tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBirthday Twenty-One

Birthday Twenty-One


I couldn't believe it! Here I was—approaching my twenty-first birthday—still a virgin.

With no boyfriend to remedy the situation, I decided to take matters into my own hands, so to speak.

But first, I had to have the right attire. I bought a spaghetti strap dress made of red, stretchy fabric that felt as smooth as satin and shined like oil.

I took it home and surveyed this little number in the mirror.

It wasn't quite perfect yet. I had to hike the skirt up considerably to masturbate. When I did, I could see several folds of excess fabric around my thighs. That wouldn't do.

I wanted easy access. Nobody would work that hard to get the skirt up to fuck me. It made my pussy too big a challenge.

So I cut about four inches off and hemmed it.

Much better. Now the dress came down to just below my butt cheeks. When I stood on the balcony, I could feel the wind stroke my wet, eager pussy.

The heels I chose were four inches high. Standing up in them, I had to hold my ass back, tilted into a position that I thought would line up for a nice angle for a guy's cock to penetrate without too much effort.

To make it easier, I decided not to wear any undergarments on the big night—birthday twenty-one.

I masturbated right before going out. That way, my pussy was wet and eager for someone (hopefully several someones) to slide right in.

Luckily, I was right in the middle of my cycle on this Friday night, so there wouldn't be any embarrassing period and there was plenty of juice.

As I walked the ten blocks to the nightclub, I felt my need rise. Nipples erect and poking through the thin, shiny fabric, I knew men would realize I wanted to be fucked, ASAP.

I felt my cream drooling from my throbbing womanhood on my inner thighs, and the crisp late September air tantalized my naked labia.

I waited patiently in line, periodically bumping my ass into the guy behind me. The first couple of times, he said, "excuse me" and backed away.

I liked the smell of his cologne. I really liked the feel of his pole as it rose to meet me when I backed into him time after time. Right before we got to the doorman, he grabbed my hips and ground his erection into me through the fabric.

"Careful, buster," I heard the doorman caution my unseen Would-be rescuer. "You don't want to pay this cover only to be kicked right back out."

"Oh, no. It's just a little play. I don't even know her." The reply was deep, but hoarse from what I'd hoped was desire.

The doorman laughed. "Right on, bro. Have fun with your new friend."

I walked slowly in, trying to guess which cock might be the first to penetrate me. I could smell the cologne from my early player behind me, so I walked to the bar.

I felt him close, so I bumped backward into him. Sure enough, his hard-on was in full swing.

I ground more insistently into it. He grabbed my hips and pushed back.

I giggled and pulled at the back of my dress just a bit to pull it up over my ass.

I heard him say, "Holy shit. You're a virgin. And you're wet."

"Yes. I want you to fix that. Can you?"

"You bet. Let's go out to my truck and get a condom."

"No need. You know it's my first time. I won't get pregnant. Take me here."



"Now? In front of all these people?"

"Yes. Hey, it's so crowded, I doubt anyone will even notice."

"Right on."

Despite the loud, driving beat of the music on the dance floor, I could hear his zipper softly opening.

"You're sure? It's not too late."

"I'm sure, on one condition."

"What's that?" He asked, as he slid the head of his cock back and forth against the length of my external genitalia.

"Squirt it all inside me. I want to feel my cervix getting sprayed. I don't think I'll feel like I've lost my virginity unless I can feel your semen squirting inside me."

"You don't even know what I look like."

"I don't care! Just take it and spray me as hard as you can. Please?"

I didn't have to beg any longer. He stopped at the opening to my vagina. He paused briefly, and then pushed in.

I gasped. It hurt, in a pleasurable way. I could feel my hole stretch but my nerve endings around it were alive and begging for more.

He waited a few seconds more.

I wiggled a little.

"Do it again." He did. Once.

"Do it again." He did, twice this time.

"Do it again." He did, and after the second plunge, I commanded, "keep going."

To my surprise and pleasure, he did. He kept pumping first little bitty strokes, then longer and longer. He moved his hands around to the front as I steadied myself on the bar with my hands.

He pulled my dress down to expose one breast and tugged on its nipple, which sent surprising ripples of pleasure to my clit.

Then, he pulled my dress up with the other hand and rubbed my clit with his other hand.

A strange, unfamiliar sensation came over me. The world stopped and spun wildly out of control at the same time. Every pleasure center in my body was awake and alive.

I was unaware of my surroundings. I could hear nothing besides the sound of his grunts and thrusts in my tight, wet hole.

I suddenly realized I could feel liquid splashing in a place that had never been splashed before. This made the sensation in my body more intense. I was getting weak, but I realized I would not fall, as other hands were holding me up. Other men's hands.

As the sensation subsided, I could hear cheering. I felt him pull out and I was briefly disappointed. I saw that both breasts were now exposed with a different man's hand tugging on each.

Another man mounted me. This one about the same size around, but much longer.

As he plunged in, I felt the first man's semen squirting out onto my labia.

"Now that I've lost my virginity, I could get pregnant. I hope you're wearing a condom." I warned.

"Not a chance, Baby-doll. You took him without protection, I want it without protection. You're still just losing your virginity anyway. Mine is longer. I'm just taking more virginity."

I nodded with approval with that explanation and happily accepted his smooth hardness inside even if it was uncovered.

Once again, after a few minutes of furious pumping, his fingers found my clit and firmly drew slow circles on it. Once again, I lost all sense except the sense of pleasure. The perspiration from his belly made a satisfying slap against my ass as he also unloaded a huge jet of semen against my newly un-virgin cervix.

Now I was drained. I think I'd figured out not only had I finally gotten my first big fuck, unprotected as I'd always dreamed, but I'd experienced my first orgasm.

I wanted more.

The two men who'd been tugging on my nipples all this time carried me to an open chair. At the same time, they each pulled out their dicks and started slapping my sensitive nipples with them.

I saw a little juice from each one dribbling on their respective nipples.

"Don't come there," I begged. "Pour it inside."

They didn't stop. Instead, another man willingly kneeled down in front of me and pushed inside.

Again, I felt semen gush out, down my ass as he started pumping in time to the music.

Another man pulled his hard-on out of his pants next to my face. I looked over and saw a string of fluid connecting it to his underpants.

He grabbed my hair and started masturbating with it. The tug on my scalp was heavenly, but even more amazing is that, within a few seconds, I felt warmth and wetness on my scalp.

I looked up into his flushed face.

"Oh yes. Let me blow it in your hair. Go home looking like a slut with my sticky juice in your hair."

Strangely, I found this very sexually exciting to me. So did the guys beating my tits with their cocks. They poured semen onto my breasts at the same time.

I heard myself moan as I reached yet another peak.

That was enough to help the man between my legs finish his journey. I smiled as I felt the newly familiar sensation of semen against my cervix.

When he finished, he leaned into my ear and whispered, "Thanks. That's the first time I've gotten to fuck a girl unprotected. I want to do that again some time."

Somebody yelled. "It's the cops! Get her up!"

My new helpers raised me to my feet and straightened my dress. I eased into the bathroom and rested on a toilet until I recovered. (It took a little while. I had to stroke my poor, sore pussy into one more little orgasm first.)

A policewoman knocked on the stall. "Everything okay in there?"

"Yeah. I think something I ate didn't like me."

After checking the rest of the bathroom, she left.

I walked out of the stall and looked at myself in the mirror. I liked what I saw.

My hair was messed up and stuck to my head on one side. My new dress was wet and stuck perfectly to my nipples. Down below, I could see the fluid from my public first romp running down my thighs.

I decided to go home before I really got into trouble.

Outside drug paraphernalia covered the sidewalk as men and women in handcuffs climbed into the back of a paddy wagon.

Relieved my antics had nothing to do with the appearance of cops, I took a leisurely stroll home.

Halfway, two men walked out of a bar and saw me in my soiled state and asked for turns. Of course, I obliged.

The first one pushed me up against the car parked on the street in front of the bar. It didn't take long for him to climax, inside me as I asked.

The other one promptly spun me around and pushed me over the hood of the car. He mounted me, from behind, pumping furiously. I was just getting accustomed to his slightly larger girth when he stopped and pulled out.

"What's the matter? Not ready yet?" I asked.

He answered by spraying jet after jet of hot semen directly on my ass. The contrast between his hot cum and the cold September air caused me to climax once again.

"I can't spray inside you. You're not my wife." With that, he delivered a single, stinging blow to my wet ass and walked away.

It took a while for me to regain my strength.

After that, I walked home, satisfied at last.

That night, as I masturbated again, I decided I was going to go do it all again, the next day.

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