tagMind ControlBirthday to Remember

Birthday to Remember


Rae was stirred from sleep. She quickly deduced what disturbed her slumber and moaned softly. Her husband had obviously woken up randy and had decided to start her birthday off right. His fingers continued to lightly touch her on her inner thighs, coming oh so close, but not quite touching her sex. She rolled off her side and onto her stomach opening herself up more to him. She still hadn't opened her eyes as she moaned again.

His fingers obliged and moved to her growing moistness. They trailed around the outside of her lips. She could feel her insides warm and begin to swell with her arousal. She couldn't decide if she wanted him to go up towards her rose or down to her clit. Normally, she would do about anything for anal stimulation, but she was so horny that she wanted orgasms and she wanted them now.

She had slept in the nude hoping to encourage him last night, but he had gone to sleep almost instantly upon hitting the pillow. That made six nights in a row. She couldn't remember the last time they had shared a bed for even three nights in a row and not had any kind of sex with one another. Their love life was definitely anything but boring. She once tried to come up with a list of things that they had done together and instead changed it to a list of things they hadn't done. The former was far longer than the latter. And most on the second list took at least 1 other person which her husband was not very keen on. She had of course shared her secret fantasy about having more than one man inside of her, but he said he just couldn't imagine sharing her with anyone. Not that she was complaining since he indulged just about every other desire she had (and she all of his). That is until this week.

She didn't want to press him too hard. His work at the shop had picked up dramatically (very good on the pocketbook). He was spending very long hours at the shop and came home bone tired. The night before last he had fallen asleep in his easy chair after their late dinner in the middle of telling her a story. She held no resentment, she did have her toys to keep her entertained. Actually, that wasn't all the way true since her 2 favorites had both mysteriously become unusable. The electronic one had quit functioning and the "big-one" had split and developed a spur that made it unusable.

So she was finally getting some of the sexual attention she so desperately needed. She lifted her hips up to allow him access under her at her swelling clit. He dutifully pulled some of her juices down and started circling her clit.

"God he's good," she thought to herself as he very rapidly built her towards orgasm. His fingers traveled from her clit straight back through her slit, collecting lubrication. He dragged them all the way up to her anus causing her to shudder in delight. Then the fingers ringed her hole, split and dragged their way down the outside of her-gently pinching her lips together as they pulled down, converging again at her clit-there to stimulate her some more.

Her blood was flowing fast as she pulled her hands up under her to massage her own breasts. She could feel her orgasm building very fast when she felt him stop and stand up at the foot of the bed. Disappointed slightly, she figured he was just getting ready to climb on top of her so she purred and pushed her ass further into the air. Then he deflated her.

"I got a call about 30 minutes ago Rae. I have to go into the shop. Apparently Darrin truly is leaving and they want to train me to be the assistant manager ASAP."

Her eyes snapped open. Sexually frustrated, she was very happy for her husband. He had worked very hard for this. She sat up with a smile that she mostly felt and turned to him.

"The finally figure out what you are worth. That's great Brian. When will you be back?"

"I don't know hun. I'm hoping it will only be a few hours. I know its your birthday, but there is a possibility this might take all day." He looked downcast as he said this bit. Birthdays had always been sacred between the two of them. More sacrosanct than any holiday. "I hope this little something makes up for it some." He handed her a pale blue envelope.

She grinned. "You didn't have to get me anything!" In fact, they had never bought each other a gift on their respective birthdays, but just spent the time together, usually doing something they had never done before-sexual and not. For his last birthday they had gone parasailing together-then had sex on a boat for the first time.

She opened the envelope. Inside was a tri-folded piece of paper. She opened it up. It was a gift certificate for an entire workup at the most expensive spa in Portland.

"Brian! This must have cost a fortune!" She had heard from a friend that an hour long massage on its own was over $100. This had massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, waxing....it had it all. While she was frustrated sexually, this was by far the most wonderful gift she had ever received. Besides, those morning fingers had promised something and she knew it would come for her very soon. She could wait and she had learned how wonderful waiting could be.

"I imagine you will be in Portland for a while. Hopefully I will beat you home tonight and we can have a decent dinner together. Gotta run. Happy birthday and I love you."

"Love you too." And with that, he was gone, running out the door and off to the shop.

She read the certificate again and actually felt warmth return to her insides. She thought about fingering herself to completion but decided to leave it for tonight. It had been too long since she had been forced to wait. She grinned as she remembered the person that had taught her to wait.

Rae had met James online a few years ago in a chatroom. She couldn't remember what the chatroom's topic was and it didn't matter. Very soon they had become great friends. They emailed back and forth when they couldn't be online at the same time. When they could, they would spend hours upon hours chatting back and forth. Rae and Brian hadn't met yet so she had all kinds of free time...and quite a bit of unmet sexual desire.

It wasn't long until they drifted into a cyber-sex type relationship.

There was a lot of dirty talking and story telling, but the best was the night that he "controlled" her.

They had started as they normally did. First a lot of chatter about daily life, then a few inuendos, then some direct sex talk. He had broken midstream and asked "You want to cum like there is no tomorrow?" She of course had said yes. "Then I need you to do everything I tell you. Nothing more....Nothing less. You will want to disobey, but the true reward lies at the end if you obey my every word. I have to have your promise that you will follow through. At any point if you want to stop, just type 'North Dakota'."

"Why North Dakota?"

"Cause I want something that would normally never get here otherwise. I want you to really think about this. And I need your total commitment." The seriousness of the messages sent a small trill through her body.

She thought about it. And was aroused just thinking about what this could be like so she decided she would do it.

What had followed was the most erotic two days she had ever experienced. She still got wet whenever she thought about it. She had told Brian about bits of her "relationship" with James but not quite everything. Their vacation to North Dakota in their second year of marriage was Brian's most memorable weekend ever and he never even knew the reason they had gone, it was just something that Rae had really wanted.

Rae got herself ready and drove in to Portland and to the spa. Between thinking about James and their weekend and this morning's promise, she felt a gentle tingle between her legs the entire trip.

She arrived at the spa. When she entered and handed the certificate to the girl at the front counter, the girl read the certificate and made a quick call. Soon after, a tall very attractive woman came down the stairs behind the front desk.

"Please follow me Mrs. Peters." She turned and Rae followed. "You have been given a glorious gift. You can basically have anything this spa can offer you." She led Rae to a private room in the back that had three different tables, a minispa, a shower, a sunbed, various cabinets and a private bathroom. "If you have any interest in the waxing of your pubic area, sunbathing or the massage, please undress and put on this robe (which is yours when you leave here). Someone will be in shortly to find out your desires for your day here."

Rae was impressed. She had no idea how much this had cost Brian, but she was sure it was a bundle. He was going to get special treatment tonight as a special thank you. "Man, I can't stop thinking about sex today! I've got to stop before I embarrass myself!"

She stripped down naked under the robe and wandered around the spacious room checking everything out until a young woman walked in. Rae thought she was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. She had never harbored lesbian-esque thoughts but this woman's beauty and her current state of mind had her wondering. She started to get even wetter.

"My name is Margaret. I will be your specialist for the day."

"Rae Peters." Rae said as she shook Margaret's hand. "Dang such lovely hands and long graceful fingers.....STOP IT!" She thought furiously and blushed.

"I have a list of things that were requested with the certificate, was there anything else that you wanted?"

"I'm not sure what was requested, can you let me know what they are?"

"Certainly...1 pedicure, 1 manicure, 1 facial, 1 hair styling (we do everything from cutting to coloring to extensions), 1 tanning, 1 full body massage, 1 waxing of the pubic area..."

Rae was lost in a dreamy state considering all these until she hit the waxing. "WHAT?!?! Who put that on there?"

"I would assume your husband did ma'am." Margaret answered slightly embarrassed. She had seen this before where the husband wanted something the wife wasn't sure about and tricked her into it. What she didn't know is that Brian did NOT want Rae to shave her pubic area. She had offered to that for him numerous times, but he had always refused saying he liked the hair down there as it captured her scent and her flavor so well. Rae didn't know what to think about this. He must have finally changed his mind. He must have known about the spa idea just a few weeks ago when she had offered again and he had declined. He wanted this special way done. "If there is a problem, we can strike it from the list?"

"No...no. That's fine, I'm just a bit surprised is all. Is there more?"

"Yes. One Colon-Hydrotherapy is the final item."

"What is that? Like an enema?"

"Yes, similar. It is a new rage. It helps clean the colon out of impurities."

Rae knew Brian threw in the Colon whatever just for her. Anything to do with her forbidden hole excited her more than anything else. "Slow down girl" she thought as she noticed her wetness beginning to grow again. "I'd like to start on the tanning bed, please." She figured that would be the 'safest' for her to start with. Maybe she could finally calm down a little.

Margaret showed her the operation of the tanning bed and gave her privacy so she wouldn't feel self conscious being totally naked to start the day. She went through the tanning, then the manicure, pedicure and the facial. She decided not to do anything drastic with her hair. She loved her hair and would be hard pressed to change it.

She then decided to go with the Colon hydrotherapy. She was worried about getting overly excited by it, but figured she could use the pain of the waxing to counter it. By this time she was very relaxed in the company of Margaret who had kept up a running conversation through all the treatments.

However, as soon as she started to explain the treatment, Rae started getting excited and had to keep distracting herself. She therefore missed half of the description/instructions that Margaret was sharing. She then directed Rae to a reclining table/chair that was missing key pieces in the middle and had her sit down. Rae noticed that the table/chair sat inside a tub. Rae sat in the chair and Margaret got behind her. Margaret got some KY jelly out and got a generous amount onto her fingers. The anticipation was building as Rae knew what was coming. The fingers touched her anus and Rae jumped a little at the coolness of the jelly. Margaret spent very little time on the outside and was clearly all business much to Rae's disappointment. Still, the feeling of this woman's fingers going into her ass and rubbing her sphincter into relaxing was very erotic. In this position she could easily smell her musky smell increase as Margaret continued to work her tightest muscle. Rae was really getting into it then the fingers disappeared to be replaced by something long, skinny and hard. She was disappointed at the lack of friction going in.

"I'm going to turn it on now....just try to relax through it all."

If she hadn't been concentrating so hard on not cumming, she would have in a heartbeat. It felt like all the mancum in the world was pouring deep into her bowels. The feel of it was intense and she loved every minute of it. "No doubt about it...I've GOT to frig myself off after this." That thought almost threw her over the edge then and there. All too soon it was over and Rae couldn't wait to get into the bathroom for a little privacy.

She bolted up from the chair and headed to the bathroom. Her dampness had run down her leg. There is no way that Margaret would fail to miss her excitement, but if she masturbated then at least that tension would be gone. Margaret stepped out of the room just as she got to the bathroom and sat on the toilet seat and immediately dove her hand down to her dripping pussy. Two fingers in and curling up for the g-spot and her thumb on her clit. Then she reached her other hand behind her to circle the edge of her anus before working a finger into there as well. She started sawing back and forth with both hands faster and harder when Margaret said right outside her door "I have to leave now, I'm sorry. Tiffany will come to do the waxing and I don't know who will do your massage today. Thank you for coming in Mrs. Peters."

Rae had to immediately stop as soon as she heard the voice and then she heard another female voice in the room and they were talking RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR. Now Rae was frustrated again. She could NOT cum quietly. She was a screamer. And she wouldn't do that with 2 women right outside her door. She sighed mightily and actually used the toilet for its intended purpose. She was pleased to see a boudoir next to the toilet and used that to try to flush some of her accumulated lubrication as well as some of the smell of her excitement.

She stepped out of the bathroom and there was a tiny slip of a girl waiting for her outside. "Hi! I'm Tiffany. I will be doing your waxing today. We are going to be waxing all your pubic hair right? Anything else you would like to hit today?" She talked a mile a minute and Rae was slightly encouraged by the beautiful Margaret not being there any more.

They got right to work. Rae had waxed various parts of her body, but had never done her pubis. She didn't care for waxing as a whole, but since Brian had asked....

The hot wax was applied and Rae braced herself for the first pull. Tiffany was still going a mile a minute tell Rae her life story, but she was busy bracing for the pain and easily ignored the prattle. The first yank came and YOW it hurt. And WOW what a turn-on! "DAMN I'm bad today." To have anybody near her pussy today was bad news and this slip of a girl was manhandling her. The pain was excruciating but Rae had been known to go for pain occasionally. It just got her excited. By the time Tiffany was done, Rae was very sore and dripping fluids....AGAIN. If this kept up, her nipples were going to pop right off her breasts.

"Ok! All done. Most customers like a quick sit in the spa to help settle the nerves after the waxing. I'll get you a couple of towels and put them here then go out and alert your masseuse that you are ready."

Rae had already lowered herself into the tub and was luxuriating in the warmth. She looked around and found a control box. She flipped a switch and the jets turned on. She felt a circulating one near her that felt wonderful on her back. She tried another switch and turned on bubbles that came up from the seat. One of the bubble emitters was right beneath her and sent bubbles right up her freshly waxed pussy. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh" She had to reach down and get a true feel of her new baldness. She rubbed the outside first, enjoying the lack of hair. Then she spread her lips apart to allow the bubbles easier access to her more sensitive parts. "Ahhhhhhhhhh." She started to pant. THIS is what she needed. She adjusted herself so that the circulating jet was playing around her ass instead of her lower back. One hand kept her lips spread apart for the bubbles. Her other hand spread her ass cheeks apart to allow the jet better access to her. It felt just like someone rimming her puckered hole. Her eyes glazed over. This wouldn't take long at all. She used the heal of the hand at her pussy to start rubbing her clit hard. Her hips started to move to the rhythm of the circulating jet. "Godssssssssssssssssssssssssss" she moaned as her climax built rapidly.

Then Tiffany came back. She had her head turned as she came in so Rae was able to lower herself to the bench seat to avoid embarrassment. She turned and fiddled with the controls willing her body back to normal.

"I'm sorry to keep rushing you through things like this Mrs. Peters, but your masseuse needs you to get up on the table. He will be in shortly and I wanted to make sure you had enough time to get positioned on the table face down with towels placed correctly to avoid embarrassment."

"He?" Rae hadn't seen a male since she came in through the front doors that morning.

"Yes. Apparently he is new, I haven't even met him yet. If you are uncomfortable with that, we can look into other options. But if you decide to go with him, you'll have to let me know how you like him." Rae was weary of this girls prattle. She climbed out of the tub and went to the massage table and laid down on her stomach. Tiffany set the towels to cover her from her lower back to the upper thighs. She then turned on some very soft music, lit a bunch of very scented candles and dimmed the lights to almost nothing. "Just relax, he will be in in just a moment." With that Tiffany was gone.

Rae's blood was still flowing hard through her veins. She hadn't been naked for another man since she met Brian. This on top of all of her near misses today. She felt just about ready to explode. As soon as she and Brian were home together, he was getting jumped...and often. She needed some serious release.

The door opened and Rae turned her head just a little to try to see what her masseuse looked like. It was too dark to make out much beyond the fact that he was tall and slender. His arms had corded muscles that she figured would work well on a massage. He was wearing shorts and a tight fitting T-shirt and had dark hair and glasses. She had to work to get that much and by that time, he had approached her side and was out of her line of sight. She heard him open a drawer in the table and then heard the unmistakable sound of his hands rubbing something like lotion between his hands. Without a word he began.

Brian had given her massages. In fact many sex sessions that he initiated started with him giving her a massage. He was very good, but this guy was amazing. He started at her feet. Between the massage oil and his strong hands, she could feel the muscles melt under his ministrations. First one foot then the other. Then her calves. He bent her legs up at the knee and was able to work the muscle running up and down her shin too. He passed the knee and worked on the upper legs. The feel of his strong hands got her juices flowing. Part of her was embarrassed at this arousal in front of a strange man, but the massage felt so good that she just couldn't find it in her to worry about it. He skipped over the toweled area to her disappointment/relief.

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