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Birthday Celebration


I knew Kevin had something special planned for my birthday, but I wasn’t sure what it was. He just told me that we had plans for the entire weekend, and he had made all of the necessary arrangements. I was so excited because I couldn’t wait to spend an extended period of time alone with my husband. I love to feel his enormous cock inside of me – I wanted him to fuck me over and over again!

He told me to be ready to go out to dinner as soon as he got home from work. I decided to dress provocatively, as Kevin loves it when I look sexy. He arrived home and told me to give him ten minutes. He asked me to retrieve some papers for him from the basement while he went upstairs to take a shower. I found the papers he requested and also found a note on top with my name on it. As I read the words I could feel my excitement build, for it said “Get ready for the most erotic night of your life!” I knew then that he didn’t really need those papers but just wanted me to see the note.

Going up to the main floor, I found Kevin waiting for me in the foyer. Just seeing him made me catch my breath – he is so hot and sexy! I get wet every time I look at him. I couldn’t hold back, so I went over to give him a kiss while I put my hand on his dick. It jumped to attention at my touch, but Kevin pulled back with a smile and told me to save it for later. As he stepped away he got a good look at me for the first time since coming home. He said, “Damn Honeybunny, you look so hot!” I could see his hard cock bulging in his pants and couldn’t wait to get my hands (and mouth) on it. While I was thinking about this, Kevin was ushering me out the door, saying we had dinner reservations.

Dinner was incredibly romantic. He took me to our favorite restaurant and had roses waiting on the table for me. Kevin ordered for us both, which turned me on, and we had a wonderful dinner. I feel so lucky to have this man in my life! And while getting ready to leave the restaurant, I could feel the undercurrent of pent-up passion flowing between us. I eagerly asked what he had planned next, but he just smiled slyly and said I would have to wait.

Before starting the car, Kevin reached into the backseat to get something. He pulled out a blindfold and slipped it over my eyes. “The adventure is about to begin”. At that moment I knew he had big plans for our evening, and my pussy got wet just thinking of all the possibilities. I could not see where we were going, but I could hear excitement in Kevin’s voice as he talked to me throughout the ride. He would not allow any touching for either of us, which just made me want him that much more. I wanted to at least suck his yummy cock until we got to our destination.

The car came to a stop and Kevin got out. I could hear him take something out of the trunk, and then he came around to my door to help me out. He took my arm and told me to keep the blindfold on. His voice had taken on the quality of domination, and I almost came just listening to him. He led me into a building and guided me inside an elevator. I could hear other people enter behind us, and I overheard their hushed conversations as they must have been trying to figure out the mystery of the blindfold. We stepped off the elevator and walked down a hallway. I could hear Kevin open a door, and we entered a room where there was music playing quietly. He led me a few feet and stopped, telling me to reach out and feel the table in front of me. Under no circumstances was I to take off the blindfold. He ordered me to lift up my skirt and bend over the table, laying my upper body across it. He gets me so hot when he orders me around – I love being submissive to him. Kevin got a little surprise as I lifted up my skirt to show I wasn’t wearing any underwear. All I could hear him say was “Oh shit!” I slowly bent over the table, feeling my pussy and ass being exposed, and I was getting wetter by the moment in anticipation of what was to come. Kevin told me to spread my legs wider apart. I did as he said, and in the next instant my dripping cunt was being licked vigorously. I began moaning as I was licked and sucked, and then he stuck his tongue in my pussyhole. “oh god,” I screamed, “I want you to fuck me. I want your dick inside me now!” Instead he fucked me with his tongue, and I began writhing on the table, begging him to ram his dick into my box. I could feel his hands on my ass, and then he pulled my cheeks apart. His tongue made its way from one hole to the other as I gasped for breath. He stuck his tongue in my ass just as he rammed two fingers into my pussy. Both of my holes being filled was more than I could handle, and I felt my orgasm explode. All of my pussy juices began to run down my legs, and I could feel him licking them up as fast as he could.

Kevin then ordered me to turn over on the table with my ass right at the edge. He lifted my legs so my pussy was fully exposed and quickly pushed his rock-hard dick into me until his balls were touching my ass. As soon as my awaiting flesh closed around him I knew it wasn’t Kevin. This dick wasn’t as long as my husband’s but it was a little thicker. It took me a moment to get used to it as he began to pump his dick hard into me, his balls slapping my ass with each thrust. I immediately tried to take the blindfold off to see who was fucking me but hands reached out and restrained my wrists, holding them down against the table. I then felt two more sets of hands take my legs, holding them apart while this man continued to fuck my pussy for all he was worth. Before I could say anything, I could feel someone climb on top of the table and straddle me. He began to fondle my breasts, pinching my nipples lightly. Even though I didn’t know who else was in the room, or especially who was fucking me, I was totally turned on by the situation. Kevin and I have discussed me being with other men, but it hasn’t come up in awhile.

When Kevin spoke next I knew it was he who was straddling me. “Just suck my dick like a good little girl, and maybe I’ll take the blindfold off”. I opened my mouth wide as he stuck his hot black cock between my moist lips. I love having his dick in my mouth, and I went at it with total abandon. He lifted up a little and I moved my mouth down to suck on his balls and lick the very sensitive area underneath them. I could feel his body shake as I licked with vigor, and then he shoved his dick back in my mouth and began to push it down my throat. He fucked my mouth like he fucks my pussy, and I could feel him getting close to climax. I could taste his salty pre-cum, which only made me redouble my efforts. Meanwhile I found out there were two men holding my arms down because all of a sudden I has a cock in each hand. They were both very hard, and I began to jerk them off. At this point I knew there were at least five men in the room, and the intensity escalated. The man in my pussy was pulling his dick almost all the way out and then slamming it back in. He was rubbing the area around my clit, which was bringing me closer to my second orgasm. I was overwhelmed, and Kevin must have sensed that. He began to talk to me – he told me some of the things they wanted to do to me that night. With each thing he said, while still fucking my mouth, he brought me closer to cumming. As soon as he started talking about fucking me in my ass I knew he was about to cum, and I could feel the cock in my cunt get harder. I sucked Kevin with everything I had and began to moan. That sent him over the edge – his sperm shot down my throat and filled my mouth. Some ran out onto my cheeks when I couldn’t swallow fast enough. I wanted more!! My orgasm was imminent when I heard the guy in my pussy ask Kevin if he could cum inside of me. Kevin told him to go ahead, and I felt him brace his hands on the table as he rammed his fat cock into me again. Instantly I felt his hot jet of cum filling me up, which caused me to lose it. I began to shake as another orgasm ripped through my body. I was still trembling as Kevin removed the blindfold from my face. I looked up into his eyes first as he smiled and said, “I love you! Happy Birthday!” I then looked around to see five other black men standing around me. They were all naked, and I still had two of their dicks in my hands. The men who were holding my legs had their cocks in hand just waiting for their turn. The sixth man in the room had our camcorder trained on us, recording the entire experience. He too was hard and ready to give up the camera for something more.

Kevin told me to get up from the table and take my clothes off. He then turned to the other men and said, “Gentlemen, this is my wife, and it’s her birthday. I would appreciate your help in making this the most pleasurable night of her life so far. You have my permission to do anything you want to her except fuck her in the ass. That is only for me. She loves giving and getting oral, and she desires your cum inside of her. Fuck her like you mean it!” He then turned and gave me a long, hot, passionate kiss, spanked me on my ass and told me to go over and get on the bed.

From the moment I got on the bed I had at least three guys surrounding me and touching me, and the camera was filming it all. The first man, whose name was Terry, had been holding one of my legs previously. He had me lie down and got on top of me in a 69 position. He stuck his eager black cock into my mouth while he went down to clean up my dripping cunt. I began to lick his dick and grabbed his balls with my hand to lightly tease and squeeze them. I tasted his pre-cum as I milked his dick with my mouth. I reached around and grabbed his ass with my hands so I could pull him farther down into my mouth. He moaned as his dick slid deeper into my awaiting mouth, and he began to pump his hips up and down while I sucked and slurped on his rod. Terry moved his mouth on top of my clit and caused me to buck my hips as he began to suck lightly. My body began to tingle all over as he took special care of this very sensitive spot. All of a sudden I felt someone’s hands pulling my legs farther apart and another dick was at my cunt hole. Kyle (I later learned who it was) began to slowly push his enormous dick into my pussy. I was so wet already, but as I felt every inch of his steely rod penetrating my sweet little pussy, my juices began to flow down my ass onto the bed. The incredible feeling of being fucked while someone sucked on my clit was too much. “Oh yes! Ooooh that feels so good! Fuck me nice and slow.” I went back to sucking Terry’s dick while they worked me towards another orgasm. Kyle got into a slow and sensual rhythm, making my pussy ache for another deep and penetrating stroke. He grabbed my ass and lifted it off the bed, and I shuddered as his dick came in contact with my G spot. I began to moan. What an unbelievable feeling! Then it got even better as someone began to fondle my breasts and another person inserted a finger into my tight ass. Oh my god! That felt incredible! I could hardly concentrate on Terry’s dick because I felt so good. I decided to finish him off so I could concentrate on what was being done to me. I grabbed the base of his cock with one hand and his balls with the other. I started moving my mouth and my hands in rhythm, and I could immediately feel him get harder. Terry began to breath faster and stopped sucking my clit long enough to say, “Yeah, suck my dick! Suck it, you nasty thing!” I could feel the pressure in his balls as he shot his first load of cum into my mouth. I kept my hand on his sack and squeezed as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot his next wad onto my face. I continued to stroke his still-hard shaft until I was sure I had gotten it all. Then I licked off the tip of his cock to make sure no cum was wasted. I took my fingers to collect as much of it on my face as possible and licked it off each one, savoring the moment.

Terry climbed off and moved into a position where he could still suck my clit as Kyle and the others continued to fuck and fondle me. I was in heaven! I had never had so many things done to me at one time. Terry was sucking my clit, Kyle was fucking my pussy, Rick was fondling my breasts and Evan now had two fingers in my well-lubed ass. I looked up to see Kevin videotaping us while KC sat in a chair watching with his dick in his hand. KC was the one who fucked me when we first arrived. Kevin was as hard as a rock and his dick was standing straight up as he watched these other men ravage my body. I smiled at him and told him that I loved him. I then turned my attention back to these men because I felt like I was going to explode. Kyle was still pumping into me very slowly, hitting my G spot with each stroke. Evan was timing his finger thrusts to be opposite of Kyle. The pressure in my body was almost more than I could bear when I felt my orgasm begin. It started at my very core and radiated out to my fingers and toes. The guys continued as my pussy contracted again and again, and I looked at Kevin, “I love you Baby!! Aaahhh, this feels so good! Thank you!!”

From the look on his face I could tell that Kevin wanted me, and I knew exactly what he wanted. He handed off the camcorder to KC and told him to get close-ups. He told me to turn over onto my hands and knees and told Evan to get underneath me. Kevin pushed me down onto Evan’s awaiting cock and it plunged into my slick pussy with ease. I began moving up and down on his nine-inch rod while Kevin made sure my ass was lubed and ready. I moaned in anticipation, knowing my greatest fantasies were being fulfilled. I stopped moving for a moment as Kevin spread my ass cheeks and put his cockhead up against my tight little hole. He grabbed my hips and pushed his 10 ½ inch dick into my eagerly awaiting ass. I screamed in pleasure as I felt first one cock and then the other ram into my holes – up and down, in and out, filling me up in double penetration. “Oh, fuck me!! Fuck my ass Kevin! Fuck me HARDER! I want you to both cum in me!” Just the thought of that almost made me cum again. Kevin was slamming his dick into my ass all the way to his balls, and I was taking Evan’s just as far in my pussy. Once in awhile I had both of their dicks pushed in me at the same time, separated only by a thin barrier. I was in ecstasy! Kevin then told Rick to kneel in front of me and fuck my mouth. Rick grabbed the back of my head and shoved his huge cock into my mouth. He began to thrust forward with his hips as Kevin rammed his cock into my ass, so they both had leverage to push farther. I was being fucked in all three holes, and because of that I knew none of us would last much longer. Kevin started spanking my ass, and Rick moaned as he watched, “Damn, spank that ass! Spank it harder!” Kevin gave a good hard swat and then grabbed my hips for one last deep thrust into my ass. He dick shot forth a huge load of cum, filling my ass with his heat. I could feel his cock continue to throb as Evan’s jet of sperm filled my pussy. I couldn’t hold back any longer. Feeling them unload their sperm into me brought on another unbelievable orgasm that was bigger than the others. Watching the two other men cum in me brought Rick to his climax, and he shot a wad of cum down my throat. When my mouth was full he pulled his dick out and shot the rest onto my face. I was fucked good and filled up. I had cum dripping out of all of my holes. Kevin told me not to waste any so I wiped it off my face with my hand and cleaned each finger with my tongue. I reached down and caught the stream of semen coming from my pussy and ass and sucked that off my hand as well. I looked at Kevin with a smile and asked if I did a good job. He bent down, licked my pussy and said it seemed pretty clean to him.

He told everyone that it was time for a shower. They took turns getting in there with me and fucking me or having me suck them off. Sometimes there would be two at a time, one fucking me doggy-style while the other stood in front of me with his dick in my mouth. Kevin came in last, by himself, to get the final shower fuck. He took his time, talking dirty to me, until we both came again. We then washed each other and shared some passionate kisses before getting out and drying off.

All of the men were waiting for us as we emerged from the bathroom, ready for another round. Kevin had them stand in a line to fuck me one at a time, challenging them to make me cum again. He knew I was starting to get sore, so it would take a lot to bring on another orgasm. They each took their turn, flipping me in different positions, playing with my nipples, and sucking on my clit. They came in me as well as all over me, but no one was able to get me to cum. After they were all done, Kevin handed off the camcorder again and came over to me with a raging hard-on. He pushed me down onto my back and told me that I was going to cum for him. He wanted me to concentrate and listen to him. He pushed his giant cock into my pussy and we both sighed when he had it buried to the hilt. He told me to do what I had to do to cum for him. I reached down and grabbed my own ass cheeks and tilted my pelvis up. He began to move slowly, taking long, deep strokes. He kissed me passionately and then began to talk to me, recalling when he fucked me in the ass and the double penetration. While he was talking I reached up with my mouth and started sucking on his nipples, first one then the other. His dick grew bigger and harder until I felt like I couldn’t take any more, except it was a good pain. I continued to pull on my ass cheeks while he increased his speed, talking to me all the while. He told me how much it turned him on to see all those guys fucking me and cumming inside of me. I could feel him start to cum in me, and at that moment my body released for one last time. I cried out his name and told him that I loved him and he did the same. Our bodies continued to shake as we were hit with aftershocks, and he held me in his arms until they subsided. Then he looked at me with a mischievous grin. He glanced at all the guys and asked if they were ready. They all laughed and said of course they were.

Kevin had me kneel on the floor, and all of the men stood around me in a circle. He told me to go around sucking on each of them until they were ready to cum. I worked them with my mouth and my hands while Kevin videotaped the whole thing. When they were all at the point of coming, Kevin told them to go ahead. At that moment they all shot load after load of steaming cum all over my body. I was given a cum bath that emptied them out. I began to lick it off my body until there was none left, and I could see that, even after our night of endless fucking, they all started to get hard again just watching me do it.

Kevin told me to go get in the shower again and then joined me after a few minutes. He washed my hair for me and then soaped my body down, making sure to wash every part of me. He dried me off and led me out into our room, and I saw that we were alone. Kevin had candles burning and the lights down low. Our naked bodies made sensual shadows in the flickering light from the flames. He told me to lie down and proceeded to give me an entire body massage. He spoke quietly to me as his hands worked their magic, and I soon grew very sleepy….

I awoke a few hours later just as it was getting light outside. We were curled up together on the bed, and Kevin was still sound asleep. I smiled to myself as I thought about the night before and decided to give my husband a truly good morning. I quietly pulled the covers back to expose his beautifully hung cock. My mouth began to water just looking at it. I moved down the bed and took his entire soft shaft into my mouth. As soon as I started sucking, his dick took on a life of its own and I could feel Kevin stir. I looked up into his face while I deep-throated his ever-hardening rod and saw him looking down at me with a slow smile. I reached up and began to play with his nipples, rolling them between my fingers, and his dick jumped in response. I moved to a spot between his legs and began sucking on his balls and licking the area underneath. Kevin trembled each time my tongue made contact. I gave his balls a good licking before moving back up to concentrate on his now fully hard, gigantic cock. As my mouth slid down his shaft, I used my hands to get him to bend his knees and I guided both legs up next to my head. I had him spread his legs a little wider, which now left his ass open to me as well. I moved my tongue back down to the spot below his balls and heard him moan in pleasure. I then used my hands to spread his ass cheeks, and my tongue made its way down to his very tight hole. As soon as I began to lick his ass I heard Kevin start saying, “Oh shit, oh shit!” I put one of my hands back on his dick and it felt bigger than it’s ever been. I stroked it while I pushed my tongue into his ass, and his whole body tensed as if he were about to cum. I could tell that he liked it, so I grabbed the lube from the side of the bed and poured it all over my finger. I put my mouth back on his cock, with one hand stroking the base. I placed my lubed finger at the entrance of his forbidden hole and slowly and carefully pushed it inside. He cried out in sheer ecstasy as I began to move my finger around and found his pleasure core. My head bobbed up and down on his steel-hard cock, and I took as much of it in my mouth as I could. I continued to finger-fuck his ass and found that my pussy was dripping wet just from being allowed to do this. Kevin cried out that he was going to cum, and I sucked even harder. His jet of semen hit the back of my throat with so much force that I thought I may choke. His asshole was contracting around my finger, and I slowly pulled it out as he pumped load after load of hot cum into my mouth. Cum spilled out of my mouth when there was no more room, and Kevin shot his last wad of creamy goodness onto my face. Just when he was about to relax, I flipped over onto my hands and knees with my ass in his face. I took the cum off my face and chin and wiped it onto my little back door. Kevin watched with growing fascination and excitement as I lubed my own ass with his cum. Before he even had a chance to get soft he was kneeling up behind me, and I was telling him that I wanted him to fuck me in the ass. He first pushed a finger and then two into my hole to make sure I was ready for him. He placed his semi-soft cockhead at the entrance of my awaiting ass and began to slowly push it inside. As he rammed his rod deeper into my pleasure zone it grew with amazing speed. He reached up and grabbed my shoulders to pull himself deeper. He pumped his hot cock in and out of my ass while I reached down to play with my clit. He then grabbed my hair with one hand and spanked my ass with the other as he slammed his dick as deep as it would go. I could feel his balls slap my pussy, and I screamed for him to fuck me harder. I could feel my lower body begin to tingle, and I knew I was going to cum. I plunged my fingers into my dripping pussyhole and fingered my G spot while Kevin fucked my ass. My orgasm ripped through me, causing my mouth to water and my body to shake. My pussy and ass holes began to contract, and Kevin’s cock was squeezed over and over as he continued to thrust forward. My never-ending orgasm finally pushed him over the edge, and he dumped another load of milky-white sperm into my ass. He grabbed my hips and held himself deep inside me as his body shook with pleasure. We stayed that way until the aftershocks subsided and then fell into each other’s arms on the bed. We lay there quietly for a moment, and then I said, “I love you Babyface! Thank you for giving me the best birthday ever!”

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