Birthday Party Olsen Twins Style


When they finally separated, Scott was smiling, but not as much as the twins. “Wow,” he said. “That was some thank you.”

“We’ve been waiting a long time to do that,” Ashley said.

“Among other things,” Mary-Kate added, just before she slid down off the couch.

Scott couldn’t understand what she was doing until Ashley pulled his head to hers again, and once more started kissing him. He welcomed the embrace, but when he felt his zipper on his tight pants being opened, he tried to push her away in order to stop Mary-Kate.

Ashley broke their kiss, but only in order to smile and say, “Relax, we’re legal now, remember.”

“And this is just one of the things we want for our birthday,” Mary-Kate said as she finished unzipping him and allowed his huge cock to shoot out. She was shocked to see that he was not wearing any underwear, but even more shocked when she saw how big he was. “Oh, my gawd! Ashley, would you look at this.”

Ashley glanced down, and her mouth made a huge O. “Wow, I’ve never seen one that big before.”

“And he’s completely bald,” Mary-Kate gasped. He had been shaving his crotch for a while now, not just because it made his cock look bigger, but it felt better. “Just how big are you, Scotty?”

Still not quite sure what was happening here, Scott said, “About ten by three inches, I guess.”

“Wow, I don’t know if I can take all that down.”

“Say what?” Scott’s eye’s opened wide as he finally comprehended.

“I’ve practiced with bananas and sausages, but nothing like this.” Mary-Kate stuck her tongue out and slowly licked the mushroom-like head of Scott’s cock, sending shivers up his spine.

“Wait a second here,” Scott tried to stop her, “You’re just kids and….”

“Shhh,” Ashley silenced him with a finger on his lips, “Like we said, we’re eighteen now. It’s alright.” She leaned forward and kissed him again, her tongue probing his mouth as her right hand moved across his muscular bare chest. At that moment, Mary-Kate wrapped her lips around his cock head and sucked on it, before pushing her head down, burying her face in his lap. She had managed to get his whole length down her throat.

Scott finally surrendered to the twins. With his left hand, he cupped the back of Ashley’s head, his hands playing with her hair as she kissed him. His right hand was also being used to play with Mary-Kate’s hair, but he was helping her bob up and down. Scott could feel all the eyes of the clubs patrons watching them, and hear the shocked whispers of what was going on, but he didn’t care, and neither did the twins. They were ready for the world to recognize them as sexy adults, and no longer as the cute little girls they were in their movies.

Ashley had to break their kissing a few times in order to breathe, but Mary-Kate had taught herself how to breathe through her nose while her mouth was stuffed, so Scott was able to enjoy the non-stop blow job. The older twin even palmed his shaved balls while she was down there, and a few times managed to pop them in her mouth along with his cock. During one of her breaks, Ashley looked down at her identical sister and smiled. “She’s been practicing since we first met you, she wanted it to be perfect. She’s even gone so far as to suck off a few boys in school.” A devilish twinkle lit Ashley’s eyes suddenly, and she whispered into Scott’s ears, “And just last week she even swallowed the nine inch strap-on I was wearing.”

If Ashley was hoping that this perverted secret would get him off, she was only partly successful. Mary-Kate’s eyes bulged as Scott’s cock grew even bigger down her throat, but he was able to hold off shooting his load. Ashley pouted at her failure, but when her sight went to the bread sticks at their table, a new idea came to her mind. Leaning over Scott (and her sister) she took one of the bread sticks and then leaned back against the couch. Spreading her legs apart just a bit, enough to give Scott a glimpse of her panties, but not enough for the full show, she slid the stick between her thighs and teased her panty-covered pussy.

She had caught Scott’s attention now, and he was pushing down harder on Mary-Kate’s head as he got harder. Still not enough for the platinum blond Ashley, she used a free finger to slide aside her panties under her skirt, though she didn’t allow Scott to see. But he knew what she was doing when the bread stick started sliding further up under her skirt, and Ashley leaned back and closed her eyes as she started to pant softly.

“Holy fuck!” someone behind them yelled as he saw this, only to be thrown out by one of the bouncers that were standing around.

Ashley didn’t seem to notice. She had opened her eyes and was staring into Scott’s. “Mmm, mmm,” she moaned softly, and when her body started to tremble, she pulled the piece of food out from between her legs and brought it up to her lips. Dripping white cream, she slowly closed her metallic pink lips along the length of the bread stick, sucking it clean, before biting it in half.

“Yummy,” she said.

She had him. Scott couldn’t hold out any longer, his dick needing release or else it would explode, and white hot cum flooded down Mary-Kate’s throat. The 18-year-old billionaire struggled with the flowing load at first, but when she relaxed her throat, she was able to take most of it down. When he wouldn’t stop coming she had to take him out of her mouth, and he finishing blowing his load over her face. Mary-Kate kept her mouth open to try to get most of it in again, but some of the white goo had struck her eyes, nose and hair.

When he had finally finished, Mary-Kate cleaned off his cock with her mouth, smearing more cum on her nose and forehead, before sitting back up. She was a bit disappointed to notice that Scott hadn’t seen her swallow all of his cum. He had been to busy tongue wrestling with Ashley. The younger twin had taken advantage of his excitement for a great kiss.

“You slut!” Mary-Kate cried out, pushing Ashley away from Scott.

Ashley looked at her sister in surprise, but then replaced it with a seductive smile. “You always were a messy eater. Let me clean you up.” She leaned over Scott to reach Mary-Kate and kiss her, using her tongue to clean off Scott’s cum. “At least you’re finally getting some protein. We need to put some more meat on those skinny bones.”

Scott couldn’t believe what was happening now, but he didn’t waste the opportunity. With Ashley bent over him, he ran his hand over her tight ass and up her skirt. She gave no sign of noticing until he moved his hand up under her skirt.

“Ohhh,” Ashley purred as she felt his long delicate fingers probing her pussy. “Ohh yes.”

Mary-Kate was also smiling again and she ran her fingers over Ashley’s face. “Feels good, huh?”

“Mmm, hmmm,” Ashley managed to gasp as Scott slipped two fingers into her tight little hole. Having been waiting for months for this, playing with herself while staring at pictures of Scott, Ashley couldn’t hold back. Within only a few minutes she was already coming. “Yes, yes. Fuck, I’m coming.” The loud music covered up her passionate cries, but Scott could still hear her.

Her excitement made Scott bolder and he slipped a third finger inside her wet cunt.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Ashley cried with each thrust. “Yes, yes, yes, make me cum again.”

The music couldn’t cover everything up now, and the three party goers had attracted a crowd of admirers. Mary-Kate couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked around and saw all these people standing around watching them. She couldn’t tell how many of them where couples or strangers who met tonight, but all of them where in the acts of foreplay. The guys were feeling off girls, whose skirts and dresses being hiked up exposing all kinds of panties, or bald pussies. Breasts were being fondled and massaged out in the open. Even some of the guys where having their cocks stroked and sucked. At a nod from Mary-Kate, the bouncers stopped trying to handle the situation, and instead just made sure things didn’t become too chaotic.

This was really exciting the elder twin, and taking advantage of all the sexual energy in the room, she leaned back and hiked her skirt up. Upon seeing her sister’s sexy panties, Ashley bent down and pushed aside the thin material and stuck her tongue inside Mary-Kate’s bald pussy.

“Oh yes,” Mary-Kate echoed her sister’s cries. “Yes, eat my pussy, Ashley. Be a good sister and eat my cunt.”

Scott had also noticed everything going on around them now, and since neither twin cared, neither did he. Plus, he was beginning to feel tipsy. He realized right away that the girls had spiked his drink. Then again, seeing how they were acting, they probably had spiked their own as well. From the warm feeling going through his body, they probably gave him ecstasy. Oh well, might as well live to the fullest. Taking his cock out again, he climbed out from underneath Ashley and kneeled behind her. With his dick in hand, he touched the head of it to the opening of her cunt, rubbing them together.

Ashley looked up from Mary-Kate’s pussy, her beautiful green eyes gazing past her platinum hair to look over her shoulders, and she smiled at Scott, giving him permission to violate her cunt.

Needing no further encouragement, Scott pushed his cock inside the teenage billionaire. Scott groaned as his fat cock pushed its way inside her pussy. She was so tight and so hot that he almost came right away, but Mary-Kate had already taken care of that problem.

Ashley gasped, unprepared for the huge cock. She had never fucked one so large before, and the unexpected pain blew her mind. Her eyes almost burst from their sockets, and her mouth gaped open as the slow thrusts from Scott pushed her forward.

“Oh, oh, oh…” Ashley gasped.

“There’s a good girl,” Mary-Kate crooned, gently stroking her sister’s hair. “Just relax and take it.” She pushed Ashley’s head back between her thighs. Her tongue felt great against in her pussy, but she’s had that plenty of times. She couldn’t wait until she had Scott. She was a bit disappointed that she wasn’t fucked first, cause after all, she was his favorite, but she consoled herself with the fat cock of one of the bouncers. A big black guy, he had come over to see if she was okay, and she had pulled his dick out. Not as large as Scott, but pretty close, she opened her mouth wide and took it in. Two blowjobs and she still hadn’t had sex. It was like being a freshman in highschool all over again. She could take another guy in her cunt now, but she wanted to wait for Scott.

Scott had now pushed Ashley’s skirt all the way up to her waist. He pulled out of her for a second, his cock popping out with a loud squishy sound, and yanked off her panties, before plunging back in. This was incredible. Her cunt was so hot it was baking his cock. For fun, he gave her bare ass a slap, and she smiled at him over her shoulders before another orgasm shook her body.

Ashley was on cloud nine. She hadn’t had many lovers in her short sexual time, but none of them could compare with Scott. Not even her own daddy, whom she really loved. She wasn’t about to marry the well hung Canuck, but if he were to suddenly propose, she’d be hard pressed to say no. She shivered again as his dick brushed her g-spot. “Oh god, Scott I love you!” she yelled, but it was drowned out by the music. She started pushing her hips back on Scott, trying to get more of his dick buried inside.

That was it! Her backed arched and she cried out as his fat cock found her spot. “That’s it, don’t move.” She reached forward with her right hand and grabbed hold of Mary-Kate’s, who had turned away from the fat black cock she was sucking to smile at her.

“Are you coming?” Mary-Kate asked sweetly, and Ashley could only nod. Those other orgasms had only been prequels for this. She fought hard to keep her green eyes open and focused on Mary-Kate as her pussy clenched down on Scott’s dick. She heard him growling and when she felt the warmth flow into her, she knew he had just cummed.

“Yes, cum inside me, baby. Cum for me.” She wasn’t worried about becoming pregnant; she was on the pill, as was Mary-Kate. But what better way to tell the world that she was no longer a little girl than by having this stud’s baby? Maybe later. For now she was trying to stay conscious. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her skull as she continued to shake. Oh god, it must be nearing five minutes. Scott had stopped cumming, but he was still hard and pounding inside her. Finally her body stopped shaking and she collapsed between her sister’s thighs.

Mary-Kate continued petting Ashley’s hair while stroking the black bouncer’s hard cock. The older twin was having a blast sucking off her worker. The bouncer was a stud, and she had always eyeballed his package, but never had a chance to do anything about it. She took his piece back into her mouth and the guy pushed it against her cheek before she managed to slide it down her throat.

When Ashley had her strength back, she slid aside and Scott took her place. He leaned down and used his hands to spread her pussy open. With Mary-Kate’s cunt exposed, he ran his tongue over her sticky cunt, licking the dripping cum that Ashley had brought forth. Mary-Kate started moaning around the fat cock in her mouth and her free hand found Scott’s head. When Scott slid two fingers inside her, she arched her hips, grinding herself on them. Scott increased the pace of his fingering and within seconds she was already dripping again.

Seeing Scott’s cock hardening again, Ashley slid underneath him and pulled it into her own mouth. It was still covered in his and her own cum, and it tasted really good. Since Mary-Kate had already tasted him, it was her turn. Starting with the head, she ran her tongue over the mushroom cap.

With his long tongue, Scott licked the dripping cum, and nibbled on her clit. She wiggled around ever more. When the bouncer started coming all over her face, her pussy tightened and crushed his fingers. With her mouth free once more, Mary-Kate moaned, “Yes, play with my cunt. Yes, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

Encouraged by the cries of her sister, Ashley took Scott’s entire length down her throat. She was supposed to only harden him again for Mary-Kate, but he tasted so good she couldn’t stop herself. Mary-Kate could have him later.

Scott continued forcing two fingers into Mary-Kate’s pussy, but when he felt Ashley deep throating him, he almost came again. But having cum already twice, he was able to hold back. So while he was pushing a third finger into Mary-Kate, he forced more of his cock down Ashley. Mary-Kate’s cunt was so tight he was having trouble forcing the third one in. She squealed around the fat cock in her own mouth and moved her hand up from Scott’s head to her right tit and started playing with her nipple.

Scott was pushing his fingers faster when Mary-Kate pushed her face right into the bouncer’s balls and that was when he finally came. Mary-Kate did her best to swallow as much as possible, but she had to pull off of him and he sprayed the rest of his load all over her face.

“Thanks, Bruno,” Mary-Kate said as she grabbed the bouncers shirt and pulled him down to kiss him, before sending him back to work. He had some crowd control to do. With her mouth now free again, she could voice out her pleasure. “Ohhhh, yes, right there Scott. Yes, play with my clit.”

He had taken her clit between his teeth again. Pulling out his fingers, he put them in his mouth, soaking them up then pushed them back inside her. “Oh god, yes, yes, I’m cumming. Oh god, I need you now. Fill me Scott. Cum in Ashley’s mouth already, and put that huge cock inside me.”

“You heard my sister,” Ashley said pausing for a second on sucking his cock. When she took it back down, she was able to wrap her lips around his balls.

While Ashley’s throat constricted on Scott’s cock, Mary-Kate squeezed her cunt on his fingers. Scott looked up into Mary-Kate’s eyes and she smiled back down at him. She unsnapped her bras and with the trick that only sexy women knew, slid it off, pulling it out from underneath her top, exposing her small tits under the mesh. With both hands she ran circles around her hard nipples, her areolas surprisingly large.

“Oh, fuck!” Scott groaned as he shot his load inside Ashley’s waiting mouth. The young teen hungrily sucked it all down, her throat pumping his cock for all its fluid like she was chugging a beer from a bottle. Being his third time cumming in nearly twenty minutes, he didn’t have so much left in his shaved balls, so he only lasted a few seconds, but both twins lasted twice as long as they each rode out their own orgasm.

When Scott had finished, he pulled out of Ashley’s mouth, soft, but still over six inches, and both twins leaned forward to clean him off. As the two girls pressed their hungry mouths to his dick, they would alternate from head to shaft, as well as kiss each other, their tongues intertwining. In less than a minute, Scott was hard again and Mary-Kate once more leaned back against the leather sofa. One leg she draped on their table, and with her right, hung it over the edge of the couch, stretching her tiny pussy wide. Her glistening cum reflected the flashing lights of the nightclub, and as Scott leaned down to push his hard cock inside, the d.j. activated the strobe light.

The light show only added to the intensity of the moment. As he fucked her tight little hole, and he looked down at her ecstatic face, it felt like he was looking at a bunch of still shots. I moved my hips with the music and Mary-Kate did the same, grinding herself into me, and it was like we were dancing while fucking.

Having had her fill for the moment, the platinum blonde bombshell, Ashley, came around to the other side and kneeled down beside Mary-Kate. Lifting up her sister’s mesh top, Ashley began licking Mary-Kate’s nipples. She’d pop her sister’s tity into her mouth and moan as she sucked on it.

Scott took advantage of the situation by leaning down further over Mary-Kate, pushing his cock deeper inside her, and when he could reach, started fingering Ashley’s wet hole. She wasn’t so tight anymore, and with the natural lubrication already seeping inside her, he was able to fit his entire fist inside. This isn’t so say it was an easy fit. He had to shove his fist hard in order to fit it, and this cause Ashley to cry out from the unexpected pleasure, but Mary-Kate made a soft cooing sound and brushed Ashley’s hair as the younger twin went back to sucking on her tit.

“Fuck me, Scott.” Mary-Kate moaned. “Fuck me hard. Yes, harder, harder, I’m cumming.” Her eyes closed as her head stretched back and her back arched. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me. Yes.”

Scott increased his face and his fist burrowed deeper into Ashley, who added her own cries to her sister’s, “Oh god, yes, fist my cunt. Oh god, that’s so great!”

Mary-Kate was really writhing wild on the couch now. “I’ve waited so long to feel you, Scott.” As she began squirming faster, her cries became louder. Scott was also about ready to burst. Feeling this, Mary-Kate squeezed her cunt around his shaft harder and when a very sexy, and well stacked red head walked past her, her lithe body covered by a very short black dress, the celebrity teen reached back and grabbed her wrist. The startled woman was yanked over the couch, her face slamming down into Mary-Kate’s pussy and Scott’s pounding cock.

Mary-Kate wasted no time and hiking up the woman’s dress, exposed her panty-less bald pussy and buried her face between the stranger’s thighs.

“What the fuck!” the woman cried out, but as she felt Mary-Kate moaning into her wet cunt, she forgot her protestations and closed her eyes. “Oh, my.”

With her hands, Mary-Kate pulled on the woman’s hips until she was straddling the teens face. If she had even noticed Scott, or Ashley (whom she had crushed when she fell. Ashley was giving her a sour look as she rubbed her jaw, but Scott kept fisting her and she soon forgot about the interruption) she gave no sign.

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