tagBDSMBirthday Poker Ch. 03

Birthday Poker Ch. 03


First of all an apology and a promise. The promise is that I'm never stating a deadline again unless I am absolutely sure I can do it. I really screwed up by saying that this part would be ready by New Year. Life is never that easy and I haven't had much time to write recently so I'm sorry this took so long.

Also I am rather embarrassed by my lack of grammatical awareness in the last chapter, I work in at a publishing company as a story editor, which is to say I edit the story lines as well as the grammar, but I do suffer from dyslexia.

A quick definition: a carabiner is a metal clip used in climbing, Tony finds them useful for several ties. This seemed like the best place to put this as putting it in the story was jarring.

Now read on.


I have always considered myself fairly talented in the oral department. As James had joked earlier I can talk for hours and while my gift for gabbing may not directly translate I believe that I give fairly good head, be the recipient male or female.

Sitting on the floor of Tony's living room that night I used every trick I knew, running my tongue up and down Ramona's moist slit, finding her little love bud and sucking, then, with a little nibble, pulling away again. Methodically I nibbled, licked and teased every inch of Ramona's sex.

In short I was trying very hard to bring Ramona to climax... almost. As I felt her respond I tried to gauge how close she was getting. At this point in my life I was not inexperienced sexually but I had, for the most part, paid little attention to how close my partners were getting, focusing instead on getting us both there. I decided that if I wanted this life then that all had to change, after all if I had learned one thing from the clips I had downloaded it was that delaying the orgasm could be much more pleasurable.

I think I did quite a good job, bringing Ramona closer to the edge than I felt comfortable with, fearing I might set her off, then pulling back to an audible groan from her.

"Patience," I chided planting a kiss on her pussy lips, "we haven't even tried any of the toys yet." I planted one more kiss for emphasises then stood up.

She looked a little apprehensive about some of the 'toys' I might decide to use on her but there was a smile on her face. Pulling her in I gave her a long deep kiss, letting her taste herself on my tongue.

When we pulled back I glanced around the room, Sarah was already on her knees between James' legs giving him what looked like a fantastic blow job, judging from the way his head had lolled back and his eyes were closed. Tony was smiling at me and Rachel had disappeared.

I retook my seat and pulled Ramona down onto my lap so she was sitting side saddle across me. Her hand snaked round my back and once again started tracing my scar. Leaning in I started to give her breasts the same attention that I had given her pussy, gently kissing around then taking the nipple of her right breast into my mouth and playing with it using my tongue.

I rose my eyes slightly so I could see what else was going on in the room while continuing my ministrations. James had lowered his hands to Sarah's head and was using them to set a fairly energetic pace. It was a side of them I had never seen before, James is normally a fairly laid back guy and now he was taking complete control of Sarah, who was letting him.

Moving my mouth to Ramona's left breast, the one furthest from me, I glanced up at her face and saw her gaze transfixed on the back of Sarah's head, as I lowered my head again she tried to move her hand to her pussy before I lightly slapped it away.

"I didn't say you could do that." I growled, "Perhaps you need a spanking to teach you a lesson?"

"No Sir." Ramona replied and I was impressed that she had included the Sir without being told.

"OK then, but if you do it again I'll have you over my knee." I promised before lowering my head to her nipple again. But I had to admit it was an amazingly erotic sight, as I watched Sarah's head bob up and down, faster and faster, I could feel myself getting almost painfully hard.

Unseen by us Rachel had re-entered the room. Now she headed over and I noticed her for the first time as she knelt next to Sarah and I saw her hand snake down between Sarah's legs. I released Ramona's nipple then and contented myself with rubbing a hand across her backside so that I could get a proper look at the show.

Leaning in Rachel said something to Sarah just as James tightened his grip on her head and held her still as he emptied his first load of the night into her mouth. As soon as James released her Sarah straightened up and locked lips with Rachel, a thin white bead trickling between their chins. After a few seconds they both pulled back and swallowed. With a giggle Rachel scooped up the bead which had stuck to Sarah's chin with her finger and escorted it back into Sarah's mouth who sucked at the finger greedily.

As Sarah realised the finger from her mouth it was like a spell had been broken, sitting back in my chair I felt a wave of lust, passion and, in a weird way, relief washing over me. Sighing I glanced at Tony who was staring at me, as subtly as possible he tilted his head to the kitchen then pointed at Ramona's back and repeated the gesture.

Lifting Ramona off my lap I let her find her feet before standing and taking her hand, like Tony suggested I led her to the kitchen and closed the door behind us. As I turned to her the look on her face was hard to discern, there was lust there certainly, and apprehension, but these were just the surface of a very deep well.

"Look Ramona," I cast my glance around the room, finding it hard to meet her gaze. "I don't know where we are heading tonight but I want you to know, you could back out now. No one would think anything of it, we could go back to my place and..."

"Your place?" Ramona interrupted in a sharp tone which made me jump. "So you think that we're going to be a couple? I only got into this for the fun factor."

I was at a complete loss for words for several seconds, then I saw the smile that Ramona couldn't keep from sneaking onto her face, a grin worthy of a demon.

"You're going to pay for that." I vowed.

Ramona laughed and wrapped her hands around my neck.

"Relax Sam," she murmured into my ear, "I've been thinking about this for a long time. You and... well..."

"Oh really? Been hiding your kinky side have you?" I chuckled into her ear and as I said it I brought my hand down sharply on her backside, eliciting a shocked gasp followed by a passionate moan. "I guess that answers my question, and if I needed proof..." I muttered, running my hand across her moist lower lips.

"Oh, and what about you." She replied, rubbing my cock through the fabric of my trousers, then she crouched down and started fiddling with my flies. The moment that she had it loose she plunged her lips down over my erection.

Way to take control I know, but the sensation was so good that I couldn't of asked her to stop even if I wanted to. I was losing control fast and Ramona was pulling out all the tricks. When she pulled back, running her tongue gently across the underside of my dick I felt a shudder run through my body and knew I couldn't hold on for much longer. So when Tony knocked on the door I was half furious, half thankful, part of me wanted to wait, prolong the pleasure, another, more primal side, wanted to cum and cum hard, right there, right then.

I couldn't suppress a sigh as Ramona bounced to her feet. I let my trousers fall to the ground, stooping to pick them up, but I pulled my boxers back into position in a redundant, pointless and all around useless display of modesty.

I added my trousers onto my pile and smiled at the three sets of panties they landed on.

James and Sarah were missing from the room but Tony was standing by the table, bending over and whispering into Rachel's ear, who was kneeling next to him. She was no longer completely naked, she had fetched a collar from somewhere and had it strapped around her neck with a leash trailing from the front. Ramona's eyes fixed on the collar but she didn't seem shocked to see it.

"Want one?" Tony asked, catching her looking. Ramona didn't answer just swallowed. Laughing Tony picked up the lead and tugged lightly, leading Rachel on all fours towards the cellar stairs. I thought for a moment she would have to stand up in order to go down the stairs but I was surprised to see her ass swaying confidently as she continued crawling.

"Honestly Rachel, I've been dating him a little over an hour and I keep catching him looking at other girls backsides." grumbled Ramona.

"Can you really blame him? They are a couple of very nice bottoms." Tony offered.

"I suppose I can't fault that logic," Laughed Ramona "and I have been ogling the same people."

"The girls aren't the only eye candy." I murmured, running a hand up Tony's back.

The room took my breath away even though I knew what to expect this time, but that could have been because there were two major differences. The first was James. Now I have never been disappointed about the proportions that I was allotted. I was never vain enough to think that I had a large cock and to be frank I've never really cared much about size. From my experience I am slightly above average and put it this way, I've never had any complaints.

But James is large, very large, not in length so much, he has maybe half an inch on me there, but in girth he easily had half my size again. What made this sight more shocking was watching it piston in and out of Sarah, as she had straddled him in his chair, both of them facing towards the door, her hands had obviously been secured behind her back and she was using her leg strength, combined with the guidance of James' hands to lift herself up and down.

But this image was, if anything, overshadowed by the picture that filled an entire wall. The TV screen was showing a very familiar face in a not so familiar situation.

Rachel's face was covered in sweat and her normally well brushed hair was loose around her shoulders, clinging to her face and neck. But it wasn't just sweat that coated her, there was a smear of cum across her cheek and another matting a lock of her hair together along with a series of other tale tale smudges.

As I watched the camera pulled back, showing her naked body. Whoever was holding the camera walked behind her to show that her arms bound by a series of tightly knotted ropes, a carabiner was attached to the top rope, an even tighter rope reaching upward was attached to this, forcing her to stay in a slightly squatting position.

The reason she couldn't straighten her legs became apparent when the camera was bought back round to the front, showing a young woman, at I guess I would say she was twenty or twenty one, somewhere between Ramona and Rachel in size. Her obviously dyed black hair was level with Rachel's crotch which seemed to occupy her full attention. This was impressive considering the only other items in frame were the handcuffs she was wearing, the vibrator in her pussy and the also vibrating butt plug she had in.

"Do you want to turn those up for you?" came Tony's voice, making it clear who was holding the camera, as he said it he pulled the camera round to get a shot of her face. As her tongue reached the top of it's arc I could see a stud piercing in it, the only response she made was a long lustful moan. "I don't know, do you think she's doing well enough to deserve it Rachel."

"OH GOD YES!" Rachel screamed from the screen. A remote was lifted in front of the camera and the mystery woman moaned louder and plunged back into Rachel's cunt. A second remote appeared and she pulled back to gasp.

"If you slow down so do your toys." warned Tony and the woman plunged in once again.

"Sorry Tony but I think I need to steal one of your ideas." was all I said as I took Ramona's arm and led her to the chair I had noticed earlier, which was still in front of the TV. I guided her down into the chair, snapping the restraints on the arms closed around her wrists.

Moving to the racks I selected a couple of padded cuffs, designed to fit around the ankles and four lengths of rope. Putting the cuffs on I looped the rope through the eyes that were on the outer edge of each of them. I knew how to tie a strong knot thanks to my days in the university sailing club, so in a couple of minutes I had Ramona's ankles firmly and immovably attached to the chair legs.

Now came the bit I was a bit more nervous about, now I don't even think about it but back then I had never tied a rope around bare flesh and while erotic pain is one thing I was worried about really hurting her if I got it wrong. So it was with great care that I wound the doubled over lengths of rope around her thighs, close to the knee. I circled her leg three times then passed the loose ends through the loop that I had formed by doubling the rope over.

Tapping on her knee I encouraged Ramona to open her legs so that the area of her legs I had wrapped the ropes round rested against the arms of the chair, then I wound the loose ends around the arms until there was just enough left to tie a tight knot, now Ramona's legs were held open and with her arms also secured I had access to her entire body.

On the screen Tony had left the camera on a tripod and was fiddling with some racks behind Rachel, casting my eyes around the room I worked out where the camera had been set up and examined the rack that he was rummaging through. Oh, now that was an idea.

As I headed over to the rack I took in everything else that was happening in the room. Tony was fastening Rachel to a large A frame, arms above her head, legs spread wide. Sarah was on her feet and collecting items from the racks, when she was finished she headed over to Tony and placed the selection at his feet, kneeling demurely next to them. James was still seated, looking spent and watching the display. He seemed the least comfortable out of all of us, this didn't exactly seem to be his scene, but as I approached a smile played across his lips.

"Ducking out already are you?" I goaded.

"Just catching my breath and watching the expert do his work." he promised. I slapped his proffered hand and started looking through the rack, turning items over in my hands before making my selections and heading back.

I made sure to drop the items out of sight of Ramona but within easy reach when I needed them. I needn't have bothered, left there unable to move Ramona's attention had focused on the screen, it was only when I bought a hand up to her face that she noticed me.

As I stroked down her neck and let my hands start exploring her body she leant into me the best that she could, I stroked across her breasts and stomach, I marvelled at every beautiful curve. As my hand ventured further downward I began to focus my attentions, rubbing at her clit and seeking her nipple with my mouth.

As a rubbed and sucked I started to let my fingers roam a bit more, inserting first one then two and finally three fingers into her welcoming warmth. I slowly drew each finger in and out, increasing the ferocity of the movement as I increased the number of digits. Letting my thumb seek out her clit again I added extra stimulation.

As her moans increased in volume and she pushed harder against my hand I increased my ministrations to match and soon I could tell that she was building towards a powerful climax. So I stopped. Abruptly I stood back and rubbed my hands together, realising as I did it just how slick the right one had become.

Ramona let out a disappointed whimper and looked up at me pleadingly, "Please," she begged, "I'm so close, let me cum. Please." but instead of returning to my efforts I stepped round beside her and crouched down. As a sort of concession I let my left hand find her breast, resuming the attention they had been receiving.

"This is my kind of home video Tony." I called across the room. With my right hand I was sorting through the items that I had picked up. On the screen Tony was bringing a flogger down on Rachel's tits as she bucked harder and harder against her restraints. Tony had released the other woman's hands so that she could grip at Rachel's legs and keep up her oral assault.

Having heard my call Tony was looking over at me and flashed me a smile. As I looked up at him I noticed that James had rejoined the party and the two of them had tied Sarah face down over what looked very much like a gym horse which was next to Rachel's frame. But I had my own party to worry about, bringing up my right hand I dangled two of the items I had selected in front of Ramona's eyes.

"Did you notice the clamps?" I whispered. With my left hand I felt the shudder that went through her body, her nipples, which were already erect, seemed to grow even harder if that were possible.

"Just the clamps though?" she asked and I could hear the nerves in her voice. Checking the screen again I noticed that Tony had not only clamped Rachel's nipples but added weights to them as well.

"First time?" It wasn't really a question and knowing the answer I didn't wait. "Yes, just the clamps."

The clamps in question were padded with an adjustment screw for the tension and, although they had no chain attached, there was a clip where one could be added. After turning the screws so that each clamp was fully open I returned to orally stimulating Ramona's right nipple, keeping a clamp in hand. The moment I was sure that it was fully erect I positioned the clamp and started tightening.

"Tell me when to stop." I instructed as I turned the screw. But Ramona stayed silent as the clamp got tighter and tighter. Watching her face it seemed to be locked in concentration. So when she let out a hiss of air from between her teeth I stopped.

"A little tighter please." was all that was said so I gave the screw one final twist before repeating the process with the left breast. Standing back I admired my handy work before reaching forward and giving each one a slight flick.

"How do they feel?" I asked.

"You should try them." Ramona breathed.

"Want the chain?" I ventured.

"Hell yes."

So I carefully attached the chain to the clamps and gave it a little tug to see how tense it was. This elicited a gasp from Ramona and her eyes seemed to widen.

"Oh." she moaned, so I did it again. This time the gasp faded into a sigh. I glanced at the chain in my hand and another flash of inspiration hit me. Being in this room was making my mind race with all the possibilities and some of them kept rushing to the fore.

"You know, we really are going to have to work on your manners." I chided. "Since you have been in that chair I haven't heard you say the word Sir or Master once."

"Sorry Sir." she responded, faking a regretful tone.

I pulled the chain up to her mouth, it was just long enough to reach while putting a little extra pressure on her nipples.

"Open." I demanded keeping a stern tone of voice. When she did I placed the chain between her teeth. "Now hold that and you better not drop it. But seeing as you don't want weights I have another little toy for you."

With that I produced a vibrator from behind the chair. Out of Tony's rather extensive collection I had selected a brand new, sleek, black vibrator with a clit stimulator. Ramona went to say something but suddenly realised that to do so would risk her dropping the chain and she remained silent.

"Now I want to hear you ask permission before cumming or there will be trouble." I promised as I nestled the vibrator snugly in Ramona's pussy and set it going on a medium setting.

A series of expressions were chasing each other across Ramona's face. For a while she couldn't see a way out, if she followed one order she would have to disobey the other. I just pulled up a chair and watched willing her to work it out, just as she looked like she was about to give up and do one or the other I decided to up her incentive. I leaned forward and tweaked the vibrator setting to its highest.

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