tagLoving WivesBirthday Lap Dance for Two

Birthday Lap Dance for Two


It's good that I enjoy the company of my wife's lover. By giving her freedom to enjoy a second man, I have been generous, and it's good that she picked someone who is compatible with both of us. Of course she enjoys it when you come to town. But I do as well. We complement each other well, and we keep her very happy.

And this month you picked a good week to come visit. Your Birthday is on the 29th. My Birthday is on the 31st. The three of us should have a party on the 30th.

We should start with a lap dance.

You and I are sitting in chairs, with drinks.

My loving wife-- your slutty Asian-American lover -- stands up in front of us.

She's wearing high heels, thigh-high stockings, a short black skirt, and a tight sheer top. She's done her hair and makeup for a night out. But we're staying in.

She puts on the music and starts to dance. Her hips are moving in a circle as she looks at you and smiles.

She runs her hands up and down her body, stopping at her big heavy tits. She gently strokes them, then pinches the nipples through her clothes. Hips still rotating, she unbuttons one button, now two...

She turns and starts to grind her ass into your crotch. You can feel her weight and heat, and see the gap between her short skirt and her stockings, and she dances away She comes over to my chair and gives me a deep kiss with lots of tongue while she wiggles her ass in your face. I stroke her tits, and unbutton another button. Her top is now open below her tits. You can see the bra under each tit, but can't see her nipples yet.

She dances back over to you, her eyes shielded by her hair in her face. She bends down deeply over you to show you what she has under her top

You can plainly see her beautiful tits—she's wearing a shelf bra that exposes her nipples and holds up her tits high. Her nipples are so hard and tight. She's clearly turned on by dancing for her two men. She runs her hand down your body until she finds your hard cock and gives it a quick squeeze.

She takes her top off, exposing her beautiful tits to both of us.

I take my cock out.

She comes over to me and rubs her tits all over my cock, making her nipples shiny with my precum. Shakes her long hair all over my cock, her head back and forth like a pendulum. Gives a long lick, from my balls to the head while making eye contact with you.

Dances back over to you while you take your cock out. Sits on your lap facing you and gives you a long slow wet kiss with tongue, letting you taste my precum. Your hands are all over her big sexy exposed tits as she grinds her panty-covered crotch on your dick You pull up her skirt to fondle her ass, exposing her creamy cheeks split by a lacy thong. She gets up off you, turns around, and starts to rhythmically grind her ass in your face. You fondle and kiss and lick it as the tension builds.

She dances away and pulls down the skirt, throws it in your face, taunting you. Dances back over to me, in a shelf bra, thong, thigh-highs and heels, and feeds me her tits while bouncing on my naked cock. She says "Are you enjoying the show? Do you like your Alice to be a slut? You do honey. Don't you...don't you."

I look up and say "I love it Baby and I love you. I love my slutty Alice. Get some good cock tonight".

"Oh I will baby. In fact I'm having two cocks tonight." Long kiss while she grinds hard on my cock, which is drooling more precum all over her thong. One side of the fabric is soaked with her lubrication, the other with my precum. "I'm going to fuck Rob in front of you...and I'm going to fuck you in front of Rob..."

She stands up between us, unsnaps the bra, and throws it aside. Her big heavy tits bounce freely. Slowly slides her hand into her soaked thong and starts to stroke her clit, her hips moving in wide ovals. Her eyes close and she moans "Mmmmm. I wanna fuck. Do you boys wanna fuck?"

We stay silent in our seats, smiling.

"Oh, I'm so wet and so horny. My married pussy is so ready for cock. Rob, do you want to fuck my married pussy?" Still stroking her clit.

"Yes I do baby. Are you ready to get filled with my creamy cum in front of your husband? Be a slut for the man you married?"

"Yes baby...yes...I love you so much and I need your cum in me..." Hips moving faster

"Honey, are you ready to watch me be slutty with Rob and fuck me full of cum? Even though I'm not on birth control?" Her fingers moving quickly.

"Yes baby—take his big cock deep. I want to see you come on it while he pumps your unprotected pussy full of cum"

"Oh god I'm coming now... aah aah aah aaaaaaaaaaah.....Mmmmm..Oh God. Somebody has to fuck me right now!"

Her scent fills the room as she impatiently yanks her thong off, exhibiting a newly groomed pussy with landing strip.

"Hubby this is for you but it's not your Birthday until tomorrow... so Rob gets to play with your present first."

"Oh fuck baby you're so hot. Perfect present. Even better watching you share it with Rob."

"I love Rob, Hubby. That's why it's so good."

"I know you love him baby. You love us both. And that's why I want you to fuck him. I want you to make love with him."

"Oh God baby, I know I love you so much too. Thank you for letting me love Rob. I love you Rob." Deep kiss.

"But we have to fuck right now. Making love later."

She climbs onto your lap, grabs your cock, and teases her clit with it. Long, selfish, strokes stimulating her clit. Taking pleasure from your long hard cock. She loves the feel of your hot stiff long dick in her hand. Savoring it before she sinks down and penetrates herself on it.

After she's teased her sensitive cunt as much as she can take, she sinks down on you, still in her heels and stockings.. She's never felt more feminine or more in heat or more loved. The emotions are so strong. "Oh Rob I think I'm going to come again....just like that..yes yes yes yes yes yes yes...aaaah aaaaah aaaah fuck me lover...I love you Rob, come in me!"

You're not nearly ready to come yet, so you lean back and let her ride you.

I come up behind her and stroke her tits from behind while she grinds your cock deeper. I bring my face down and she turn to meet it, moaning into my mouth with a sloppy wet kiss. She can't concentrate with the feelings coursing through her engorged lubricated cunt.

"Oh my God I love you both and it feels so good" she wails. "Unh unh unh unh it...feels...so...fucking...good.."

She stops and pulls herself off you. Your cock emerges with a pop, shiny and covered with her thick fragrant juices. She turns around, reaches behind you, and lines her cunt up with your cock. She takes hold of your shaft and glides it into her stretched, hot, juicy cunt.

When she hits bottom, she reaches up for my cock and pulls me to her mouth. She tries to suck me, but she doesn't have control. She's bouncing too much on your cock and she can't concentrate. She finally just grips my cock and latches her mouth onto my balls, which she pulls deep into her mouth to massage them with her tongue.

I stroke my hard cock while she sucks my balls and you fuck her hard from behind, your hands squeezing her tits hard. I reach down to rub her erect engorged clit. She releases my balls from her mouth, shuts her eyes hard and starts keening "yes yes yes yes unh unh, I'm coming. Do you like how loud I am when I come, Rob? Am I a better fuck than your wife, baby? Do I fuck you better than her baby? Yessss AAAAGGGHHH NN NN NNN."

Her slick heated pussy contracts intensely around your cock, and you release your first load of the night inside her. She has a huge grin "Yes baby yes baby yes... come inside me... come inside me... I love you baby.... I love you Rob." Turns her head to give you a wet sloppy kiss.

I let you two cuddle for a minute while I watch. The intimacy is overwhelming. Both naked, your cock slowly slipping from her satisfied cunt, your thick hot semen drooling out between her vaginal lips, under her newly groomed pubic hair. Giggles and little kisses and whispers you won't let me hear. My woman deeply loving another man right in front of me. My cock is throbbing and my heart is full, seeing her being loved so well by a good strong man. This is what I wanted all along—Alice getting double the love, double the sex, double the feeling of safety and comfort and protection and adoration. I love her so much and feel so good that I can give her this.

But I can't wait any longer. When you two stop to catch a breath, I pull her to her feet, your mingled sweat gleaming in the lamplight. "I need my wife now." She casts one last gaze of intimacy back to you and wraps her arms around me. "Did you like that baby? Was I sexy enough for you? Do you need my pussy now?' She reaches down to stroke my cock which is on the verge of explosion.

With a moan of need, I lay her back down on the couch, she opens her legs to me, and I penetrate her to the core. Your hot come and her copious juices have mingled and created paradise on earth. Your scent and her scent together. My cock is robed in both your juices, and is leaking precum to add to the blend.

She's so loving with me. Completely opened up, no defenses. She's never been this wet. The sensation on my cock is like nothing ever before. She's cooing in my ear, giving me little kisses up and down my ear telling me how happy she is, that's she's the luckiest wife in the world. "Thank you for loving me... Thank you for fucking me and taking care of my pussy...I love being your wife baby...Did you like watching me be slutty...It was so hot.." I come with a shudder and drive a huge load into her womb. She gives me a long, wet kiss. We hold each other for long minutes as you wait patiently.

You say "Alice. Come here." Obediently she climbs off me, still wearing her thigh-highs, come drooling down her thighs.

You pat the couch. "Face down. Ass up."

She submissively gets face down on the couch sticking her ass in the air so you can see her tattoo. You calmly spread her cheeks and give her ass a long tongue kiss. She moans in a tone I haven't heard before.

After a few minutes she starts pushing her ass back into your face. That's how you know it's time. "Alice, bring me the lube."

She jumps off the couch and runs to her bag—she knew she would be giving up her ass tonight, and came prepared.

She hands you the lube and gets on the couch, this time spreading her cheeks for you. You massage the lube into her ass with one finger, then two, as I watch, mesmerized. She's purring, her face a mask of ecstasy as you explore her most precious opening. She likes putting on a show for her husband.

When you start massaging her clit with you other hands her hips start rotating in earnest. You lube up your cock. It's big and throbbing and shiny. It's impossible to think that her delicate asshole can take it all.

You align your thick stiff cock at her entrance and say "Alice. Push Back." Fractions of inches of movement, but her tiny asshole starts to swallow your huge cock. First the tip, then with a pop, the flared crown, and then little by little, the long inches of the shaft. Her face pointed down, her eyes closed in concentration, her long shiny hair flowing down, She pulls forward slowly, then pushes back. You don't move—you're letting her set the pace. You pour more lube down the shaft as her pace increases. Slow, then a little faster, and finally her hips are smoothly fucking back and forth. You grab her hips and increase the pace, and she cries out.

"Who owns your ass Alice?"

"Uuhhhhh....nnnnn.... Robbbbbb.....aaa...aaa"

"Do you like getting fucked in your married ass, Alice?"

"aaaaa.....i luh-luh-loh...aaa I fucking LOVE IT!mmmmmm. Fuck me, baby Fuck me!"

I watch transfixed as my wife moans in pleasure at the huge white cock in her ass.

"Oh God I'm going to cummmmmmm....cummmmmm...cummm agai...... aaa aa aa AAA AAA OH ROB FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME AAAAAAAAA."

Her final spasm passes as you release more thick natural semen into her body. She's panting and breathing hard like an athlete. Her makeup is smeared and dripping. Her eyes are closed, but her face is sublime with pleasure and release. Her body continues to absorb more semen from her men, and she couldn't be happier.

To be continued...

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Thick natural semen? As opposed to thin unnatural semen? Still a cuck and whore story.

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by Anonymous05/15/18

Thank you for the story

I would love to be able to fuck my boyfriend in front of my husband. But hubby Liam’s his watching me fuck other guys is just a “bedroom fantasy” and should stay there. I wonder what he would saymore...

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