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Birthday Surprise


It's your birthday so I've planned something special for the occasion. I peek in your room where I see you still in bed. You're beginning to stir so I go on in carrying your morning cocktail in a champagne glass. You look up and smile as I sit on the edge of your bed. I hand you the Mimosa and gently caress your shoulders while you enjoy sipping the intoxicating beverage. When you've finished, I take your glass and place it on the bedside table.

Taking the massage lotion and warming from your bedside table, I pull back the covers and begin massaging your entire body. After massaging you til you are completely relaxed and getting very wet from my hands getting ever so close to your pussy (but not quite making contact...yet). I begin tying silk scarves to you, one to each wrist, one to each ankle. I then attach each scarf to restraints that are connected to each corner of the bed. I straddle you and smile while gazing mischievously into your eyes while reaching down to place the silk blindfold over your eyes.

After placing the blindfold to my satisfaction, I reach over to the bedside table and take the bottle of warming oil. Straddling your chest, I let my hard cock nestle between your breasts. I turn the bottle of warming oil upside down and nearly empty it as the contents liberally coat my cock and your breasts. I toss the bottle to the side and begin kneading your slick breasts with my fists while slowly moving my hips. I begin fucking your breasts. I whisper, "Tilt your chin down and open your mouth." While fucking your breasts, I begin sliding in and out of your hot mouth. I randomly stop my hips, holding my cock in your mouth and tell you, "Suck my cock for me baby." I reach back with one of my oily hands and finger fuck your wet pussy.

The sensations of my cock nestled between your slick breasts, your hot lips and tongue working their magic on me, your hips writhing to my oily hand finger fucking you, and your moans are driving me insane with pure lust. However, I have more than just a quick fuck in mind for your birthday. I raise up off of you and get off the bed. I return to you and kneel between your legs.

Leaning over, I softly blow on your swollen pussy lips, "MMM, you look good enough to eat." I lean in and suck your pussy lips into my mouth and tongue your clit. While eating your delicious pussy, I slowly begin finger fucking your ass. Your hips are writhing as I sit back up. I turn on a slim vibrator and begin sliding it in your ass that is now lubed from my oily fingers. Once I have the vibrating toy deeply embedded up your ass, I turn on a second (but larger) vibrator and slide it deeply in your tight, wet pussy.

I move back off the bed and release the scarves restraining your ankles from the bed restraints. I remove the scarves from your ankles and place your thighs together, then use both scarves to tightly secure your thighs together. Now that I won't be disturbed from my activities with a toy vibrating out of any of your love holes, I return to my straddling position over your chest. I resume fucking your oily breasts and fucking your mouth.

I continue fucking your breasts and mouth while ignoring your requests and pleas for me to release you; to fuck you in your pussy and ass. I'm not listening to anything but the sounds of you cumming. Then your body is shuddering and your pleas become demands for me to, "Fuck me now you fucking tease!" It is only then that I determine we are ready for the next part of your birthday present.

"Oh, so I'm a fucking tease, huh?" I slide off you and get off the bed. "You're ready for a fuck, huh?" Staying in character, "We'll just have to get you a fuck if you're so ready for one." Still wearing the blindfold, you feel me releasing your thighs from their restraints. You instinctively spread your legs for your long desired fuck. Your breathing becomes even more rapid than before. You sigh heavily from anticipation of your impending release.

"Bear with me while I get these on you." You feel the nylon sliding over your feet. You smile to yourself knowingly since it's my biggest fetish. You now anticipate another mindblowing fuck while wearing pantyhose. Your smile broadens because you know how much better the fuck is going to be with me driven so crazy. You know how much I love the feel of your nylon encased legs wrapped around my back, and your feet in the air. I finish dressing you in the tight pantyhose as you lift your ass for me to pull them up to your waist. You're still enjoying the two vibrators that continue to hum deep in your ass and pussy. You can't wait for me to rip your pantyhose open and replace them with my hard cock.

I ask you, "Are you still ready for that fuck now?" Leaving the blindfold on you, I untie your wrists and pull you up to a sitting position.. You seem puzzled when I instruct you to get up on your knees and spread your legs. Once you have done this, you feel me sliding something between your legs, around your ass, then fastening something around your waist. I instruct you to remove your blindfold. Removing it, you look down and see me lying in front of you. I hand you the remaining warming oil, and tell you, "Come get that fuck you're so ready for; the pantyhose should hold your toys in place for a while." You feel the vibrators still humming up your ass and pussy, then look down and see the strap-on vibrator attached to your hips. Like a compass to north, it's pointed straight at my ass.

You get a gleam in your eye as you lean over and lick my balls. Your tongue slides up my shaft, then you suck the precum that is coating my hard cock. Moving your body up so that you're positioned between my legs, you lean over to kiss me passionately. I pinch your hard nipples while tasting my precum from your tongue. Your hand slides down my body and you grasp the slim vibrator to guide it to my ass. You tease the vibrator around my opening while continuing to kiss me...

Sitting up, you take the oil and lube my ass liberally. Your oily fingers begin exploring, and finger begins to tentatively probe. With one hand, you have a finger sliding ever so slowly up my ass. With the other hand you stroke my hard cock. You lean over and suck my cock while continuing to stroke it. I feel your finger now buried in my ass. This continues until you feel my ass relaxing around your finger. Sitting back up, you guide the vibrator back to my ass with your hand. With pressure from your hips, I feel the slim vibrator slowly sinking into me. Rocking your hips, you begin slowly fucking my ass, and your hand resumes stroking my hard cock. Smiling up at you, "Iis this the fuck you expected?"

Your reply is breathy, "No, but this is so fucking hot!" You lean over and begin sucking my nipples while continuing to slowly rock in and out of my ass with the strapon. Your body shudders from another orgasm created by the sensations of ass fucking me while the two vibrators continue to hum deep inside you. Both of our bodies are craving the fucking you have been expecting. I pull your face up and kiss you. Looking into your eyes, "It's time you were properly fucked!"

Moaning in agreement, you pull out of me and lay back on the bed. I reposition between your legs and reach for your nylon covered crotch. I rub your crotch and press lightly. I can feel the vibrators humming gently. I lean over and pull your black suede pumps from the floor. Sitting up, I lift one of your feet and place a shoe on it. I rest this leg over my shoulder, then do the same with your other foot. With both of your nylon covered legs resting over my shoulders, I reach down and rip open the nylon covering your pussy. Pulling the larger vibrator out, I lean over and devour your wet pussy with my hungry mouth. Your hips writhe as I continue eating your dripping pussy. My hands rip the pantyhose open a little more, exposing your ass.

Continuing to slurp your wet pussy, I remove the slim vibrator from your ass and replace it with the larger one. With the larger vibrator buried in your ass, I sit up and kiss your knees that are still resting on my shoulders. I press my body to yours and guide my hard cock to your pussy. I slam deep and quick. My cock is buried in your slick pussy so far that my balls nestle between your ass cheeks. I can feel the vibrator in your ass on my balls. I can feel the vibrator inside you on my cock. Your legs shift and I move my arms. Your legs lock around my back and squeeze, urgently pulling me even deeper. I begin frantic pounding your pussy with my cock. I feel your heels bouncing on my back. I fuck you furiously through two more orgasms. While I give you a moment to catch your breath, I continue slowly stroking in and out of your hot pussy with my cock. I lift one of your legs off my shoulder and pull your nyloned foot to my mouth. I nibble your ankles and suck your toes while continuing to fuck you slowly.

With your body still shuddering, I reach down and pull the vibrator out of your ass. I slide it into your sensitive pussy, then guide my hard, slick cock to your ass. Slowly sliding my cock up your ass, I gaze down into your eyes. "Is this the fucking you expected?" You start to answer me, but get cut short with the abrupt ass fucking you begin to experience. I fuck your ass through another of your moaning orgasms. I continue fucking your ass till I feel my own orgasm building. Just before I erupt, I pull out of your ass, yank out the large vibrator, and slam my cock back into your pussy. I ram deep, and explode! We feel my hot cum filling your hot pussy.

After what feels like a gallon of hot cum has spewed deep into your pussy, I slowly slide out. I slide down your body and eat your cum-filled pussy. With my own cum coating my tongue and face, I move back up and kiss you. "Roll over with me into a 69." We roll over and you press your steaming pussy to my face. You lick, suck, and nibble my cock and balls. We collapse in a heap for several minutes. After we've regained control of your breath, "Let's get up and move to the bathroom, I've got a lot more planned for you in the shower."

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