tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBirthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes


Already the bubbles were starting to die out on me as I lay in the deep tub, though the water remained hot. I sighed and shifted slightly on the slick surface, letting my bottom feel the lingering bath salts. All around me wafted the scent of sweet pea and honey, my favorite smells.

As I shifted the water lapped at the very tips of my nipples and I glanced down. Some of the bubbles had pooled on my firm, tear drop shaped breasts and the large, rosy areolas. Silver dollar nipples, he’d called them and I’d laughed at the silliness. He always made me laugh. There’s nothing sexier than a man who can laugh in bed, or make you laugh in bed.

I was torn between lingering in the soapy water and finishing my preparations for the evening. He’d be here soon and from our last conversation, my birthday present was going to be incredible. I shivered in the warm water thinking of his hands on my slick naked body, his hair sliding over my tits. I felt my flesh grow warmer at the thought of all the things he’s promised me. When I moved again, my breasts came out of the water and the cold made them pucker even more.

Damn. At this rate I’d never make it until he got here. I sighed and decided I’d had enough of the bath. I wanted to be ready when he arrived.

I pulled the lever to drain the tub, stood up quickly before I could change my mind and grabbed the towel. Steam had filled the bathroom and made my upswept hair curl even more around my face and neck, as the steam curled around my wet skin.

When I was dry but still damp I dropped the towel, the perfect time to add moisturizer. There were more than half a dozen choices on the wrought iron shelving; lotions, creams, body butter…and of course, oil. I caught myself reaching for the body oil. My hand stopped. For a long moment it hovered over the little bottles. I had a…well, not a fetish about body oils. I could get aroused without them. But there was something about the oil sliding over my body, the slick heat of it, that did something to me nothing else ever had. If I chose the oil I knew what would happen. I would become so aroused my cunt would, literally, drip with juices.

Then, I imagined him coming in and seeing me, watching me rubbing the warm, slick oil over my flesh and a stab of lust so strong jolted through my body my clit grew instantly, painfully hard. I bit back a groan, and bit my lower lip.

And my fingers closed over a small bottle of oil. I didn’t know which one I’d chosen and turned it over in my hand. Cinnamon-vanilla. From experience I knew it was a delicate scent, the cinnamon just a hint, and the vanilla as smooth and balmy on the nose and the back of the tongue as fresh cream. I pulled out the stopper and my eyes, as fascinated as a child’s waiting to be handed a sweet, watched the thick liquid pour into my palm.

I set the bottle down carefully and began with my neck. The feel of the thick oil was lush, erotic, and thick. A droplet escaped and ran down my neck to the hollow of my throat and pooled there. If I turned, just slightly, I could see myself in the full length mirror hanging on the wall behind the door. My eyes went nearly closed, and slitted, at the sight of my neck arched, and my hands with their blood red, manicured nails sliding down my skin. Already my breathing had grown deeper. My nipples were as hard buttons, almost aching with painful need.

He was standing in the doorway, watching me. He wore only his jeans, and nothing else. His gorgeous blonde hair was hanging over one shoulder nearly to the waistband of his jeans. I could see the thick erection pressing against the material. He licked his lips, a wet motion, and whispered, “Don’t stop. God you’re beautiful when you touch yourself.”

His voice in my head made me sigh, and I began smoothing the oil down my right arm. The motions had become languorous, and my own lips were wet from licking them constantly, mouth slightly parted. My skin gleamed and the scent of the oil filled my nose. Scooping up the tiny drop in the hollow of my neck, I started on the left arm.

I could so clearly see him standing there, watching me, that the intensity of the fantasy rocked me to the bone. I wanted him, so much it had become a painful ache in my cunt. I needed his hands on me. I needed his mouth, his voice, his scent.

My fingers were so slick picking up the bottle wasn’t easy. I lifted it by the top and upended it in the hollow between my firm breasts watching the light play on the thick oil as it slid down my body to my belly button. I set the bottle down on the sink.

Deliberately avoiding my breasts I took my right thumb and smoothed the oil down my sternum to my belly button. Then, I used my right hand to caress my stomach and the left to rub the slick oil into my upper chest. As I did, my oil slick arm brushed against my aching, puckered nipple.

“Oh, God.” I groaned it as the tight hot sensation snapped, like an electrical line someone had yanked, all the way down my body to my clit. Moisture pooled in the folds of my now aching, swollen pussy lips. My toes curled up the feelings were so strong.

Before I finished myself even before I’d touched my tits and cunt, I moved my hands down to my stomach and began smoothing the glistening oils over my flat stomach, my hips, and even a little over my upper thighs. I’d used too much, but it didn’t matter. It only added to the thick sensations pouring through my body now.

My hands moved back and my eyes almost completely closed, I started smoothing the oil over the tops of my buttocks.

“No. Not like that. Get some more oil. And turn around.” The sound of his voice whispering the instruction to me was so clear in my head my eyes went closed with need.

I reached for the bottle, focused on it with slitted eyes, so I wouldn’t break the fantasy. I poured a generous amount into my palm, set the bottle down, and rubbed my hands together. Then, I turned around putting my back to Him.

Slowly I smoothed the oil over my buttocks. Then, I smoothed it down my upper thigh.

“Spread your legs for me, just a little,” he whispered voice thick. I didn’t hesitate to obey. “God yeah, like that.”

I bent over more to smooth the oil down my leg, my knee, exposing myself to him, and heard his breath catch and suck in. My own breath was none too steady now. I slid my hands down, down, over my calves and bent even further.

“You’re beautiful cunt is so wet it’s dripping….glistening and sweet. I can’t wait to lick it up like cream. I can see your clit almost throbbing it’s so hard and swollen. Don’t stop,” he growled, thick and deep with need. I groaned deep in my throat as my puckered, aching nipple brushed against my thigh. He was right. My clit was swollen and so hot it was almost painful. As I moved my slick hands to my other leg and ankle I felt moisture slide from my aching cunt to the very inside of my thigh. The mixture of the steamy room, the feel of the oil on my body, the fantasy of him watching me, was too much.

I slowly rose, smoothing the oil over my knee and thigh, then my hips, biting my lip to stop myself from whimpering.

“Slide your hand around and into the cleft of your ass,” he commanded. I did, without hesitation. “Lower. Bend over, just a little, so I can see. Perfect. Rim the pucker with you fingers. God yes.”

I heard material sliding and falling and knew he was shedding his jeans. But I dared not look. The sight of his thick, hard cock would have sent me over the edge. If he was touching himself I would have lost all control.

“Lower.” I slid my fingers lower and felt the skin of my lower cunt, waxed smooth and now, even more thick with moisture than the oil. “Use your fingers to spread it apart. I want to look at your pussy spread open for me and dripping with sweet juices. That’s it.”

I whimpered and my knees shook so badly I had to put my free hand out to brace myself on the cabinet. I stayed there, bent over, cunt spread for his eyes, literally shaking and whimpering for his touch, for several long moments. My nipples hurt now, and needed to be touched, pinched, and caressed.

“Please,” I whimpered, barely above a whisper, and heard him chuckle.

I could barely stand when he said, “Stand up, yes. Now turn around and pick up the oil.” I did, trembling, and ended up knocking it over on the sink and the oil trickled out in a pool of creamy of liquid. I gasped at the mess, but he only commanded, “Scoop it up in your fingers. Rub it into your breasts, but don’t touch the nipples.”

Eyes slitted I looked down and cupped my full, aching breasts using all my fingers to rub the oil into the firm mounds. My nipples were hard as little pebbles and sticking straight out, begging for attention, for touch. I couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Use your forefinger to slowly rub the oil into the rosy tits, but don’t touch the hard nipple. That’s it.” I whimpered again, staring down at myself as I worked my oil slick fingers around the silver dollar nipples. “Now, touch your hard nips, gently.”

I cried out as the sensation rocked down my body to my cunt and nearly sent me to my knees. Just that light touch of oil and hot finger on the tips of the hard buttons made my clit throb and more moisture pool in the already swollen, aching folds.

He growled out, “Now pinch them in your thumb and forefinger. God yes, like that. Harder. Pull them out for me. Jesus that’s beautiful. Don’t stop, baby. Pluck them for me. Make them feel so good.”

I went down on one knee, undone but unable to stop obeying his commands. I was so deep into the fantasy now I was whimpering out loud and pleaded, “Please, God…I can’t…

He walked toward me, gloriously naked. His cock was thick and straining, sticking out almost straight from his body and swaying with his movements. He’d flung his long hair over his shoulder. Just the look in his eyes almost undid me. I had to take my hands from my nipples or come right then, without my pussy even having been touched.

He stared down at me, that beautiful cock throbbing inches from my eyes. My mouth watered at the sight of the thick, swollen length, and the little droplet of moisture starting to seep out. I actually swayed toward him, licking my lips, hungry for a taste.

“Not yet,” he whispered, grinning with pure male satisfaction. “Get up.”

It was painful to move but I did. My whole body felt tight and swollen and aching with need. I had to use the cabinet as a brace.

“Sit up here.” He touched the small cabinet, really a dresser, with a hard marble top.

I slid up on the cabinet and gasped. The marble was cool, but against my very wet, swollen cunt it felt almost like ice. The sensation of the cold on my incredibly hot pussy lips almost undid me and I whimpered again.

“Sit back, back to the wall. Yes, like that. Pull your hips down.” He sighed out and shook his head sending his hair over his shoulder as a sweep of blonde silk. He seemed to be having trouble speaking himself now and I felt a burst of pure, feminine satisfaction that I was affecting him as much as he did me. “Put your hands on the back of your thighs and spread your cunt for me again. I want to see all of it.

I was in danger of sliding off the cabinet completely with my firm ass slick with oil. There was a towel folded on the side of the cabinet and though it endangered this incredibly fantasy I quickly slid it under my hips.

“There. Better.” I nodded and he knelt in front of me. He took his hands and positioned me better. I had my legs up, my cunt fully exposed, and my hands on the back of my thighs holding them up.

He looked up at me and commanded. “Slide your fingers into your cunt folds and hold them apart. Oh yes, like that.” With his hands on my hips and the back of my buttocks and my left hand on the back of my thigh, I used my right to spread my pussy for him. I was so wet my fingers were dripping and getting a grip to hold them apart wasn’t easy.

“Run your fingers around those swollen lips and get them nice and juicy for me. Caress them for me while I watch, but don’t get near your hard little clit.”

I did as he asked, and the sensations were incredible. I was groaning now and my eyes closed, head thrown back.

“Rim that aching cunt hole with your finger. Deeper.” I cried out loud and wanted so badly to be filled it had become almost a burn in my deepest regions.

Just when I thought I couldn’t bear it anymore, he took my hand in his removing them and slid the sopping went fingers into his mouth with a burning, deep groan. His hot tongue rolled around my fingers, lapping, and then sucking up my juices.

“God your cunt is so sweet. Do it again for me, and get them nice and wet.”

I put my fingers back to my cunt and looked down. I was caressing myself for his eyes, and then, slid just the tip of my finger into my aching cunt.

“Oh yeah, push it deep, get it sopping wet,” he growled, his eyes fully focused on the motion of my finger sliding deep into my eager pussy. “Take it out. Now..” I whimpered and did it. “Put it in your mouth. I want you to taste how sweet you are.”

I’d never tasted myself before but I didn’t hesitate. The liquid was thick, even thicker than the oil, and creamy. But to me it didn’t have a taste, really.

“Pinch your nipple when you do that.” Bracing my leg on the edge of the cabinet, I reached up with my left hand and took my nipple in my fingers. “Pluck it and pull on it. Fuck yes. God you’re making my cock hurt. Don’t stop playing with your tits. Finger yourself again.”

I slid my hand down my body pausing to pinch my other nipple and heard him groan. He was driving me insane, but I could say the same of him. I’d never seen him so aroused. His face was flushed, eyes heavy lidded and glassy with need.

After only a moment I slid my right hand back over my oil slick stomach and into the dripping folds. I caressed them, careful not to touch my aching clit. I slid my fingers over the swollen folds, pulled at them, teasing him, before sliding my fore and middle finger just to the very edge of my aching, eager cunt hole.

“Deeper,” he breathed.

I slid my forefinger into my cunt and whimpered, remembered to play with my nipples and pulled it between my fore and middle finger, plucking at the oil slick tip. I groaned loudly at the sensations, the heat, and the tight slickness of my cunt. I was dripping with moisture now, and felt a droplet slid down my cunt to the pucker of my ass.

“That’s it, make it feel so good for me, baby.” He reached out and touched my cunt with his forefinger. I gasped and squirmed at the sensation of his larger, hotter finger touching mine, touching my pussy.

He slid his finger deep inside me, stretching my tight heat and I cried out. “God you’re so fucking hot you’re burning me,” he growled. “Push it in and out, slowly.”

I did, and his finger slid deeper, caressing my finger while I pleasured myself. I was groaning now, almost rocking in the cabinet. My right finger went deeper, touching his, moving faster now as I finger fucked myself. My left hand went back to my left nipple and started pinching and pulling it, stretching it out.

“Oh, God, Oh, I’m going to come, please!!” I half screamed it. More moisture dripped out around our entwined fingers and slid downward. I was so hot it was like a burning coal inside me.

He took both our fingers away, denying me. I cried out and squirmed, needing it, needing more. I needed to come so bad it hurt.

Standing up he grabbed the back of my thighs. His hair fell over his chest and his mouth was parted. His cock throbbed and I reached for it. With a low growl, almost animal, he caught my hand.

“Not yet,” he rasped out. He pushed me back and slid my right hand back down to my pussy. “Pull it apart. Wide apart so your pretty little clit hurts. Fuck yes.”

I squirmed and whimpered, begging him without words. He positioned the swollen head of his cock against my cunt hole and slid in just the head. I almost died.

“Oh, God, please, please.” I stared down at the sight of his throbbing cock, only the head inside my slick tight heat.

“Please what?” he demanded, a low, rough whisper. He throbbed and I cried out. “Tell me what you want.”

I whimpered the words as he shifted his hips, caressing just the very inside rim of my cunt. I was burning now, burning so hot I couldn’t bear it. I thought I’d go up in flames. “Your cock, inside me…”


“In my pussy, please…” He was going to make me beg and I didn’t care, as long as he fucked me, deep and hard. “Fuck me, please….fuck me…”

He grabbed my right hand and slid it over my dripping cunt, around his cock. His cock was so hard it felt like iron wrapped in thin, soft silk. When he finally drew my fingers away they were sopping wet. He put my right hand to my tit and growled, “Pinch it, hard, spread your cunt juice on your tit. Put your left hand on your clit and pinch it. That’s it, make it burn for me. Pull on that throbbing clit for me. God you’re cunt is so fucking tight and hot you’re going to burn me up.”

I obeyed almost mindless with need now. He was almost beyond control now, I could sense it. He grabbed my thighs and pulled them apart as far as he could and leaned over taking my nipples and my fingers into his mouth, sucking, and lapping at the cunt juices, flicking my painfully hard nipple with his tongue before sucking at them both. The sensations of cold air as he sucked and his burning hot tongue…

“Ohh! Ooh God, I’m going to cum…Oh, God!” I screamed it, head going back.

“Cum for me. Come hard, baby,” he growled around my nipple, and nipped it, just lightly, with his teeth sending shooting darts of incredible pleasure though my whole body. “That’s it, scream it.”

I screamed once, low and hard, and he rammed his cock inside of me, deep, hard, fast. So hard he slammed into my core unable to get any deeper. He filled me to the very brim, filled me so deep and thick it was almost painful. My whole body flew apart with sensations. I was screaming, incoherently, body bucking, head back, throat stretched as I mindless plucked my clit and nipple and came for him.

“Fuck YES!” he screamed and pulled half way out.

I sobbed and writhed and looked down. He slid back into me deep and hard. I sobbed out, “Yes, fuck me, fuck me, I’m coming so hard, oh, God, I can’t stop coming …”

My cunt convulsed so hard it was nearly painful. I cried out again as he moved inside me, never quite leaving me, using hard, shallow thrusts. I whimpered and sobbed, almost crying at the sensations. I couldn’t catch my breath.

He jerked me up and pushed me against the door grabbing my mouth in his and sliding his tongue into my mouth, holding me against it somehow. My arms and legs went around him, clinging to him. Our bodies slid together, slick with oil, heated. He growled into my mouth and rammed into me, again and again, deep and slick and thick, filling me to the very brim.

His hand went down and scooped up my moisture, held it to my mouth. I took it, blind with need, sucking his fingers, lapping at my own juices. He rammed into my again, holding me against the door, his hand under my firm bottom. His mouth went back to mine, sharing the thick hot juices.

I felt his thumb slide to the pucker of my anus, slick with oil and cum, and push at it. I cried out and tried to ram him deeper.

“Hold on, baby, hold on,” he growled and shifted so he could hold me under my ass with both hands.

He slowed his thrusts, teasing me. His thumb rimmed my anus then started to slide in. I cried out at the tight, hot sensation that seemed to pour through me like a current. Every thrust of his cock inside me was so hot and thick and tight it made me burn. I couldn’t bear much more.

Finally, my own need, the oil and my juices, made his thumb slide deep into my anus, stretching and filling me. His fingers wrapped around my cunt lips, around his own cock, holding me up so he could feel himself sliding into me and at the same time, use his hand to hold me against the door.

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