Birthday Strip


"You're so wild Kate!" she whispered to me as her caressing began to turn me on.

"No, no you don't understand, Marjorie did this to me, " I replied and as I did so, I could see the waspish redhead stare at me menacingly from across the pool but the torrent of bubbles and Cassandra's embrace continued to shield my nudity.

"Hey Katie, why don't you show us you're diving skills," Marjorie called out across the pool.

"That's okay, I'm quite content where I am, thanks," I responded knowing full well that Marjorie would not take no for an answer.

"Oh, I think you might regret it if you don't," she retorted sarcastically grabbing the attention of all the other swimmers. I didn't know what to do. Either I flash everyone now and hope Marjorie would not show everyone the photos or refuse and have her expose me anyway. Before I could choose, I felt Cassandra tugging my arm. Still just keeping my head above the water, in her hand she had what felt like her bikini bottom. I never in my life felt so much affection for any human being.

"Hurry put it on," she murmured not wanting to draw any more attention on us than necessary. Fumbling awkwardly in the water I managed to slip the article on, though it felt extremely tight on my much larger rear. Dipping further underwater, Cassandra untied her top and handed it to me. I turned to face the side of the pool and Cassandra masterfully tied it at the back. To Marjorie's complete astonishment and disgust, I climbed out of the pool clad in a bikini albeit a mismatched fitting. To much whistles I speedily approached the diving board and dived back into the water. This time the water did feel warm and pleasant as I soared along the bottom of the pool towards Cassandra. Whilst underwater I could make out the full majesty of her body as I surfaced right next to her. She kicked her legs wildly underwater with excitement as I sprung up next to her. I looked across at Marjorie and saw the scowl of a jealous woman looking back. Perhaps once it was her role as accomplice for Cassandra's wild ways. If it was she could have it back. It was quite too much excitement for me to handle. In any case she dared not cross Cassandra in her own house and risk losing her friendship. By now everyone in the pool was getting tired and distracted and I easily managed to return Cassandra's suit to her though I really just longed to get out of there. Unfortunately, I couldn't just leave her there and besides she had a plan. She would get everyone out of the pool and meet me in five minutes in the steam room, which was located just 100 or so metres from the pool around the corner in case Marjorie returned with back up and we were certain she would. As Marjorie was living she was careful to pick up any spare scrap of clothing lying around which might otherwise have saved me. In any case all I now had to do was make a short journey to the steam room and my troubles would be over. The steam room connected with the house as well so it would be easy for Cassandra to return to me undetected and finally I could return to the world of the living (and clothed). When the lights went out by the pool, I seized my chance and pulled my naked person from the pool. I glanced back at the house praying that no one would see as I dragged my nude dripping body through the shadows. Only the one shining from my behind eclipsed the full moon above. At great risk of exposure I cautiously made my way to the steam room trying to hide myself as best I could behind the various poolside furniture that lay dormant under the night sky. I was sure my pale body was quite luminous in the darkness however and as I glanced back at the house I could see a light switch on in one of the upstairs windows. As I stealthily made my way around the corner of the house now completely exposed to the elements, I heard a loud male shout from one of the windows.

"STREAKER!" the unknown male voice boomed from above. My cover such that it was blown. Suddenly, all the lights in the house came flickering on one by one. The alarm was sounded. In any minute any number of people would be out trying to find the "streaker". Rounding the corner and temporarily out of sight I made a mad dash for the steam room. I escaped through the door not caring what waited inside. I slammed the door behind me and only then did I realise that I was not alone yet again. Fortunately the room was so misted up that it was impossible to see more than a few feet in front of me, which hid me from any eyes that might lurk inside.

"Is that you love? I've been looking for you everywhere," echoed the voice of Mr Van Boren though the room. Not knowing what else to do and certainly not wanting to face outside where by now the search for me would begin I quietly and as posh as possible to mimic the voice of his wife.

"Yes dear," I replied in my most posh fake accent, terrified I'd be discovered but the answer seemed to satisfy the portly Mr Van Boren.

"Excellent, now be a doll and massage my shoulders, I'm awfully stiff."

What was I to do? I stepped forward into the steam room and low and behold, there he was stretched out on his stomach wrapped in nothing but a towel. I was certain that in any minute Cassandra would come and rescue me from this most heinous situation. When I got nearer he began to turn his head to glance at me but before he could, I pressed his head down gently and before I knew it, I began to gently massage his shoulders.

"Oh, that feels so good, " he decried as we heard a knock from outside.

"Hey, anyone in here?"

"Yeah, there's a chick running around and she's naked!"

The excited voices of my college friends boomed in from outside but for the first time I heard Mr Van Boren lose his temper. Mr Van Boren responded with fury. His calm relaxing massage was being interrupted by the troubles of the outside world and besides he had already caught an eyeful for one night.

"Get away from here, there's no one in here but me and my wife!" he barked having lost all patience. I could feel his muscles tensing up on his back once more and he spoke to me almost dizzily "that daughter of ours and her friends are so much damn trouble."

"Shhhhhhhhhh," I replied trying to calm the man down. Just where was Cassandra with my clothes? But on I went just massaging him further and further. Every time I leaned over I was terrified my bare skin or nipples would touch his back whilst all the while I scanned around for a towel or anything to preserve my dignity. All the while he beckoned me lower and lower until eventually I reached his towel. Nonchalantly he shifted his position and unwrapped the towel. He lay on top of it still as I moved my hands lower and lower not daring to stop for fear that he'd arise and see me. The strange tranquillity was suddenly broken with a roar.

"What the hell are you doing with my father?" Cassandra yelled out. Mr Van Boren jumped up in fright, revealing his entirely naked body to his daughter.

"DADDY, YUCK!" she screamed.

"What the hell? You're not my wife!" he said whilst covering himself with his towel. Once again I was the only naked person in the room.

"Katie, I thought you were my friend, how could you do this to


"No, please, it's not what it looks like, I swear, I,........" but the words just didn't come.

"After all I've done for. I brought you into my house, I introduced

you to all my friends. How could you?"

At that moment Mrs Van Boren arrived and she did not seem too pleased to see either.

"I want you out of my house, harlot, this instance!"

I pleaded for clothes but none were forthcoming. The verbal dressing down I received was almost as harsh as everything else I endured throughout the night. I pleaded once more but to no avail.

"YOU'RE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!" Mrs Van Boren screamed finally having lost all patience. She charged at me and before I knew she was sweeping me outside into the cold chilly air once more.

"Look, there she is!"

The search party got another eyeful as me, as I was bundled out the door. They could barely believe their eyes as they saw me tumble out to the garden with Mrs Van Boren right behind me, like a dog after a bone. Momentarily, I stood there, totally exposed, too shocked to move. Then almost as suddenly, realising what I spectacle I was creating, I ran for cover down the huge lawn of the Van Boren's with everyone following me. But they were no match for my speed. The adrenaline in my body propelled me to incredible speed as I tore away into the night, my nude breasts swaying wildly under the moonlit sky. I heard the voice of Mrs Van Boren one last time as I made my humiliating escape.

"Don't worry, we'll catch her in the morning, I haven't gone hunting in ages!" With that a great cheer bellowed out from the guests. Looking back I could see the Van Boren's country estate getting smaller as I ran through field upon field of grass. After an eternity of scampering through the grasslands I paused to get my breath back. Whatever fate was to befall me from here as naked prey in the wilderness I could not imagine.

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