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Birthday Surprise


Everyday for the last week Lee had been working himself to exhaustion. He'd wake up at 4 a.m., get to work by 6 and work his ten hour day and then immediately go from there to his mother-in-law's house. Lee spent the entire night painting the walls and ceilings of Janet's house. Janet, his mother-in-law, had moved into a retirement community and desperately needed to sell her house so that she could afford it. Not having any money for painters, Lee's wife Rachel had begged him to do it while she was out of town on a very important business meeting.

After fully realizing what Rachel was asking and how much work it would be, Lee had been tempted to say no. The house was big and it would be only him doing all the work on top of his day job. He just didn't think he'd have the energy. But then he looked at Rachel again, at her big blue eyes framed by her beautiful blonde hair and he started to crumble. She pulled the top of her tank top down an inch or two revealing more of her ample chest.

"I'll make it up to you on your birthday when I get back," Rachel had said with a wink and a smile. At the time that was all the encouragement Lee needed, Rachel had a history of "making it up" to him in some pretty substantial ways. Now that the week was over he wasn't sure if it was a fair trade. He was exhausted; his muscles hurt all over. Lee spent all day Saturday resting and napping, trying to recover some sense of normal feeling before they went out to dinner for his birthday.

Lee woke up a little after four in the afternoon, stretching and glancing at the clock, worried that he had slept too long. He took an inventory of how he felt and had to admit he felt much better after resting all day. Being a relatively fit 27 year old probably allowed him to recover easier. His shoulder still felt all the work they'd had to do painting the ceiling, but overall he felt much better.

It was then that he looked over to where Rachel was standing in front of her closet facing away from him and glancing through her clothes. She wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing and had clearly just gotten out of the shower. Her smooth, pale skin glistened from the remaining dampness and her long blonde hair was soaked and fell down her back perfectly straight.

Smiling without knowing it he studied her body again, her cute nose and strong back and arms. He paused as he took in the profile of her firm breasts and continued down to her strong round butt. Lee felt his heart start to beat a little faster as he stared at her butt and thought about how nice it was to have her home from her work trip.

Rachel turned around just as his gaze started to move down her legs and she walked over to him. "Hey there sleepy head. How do you feel?" She leaned over the bed and gave him a kiss on the forehead, letting her large breasts graze his chest and face. That really got his heart moving.

"I'm feeling so much better," they kissed. "Oh yea? I can tell part of you is feeling better for sure." Rachel reached under the thin sheet and put her hand around his hard dick. Closing her eyes and licking her lips she moved her hand up and down the shaft a few times and fondled the head. Smiling and opening her eyes again she said, "I tried to grab you last night when I got home from the airport, but you weren't having any part of it. You were completely zonked out."

Lee sat up in bed and pulled her down to him, her firm ass now sitting on top of his penis. He put his right hand on her left breast and leaned his head down to her shoulder. Her breasts were by far his favorite feature on her body. Really they were his favorite feature on any woman's body and he loved big ones. Rachel was very fit and hers were very firm and stood up perfectly. Sometimes she would fluctuate between wearing a C and a D, she was a little in between. Sometimes a C made her look like she was going to burst out, but a D might make her feel like she was swimming. It didn't matter, Lee loved their size and they way they looked on her body and felt in his hands. He told her so all the time, but on a few occasions Rachel had caught him staring at a couple of her friends with larger boobs.

Lee said, "So you wanted me to give it to you last night?" Rachel put his left hand on her right breast "Of course, I've missed you so much this week. I thought about getting a nice pounding the whole way home on the plane."

Rachel could feel his dick pulsing beneath her butt. She stood up, gave him one more kiss on the lips and stroked his manhood one more time. "Hit the showers honey."

Twenty minutes later he stepped out of the shower feeling even better than he had when he woke up. Brushing his teeth and getting clean made him feel much more relaxed and human. Drying off and exiting the bathroom Rachel noticed his cock was still swollen and long; he'd been thinking about her while he was getting clean. Still getting dressed and wearing only a skirt and bra, she walked over and kissed him again placing her right hand gently on his dick. Now holding it in both hands she looked down. He always laughed a little on the inside when she did this; running her hands delicately over him, moving his dick around and staring at it like she was studying it. In a way she was, feeling how hard he was and thinking if he was harder than normal or maybe a tiny bit shorter or longer sometimes. Today she thought he felt particularly long and hard and she knelt down and got a closer look at his nearly 8 inch dick.

"You been thinking about it?" he said in anticipation. Rachel put her lips just barely over the head and kissed it a few times, holding it inside her mouth, "Mmmm hmmm." She bobbed her head up and down a few times, putting an inch or so below the head in her mouth and grabbing the rest with her hands. Taking it out of her mouth she smiled and looked up at him, lightly stroking it back and forth, "I been wanting it so bad."

Lee's breath caught in his throat as his heart really started to pound, god damn it felt so good. "Your mouth feels so good baby. What have you wanted to do with it?" Rachel moved her tongue up and down his length and all around his big tip. "I want it in me. I've wanted it everywhere. In my hands, my mouth, my pussy. I want to make you cum inside me. That's what I've wanted, to make you cum in me and fill it up."

Lee felt his knees tremble as she stroked his dick a little faster and the other hand grabbed his balls. He needed it so bad, they hadn't had sex in seemingly forever. Gently peeling her hands off him he led her into the living room and sat down on the couch hoping that she would continue.

She wanted nothing more as she knelt in front of him again and put him back in her mouth, this time trying to take more of him. Going a few inches down she found the place she liked and started bobbing her head up and down. Besides being pretty long, Lee was very thick. It prevented her from going as deep as she wanted to, but Lee didn't mind. He was more a fan of what she was doing now. Going a few inches down and coming back up, letting his big swollen head pass gently over her lips before she descended again. Another of his favorite features, he loved the way it felt when her big red lips slid over the tip.

Lee's breathing was really becoming intense now and he grabbed portions of the couch. she took one of his hands and placed it on the back of her head. He knew not to push too hard because she really couldn't take anymore of him, but she knew he liked it. Lee liked the small amount of control he exerted as he placed his hand on the back of her head and gently pushed down, not controlling how far she went but controlling the timing. "Oh god baby...."

Rachel knew he was getting close by the way his dick was pulsing, his heavy breathing, the bucking of his hips and the frantic pace his hand was directing her mouth up and down his dick. Coming to a slow stop she took her mouth off him, kissed it a few times and said, "Are you gonna cum babe?"

Lee nodded yes, staring at her open mouth and then past that to her bursting cleavage as she breathed in and out. "I want it in me ok, I want you to cum real big inside me."

Lee tried to slow his breathing and said, "Rachel, I need to cum real bad. I haven't in so long," took another few breaths. "I think I'm gonna cum huge, but you're not ready." The vast majority of the time, if Lee got inside her pussy he wanted her to cum with him. It made it feel awesome and made him feel even closer to her.

"It's ok baby, I knew what I was doing when I grabbed you coming out of the shower. I just want to feel your cum shoot all over me." Not needing any more encouragement Lee shook his head yes. Rachel stood up and removed her bra, revealing her beautiful breast. Her nipple were hard and looked scrumptious. She leaned over and put one nipple in his mouth, reaching down with her other hand to stroke his dick more. Lee moaned in controllable pleasure as she pulled on his dick quicker and his tongue flicked over her nipple. She stood up again and removed her panties from beneath her skirt and began to sit down on him, both their feet on the floor in front of the couch.

Putting just an inch inside her wetness she rocked up and down on him slowly, letting herself get use to his size again. He was so excited right now that his dick was extra swollen and they really hadn't done it in a while. Letting a little bit more in each time she went down she heard Lee's breathing race back up again. She reached back and grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts as she moved up and down slowly. Picking up the pace as she got use to his size and allowed more of his swollen penis inside her she swore he was bigger than normal. She could feel all 8 inches filling her up.

Lee moaned again as she joined him with her first audible cry as she felt his balls brush against her bottom. She bounced up and down on him quickly, grabbing his hands on top of her tits and squeezing them tight. She screamed as he twisted her nipples a little and his dick pulsed, leaking a little cum into her.

"I want you to fuck me baby, fuck me until you cum," Rachel said giving his balls a squeeze. "Don't stop, just give it to me, I want your cum inside me now." Lee practically lost control of his senses then as he only had one thing on his mind. He stood up, pushing Rachels forward so she had to stand up and rest her hands on her knees. Standing tall, Lee grabbed her butt and began rocking back and forth, picking up the pace. Within seconds he was pounding into Rachel like a jackhammer, not thinking just doing. He didn't try to control his moans, and neither did Rachel despite it being the middle of the day.

Rachel caressed his balls as his dick drove into her over and over, his hips slamming into her rear end. Occasionally he spanked her ass and grabbed it as his rod drove into her. She shouted, "C'mon Lee, fill me up with your cum. I feel close too OH God!"

Lee could barely understand her, he was lost on his own train, but Rachel grabbing his balls drove the message home. When he felt it happening he yelled her name and then his load slammed into her. Three, four, five ropes of thick cum coated her walls as he drove into her through his orgasm. By the time she felt the fifth hot shot of cum dive into her and thought about how good it felt, she too came and screamed his name, begging him to keep going and clenching his balls a tiny bit tighter. He squeezed her tits hard as he continued to slide his dick in and out of his wife. Just before he stopped one more small shot of cum pushed into Rachel, finishing her off too.

They collapsed on the couch and Lee thought about how amazing the last few minutes had been. Sighing, Rachel said, "I guess we better continue getting ready for dinner."

... To be continued

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