tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBirthday Present Pt. 03

Birthday Present Pt. 03


Her Side

We were all laying around the den floor in a state of partial dress, our undies scattered about. Each of us had pretty well messed up her makeup with our love making, including Victoria. She lay back against the sofa with her dress barely covering her spent penis, a satisfied look on her face, a dribble of cum running down from the corner of her mouth. Jenny was snuggled up against her and running her hand along the inside of Victoria's nylon covered thigh. When she saw me looking at Victoria's face, she turned and looked. Smiling, she leaned over and licked the cum off of her chin.

"Let's not waste any, honey" she said and playfully poked her in the ribs.

Victoria smiled and said that she didn't think she had wasted any.

She reached out and picked up her pretty peach colored panties and slid them up her nylon covered legs, being careful of the spike heels so as not to snag the panties. Lifting her hips as she leaned back against the sofa, she slid her panties into place, adjusting herself comfortably into them, and obviously enjoying the silky feel.

I think it was at that moment that I realized how much Vic was starting to enjoy his journey into womanhood and the sexual delights that were accompanying it. Gail and Jenny watched as he adjusted his dress around his beautiful legs, enhanced by the spike heels. He shook his head, allowing his blonde trusses to fall into place naturally. The short hair style looked as good on him as the longer wig. I felt myself slightly tremble as I admired his beautiful looks. The glamor shop had really done a great job on his makeup, even if it was slightly smeared now. His eyes practically glowed with sexuality. If I hadn't just seen his penis, I would have never believed he was a man.

Gail was leaning against me and felt me tremble. She reached up and took my face. Her lips found mine and her soft tongue slid into my mouth, searching for and intertwining mine. I answered her searching kiss with my own and breathed in her luscious breath. Gail's hand found my breast and her fingers squeezed and pinched my nipples under my bra. I felt hands on my hips and opened my eyes. Victoria was on her knees, her face heading for my mound. I felt her tongue enter my labia and I pushed out my hips to meet it. She quickly found my clit and began massaging it with her tongue.

Not to be left out, Jenny unbuttoned my blouse and reached behind me and released my breasts from my bra. As Gail and I kissed passionately, Jenny latched onto my nipple with her teeth and began lightly biting them while sucking on them. I found myself almost unable to concentrate on any particular part of my body. I was returning Gail's kiss while shoving my pussy into Victoria's mouth and trying to shove my breast into Jenny's mouth. Jenny reached up and pinched my other nipple as I was forced back against the back of the sofa. Her teeth bit ever more forcefully on my nipple while her fingers pinched harder. The pain became a hot fire burning through my breasts.

Gail's tongue hardened and reached for my throat, then receded, then deeper, thrusting like a penis. I sucked on her tongue as if I were trying to give it a climax. I felt myself starting to climax and grabbed hold of Victoria's head. Gail saw me and took hold of my hands, pulling them off of Victoria and pushing them back onto the back of the sofa. Victoria saw Gail holding my wrists and reached down and grabbed my ankles, holding my feet to the floor. I tried to move my hands and feet but they were holding them securely, giving me a captive feeling. I struggled, testing the limitations, while each of them concentrated on my body. Jenny had my breasts on fire and Gail was forcefully kissing me, her lips and tongue tight against mine. Victoria held my ankles and passionately licked my clitoris. The feeling of helplessness and the titillation of my body drove me over the top. I cried out into Gail's mouth as my back arched and I shoved my vagina into Victoria's mouth. I could feel my cum gushing into her mouth as she sucked and licked me, her teeth slightly biting on my clitoris.

I forced my tongue into Gail's mouth, sucking hers into mine, as stars started exploding in my head. I felt my tears running down my cheeks as I soaked in the thrall of the most glorious climax I had ever had. Gail, Jenny, and Victoria, rather than ceasing, began to languish soft kisses on my body, my lips, my womb, gently bringing me down in a cascade of softness. Where my body had been on fire, it began to be warm and cozy feeling. There was no sense of emptiness, as when a man finishes and pulls out to roll off. I could sense my pussy purring with contentment, my breasts warm and tingly, with that satisfied after sex feeling. Gail gently withdrew her tongue, licking my lips and kissing my eyes. She licked the tears from my cheeks and, releasing my wrists, put her arms around me and held me gently against her.

Jenny snuggled her cheeks against my breasts as Victoria nuzzled gently my mound, feeling my small triangle of hair against her cheeks. Jenny wrapped her arms around me and hugged me to her face and Victoria also wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me. The feeling of love and security was like I had never felt before. I wasn't able to think, but just feel and experience the moment. I kissed Gail, gently tasting her beautiful lips. Then I lifted Jenny's head from my breasts and kissed her. Her slightly minty breath was heavenly as her mouth opened to receive my kiss and my tongue explored her mouth. We released our kiss, our lips parting, and I pulled Victoria, my beautiful husband, up to my mouth and deeply kissed her, our tongues intertwining, our lipstick covered lips pressed together. Gail and Jenny wrapped their arms around the both of us and hugged us, kissing our cheeks and ears, loving on us.

As we slowly disengaged, each of us breathing deeply, a glazed look in all of our eyes, I suddenly thought about what had just happened, about the wonderful lesbian lovemaking between us with the added pleasure of Victoria's penis. I wondered in amazement at the extreme distance we had come sexually in just a few days. I didn't know if we could ever be a normal married couple again or even if I wanted to be. I didn't know if Victor would ever be the same again or if I could ever see him the same, after meeting and loving Victoria.

I looked at Gail and Jenny, one whom I had only known casually and the other a stranger a week ago. Now both of them were cherished lovers to both myself and to Victoria. Our world was turned upside down and nothing in it was the same. My security in our lives and sense of place was completely gone. In place of a masculine husband, I had a beautifully feminized man who was allowing me to turn him inside out. In place of a monogamous marriage, we now shared our lovemaking with two gorgeous women. My husband was becoming fascinated with women's garments and I was loving every minute of it, leading him along by his penis.

I thought back to what the sales girl had said to me about making my husband a panty slave and realized that I seemed to be doing just that, not intentionally, but effectually. I realized that I must spend some time thinking about what we were doing, and what the ramifications might be. I did not want to be the one to lead us into some kind of sexual slide into depravity. I loved the experiences we had already had but, from the reading I had done, I knew that these experiences could lead to depravity and sexual bondage, destroying our marriage and our lives, mentally and physically.

I thought about Vic's struggle with his masculinity this morning and was ashamed at what I had tricked him into doing. And yet, I was thrilled at how he had turned out and at the wonderful loving we had just experienced. I wanted to just enjoy everything that was happening but another part of me was warning me to be careful. I promised myself that I would slow down and not rush into anything that both of us would be sorry for later.

Vic stood to his feet and got his balance in the high heels. He caught a look at his image in the mirror above the sofa.

"Oh my," he said, in a breathy voice "My makeup is a mess."

Gail and Jenny looked at each other and started laughing.

"We can fix that, boss" Gail said, and both of them took Victoria's hand, Gail leading the way to the vanity in the dressing room where we had made Victoria up before.

I watched them go into the dressing room and decided that maybe I should wait a little before I tried to slow down the feminization of my husband. After all, his makeup did need to be fixed.

Chapter 12

I sat on the bench in our dressing room as my secretary freshened my makeup, Jenny handing her items and making suggestions. They had both picked up their panties and slipped them back on before they sat me down and started working on me. As Gail deftly corrected the smudges and smears that our sexual encouter had produced, her hands lovingly touching my face here and there, I thought about what a change had occured in our relationship in just a couple of days. From being an entirely appropriate secretary, here she was, sharing in a sexual game that had started between Donna and myself. She and Jenny, whom I had never even known, were intimately involved with both Donna and me, not only as sex partners, but as participants in my feminization. I could only wonder, amazed at what I had allowed to happen.

I have always been in control of my life. I chose my career. I met and courted Donna and purposefully sought her hand in marriage. I had even initiated most of our experimentation sexually. Yet here I was, engaged in a sexual experience that I had not initiated nor seemed to have any control over. I was obeying the commands of my wife, my secretary, a sales girl, and I guess any other woman who would give me one. I was acting completely out of character and could only explain it in the old fashioned way. My little head was leading my big head around.

The problem was, I was hooked. I was enjoying the sex so much and it was so much more in quantity, and so much more intense than anything I had ever experienced, that I couldn't stop. And I found the sense of being out of control to be much more exhilarating than being in control. My last few days had been a whirlwind of sexual emotions and sensations. I have had more arousals and climaxes in a short period of time than I have ever had. The sensations of letting the women control me and use me have released some kind of something, I have no idea what, in me that stimulates and overtakes me, and leads me into doing things that I've never dreamed of doing.

The shiver of excitement of just sliding a pair of panties up my shaved legs is unexplainable. The feeling they produce as they settle silkily around my penis and balls, caressing me, sends me into a euphoria. The gentle engulfing of my legs by nylons and the tug on my hips of a beautiful garter belt send chills up and down my back, raising goose bumps on my arms. My nipples get hard at the soft touch of a silky bra and at the snugness as it is fastened.

As these thoughts crossed my mind, I dreamily smoothed my beautiful dress across my thighs, and daintily crossed my legs, so that I could see my nylons and high heels. I was definitely falling in love with my own femininity, my own sexuality. Gail and Jenny finished with my makeup and I swung around on the bench to face the mirror. Even after all this, I found myself amazed at my transformation, transfixed at the beautiful figure staring back at me. I still can't believe that I am that girl, that I could ever be that girl.

Jenny noticed my glazed look and smiled at Gail.

"I think she likes your work, Gail."

"I just can't believe that I'm looking at myself" I said, staring at my image.

Gail said "I've always thought that you had a nice face, but I never thought about it belonging to a woman. You are definitely a good looking woman and you are fun to make love to. And it doesn't hurt that it's kinky, you actually being a man and all."

Jenny grabbed my pantied crotch and said "I've had fun with the whole package, too. I love the woman in you, but I like the man, also. You are just basically the best of two worlds, honey." She gave me a quick kiss and released my crotch.

We went back into the den where Donna had straightened herself back up. I walked between Jenny and Gail, my dress swirling around my legs.

Donna looked at me.

"Damn, you look good, Miss Vickie."

I couldn't help but reply.

"Why thank you, Miss Donna" I said, softly, my voice in a breathy upper register. I was becoming conscious of trying to not sound like a man when I talk. I didn't want to imitate the affected type of speech but merely to sound feminine in tone and manner. I realized that my feminine image was an illusion and I desired to perfect that illusion.

Donna smiled, pleased with my response.

"You are entirely welcome, Victoria."

She looked at Gail.

"Gail, I noticed the bag you brought into the house. What did you bring?"

Gail blushed a little and said "I was kind of expecting more of what occured during our last encounter and brought a few appropriate toys."

Jenny's eyes looked questioningly as Donna's widened in surprise.

"Well, let's see what you have brought." She sat up more attentively on the sofa.

Gail went to the bag and brought it back. Opening it, she started pulling out handcuffs and chain assortments, collars, some kind of dildo looking things, only smaller, a couple of black sleeping masks, some little clips on chains, and there were other items that she did not take out of the bag.

Donna's nostrils flared slightly as she looked with interest at the items.

"And you were wanting these to be used on whom?" she smiled, teasingly.

"Whomever volunteers, I suppose." Gail smiled back, demurely.

We each look around at each other. I didn't relish the idea of pain, but the small amount of domination that I had experienced had been very erotic.

It also seemed that it would be exciting to be on the giving end.

Donna responded by saying "How about if Jenny and I give and you and Victoria receive?"

Gail smiled "That is how I imagined it, but without Jenny. But it sounds even better with Jenny. How about you, Miss Vickie?"

I honestly could not say that I was the least bit horny, but the idea of more sexual play with these beautiful women was not unpleasant in the least.

Using my, I'm in your hands, expression, I replied "What can I do against two such dominating women?"

Donna gathered up the toys and led us into the bedroom. She tuned me around and undid the back of my dress and slid it down over my hips. Jenny was taking Gail's outer garments off. Placing us side by side on the iron bed, they proceeded to cuff our wrists to the head board. Jenny took the shams and pillows and placed them under our hips, raising our pubic regions and rear ends and then they cuffed our ankles and fastened the attached chains to the foot board. I was laying there in my bra and panties, garter and nylons, and my high heels, my midsection raised and available to whatever, cuffed and chained to the bed, with Gail in the same position.

Donna came back around to the side of the bed and slipped off her panties. She slid them over my head, the crotch tight against my nose. I could smell her sex and see her faintly through the sheer fabric. I could see that Jenny followed her lead and pulled her panties off and put Gail in the same situation. Gail moaned slightly in anticipation. I found myself breathing in my wife's smell and becoming aroused all over again. My hard on was tenting my new panties.

Donna reached into the bag and I saw her reach under my bra. I felt something clamp down on first one nipple and then the other and felt a connecting chain between them. She placed my bra back into place, covering the clamps. My nipples were burning and I was starting to get a little worried. I struggle slightly with the cuffs, but they were secure.

I lost track of what Donna was doing as I struggled, needing to get the clamps off of my nipples. Suddenly, I felt her slide down my panties and push something against my rectum. I tightened my sphincter but she kept pushing until my anus opened and something slid into my rectum. It felt like a dildo but was not as large. I had heard of butt plugs and realized that this must be what was invading me. I raised my head and could see through the panties that Jenny was inserting one into Gail. She then picked up what looked like Donna's dildo and inserted one end of it into Gail's vagina. I saw her pick up the remote and Gail's pubic mound started making a vibrating sound. Gail was writhing in pleasure and moaning loudly.

Jenny and Donna both climbed onto the bed and positioned themselves over our faces. Neither of us could move or resist. Donna pulled the panties to the side to uncover my mouth and whispered, "Make yourself useful, slave."

She lowered her mound onto my mouth and I started servicing her for all I was worth. I could hear Gail doing the same to Jenny even if I couldn't see her. I kissed and licked Donna's labia and clitoris, loving her with all my heart. I heard Jenny and Gail both coming to a violent climax, thrashing on the bed beside us. Donna ground her mound into my mouth and I had to occasionally lift my head to breath. I lost track of time until suddenly, I felt the butt plug pulled out and replaced with the dildo. It suddenly came to life in my rear end, even as Jenny slid down onto my engorged pole. I was full everywhere I could be full. My rear end vibrated mercilessly, while Jenny road my hard on and Donna forced my tongue even further up her love canal. As Donna cried out in climax, I felt Jenny's womb clamp down on me and she climaxed again. I dropped my head back and gasped, a fountain gushing from my penis into Jenny, my anus clamped around the vibrating dildo. My whole world exploded into pink pleasure, washing down over my brain and taking every thought with it.

Donna and Jenny lifted themselves off of me and laid down beside Gail and I. Donna reached under my bra and released the nipple clamps, sending a rush of blood into them and causing them to burn like fire. She pulled her panties off of my face and I saw Jenny release Gail's nipple clamps. Gail moaned with pain. Jenny pulled her panties off of her face and stilled her moans with kisses. Donna kissed me deeply. I knew she could taste her own sex in my mouth.

"Well, how was that girls?" Jenny asked, smiling down at Gail and me as she leaned on her elbow.

Gail just moaned. I smiled and said that except for my nipples burning, I was very satisfied.

"A little pain is an essential element, Victoria" Jenny said to me. "It makes the pleasure sensation even more pleasurable."

She stood up, "Should we let these two up?" she smiled at Donna.

Donna got up and met her at the foot of the bed.

"Oh, I don't know. Why should we? We don't need them, do we?" and with that she took Jenny into her arms and kissed her.

She turned and looked at our helpless expressions and laughed.

"Just teasing, darlings."

Her Side

Gail and Jenny had gone after kisses and hugs all around. I asked Vic if he wanted to change back into something more comfortable.

"Do you mean my own clothes?" he asked.

"Honey, these are your clothes. But if you mean your masculine clothing, yes, that's what I'm asking."

He took my hand and pulled me to the mirror. He looked at himself in the mirror and I noticed the admiring look that he gave himself.

"Donna, this has probably been the most fantastic experience that I've ever had. I love what you have done to me and the feelings and sensations that I have been able to experience through it. The sex has been wonderful and I've enjoyed every minute of it, including the S&M, which was more pleasurable than painful. But I do think that I need to get to relax and be the person that I've always been. So yes, I would like to change and relax for a while."

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