tagErotic CouplingsBirthday Surprise Ch. 02

Birthday Surprise Ch. 02


Lee Carter spent a week painting his mother in law's house, by himself, with only a promise from his wife Rachel that she would "make it up to him" keeping him motivated. Now its Saturday and its Lee's birthday. Rachel already got the ball rolling in part 1, but the night is just beginning. Some people were concerned I didn't specify that the story was multi-part in the beginning. Here it is then, This is a multi-part story. This isn't the end.

Feel free to leave comments, I'll respond when I see them. Hope you like the story.


.... They collapsed on the couch and Lee thought about how amazing the last few minutes had been. Sighing, Rachel said, "I guess we better continue getting ready for dinner.

Rachel hopped off the couch and disappeared back into the bedroom. Lee stayed there for a few minutes letting his heart settle down and get his breathing under control. His toes felt a little numb and his head hurt a little from the hormones and adrenaline having rushed to his brain so quickly. Glancing at the clock he got up off the couch and walked towards the spare bedroom where he kept his clothes.

Rachel passed him in the hall and stopped him for a second, glancing down at his still long dick dangling between his legs. She put her hand on it and said, "Don't worry... there's more where that came from." Lee grinned and got dressed; she hadn't told him where they were going, only that it was someplace nice.

Twenty minutes later they were both ready to go. Rachel was sporting a silky red dress with a deep neckline and Lee was dressed in a jacket and tie. Stepping out of the house Lee caught his breath when he saw a very strange car in the driveway. They definitely didn't own a Porsche Panamera. Rachel laughed when she saw the look on his face.

"I rented it for the day, no big deal. But I've noticed you mention it whenever you spot one driving around and thought it would be fun." Lee agreed it WOULD be fun as he climbed in behind the wheel and fired up the engine, appreciating the sound, but also appreciating the comfortable seats and luxury interior.

"So where are we going?" Rachel directed him to drive north on Interstate 95 and she'd let him know which exit to take when they got there. He got out on the highway and opened the engine up, briefly touching 110 MPH before slowing back down to a much more normal highway pace. Eighty-five didn't faze the car one little bit.

Lee smiled as he effortlessly accelerated into the fast lane and glanced over at Rachel. His eyes were uncontrollably drawn to her low cut dress and her beautiful breasts hidden behind the thin fabric. Looking back at the road he thought about the way he had grabbed them earlier and how awesome they'd felt in his hands with his penis inside her. He swallowed as he felt himself getting hard again and the crotch of his pants got tighter.

He tried to focus on driving, but his mind wandered to the feel of his wife's lips and tongue on his cock; the sound she made when she came and how great it felt to spray his cum inside her. Lee felt a little uncomfortable as his penis increased to its full size, but the almost too small pants didn't have the room.

Lee sighed and Rachel looked at him, noticing he didn't appear happy. "What's the matter honey? Not having fun?" Rachel leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, resting her had on his stomach and feeling his abs. She let her hand drift down, then her eyes got almost as big was what was in his pants.

"Oh so thats the problem? Little uncomfortable are you?" now she grabbed hold of his crotch and kissed his cheek a few more times. Rachel unbuckled her seatbelt so she could have a little more freedom. She unzipped his pants and licked her lips as she reached down and found his rock hard member between the folds of his boxers. When she brought it out she moaned and said "Oh honey, your dick is so gorgeous."

Lee tried to focus on breathing and driving as he felt both of his wife's hands move up and down on his suddenly freed dick. Rachel teased him by breathing on it and saying "You want some more? hmmmmmm? You want me to put it in my mouth?"

Lee softly said yes, but Rachel only stroked if a few times and put one hand on top, forming a cup. Lee wasn't sure if she knew it, but whenever she did that it made him feel like he was balls deep inside her and pushing as far into her as he could go. "What? I didn't hear you. It looks so big and needy, you want me to put my tongue on it?"

Much louder now Lee begged her, "Please baby, put it in your mouth. I need to cum again." Finally she relented and lowered her lips to his penis, running her tongue all over the top and then down the shaft, grabbing his balls with both hands. His dick trembled in her mouth and Rachel laughed, now committing to it. She bobbed her head up and down at a nice steady pace, making his heart beat faster and his breath move quicker.

"Perhaps you should pull over Lee," she took her mouth off him and sat up, leaving her left hand around his shaft and pumping it quickly up and down. "C'mon honey, pull over, we've got plenty of time till our reservation."

Lee pulled the beast of a car over onto the shoulder and dimmed the lights. He felt confident no one would see them. It was dark and no one would be paying attention to the car parked on the side of the road. He unbuckled his seatbelt and pulled his pants and boxers down to his knees, giving his wife easier access.

Before she could get back to her work Lee grabbed her by the arm and kissed her ruby red lips, kissing her deep and reaching one hand down her dress and brushing across both breasts. This made his dick tremble again; seeing that Rachel broke off the kiss and brought her tongue back down to the head of his dick. She smiled as she felt his hips buck slightly up into her mouth and grabbed his balls again, caressing them gently as her mouth moved up and down

Rachel looked at the clock and remembered they didn't really have a lot of time, she had just said that to get him to pull over. She wanted more of his dick and more of his cum, but to get it she'd have to work fast. She increased the pressure her mouth was putting on his dick, bobbed up and down quicker. Using one free hand to follow the movements of her mouth, she used the other to keep caressing his swollen sack. "C'mon honey, I want it again. I want your cum to fill me up so many times tonight."

She wanted to deep throat him, to feel the head of his dick push into the back of her throat, but she didn't want to risk gagging and ruining her make up, so she only let a few inches in at a time. That made it easier to go faster though and thats what she wanted.

Lee shut his eyes and focused on the sensation of his wife's mouth moving up and down. She was in just the right spot and her furious pace was making his body shudder. He knew he wouldn't last long. He looked to his right and saw Rachel's ass sticking up in the air slightly. He reached over and gave it a nice spanking. Rachel moaned and took his dick another inch into her mouth. Lee continued to spank her every few seconds, he could feel himself getting closer and closer. His whole body trembled as he felt a huge orgasm coming.

Breathlessly he said "I'm gonna cum baby, oh god." Rachel bobbed her head up and down a few more times and then stopped, staring at Lee's wide eyes as he didn't reach his destination. Rachel reached under he dressed and pulled down her panties, leaving them on the floor of the passenger side. She opened up her door, which was on the side away from traffic and stepped out. "Come get some pussy if you want it," and slammed the door.

Lee watched as she leaned against the side of the car and stuck her butt out, as if waiting for him. He looked at his long dick and then back at his wife, then at traffic flying by. He climbed over her seat and out her door, stepping out into the cool night air. Lee moved behind his wife and stroked his dick a few times. "What's gotten into you?" he whispered into her ears.

"I wanted your cum again and we don't have a lot of time," she grabbed his penis and rubbed it against her wetness, letting him know she was ready. Rachel hiked up the bottom of her dress, bringing it up above her waist so there wouldn't be any evidence when they continued on to their previously scheduled activity. Sticking Lee's cock all the way in and pressing back against him, his big 8 inch dick filled her up. She took his right hand and put it between her legs so he could feel her. Then she grabbed his left hand and put it on her chest, over the dress. "Give it to me baby, give me your seed. I want it all."

He found a rhythm and began rocking in and out of her, rubbing his hand over her upper and lower areas at the same time. Lee's balls got tight as he thought about how incredibly she felt. She sometimes got a little wild like this, but she never talked about wanting his cum or sperm or anything like that. He'd told her long ago about something he felt, and thought maybe everyman felt, the need to spread his sperm. He'd told her often thought about filling her up and covering her body in it. He thought about filling her mouth, cuming all over her body, and filling her womb with his seed. When he'd told her, she made love to him in her typically fantastic way. But she hadn't mentioned it since then. Now, today, it seemed like that was what was driving her too, a need to be filled by his seed.

"C'mon baby, don't slow down. I need it. Your dick is filling me up so good baby. I want to feel your cum inside me now." She grabbed his balls again, and again, that was the only signal he needed. He increased his speed and grabbed Rachel's ass with one hand and grabbed hold of her left breast tightly with the other.

Lee wanted to fill her, but he wanted something else too and he wasn't sure if he'd be able to. He continued fucking her over and over again, then he felt it coming. Like a rushing wave he burst inside her, the speed of his pounding involuntarily increasing as his orgasm rocked his body.

Rachel let go of his balls when she felt his orgasm hit and the first jet of cum shot inside her. She didn't have an orgasm this time, she hadn't been really ready, but god damn did his swollen dick feel good and the hot shots of sperm coating her inner walls were almost enough to put her over the edge. She continued to rub her clit as Lee's hands grabbed her so tight. Then she felt one of his hands pushing her head down towards the ground as his dick slipped out of her. She turned around to face him as she knelt down, careful not to let her dress touch the concrete. She saw Lee was holding his dick tightly and then he pulled her face towards it. Rachel opened her mouth and received it. Still continuing to stroke her clit with one free hand, Rachel was very surprised and pleased when another shot of sperm pushed into her mouth and moved down her throat.

Rachel swallowed it and moaned as one more mouthful of cum dribbled into her mouth. She swallowed that too and then cleaned Lee's dick off and spanked him on the ass. "Good boy. Now get back in the car before someone calls the cops."

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