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Birthday Curses


Acts of Incest in this story

I had no idea where to put this. Heavy on non-consent, mind control and incest, it belongs in the first category I think, but it's meant to be more comedic, than incestually (my word!) erotic.

Be warned, this is actually one of the first things I ever attempted to write, and I recently rediscovered the file. It's been sitting around for many years. Never published, for probably-obvious reasons. But I zipped back through it and cleaned bits of it up, so what the hell.


It's a curse. It's always been a curse, even though it was supposed to be a blessing - a "wish come true" - but I had totally bungled things up. It was almost a twenty-year-old curse now, and one that would finally reach its conclusion.

I remember the day it all began very well.

It was my 18th birthday, I was strolling the beach and came upon a dull-looking bottle. Out of curiosity, I picked it up and popped the wooden cork. It rocked out of my hand, almost thrashing. It hit the ground and out "poofed" what I would discover to be a genie. I mean, an actual, magical, fucking genie, smoke and all.

As the smoke wisped away, what I saw before me was a beautiful and ageless woman. I couldn't believe my eyes. She barely wore any clothing, only enough material to cover the essentials. "Hello, Master," she said. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Janna, your indebted servant."

"My God!" I exclaimed. "You are gorgeous. Just... beautiful..." The words escaped my lips without effort. I mean that literally. I just couldn't think of what else to say, her beauty was so stunning.

Janna batted her lashes as she spoke, "I materialize in the form most attractive to the master of the bottle... in every detail." That explained the enormous breasts, I thought, noticing how they were barely covered by the pinkish, satin material of her garb. "You have freed me for 24 hours. For that, you are granted anything. That is, anything other than riches. You cannot wish for such materialistic things. Make your choice wisely. One wish only."

Being so young, my hormones were raging. I was always thinking about sex at that time in my life, even when not in the presence of such a beautiful creature. I remember how badly I wanted to see the genie naked. Her outfit was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen, but now it made me thirst to see more. Being young and perverted (and a little naïve), I'd made up my mind: since the genie was in the most perfect form to suit my physical desires, I'd wish for her to spend the day with me... naked. In my young mind, this seemed like a terrific wish, especially considering I couldn't wish for money or other fortunes.

I was careful not to wish for something like 'having sex' with the genie. For some reason, I felt that it would be wrong to make a woman - even a mythical one - have sex with someone who she may not ordinarily want to have sex with. I reasoned that it would be akin to rape, even if they "wanted" it from the effects of the wish.

Yet I also rationalized (rather thoughtlessly, of course) that making Janna go naked for a day would be completely harmless. I didn't understand, in my young mind, that even a wish like that could be offensive to her. It could be argued that my 18-year-old brain just didn't know any better. However, I was apparently sharp enough to stop myself from making that wish.

Before I could opened my mouth, that 18-year-old brain went reeling into more twisted logic patterns. 'Wouldn't it be great if every girl got naked for me, and not just this genie, for this one day only?'

I remember thinking that I could wish to see every girl - any who ever came across my path - to be naked. I could have it all! Since I had just concluded that making the genie go naked would be harmless fun, I instantly came to the same conclusion that it would be that way for everyone. Just harmless fun for everyone. Again, that thought was the product of an immature and naive, young mind.

I remember how long I stared at the genie while formulating my wish. Her body was perfect, with those long, slender legs, tight buns, and just the right amount of hips. Those curves led up to large, firm breasts, which must have been over a DD cup. The more I gazed, the more I wanted her, yet somehow, in my youthful innocence, I still felt it would be wrong to wish for sex. By proxy of it being a wish, the sex would never be authentic.

Yet as I stared at that genie, all I could think about was how much I would love to see her climax. To fuck her so hard, and so well, that she would erupt into a series of orgasms, cumming again and again and again. It would be so hot to see that look of sheer pleasure on her face, and in her eyes.

Then the thought occurred to me that maybe (just maybe), if Janna were to orgasm of her own volition, then perhaps she would work herself up to the point where she would truly, willingly want to have sex with me, too. I know.. stupid, right? For some reason, this ridiculous logic pattern validated my ill-conceived idea of a new wish. Please, remember, I was a very young and stupid back then. I didn't think much past my nose.

But man, I remember, how badly I wanted to have sex with the genie. It took everything in my power not to wish for that very thing. But I did want to see her cum, and see her get worked up. And of course, the idea slipped into my mind once again, 'Why just the genie? Why not every woman? I could have every woman get worked up around me.'

That thought entered and passed through my brain in less than a thousandth of a second, yet I went with. Stupid, foolish me, went with it. I cleared my throat and spoke firmly to the genie, assured I had come to my final decision. "When any girl is in my presence, she will be compelled to instantly masturbate, with an insatiable desire to achieve orgasm. It will feel ten times better than any other time she has ever masturbated. Again, she will instantly strip naked in my presence, fuck herself *hard* - to completion - incapable of resisting the urge, or stopping, until she cums multiple times."

As the words came out of my mouth, the genie's bottom jaw dropped opened. Her brows curled, and her lips snarled. "I cannot believe you just wished for that," she shouted, as she began unraveling her dress. Her left boob spilled out almost immediately, a large nipple protruding, stiff, harder than any nipple I'd ever seen before, almost supernatural. "It's one thing to wish to fuck me. This is entirely... entirely..." The genie was too upset to get the words out.

"What?" I pleaded.

"You are such an asshole." Janna said. "I may be forced to grant this wish, but it doesn't mean I have to enjoy it."

'Uh, oh,' I thought, scratching my head. 'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.'

The genie removed all her clothing and threw it to the ground. While standing, she spread her legs and immediately started massaging her clit. It was perfect in its pinkish color.

"Oh my god, this feels good and I don't want it to," Janna moaned, almost yelling, and her eyes pierced into mine. She then looked down and grabbed the bottom of her left breast, putting her mouth to the nipple and sucking hard. She groaned in pleasure, but I could tell that even so, she was quite upset for having to do this in front of me.

And yet I could also tell, that never before (mythical or not), had this creature achieved this level of "horny" in her timeless existence. Ensuring they would enjoy it ten times more than any other was sa smart play, I guess, because Janna was seriously going to town on herself in front of me.

My cock instantly got hard watching her. I wanted to pull it out and let her have it. I stepped closer towards her. Pulling her tit out of her mouth just for a moment, the genie barked, "No way, buster! I am not fucking you. I just need to fuck myself. Hard. Very hard. Your wish has been granted, asshole!" She pushed me back and then laid down on the sand. A dildo materialized in her hand and she thrust it in.

"Fucking magical genie, indeed," I said.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed, shoving the bright, purple object deep into her pussy. "This feels sooo gooooood."

Her orgasms were quick and forceful. I watched her abs clinch tightly with each climax, of which she had many, maybe five or six. She'd come down from one and then ram the dildo firmly in again, urging another one on. When she couldn't take any more, she gasped for air and flung the dildo out of her pussy and onto the sand. We sat in silence for a moment.

"Are you happy with yourself?" she said, finally. "That was your wish? What were you thinking?" She got up and dusted herself off. Her heavy tits swayed with the effort.

"You just made me so horny," I said, motioning at my erection bulging through my pants.

"Do you realize every adult woman you meet, every woman you know, is going to have to do this? Every. Single. One."

'Oh, my god,' I thought.

The revelation stopped me in my tracks. I hadn't fully thought through the consequences at all. My two sisters, my mom, all my aunts and cousins. I come from a large family. Not to mention, my girlfriend, my teachers, even the morbidly obese lady who lived next door. That thought frightened me.

"Well, I take the wish back," I said.

"You can't take your wish back, you idiot!" shouted the genie, getting up on her feet. She was still gloriously stark naked, a wonder to behold. "Not for 20 years, at least."

"Why not?" I asked.

"I can only grant one wish every generation. I am freed for a day, but I return to the bottle at the end of it, and I may not return for at least 20 years. The bottle will be impossible to open or break. I am a slave to the bottle, and to the bottle's master."

Then it hit me. "Oh dear, I could have wished for your infinite freedom."

"Specifically, you could have wished for my mortality," Janna said. "I would become one of you, no longer a slave, no longer immortal. That would mean true freedom."

"I am so sorry," I said. "It didn't occur to me."

"It does to no man," said the genie. "But I will enjoy my freedom for today."

She snapped her fingers and was instantly dressed in casual wear, low cut jeans and a pink t-shirt.

"Have fun with your wish, Master. I am off to enjoy what's left of this day." She snapped again and disappeared. The bottle was still at my feet. I picked it up and held it firmly in my grasp, assuring myself I would never let it go. I would need it twenty years from now.


"Hi Mom, Dad, I'm home!" I yelled.

I entered the door, knowing it would be unlocked. Mom and Dad would be here, but I was unsure if Kendra and Lori had yet arrived. It was my 38th birthday, the day the curse would be lifted. We were all going to celebrate. I'd kept the magical bottle at Mom's these past twenty years, believing it was safer here, rather than when I left home at the age of twenty, bouncing from apartment to apartment.

I am grateful I have an understanding family, because I remember the moment I first came home after making that stupid wish. Everyone was there to celebrate my eighteenth birthday, with dinner, cake and gifts. At the time, Kendra, who is two years older than me, still lived at home with our parents and me. Lori, the oldest, had a small apartment in town. She visited often, and was there with the rest of them, waiting on my return from the beach.

Everyone had been gathered in the kitchen when I walked in. Immediately, Mom, Kendra and Lori started stripping, insatiably succumbing to the urge to masturbate. Within seconds, they were all tweaking their clits and nipples, utterly confused as to why they would do such a thing in front of Dad and me.

"What are you doing?" Dad yelled, as the girls grinded on themselves.

"I don't know what's happening," said Mom, squeezing her nipple with her left fingers while rubbing her pussy with the other. "I just have to get off!"

"Oh my God. Me too!" said Lori. "I have to cum... NOW!" Soon after Lori had her first orgasm, she began climbing into her second. She had a long road ahead of her.

Later, she told me that in her mind, she could only focus on achieving an orgasm the moment I'd walked in the room. It seemed totally rational for her to strip naked and fuck herself right there. The fact that I, or anyone else was there, didn't matter. In fact, it helped, she said, and she was compelled to fuck herself to exhaustion.

All three women were physically drained once finished, but they were also quite upset. They couldn't' understand why on earth they had been compelled to masturbate in front of Dad and me. Without too much hesitation, I fessed up and explained that I'd discovered a genie on the beach, and the mistake I made in making my wish.

At first, Mom and my sisters were furious that I would manifest such a cruel and humiliating wish, but eventually they forgave me, understanding it was simply the whims of an overly-hormonal young man.

My mom and sisters always keep their favorite sex toys in their purses, so they can get off more quickly when visiting with me. Even though I'm used to seeing my closest family bang themselves, we try to be as discreet and quick about it as we can, even now, after years of doing it.

We discovered that the wish works with a very particular rule-set. Being in my presence makes girls want to fuck themselves, to completion, immediately. They are irrationally compelled to perform this task. I'm sure you can guess how this has negatively affected my life.

Anyway, once they finish, they can be around me for any length of time, without getting the urge to do it again, so long as they do not leave my presence for any extended period of time, say for an hour or more. When I visit with family, we make sure to stay together, to minimize the occurrences of the girls having to fuck themselves. Hell, sometimes we've showered together, just so they wouldn't have to masturbate again, if we separated for too long.

Over the past twenty years, I have witnessed my mom and sisters fuck themselves hundreds of time. Mom has nice tits for a woman her age, and hips that aren't too wide, but it's Kendra and Lori that truly have it going on. Though I was their brother, there were many occasions I popped wood watching them get off. Kendra had long, dark nipples, capped on the end of beautiful, banana-shaped breasts, a slim waist and a shaven pussy. Lori's nipples were huge, yet covered only a third of her breasts, as there was so much mass to them. I like watching her get off the most, as she often sucks her nipples, to help achieve her orgasms. It takes her whole mouth to cover her nipple and she tends to suck hard, almost rough.

This is what she was doing presently, as I stood near her. Dad excused himself and sat down on the recliner in the other room, while I sat and watched my mom and sisters pound away at themselves.

"At least this will be the last time we have to go through this," said Kendra, grinding a fat, ribbed dildo into her vagina.

"No kidding," said Lori, taking a moment from sucking on of her nipples. "Though I must admit, having to do this so often, in front of someone, has given me incentive to stay in shape."

The girls were talking as if I wasn't there, but they knew I was paying attention. They often communicated this way, to separate themselves from the fact that they couldn't achieve orgasm without me watching. If I didn't witness them achieve orgasm, they'd end up fucking themselves for hours without getting any release. It was just a condition of the curse. I'd been too specific when I'd said to the genie, "...compelled to masturbate in front of me, to completion."

My sisters finished early by pounding themselves hard and fast, getting it over with. They were certainly practiced. They stood up and waited for Mom to finish. I was surprised they stayed naked. By this point, I guess we were used to it. Mom finally let out a moan and fell back into the couch. Lori and Kendra began clapping, jumping up and down. Their breasts were swinging rapidly with the motion and I couldn't help but enjoy the view.

"Yes!" Kendra shouted. "The very last, fucking time. Lori, go get that fucking bottle already."

"Kendra, language, please," urged Mom. Kind of funny she was worried about her daughter's language, while sitting with her gaping, wet pussy in front of me.

Lori came back with the bottle and just as she was about to hand it over, she slipped, and the bottle went sliding through her hands. Just as it was about to escape her fingers, she caught it, but accidentally popped the cork in the process. Instantly, a man, at least six-foot-two and built like a Greek God (naked as one, too) appeared before Lori, and she quickly jumped back from the sight.

The hung man stepped forward, taking Lori's hand. "Young lady, you are the master of the genie. Any wish is my command."

"But wait," I exclaimed. "I was supposed to make the wish."

"It's okay, bro," said Kendra. "It was an accident. Lori can make the wish for you."

The genie turned to me. "The master is the one who opens the bottle, but I remember you." He turned back to Lori.

Lori was lustfully looking him up and down, whispering something obscene to herself. Finally, she spoke. "You're perfect. You're... everything I've always wanted..."

"Yes, my lady. I am made for you. To your personal desires. In every detail."

Just like it had been for me, I thought.

"I really wish I could be fucking you," sighed my sister.

"Lori!" cried Kendra.

"Is that your wish, ma'am?" asked the genie.

Lori, snapping out of it for a moment, glanced the room. "Oh, right. I really do get a wish... but wait... if I realy could have you.. on a whim.. I could have..."

"No, Lori!" I interjected, realizing her line of think was heading in dangerous directions.

She spoke, ignoring me. "well, I could have any man. I could make every man desire me. Not just you! Everyone would be so intent on fucking me." She stared hard at the genie. "I want you.. and every man... to desire me. Please, fuck me. Fuck me now!"

Already, Lori was stripping and the genie instantly attacked her, his cock now long, hard and risen high. In seconds, he had my sister bent over, squeeling. I realized my cock was also standing to attention, and all I could think about was how I had to wait for the genie to finish, before I had a go at her. I needed Lori's pussy. It was a burning desire. Behind me, Dad grabbed me by the shoulders and shoved me aside. "Me, next!" he screamed, as Lori cried, reeling into her first orgasm.

The genie kept pumping her and Lori tried to speak, looking at me and Dad. "Not you guys! I meant, any guys who I want to fuck, will fuck me. But I needed this genie to fuck me!"

"We need to fuck you, too," cried Dad and me, together.

Mom and Kendra looked at each other, and Mom shook her head, "This isn't good. Not. At. All."

Kendra sighed, slumping her shoulders, and went back to watching the genie nail her sister, while Dad and me impatiently waited out turns. Finally, she turned back to Mom. "Fuck it. Should we just join them?"

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Annnnd… the first curse isn't lifted, either. It's going to be an interesting 20 years.

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