap my hands eagerly while Mommy and Daddy light the candles and begin to sing: "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..."

"Make a wish, Baby Girl!"

I take a big breath. Yikes—my throat's sore from Daddy shoving his dick down there! I swallow, take another deep breath, and blow out the candles. Mommy and Daddy applaud; I beam with delight past lingering wisps of frankincense and man musk.

"What did you wish for, Princess?"

"I can't tell you—'cuz then it won't come true!"

"Can you give us a hint?"

"Hmmmm," I ponder loudly, protruding my pout like a spoiled little girl, "I guess I could give you a clue!"

I insert a finger into the cake. Mommy and Daddy stare at me as meringue icing envelopes my index finger. Carefully, methodically, I extract sweet frosting and smear it upon my breasts. My nipples grow hard and poke through the white whipped topping like two pink jellybeans.

Mommy gasps and nearly drops the cake; Daddy groans and begins to grow. Again. Down there. He didn't bother to button up after fucking my face.

"You're being naughty, Baby Girl," Daddy begins through deep breaths, but I quickly cut him off.

"Shhhh," I say, pushing one finger against my lips and another into the top of my cake, "I'm not done giving hints!"

My sweet, sticky finger now makes it way to Mommy. I gently press my frosted fingertip on Mommy's chest, just above her bodice, marking my territory with two little daubs. She bites her lip with fervor as my finger goes back to the cake. Again, I withdraw a hint and wiggle it towards Mommy's mound, ever so careful to not get any frosting on her beautiful new bodysuit.

A twinkle in her eye and a smirk on her lips meant Mommy knew what I wished for.

Mommy returns the cake to the coffee table and brushes the back of her hand across my face. She leans in. Close. I can feel her warm breath tickle my cheek. It made my toes curl. Exciting pressure fills the space between us. My heartbeat races while goose bumps bloom. Mommy's breath becomes hotter and heavier, mirroring my own. I bite my lip just as quickly as she licks hers. An unconscious smile spreads across my face...my lips began to part...eagerly awaiting Mommy's breath and anticipating the tongue that follows...

But it was only a tease! Instead, Mommy digs her teeth into my nape, sucking hard and inevitably leaving a mark in her wake. I purr in pleasure and beg for more, wriggling around as Mommy continues to lick and bite my sensitive neck. I can hear Daddy groan as Mommy's tongue begins to make its way down my clavicle towards my chest. She laps the sweetness of my frosting-topped titties while Daddy growls his encouragements.

Oh God, I know this is wrong but I am SO turned on!

Before I could revel any longer, Mommy leaps to her feet and begins to undress in front of Daddy and me. Oh wow—she's so supple and even more beautiful at this most provocative angle!

As Mommy wiggles her engorged nipples free from the leathery bodice, an electrical shock shoots through my already warm cunny. Daddy stares at Mommy, unblinking at the sight, fondling his manhood. My eyes dart back and forth between my parents; Mommy stripping, Daddy stroking. I couldn't help but gawk as Daddy touches his cock...that great big daddydick...the one he shoved down my throat just a few moments ago...gagging and choking his little girl...bad, bad Daddy...erupting with pure naughtiness...ohmygod, that was so fucking HOT!

The sight of my nearly naked Mommy causes warm tingles to brew between my legs. My breathing gets faster. My legs shake. My lips quiver. A flutter of butterflies billows below my beating heart; oh my God, I can't believe my birthday wish is coming true...

Mommy slowly and carefully unzips her pleather bodice. She's watching us watch her. Mommy moans in delight as she embraces the feelings of being watched—by both her husband and daughter. She has to know it's wrong...this is so wrong...but it feels sooo right...and I want to feel those feelings even more...FUCK IT! I just can't keep my hands to myself any longer!

I wrap both hands around Mommy's taut thighs and pull myself up to her bald pink pussy. So soft, so inviting. I lap and I lick all around her clit, tasting floral pheromones all along her folds. I push past Mommy's lips with some slight force, caressing her clitoris with the tip of my nose. Mommy coos her approval before taking a fistful of my hair, trusting her hips forward. My face nuzzles deep into her marshmallow cunt while my tongue pokes in and out of her sacred hole.

"Ah-h-h-ahhh!" Mommy murmurs while grinding her crotch firmly on my face. My tongue tastes Mommy's own frosting as she continues to hump, writhe, and rock. Faster and harder. Back and forth and up and down. Over and over again. Up...down...up...down... faster now...harder now! I could feel Mommy's thighs tighten around my head as she used me, her darling little girl, for her own desires.

"Ah-h-h-h, right there...right there...RIGHT THERE!"

I could feel Mommy begin to cum! I quickened my pace and suckled her sudden release, savoring Mommy's explosions while feasting on her folds. Mommy continued rocking and humping and grinding—faster and faster than ever before—before a second orgasm shattered her and completely drenched me!

I couldn't swallow it all! The warm stream exploded everywhere! It shot down my throat! It was up in my nose! It's even in my ears!

"HOLY FUCK that's hot!" Daddy yowls while Mommy spasms once, twice, three more times before ending her ride and dismounting my face.

My eyes flutter open; mascara and urea cloud my vision while love juices trickle down my cheeks. Mommy's musky nectar filled my nostrils and soothed my throat, a much needed remedy following Daddy's cock lashing. I hadn't even noticed the puddle that I sat in—mostly from Mommy, but some were my own carnal creations.

"Oh my god, Baby Girl," Mommy purrs as she succumbs to gravity, collapsing on the couch next to Daddy, "you have a magical tongue!"

But before I could utter a response, Daddy playfully pushes Mommy down upon the sofa next to him. She wriggles around in delight, completely vulnerable and totally aroused, as Daddy finally removes his pants. He then climbs on top of Mommy, mounting her in all his might while staring deeply into her eyes. As he looks over towards me, Daddy smirks and pushes his upturned dick against Mommy's slit. He rubs his mushroom cockhead up and down on Mommy's smooth, soft, sopping wet clit, starting at the tip of her lips towards that soft pink spot, knocking at Mommy's entrance with his dripping daddydick.

Ohhh I just love the sight of Mommy, naked, trapped beneath Daddy! He's so big and she's so helpless! I'm getting warmer and wetter just watching Daddy's cock slide up and down her lady lips, her folds undulating against his solid limb. Hot juices start flowing out from my own little hole, tickling my little cherry asshole before dripping into the perfumed puddle below.

"Daddy..." I gasp, barely audible, barely breathing, "are you...gonna make love to Mommy?"

"No, Baby Girl," Daddy growls, grabbing Mommy's throat with one hand, his strong grasp encircling her fragile little neck, "we don't make love, Baby Girl...we FUCK."

"Give it to me, Daddy!" Mommy begs, lifting her hipbones so that her husband can penetrate her better. Daddy begins kissing her passionately before pushing hard against her pleading opening. With a furious thrust, Daddy's dick breaks through Mommy; she wails in pain and pleasure as her tight cunt clings onto Daddy's rock-hard dick.

Daddy was breathing heavily, looking back and forth between Mommy and me, staring into my eyes, deep into my soul, uttering, emphasizing, "Baby Girl's watching...our Baby Girl's watching...oh fuck oh fuck OUR daughter is watching..."

"Ohhh yes yes yes!" Mommy cries as Daddy rocks himself in and out of her. Slowly, slowly at first, so that Mommy could withstand all of Daddy's might. He rocks back and forth, paving the way for his majestic manhood...Daddy's rock-hard prick so powerful against Mommy's little pink jewel...

Holy fuck! I can't believe it! I can't believe Mommy and Daddy are doing...THIS...in front of me...in front of their daughter! I can't believe it...I...can't believe...how much I fucking LOVE it!

Then Daddy quickens his pace—fucking harder and harder and forcing himself deeper and deeper into Mommy. Despite Mommy's wails, I can see her pussy oozing in pleasure; white sticky goo covers Daddy's shaft as he moves in and out and in and out, furiously and rhythmically over and over again—back and forth and back and forth—Daddy makes his cock disappear deeper and deeper into Mommy—and I just sat there, watching, gazing, admiring, aroused.

I don't know what came over me, but when the timing was just right, I leapt up and dove down to meet Daddy's backside. I open my mouth and suckle one of Daddy's balls; the WHOLE thing went inside my mouth! And—oh boy—from the looks of things, Daddy must REALLY like it! He starts bucking and fucking harder and wilder, driving his daddydick deeper and deeper into Mommy while screaming at the top of his lungs:

"OhmyfuckingGOD that feels so FUCKING GOOD!"

Daddy's ass smacks my face as he pounds Mommy harder and faster and stronger.

I suck and I lick Daddy's dangling balls one by one, kissing them, nuzzling them, teasing them with the tip of my tongue. So salty, so gritty, so naughty.

"Aaaaah, yes, just like that...lick Daddy's balls like a good little girl...like our good little slut...aaaaaaAAAAAAAAHHHH!"

Daddy was close to spilling his seed! I felt his ass tighten and his balls harden. Daddy stopped his thrusts and held Mommy's hips firmly, his cock buried deep inside her femininity while I lavishly lapped his undercarriage.

"Oh god...oh god...oh my FUCKING GOD!!" Daddy's about to cum! He's thrusting faster than ever before, banging and burring his dick as deep as Mommy's cunt could allow, pulsating harder and faster and bigger and stronger until—


A massive hot explosion of Daddy's milk annihilates Mommy's insides! Daddy thrusts harder and faster as he continues to cum, wailing like a banshee, wringing Mommy around his erupting daddydick. Mommy screams her reprisal, squirting sweet juices all over his shaft and up on his tummy, splashing themselves and the sofa in a glorious sopping-wet orgasm.

One... two... three more trusts, and Daddy was done. He bent over to give Mommy a kiss, gasping "fuck fuck fuck" while Mommy continued to seizure on his cock. I couldn't move...I couldn't think...I could barely breathe!

And before I knew what was happening, Mommy grabs me by my hair and pulls me face first into her thighs, rubbing her musky gooey hooch hole against my lips. My mouth creates an airtight vacuum against Mommy's snatch, preventing anything else from spilling out. I look up, helplessly, beyond the swirls of sweat and semen, awaiting orders on what to do next.

"Is Baby Girl hungry for some creampie?!"

As she said this, Mommy empties her insides into my mouth, unleashing buckets of cum down my throat. I lap and lick all the cream from within, swallowing load after load, gush after gush. Mommy thrusts her hips forward, wrapping her thighs tightly around my head, squeezing and pushing her insides out, ensuring that I savor every last drop of her husband's salty milk and Mommy's sweet nectar.

I gobble up everything and lick Mommy clean. Mmmm-mmm! As Mommy's thighs relax, I pull myself back and admire the ravaged pussy in front of me, hot pink and opened wide, puffy like a marshmallow yet completely clean of white sticky stuff. I peck Mommy's muff and lick my lips loudly, savoring the flavor of my first-ever creampie—made with 100% forbidden fruit.

Mommy and Daddy were right: creampies are WAY better than birthday cake!

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