tagErotic CouplingsBirthday Surprise Ch. 03

Birthday Surprise Ch. 03


Lee Carter spent a week painting his mother in law's house, by himself, with only a promise from his wife Rachel that she would "make it up to him" keeping him motivated. Now its Saturday and its Lee's birthday. Rachel already got the ball rolling in part 1. Part 2 featured some mobile action, but the night is still young.

There's going to be at least one more part after this. Please, please vote and comment with any feedback. There was some concern by commenters after reading part 1 that this would turn out to be a cuckold story and that the wife would start cheating on him or something. Not sure why that was the thought, and as parts 2 and now 3 have shown, its not that. So, please check out the first two.

Please leave comments, I'll respond when I see them. Hope you like the story.

First, a very short tag from part 2....

Lee wanted to fill her, but he wanted something else too and he wasn't sure if he'd be able to. He continued fucking her over and over again, then he felt it coming. Like a rushing wave he burst inside her, the speed of his pounding involuntarily increasing as his orgasm rocked his body.

Rachel let go of his balls when she felt his orgasm hit and the first jet of cum shot inside her. She didn't have an orgasm this time, she hadn't been really ready, but god damn did his swollen dick feel good and the hot shots of sperm coating her inner walls were almost enough to put her over the edge. She continued to rub her clit as Lee's hands grabbed her so tight. Then she felt one of his hands pushing her head down towards the ground as his dick slipped out of her. She turned around to face him as she knelt down, careful not to let her dress touch the concrete. She saw Lee was holding his dick tightly and then he pulled her face towards it. Rachel opened her mouth and received it. Still continuing to stroke herself with one free hand, Rachel was very surprised and pleased when another shot of sperm pushed into her mouth and moved down her throat.

Rachel swallowed it and moaned as one more mouthful of cum dribbled into her mouth. She swallowed that too and then cleaned Lee's dick off and spanked him on the ass. "Good boy. Now get back in the car before someone calls the cops."

Begin part 3....

Rachel jumped into the drivers seat this time and raced up Interstate 95 towards Baltimore. They had reservations at popular steakhouse Morton's in 15 minutes. She threw caution to the wind and easily pushed the four door Porsche passed 100 and left it there as long as she could, only slowing down in order to pass other cars. Two friends should be meeting them there and would probably be there already, so the table would not be given away, but she wanted to use this as an excuse to really drive the car. Ostensibly, renting the high end sports car was a gift for Lee, but he didn't seem too disappointed that she was driving as he was still coming down from his orgasm and getting his clothes situated.

Rachel tossed her blonde hair to the side and thought about her plans for the rest of the evening, wondering if she had the guts to really go through with them. She looked over at Lee and saw that most of the sweat on his face had dissipated. She glanced at his crouch and could tell his penish was still slightly engorged. She patted it with her right and said, "Good boy," then she pushed the accelerator up to 120 MPH after glancing at the clock again.

They walked into the restaurant and were seated with their friends, only 10 minutes late for the time she had booked the table for four. Seated already at the table were two of Lee's oldest and best friends, Carolyn and Andrew. Lee had known Carolyn since they were children in school and Andrew and Lee worked together. In some ways Andrew was Lee's best friend since they had worked together every day for 6 years and spent time watching football and doing things like that, but Lee and Carolyn had known each other for over 20 years.

Lee hadn't known where they were going, and now that he was here he was excited as he looked through the menu, "I just don't know what to order. It's all so good." They got two bottles of wine for the table and got started with some of the delicious appetizers. Rachel gave Lee a kiss when they finished ordering and the menu's were taken away. She whispered in his ear, "I love you," and gave his upper thigh a squeeze.

Lee downed his first glass of wine very quickly, and why not, it was his celebration after all and he was having one of the best nights of his life. By the time they were done with the appetizers he had finished three tall glasses and the table was ordering a third bottle as Carolyn has also finished 3 decent sized glasses. Rachel cut herself off after one, wanting to ensure she was able to drive home safely... among other things.

In the middle of glass four Lee started to feel a little guilty. His mind was wondering, his inhibitions were leaving, and Rachel was getting his heart racing by periodically rubbing her hand across his crotch and feeling around for his dick. Across the table his alcohol tainted brain was paying more and more attention to Carolyn's body and the huge breasts he'd always lusted for throughout the time he'd known her. To take his mind off things he gave Rachel a kill and excused himself to go wash his hands.

At the sink in the bathroom he closed his eyes and ran some cold water over his hands, then lightly dabbed it over his forehead, trying to sober himself up a little. With his eyes closed all he could see was Carolyn's pink dress barely containing her gorgeous, ample breasts. Why was her neckline cut so low tonight? Were her and Andrew on a date or something? Thinking back to the table all he could remember was Rachel rubbing his dick through his pants and his eyes constantly wondering to Carolyn's cleavage. Leaving the table was not having the intended effect. In fact he was pretty sure his heart was racing more now that he was returning than it had been when he left.

When Lee came back to the table and saw Carolyn's heaving chest again, he felt flushed. Rachel seemed to notice; as he sat down she asked him if everything was allright. "Yes everything is fine honey." Lee kissed Rachel on the cheek, forcing his eyes away from Carolyn. Rachel held him close for a minute longer and rested her hand on his crotch again and whispered, "Like the view across the table?"

Lee looked into Rachel's eyes, unafraid and too drunk to be embarrassed right then, "Yea I do. I can't help it." Rachel glanced right back and said, "I know. Its ok. I invited her afterall and asked her to dress.... extra nice."

A few minutes later Rachel leaned over and whispered into his ear, "Are you gonna put your big dick in me again tonight? I need it real bad."

They broke away and went back to the conversation of the table, which right now as about the Ravens and how the team looked right now. Now Lee felt a little bit freer and less guilty as he admired Carolyn, knowing that Rachel had at least been partly responsible for putting him in this situation. He kept up, making a few comments as he examined how good Carolyn's dark hair framed her pretty face. His eyes were again drawn to her ample breasts and her daringly low neckline. If most men were to examine Carolyn very critically, they might say she was a little overweight. Especially compared to Rachel who is lean and strong, but Carolyn's weight gave her certain pleasing attributes that Rachel and other women didn't have. Carolyn had very pleasing curves around her waist and a pair of breasts that Lee had thought about hundreds and hundreds of times over the course of his life. Rachel had a glorious pair of C-cup breasts and if Lee had to guess, he'd say Carolyn had to be hiding 38 double D's under her dress. Not outragiously huge, but big enough her dress was struggling to contain them and Lee desperately wanted to bury his face in them. Carolyn's were more like the actress Kat Dennings and Rachel was more like Britney Spears. Carolyn's skin had a slightly warmer quality to it compared to Rachel's smooth paleness.

As the group ate desert, Rachel put her left hand on top of his dick and used only her right to eat her ice cream. Gently running her hand back and forth she forced him to stay rock hard for the remaining twenty minutes they were there. Lee felt flushed again. He felt like his heart had been racing for most of the afternoon. Between the sex and now this dinner with Rachel grabbing his dick every chance she got and staring at Carolyn's cleavage all night, he was starting to feel like he didn't have any more energy left.

The group of four left the restaurant and said their goodbye's. When Carolyn hugged Lee he made sure to give her an extra tight squeeze. The last glass of wine had given him enough courage and he wanted to feel her chest pressed against him as much as possible. It was worth it. Carolyn and Andrew laughed as they walked to their car together; Rachel and Lee got into the Porsche Panamera for the drive home. In the drivers seat again, Lee smiled as he drove the vehicle onto the highway and raced south on I-95 towards their house.

Lee decided Rachel must have asked Carolyn there to help him get revved up again for their next round of sexcapades. He had told her many times how much he had crushed on Carolyn over the years. Rachel used his fascination with Carolyn's body to get him worked up again for when they got home. Maybe Rachel herself got a little worked up in a different kind of way from watching him flirt with another woman? Who knows, but obviously she didn't mind as she had continued to grab his dick under the table after he had admitted that he'd been staring at Carolyn all through dinner. Perhaps she had allowed some feelings of jealousy to get her excited for later? Lee wasn't sure exactly what her plan was, but if the hardness of his dick and the way Rachel was biting her lip were any indications, the plan had worked.

Lee fantasized about him and Rachel getting into bed when they got home; of her getting on top him and riding him until they both came hard again and drifted off to sleep. He smiled as he pushed the car past 130 MPH and saw the exit for their street. Parking the car he glanced at the clock before turning it off, almost midnight. Lee tried to remain calm as he walked up the driveway and unlocked the door, he could feel some anxious tension in the way Rachel tapped her foot while he got the keys out and let them in.

Lee stepped into the house and slowly and calmly started shedding his various accroutrements; cell phones, keys, wallet. Rachel quickly walked to the bedroom and Lee was pretty sure he could hear her quickly slip the dress up and off her. Lee decided to take his time, let Rachel get tortured a little by waiting. She'd spent most of the night torturing him, so fair was fair. In spite of trying to remain calm he could feel his cock pulsing in his pants, demanding to be set free. From the bedroom he heard Rachel moan loudly, clearly trying to get his attention.

Lee unbuttoned his shirt and left it on the couch and then walked to the threshold of the bedroom where he saw Rachel under the sheets. She looked at him, pointed her index finger at him and then motioned for him to get into bed. The lights were dimmed and Lee could see a hint of her nipple under the sheet as it hugged her body close. "C'mon baby, let me see it, I want it in me now."

Lee unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the floor, the belt jingling as it hit the carpet. When Rachel saw the bulge in his boxers she sat up in bed and grabbed his hands, pulling him close. When he was standing next to the bed she ran her hands under his shirt and over his stomach and chest, her eyes locked on his penis contained in his underwear. She grabbed a hold of it on either side of his hips and slowly pulled it down, inch by inch. When his waistband got low enough that it started to reveal a couple inches of his dick, Rachel put her mouth close and opened wide as she continued to slowly slide them down. When she pulled them down far enough that his dick was finally free, she let them fall to the floor on top of this pants around his ankles and put her lips onto the head of his penis, kissing it. Rolling her tongue over it slowly and kissing it some more felt so good for Lee he wasn't sure how much longer he could wait before plunging it inside her over and over.

Rachel loved having his cock in her hands and in her mouth. She pulled her face away from it a couple inches and let it fill her vision, stroking it slowly with both hands. Then she let the head pass over her lips, savoring the feeling of the soft skin passing over her lips and into her mouth. Softly drawing it one more inch into her mouth she lightly bobbed her head up and down on it. Rachel loved how the thickness of his dick filled out her mouth. But she desperately wanted it back inside her. After a few more strokes with her mouth she took it back out and kissed it a couple times. Then she laid back down on the bed, with her legs off the edge and her feet lightly touching the floor. She wordlessly begged Lee to get inside her by opening her legs wide and touching herself gently.

Lee was entranced. Her ministrations on his dick had felt so good and now she just laid there, ready for him to take her. Her left hand moving over her sex and her right grabbing her breasts. He wanted to grab them too, bury his face in them the way he had fantasized about burying them in Carolyn's. He felt a moment of guilt thinking about that now, but then thought that Rachel must have wanted that to get him excited. He stepped forward and leaned over Rachel, replacing her hand on her pussy with his own and touching her. Lee just barely slipped a finger inside her, confirming she was more than ready. Moving his finger deeper he saw Rachel's eyes go a little wide as he leaned his head down and kissed her. Moving his finger in and out of her slowly he lowered his head and took her right nipple into his mouth and between his lips.

Lee couldn't wait any longer as his fingers explored her wet pussy. He stepped a little closer to the bed, his feet still covered by his pants, and leaned down so his rock hard dick was pushing on the outside of her walls. He moved it around the outside of her vagina, teasing her and kissing her breasts and nipples more. Hungry for it, Rachel reached down and guided his dick into her, breathing deep as the first two inches pushed inside her.

Rachel was beyond ready for an orgasm. She'd wanted one when they were on the side of the road, but that hadn't been the goal. They were short on time and very exposed. Now she knew it would only be a matter of minutes as her need had been to cum had been building all throughout dinner. When the first two inches of Lee's thick, 8 inch dick pushed into her body she reached both hands down and pulled his hips down, impaling her body on his dick. Lee seemed to like that as he grunted and she felt his dick throb inside of her. Lee began moving in and out of her and a pretty good rate. Normally they liked to start things slow so she could get ready, but they both knew she was ready so his already increased speed made her cry out in pleasure.

Looking into his eyes she told him, "god Lee, you feel so good. You feel so big right now." Pushing in and out of her he buried his head between her chest. She moaned and said, "Baby, I need it, are you gonna give me an orgasm? Please. I have to have one. I want it and I want your cum to fill me up again."

Lee reached down and spanked her ass. Rachel reached her legs up higher, picking them up off the floor and encircling the lower part of Lee's back. She reached her hands under his shirt and grabbed onto his shoulders for dear life as Lee began really plunging in and out of her. Lee reached his right hand down and placed it on the outside of her sex, very lightly rubbing all around as his rock hard dick plunged deep inside of her over and over.

Rachel was starting to lose control. Her body was on fire as Lee's cock drilled her and his hand drove her body absolutely wild. Lee's dick felt very warm inside her as it probed deeply. Every few thrusts Lee would push it inside her and grind into her, trying to get deeper and fill her. Rachel could feel pre-cum leaking into her and smiled. A few pleasant shock waves coursed through her body and she moaned in response, letting herself get a little extra loud because she knew how much Lee loved hearing her vocalize during sex. Sooner than she anticipated she started to feel the wave of a big orgasm building.

"Oh god baby! I'm ready! I'm gonna cum so hard! Please make!" Rachel yelled as the she felt the tidal wave growing inside her. Her face flushed and her chest got read. Sweat broke out all over her body as her heart rate skyrocketed. Lee knew what was coming. He slowed his pace slightly, but made each thrust go as deep as he could. Thats what Rachel wanted. She wanted his dick as deep in her as possible when she came and when his sperm was let loose inside her. She wasn't sure if he was ready, but she checked by grabbing hold of his balls. If he was....

"Oh Rachel! You feel so good! I'm gonna cum too okay?" That was exactly what Rachel wanted. Lee almost always came with her, they seemed too often be on the same page mentally and physically. The messages their bodies sent to each other, the noises they made, it all built to they were often ready at the same time. Sometimes she would ask Lee if he was ready, and he'd say no he wasn't close, but when Rachel started moaning and her body started exploding he often changed his tune very quickly. Just watching Rachel's face contort in orgasm often sent him driving straight over the edge of his own cliff.

Feeling himself and Rachel getting closer, Lee gave her a little spank. It excited him. The first time he'd spanked Rachel, he'd felt guilty. But they'd talked about it and Rachel had told him she liked playing a little rough and like the way a little spank made her feel dominated. Fucking her body, driving his cock in and out of her, Lee gave her two more spanks and her round butt.

The couple began yelling at the same time as their waves hit. Rachel grabbed onto Lee's ass and Lee shouted uncontrollably into her ear. Rachel's orgasm crashed through her, making her whole body shake. She could feel it in her toes and her fingertips as they went numb. Seconds after hers hit, Lee's crested as well. Still lightly holding onto his balls she felt them convulse, felt his cock swell inside her and then ropes of hot sperm were coating her walls as Lee grinded into her as hard as he could. Rachel tried to catch her breath as her orgasm subsided. Lee plunged his dick in and out of her two more times and a fresh jet of hot semen shot into her. The extra strokes he added sent another, much smaller, orgasm careening through her body as she cried out one more time and grabbed ahold of Lee's shoulders.

Slowly, Lee stood up and gazed at his wife, she smiled with a big grin, still reveling in how good that felt. Both of their bodies glistened from their exertions. Lee sat down on the bed next and sighed.

Rachel sat up and put her hand on his dick, "You gonna be ready again soon?"

Lee looked at her with a questioning look on herself. Neither of them were slouches in bed, they both enjoyed sex a lot, but this had already been a big day for them. "I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to honey."

Rachel looked into his eyes in an interesting way, in a way she may have never looked at him before, "I NEED you to be ready again." Lee looked forward and considered for a minute what she meant by that, and then the doorbell rang. Lee looked at the clock on the wall. It was after midnight. He had just enough time to wonder who it could be before the doorbell rang again, and then again. Whoever was at the door is determined.

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