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Birthday Dinner


My name is Lynn. I am 35, 5'2, brunette, 38-28-36, married with two kids and until recently have only had sex with my husband.

My friend Denise and I have recently been on a weight-watchers course and whilst my figure and weight have slimmed down far better than I had hoped, poor Denise is no better than she was at the start. It is quite embarrassing at times when people stop us and tell me how fantastic I look.

Her husband Kelvin has also paid me a lot of nice compliments which is nice of him, but it must destroy Denise's self esteem even more.

They are both slightly older than me and haven't really been getting on for a while now. As I often look after their son after school once or twice a week, one of them always comes round to collect him and we have a good chat. I get on well with both of them and found that Kelvin increasingly confided in me to the same level that Denise has always done. Although Kelvin is slightly younger and fitter than my husband, who I love very much, I have not really looked on him as anything other than a friend, but have noticed that his eyes often wander as we are talking.

My husband has also mentioned that now that I have got my figure back our male neighbors and friends will be keen to chat to me especially when I am not wearing a bra, and I tell him off for teasing me.

I only occasionally go braless when I expect to be in the house alone or when the weather is very hot although when I thought about it I do admit that Kelvin and our neighbors teenage son do seem to hang around longer when I am not wearing a bra.

I suppose it doesn't take much working out to figure that I am not wearing one especially if we are talking in the doorway and the cooler air begins to affect my nipples.

I have often thought "shit, I shouldn't have done that," as I have thoughtlessly bent down with or without a bra on to pick something up off the floor, or done something like fasten a kids shoelace or wipe their nose, and then realise that I must have given a good flash to whoever I had been talking to.

In a way it is a compliment that someone likes my personality and admires my figure enough to spend time talking to me and I appreciate the chance of conversation in an often boring day.

We occasionally went out in a foursome for an evening meal with Kelvin and Denise when we could co-ordinate sending our kids to our respective parents. It was coming up to Kelvin's birthday and we all decided to go out for a meal. He booked a table at a nice restaurant that we all liked but as the day approached, Denise became ill.

Apparently Kelvin suggested we cancel but as we had all made arrangements for the kids Denise suggested the three of us still went and she could have some peace and quiet on her own in bed, if we didn't mind.

This was fine by us and Kelvin said he would pick us up even though I offered to drive so both the men could have a drink.

"No, it's OK, I had better not enjoy myself too much if I have got to nurse the patient when I get back," Kelvin said jokingly.

We got ready and just before Kelvin was due to pick us up the phone rang. It was my husbands office, they were having a problem and wondered if he could come in and help.

"Surely they can manage without you for just one night?" I said, not believing my husband was actually considering going in.

He looked pensive and then said "Hmmm, but if they cant fix it, it will be a big problem tomorrow and then I'll get slated as I'm probably the best person to work out what's gone wrong."

We continued the conversation as Kelvin arrived and he awkwardly stood by waiting to see what was going to happen. I felt awful for Kelvin as first his wife had dropped out and I could tell my husband was worrying about work.

To try and make Kelvin feel better I said "we can't let Kelvin down on his birthday."

To which my husband shocked me by replying "what if you two go and I try and join you if I can sort the problem out in time."

Before I could say anything Kelvin added "that's OK with me, if it is OK with you two, it seems a shame we've got rid of the kids and no-one is going to benefit."

They both looked at me for a reaction. I thought, well I am all dressed up ready to go, I feel great fitting into a dress I had previously grown out of, my sexy underwear making me feel 10 years younger and my husband having already complimented me on my looks and make-up, so what the hell, I was going out and that was that. But I didn't say so in those words.

We set off, going different directions as we got to the end of our street. We arrived at the restaurant and Kelvin explained that it was now a table for two rather than four.

As we sat down he thanked me for not completely ruining his birthday and then told me how fantastic I looked.

I was wearing a red dress that exposed a hint of cleavage, black stockings and black stilettos and handbag. I wore my favourite perfume and favourite deep red lipstick which I saved for special occasions.

I complained about my husband putting work before pleasure, before starting to settle down and enjoy the evening.

The food was lovely and because Kelvin was driving he made sure my glass was always topped up instead of his. We talked about all sorts of things, and this was better than the long silences when me and my husband go out on our own.

After coffee we set off for home and Kelvin slipped his arm round my waist as we walked to the car. He kindly opened the door for me and we exchanged kisses on the cheek as I thanked him for being a gentleman.

We talked as we drove home and both agreed that we had had a good time despite there only being two of us.

When we got home Kelvin again opened the car door for me and walked with me to the house, following me inside to find the house as we had left it, curtains drawn, sidelights on, but with the red light flashing on the answer-phone.

I pressed the speaker button and it was my workaholic husband saying it would be after midnight before he would be finished, sorry.

It was just coming up to 11.00 and I said "great, that means I will have to stay up until he gets home as he didn't take his keys."

With that Kelvin put his hands on my waist and said "never mind, think about where you'd like him to take you to make up for letting you down."

I said "I'm sorry if it's spoilt your birthday."

"It's Ok," Kelvin said, "in fact this has been the best birthday I've had in years."

We both smiled and then Kelvin added "really, I have really enjoyed it, just being with you, and if you want to know the truth, and don't tell on me for this, I'd prefer to be alone with you any day of the week."

"Kelvin!" I exclaimed.

He smiled back, and then slowly moved his face towards mine. Guessing what he was going to do next I failed to think of anything to prevent it and our lips met. He put his arms round my back pulling me closer to him, my breasts crushing against his chest.

He attempted a second kiss but I stopped and said "Kelvin, no."

His strong arms were still around me as he looked at me and went to kiss me again. I felt powerless to resist as we kissed again, and Kelvin's hands began to roam my body, feeling my back and then my bottom and upper thighs, stroking the outline of my suspenders on the outsides of my legs.

"Sorry, I'm getting carried away because it's my birthday. I should have realised you want to see the back of me," Kelvin said as I broke our kiss.

"That's not true," I replied.

To which he responded "Oh I see, just that you'll tell on me if I kiss you again, is that it."

"Nooo," I pleaded, half looking away, not wanting anything else to happen but at the same time pleased that Kelvin found me attractive.

Kelvin pulled me gently towards him again, again crushing my breasts into his chest as he kissed me again and this time kept it going for longer.

I put my hands onto his shoulders as he began to feel my body again, his height advantage making me lean back slightly as he held me tightly. I was on the verge of stopping when I noticed something hard growing between us, as his erection grew and pressed into my stomach.

"Kelvin stop," I interrupted, realising things were getting out of hand.

"Don't you like me," he said.

"We're married," I replied.

"And our partners aren't interested in us tonight," he countered.

"That doesn't mean we can do this," I replied.

"Well I'm not going to tell, so unless you are then no-one's ever going to know," he continued.

"That doesn't make it OK," I persisted, although I realised I was making no effort to break free from his grasp.

"It does if we like each other and trust each other, and privately want to share some affection. I know I like and trust you," he calmly argued.

"Kelvin!" I said, not saying if I agreed or disagreed.

He kissed me again, and it went into another long kiss. The sensation of another man kissing me passionately was shocking and yet at the same time exciting.

Kelvin moved me a few steps towards our sofa and then stopped and whispered "shall we go upstairs."

"No, we cant," I quickly pleaded, his intentions towards me now obvious.

He appeared to accept that and said "you're gorgeous," and gently began kissing me again as he moved his hands up to my side.

Without warning he completely surprised me by moving his hands to the sides of my breasts and moved his thumbs across both my breasts.

"Kelvin!" I gasped under our kissing, in a way hoping he would stop but in another way hoping he wouldn't.

He started fondling both my breasts through my dress and bra and I gasped open mouthed "oh, oh" as I knew I only had myself to blame for letting things get this far. As my mouth opened, he inserted his tongue and the sensation of our tongues dancing around in my mouth made me gasp even more.

His hands moved to my back again and he quickly found the top of my zip, pulling it fully down in one swift movement.

"Unng," I tried to say 'no' as he pulled my dress off my shoulders, our tongues still entwined in my mouth.

I don't know why, but I let go of his shoulders and he pulled my dress further downwards, exposing my cleavage and black bra. I pulled my arms free of my dress, more in an effort to throw my arms back around his shoulders to hide the view he was now feasting on rather than a desire to let him get my dress off.

But I instantly realised the latter was happening as Kelvin continued to push my dress downwards until it cleared my hips and fell to the floor.

"Kelvin, stop," I pleaded as he broke from his kiss to look at my body.

"I can't darling, you're gonna have to tell me you hate me to get me to stop now," he said.

"Oh god, Kelvin," I muttered as he kissed me again.

He put his arms back round my waist as I placed my hands above his elbows.

He stroked my bare back before grasping my bra and instantly unhooked the two clasps. I closed my eyes and swallowed, not knowing how to stop what was going on, or whether I actually wanted to stop what was going on.

Kelvin pulled my bra straps down my arms as he stepped back slightly and took my bra completely off.

"Oh Lynn, what a fantastic pair of tits you've got honey," he said as he grabbed hold of them straight away, lifting, pushing and squeezing them as he forced his tongue back into my open mouth as I gasped under the sensation.

I put my arms back around his neck which made it difficult for him to continue his fondling of me, and he moved his hands down to my slip. Gently sliding this down, I couldn't help moaning "Ohhhh, Ohhhh," as he kissed my chest and breasts as his head dipped while he took my slip down to my knees from where he let it drop to the floor.

I heard him growl appreciation as he looked at me in my stockings and suspenders and I felt my cheeks blush as I realised that my see-through black lace panties made no attempt to hide my dark triangle of trimmed hair above my vagina.

Kelvin continued to share his mouth between both my nipples as his hands stroked my bottom, bare thighs and stocking clad legs.

I threw my head back, looking at the ceiling, knowing I shouldn't be allowing this to happen but at the same time feeling powerless to stop it.

I sensed Kelvin fumbling around and realised his hands had stopped touching me, and looked towards him just as he stood up and pulled off his shirt.

"Oohhh Kelvin," I cried as I realised he was totally naked, his erect penis sticking out in front of him as I realised things were going further than I'd let happen with any other man, apart from my husband.

He put his hands back on my waist and kissed me as he moved me the remaining few steps towards the sofa. My shoes came off as the stiletto heels tangled with the clothes around my feet. This had the effect of reducing my height by a good 3-4 inches which made Kelvin's body seem all the more stronger and overpowering as he easily manoeuvred me toward the middle cushion of the sofa.

His hands dropped to my bottom and he slipped my panties off my bottom just as I sat on the cushion, and then he pulled them down and completely off, shouting out "Corr!" as he stared at my nakedness.

I tried one last "Kelvin, we cant," even though I knew neither of us really wanted this to stop now, as Kelvin positioned me lengthwise along the cushions.

He lay down alongside me, half on top of me and half on the sofa and put his right leg between mine, taking hold of my left breast as he did so.

I wanted to feel his penis, but didn't want to act like a slut so I put my arms back round his neck and we began kissing and tonguing once again.

I could feel Kelvin exploring my body, alternating his right hand between my suspender and bare thigh, and my stockings.

"Honey, this is going to be my best birthday ever," he whispered as he moved his hand to between my legs.

I kind of laughed, realising the inevitability of what he meant.

I gasped and closed my eyes tightly as his fingers stroked my recently trimmed hair before first one finger then two entered my vagina.

I began gasping almost uncontrollably as the sensation of my clitoris being massaged by my friends husband overwhelmed me.

His breathing was also very heavy now as he whispered "do you want me to lick you or fuck you."

I couldn't help opening my mouth wide and letting out a soft "ooohhh, Kelvin, ohhh."

"What do you want me to do," he persisted.

"Oh Kelvin," I repeated.

"What would you like me to do sweetheart," he continued.

I couldn't resist any longer "Oh god, fuck me, fuck me Kelvin," I gasped, immediately not believing that I had actually said it.

He kissed me as he raised his left leg and I automatically moved my right leg outwards allowing him to get completely between my legs. He then pushed his knees under my stockinged thighs and parted my legs a little more as he took complete control of me. His hand then went between us to guide his erect penis into place.

I jerked and gasped as his hand brushed between my legs and then again as he presented his penis to my vaginal lips.

"Oh god," I said as I began to feel his erection make contact with me. I closed my eyes tightly and couldn't help crying out with pleasure and excitement as his hard penis began to enter me.

Size wise it didn't feel all that bigger but the sensation of only the second man to ever enter me, despite my self-pledges that I'd never allow another man's penis anywhere near me, was making me gasp for breath.

As Kelvin began moving his penis in and out of me he considerately asked "how's that honey?"

I almost ashamedly gasped "oh yes, oh Kelvin, that's so good."

Kelvin began grunting, "ugh, ugh, ugh," to my "oh, oh, oh," as he began to get up a rhythm as he thrust deep into me. He continued to push his penis hard into me and despite trying not to, I was conscious of making noises which seemed to respond to his every thrust.

"Ohg, ohh, uhh, oh, orr, orr, arr, ohh," as he continued to enjoy my body.

"How's that darling," he asked again.

"Oh, Kelvin, ohh, it's so good, ohh," I honestly gasped between his thrusts.

He carried on stroking my stockings and then grabbed my breast again, squeezing my erect nipple.

"Oh, you're fantastic Lynn," he said as he relentlessly pushed his penis fully into me.

Such was my oblivion to the fact that we were both married and just good friends that I was actually thrusting back against him, my hips and pelvis jerking to meet his thrusts.

He raised himself slightly off me and I bit my lip as I continued to meet his thrusts. I could see him looking down at us, as though he'd finally achieved a lifelong ambition, watching his penis going right into me, then withdrawing almost all the way out then pushing right back into me again.

The harder he pushed into my vagina the more my breasts shuddered to our movement.

Then just as I began to approach a climax he said "oh no, I'm going to come."

I said "Me too."

We kept our rhythm going although I suspected that his desire to have me, as opposed to my intention to remain a one-man woman, would mean he would come first. I was pleasantly surprised as I unleashed notice of my climax around the same time as he began to lose control.

"Ohhh, orrr, orr, oh yes, oh yes, Kelvin, I'm going to come, Kelvin, yes, yes, oh yes, I'm, I'm, Oh I'm coming, oh yes, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhh, oooohhhhhh," getting louder until I screamed out.

At the same time, with Kelvin's feet pushing against the arm of the sofa so that he continued to thrust deep inside me, he groaned "arrgh, ahh, uhh, uhh, uhh," and I felt the warmth of his sperm mix with my juices.

He collapsed on top of me, both laying still, panting heavy breaths, with his penis still embedded in my now soaking vagina.

Eventually we started gently kissing each other and I whispered "happy birthday."

He said "thankyou that was the best present I've ever had in my life."

"I enjoyed it as well," I replied.

"Well, you can enjoy it again whenever you like," he offered.

"Oh no, you'll have to wait another year," I replied, not believing I had made such an offer.

Now I wonder how I can get out of that promise.

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and sing the happy tune, TK U MLJ LV NV

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by Anonymous10/11/17

He doesn't have to wait another year

Your divorce will be no longer than 2 missed periods or your husband finding out, which ever comes first. So you should really get as much of your slut maker as you can as quickly as you can because beforemore...

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by boradda10/11/17

We liked this story, although Lynn and Kelvin were both naughty.

Can t see Lynn waiting until his next birthday, before they have sex again.

Reckon there should be a follow up story, perhapsmore...

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another illiterate WHORE posting cuck shit.

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If this was real life

with all the darlings and terms of endearment he used it doesn't sound like he'd be satisfied with a single, one night stand.

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